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  1. You're most welcome Ken 😁
  2. https://audiobacon.net/2020/09/08/innuos-phoenix-usb-reclocker-review/amp/ I was beginning to worry about Jay as he hadn't posted anything interesting (to me at least) for a while. He's back 😃 "It becomes clear that this component is more of a necessity than an accessory. "
  3. Hi @vgrubb Yup, they are compatible, I have these Finisars and bought them to go with my OM & ER. Cheers, Alan
  4. I bought the FTLF1324 I then bought the FTLF1318 In all honesty I heard no difference whatsoever and didn't really expect to. But I read they were better so upgraded to the 1318s 😁 The 1324 are available. PM me if interested. Cheers, Alan
  5. Hi Ron, This is probably the main SMS-200 thread but there are a few others: It's 84 pages long but that also implies loads of info. There's also the questions forum and the search function. But I'd recommend reading this thread as it will answer stuff you didn't think about. Cheers, Alan
  6. Hey Rajiv, Congrats on your sexy new purchase. Pretty jealous dude! But, you know that spaghetti is like, well a string of spaghetti and is a wave! It comes and goes. You simplify and breathe a sigh of relief. And then you start adding the latest gizmo's. Granted those gizmo's are going to need to be darn good to add anything to the Extreme. But the day will come. And we all look forward to hearing about and sharing those endeavours! Not nearly the same scale as you but I'd a similar experience. Was looking at the Innuos Phoenix and discovered PS A
  7. Looking forward to listening impressions once you get past the dreaded burn-in. Cheers, Alan
  8. Jason Kennedy reviews the Super3 https://the-ear.net/review-hardware/farad-super3-linear-power-supply
  9. Amazing work @Nenon. Remarkable project. Also (and truly no offence intended mate) batsh*t crazy too 😆. The bill of materials for the upgrades & DC4 power supply compared to the cost of the Buffalo must be quite a ratio. Bravo tho! Looks awesome work. My Buffalo is still lurking in it's box as I try to summon the bravery and effort to tackle just configuring it and the DC power modification 🙄 Cheers, Alan
  10. I read that "Bye bye" post on another forum, and I had read the post he referred to on AS that was subsequently deleted by the thread op/mod. His Bye Bye didn't last long as he subsequently posted again on this forum and on the same thread. I'd put it down to a bit of posturing rather than a genuine defection. Just my two cents. Cheers, Alan
  11. Thanks Nuno, Much appreciated. Regards, Alan
  12. Hi Nuno / @nvitorino, Hope you are well. Can you advise on the above please? Does the Phoenix contain a replaceable fuse and if so what are the details? Many Thanks, Alan
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