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  1. I'm not sure what you mean but this item was sold last year.
  2. Hi Alex, Hope you're well. Wondering if you can help with an odd issue. My LPS-1.2 seems to have failed. I noticed I was losing my Roon core from time to time and realised it's the LPS-1.2 light showing red. If I leave it long enough it turns green again, but only a matter of time until it goes red again. It's powering the 5V PinkFaun OXCO clock in a modified Buffalo switch. With a Farad providing the 12V for the Buffalo main board. I'm using the energiser that came with the LPS-1.2 but if I power it with a 9V Ifi Ipower I get the sam
  3. Hi @Boniccie, I'd agree with @MarceINL here that a dedicated streamer or server would almost certainly be a step up on using any laptop and a DDC. However it's a rabbit hole I'm afraid. Firstly there aren't many streamers or servers with I2S output and they tend to gravitate towards the higher price ranges link the Pink Faun. So that perhaps points towards a streamer or server and a DDC. The second area of complexity/contemplation/anxiety is that the DDC will almost certainly benefit from a good power supply. For example I too had the Singxer SU-
  4. Same experience for me as the ever insightful @ray-dude I haven't tried the power cords but the Sablon USB and LAN cables have simply stopped me wondering about 'better' or suffering cable envy. My next USB/LAN cables will probably be the Sablon 2022. (I'm hoping Mark skips a year in deference to my wallet 😉). Cheers, Alan
  5. The Innuos Zeniths offer Ethernet/LAN out to DAC alongside the usual USB out. Cheers, Alan
  6. Hi Jorge, +1 on this too. I started writing something similar yesterday but changed my mind as I was worried I'd offend you. Especially if you are considering upgrading the clock in your Buffalo then having so many devices downstream aimed at isolating it from your DAC doesn't make a great deal of sense to me. To Barrows point the oR is probably a good incremental upgrade in your current chain. But rationalising the chain into higher end components such as Phoenix etc is another option. Cheers, Alan
  7. Let us know how you get on Mark. Be interested to hear. Also funnily enough after 5 months of prevarication (it sat in it's box was I was too lazy and too worried I'd break it if I attempted to mod the power supply) I shipped my Buffalo to PinkFaun yesterday to get them to do the clock mod and the PSU mod. Looking forward to seeing how that compares to my current EtherRegen switch. Cheers, Alan
  8. Hey Frank, Hope you're well. Yeah the LAN is lovely too and Mark (at Sablon) reckons the 2020 LAN is a bigger improvement than the 2020 USB. I'm very happy with all three and it ousted the Lush^2 from my system. Is the Lush^3 a big step up from the ^2? Cheers, Alan
  9. For me it's Sablon and no looking back. The Sablon 2020 USB in and out of the Phoenix and the LAN from ER to Zenith. They are so good I no longer contemplate other cables and consider it job done. I haven't heard the Lush^3 but if it's anything like the Lush^2 then the smooth relaxed Sablon house sound blended with the texture and grain of the Lush might be an interesting blend.
  10. Hi, In general those who believe in clocking (many don't) seem to find that multiple good clocks have a cumulative benefit. Doesn't make a great deal of sense but look at all the people using 2 different switches for example. In my case an EtherRegen added an improvement. And the Phoenix added a great improvement. I might replace the ER with something better but there's no way I'm going back to my Netgear. Be interesting to see how the Phoenix and OpticalRendu complement each other, or don't. Cheers, Alan
  11. This having to navigate from the email preview to the site doesn't sit well with me. Totally get it as a business decision for Chris and fair enough. Buy personally I'm going to unsubscribe from several threads as I relied on the email previews. Needing to log in to catch up is a bit too much.
  12. +1 on the Sablon I have the Sablon USB and LAN cables and they are very nice. I'm not even considering any other cables as these are just so good. Cheers, Alan
  13. You're most welcome Ken 😁
  14. https://audiobacon.net/2020/09/08/innuos-phoenix-usb-reclocker-review/amp/ I was beginning to worry about Jay as he hadn't posted anything interesting (to me at least) for a while. He's back 😃 "It becomes clear that this component is more of a necessity than an accessory. "
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