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  1. Thanks Pierro, Will give it a go. Cheers, Alan
  2. Thanks @jcn3, That's interesting and more my speed. I kinda tried that but did it all in Ram mode after changing to Ram boot. Will give it a go unless an easier suggestion comes up. Cheers, Alan
  3. Thanks Pierro, So at least my main suspect has been verified. Is there a way on a windows laptop to set or change this partition size? Perhaps using Rufus or Ethcher etc? I specifically want to avoid using GParted but could create an Ubuntu boot image as last resort. Cheers, Alan
  4. Hi @hifi25nl or all, I'm really struggling with AL 2.1 to set up a stable Roon Server. Have tried several attempts now at burning fresh AL image on SD card, inserting in NUC, doing basic setup (renaming device, updating menus/system/kernal etc) enable Roon Server. Restoring Roon DB fails and then letting Roon try to build a new DB similarly fails. NUC itself is fine, AL menu is accessible via Putty but Roon keeps getting really flakey and then sits at "Initialising" on the Roon app on my phone. I was wondering if there was something unstable in 2.1 itself but I think it might be a partition/storage question. I'm using a 32GB SD. Here are the results of DF: That dev/sda2 at 100% is now my main suspect. Is the Roon DB running out of space? Assuming this is the issue then how do I make this partition bigger? Ideally NOT using GParted as tried that before and was too complicated for me. Here are the Rufus settings I tried. Or how do I change this on the menu? Many Thanks, Alan
  5. Interesting. One more thing to try I guess. But as my Server NUC only has one LAN port I guess I'd need to change from: Router to A side of ER, Server to A side of ER, B side of ER to EndPoint To: Router to previous AQVOX switch, AQVOX to Server, AQVOX to A side of ER, B side of ER to EndPoint? Addition of an extra switch in the chain seems counter intuitive to resolving network issues. But might be worth a go. Cheers, Alan
  6. Hi Alex, Thanks for the reply. Yup, I'll play around with the settings. I feel it's probably software rather than hardware. These things usually are. Worst case I'll install AL from scratch on both NUCs as I'm several versions / months behind anyway. That way I can hopefully get it stable before I start tinkering with things like bridging or limiting the speed. Meantime the workaround is select lots of music, listen, enjoy 😄 and restart the ER next you need to talk to Roon! Not the greatest long term plan but will suffice for now. First world problems and all that.... Cheers, Alan
  7. Hi Larry, Just tried that and set to 100 for the Server NUC. Interesting (tho I may be stretching the definition of 'interesting' here) data point. When I try to connect to the NUC on Putty it's unavailable and I get a network error. Despite music playing. Power cycle the ER and then Putty connects fine. Will report back on whether this helped or not. Cheers, Alan
  8. Yeah, I haven't upgraded my AL for quite a while now and see that 2.1 is out. Might be worth ruining my Saturday morning 😓 and reinstalling AL on both devices to get the latest greatest version.
  9. That's not possible. I need internet from my router in, and access to my server. Unless you are saying ditch the endpoint and just do server connected to B side?
  10. Hi @Superdad, Hope you're well Alex. It's been a while. I'm also suffering dropouts since the insertion of the ER into a previously rock solid network. Received my ER on Tuesday from the ever excellent Martin at Audiostore. Inserted it, listened to a couple tracks but then left it to burn in. Couple times I've checked Roon on my phone it shows Searching For Core..... Rebooting Router or power-cycling the ER brings it back up. It's just done it again. First time I'm actually listening to music as I'm working from home today. Interestingly the music is still playing, just my phone cannot see the Roon core. Rebooting phone didn't fix. Rebooting ER did. My system is similar to @dctom diagram above. Ethernet from Router into A side of ER, A side connected to NUC (Audiolinux) Roon Server, B side connected to NUC (Audiolinux) Roon Endpoint which then connects via USB to my DAC. I'd configured the NUCs to use 100MB and they were bridged in Audiolinux. Not sure if that's a factor or not. Any thoughts? Many Thanks, Alan
  11. Trying to tell this crowd a better PSU doesn't make a difference! Yeah good luck with that 😜 More seriously, great post Alex. Looking forward this product getting out there. Cheers, Alan
  12. Lush^2 for me. The Sablon reserva is really good too but the Lush^2 is half the price and sounds better in my opinion at least.
  13. I understood that the 1.4 was almost as good as the ultra but not quite. The opticalrendu is a good point/good suggestion tho. I'd personally go the audiolinux NUC route but Sonore offer good out of the box performance.
  14. I think an LPS-1.2 or JS-2 would offer a nice bump in SQ quality as certainly the improvement of the LPS-1.2 compared to the LPS-1 is well documented. But at some point the MicroRendu 1.4 is going to be the limiting factor. I'd therefore place equal emphasis (and budget) on upgrading the renderer. The ultrarendu if you want to stick with Sonore or an Audiolinux NUC should both outperform the microrendu. Cheers, Alan
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