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  1. Trying to tell this crowd a better PSU doesn't make a difference! Yeah good luck with that 😜 More seriously, great post Alex. Looking forward this product getting out there. Cheers, Alan
  2. Lush^2 for me. The Sablon reserva is really good too but the Lush^2 is half the price and sounds better in my opinion at least.
  3. I understood that the 1.4 was almost as good as the ultra but not quite. The opticalrendu is a good point/good suggestion tho. I'd personally go the audiolinux NUC route but Sonore offer good out of the box performance.
  4. I think an LPS-1.2 or JS-2 would offer a nice bump in SQ quality as certainly the improvement of the LPS-1.2 compared to the LPS-1 is well documented. But at some point the MicroRendu 1.4 is going to be the limiting factor. I'd therefore place equal emphasis (and budget) on upgrading the renderer. The ultrarendu if you want to stick with Sonore or an Audiolinux NUC should both outperform the microrendu. Cheers, Alan
  5. Same here. Ordered my custom built DC3 and Sean sent it one month later. All emails and questions were answered very quickly (even one where Sean was out the office and on holiday!). A flawless experience from start to finish.
  6. So the PSU is the biggest single factor but we're not allowed to discuss it here? 🤔
  7. +1 on the recommendations for Sean Jacobs. Ordering and then receiving the DC3 on time was hassle free, the communication was great and he's a nice chap as well. Just tell him what you need, he can guide you and make recommendations and he'll then build you a cracking psu. Not sure how the DC3 compares to the SR7. But the DC3 is readily available without any hassle whereas the hassle of ordering the SR7 is as legendary as its performance! Cheers, Alan
  8. Hi Frank, It's an upgrade option that SoTM offer. So the downside is you need to pay for shipping the TX to and back from South Korea. But the upgrade itself is reasonable at approx $200. This link is for the sNH-10G but it describes the same upgrade: https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/shop/additional-changes-for-snh-10g/ A few respected members such as Romaz and Johnseye have said it makes a real difference. I think it's mostly on the Novel Way thread but I'll try to find a link. The LPS-1.2 is pretty darn good. Think you'd need to go for a Paul Hynes SR4 and the associated drama of his notorious delivery schedule to beat it. I've got a Sean Jacobs DC3 ordered and due by end of this month. But that's intended for my NUCs. Am contemplating getting my TX upgraded but on the fence as I'd also like to simplify my setup. Cheers, Alan
  9. Hey Frank, Not sure anyone can really answer re the Innuos Reclocker until they get their hands on it and hear it in action. No disrespect to Innuos but it's a promised future product only at this stage. There might be people out there including perhaps Innuos who can advise on the performance delta between the MKII and MKIII. Meantime there is a 3rd option. People are gushing about the difference the Evox caps & silver wiring makes to the TX-USBUltra. So getting the TX upgraded may be a cheaper way to improve performance whilst you await the USB reclocker reviews. Would also increase the resale value of the TX if you then change direction to the Innuos reclocker. What PSU are you using on the TX-USBUltra? That might also be an area for improvement. Never short of options in the crazy baffling hobby of ours! 😄 Cheers, Alan
  10. Thanks Nuno, I'd imagine that 8 is overkill for most users but 4 would be preferable to 2, for that flexibility you mention. Might be OT and not quite the use-case you had in mind but a few users on this forum and another I keep an eye on have reported the SoTM switch having a beneficial impact on their Netflix streaming quality. This certainly has me intrigued as it would be a great bonus. I'm currently on the fence between buying the SoTM switch or waiting for the Uptone one. More than happy for the good folks at Innuos to give me a dilemma tho 😁 Meantime any updates on the USB relocker would be great as you get closer. Cheers, Alan
  11. Hi Nuno, Good news on the USB reclocker. But is the lan offering an Ethernet reclocker or an Ethernet switch? Thanks, Alan
  12. Thanks Ralf, I was talking to Sean Jacobs last week and that's in line with what he said - ie release this summer. That's why I was annoyed at the 6-8 months more as just seems to keep getting pushed out. Let's see I guess. Cheers, Alan
  13. I like Innuos and their products. I also agree that prioritising the MK3 over the USB reclocker was the right call from a product roadmap perspective. But from a frustrated SE owner perspective it feels like this reclocker has been 6-8 months away for the last 16-18 months. Many first generation SE owners will have parted with their units and moved on by the time Innuos get around to actually offering this upgrade option. Just my two cents and apologies if it's harsh but I'm more likely to sell my SE than wait the rest of the year to see if Innuos make good on this promise. Cheers, Alan
  14. "Perfect for audiophile enthusiasts" First time I've noticed that on the Akasa site. I guess we've been buying a lot of them 😁 Would be more perfect if it would fit on my rack! But interesting all the same. Cheers, Alan
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