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  1. BigAlMc

    Innuos 1.4.5

    Hey @Abyss Man, what server integration are you using? Roon, LMS, Experimental? Cheers, Alan
  2. A price drop is usually associated with an actual decrease in price. Or you factoring in exchange rates or something 😉
  3. BigAlMc

    Innuos 1.4.5

    Congrats Ken! OT for this thread (sorry @ehoz) but how's the MK3 comparing to the MK2? Back on topic - @ehoz that's interesting because on paper at least Roon would be the more likely suspect for sound differences as it's just more complicated. LMS is pretty simple by comparison. Of course that's the theory and often this hobby confounds the theory. Might be worth asking Innuos if they are aware of anything that might impact LMS SQ. Cheers, Alan
  4. Price drop: £400 (including shipping and PayPal) - UK & EU preferred please Optional extras still as previously listed
  5. PRICE DROP £700 ($870) for TX, £950 ($1182) for TX & SPS-500
  6. BigAlMc

    Innuos 1.4.5

    Ah, in that case I'm worst placed to answer as my system is in a 'transition period' with a couple things burning in. So I probably wouldn't notice or would assume it was ongoing burn-in.
  7. BigAlMc

    Innuos 1.4.5

    Hi @ehoz, I didn't hear anything when I installed it this morning. Did you notice a difference? Release notes don't seem to mention sound quality either. Not that they always would. Cheers, Alan
  8. The oM thread says it runs hot at 9v but less so at 7v. Ergo the ER is the same, Joke* Just wondering if pushing the LPS-1.2 and ER to 12V raises the heat profile.
  9. Sorry for replying to frivolity with a serious question..... but....... Voltage range is pretty important but amperage represents available power and it depends on what the device tries to pull. Therefore amps isn't a concern but too many volts is. That's my understanding anyway. Anyway, my question. I moved my ER & LPS-1.2 onto nice Ikea bamboo the other day. But both were really hot! Like need to be very quick moving them or grab oven gloves as painful to touch hot. So (and no disrespect intended @kennyb123) but is 12V the problem here?? Would 7V involve less fingertip burning? Or does 12V mean better SQ and we need Ikea to make the bamboo boards more heat resistant?? Cheers, Alan
  10. Thanks @lxgreen, Out of interest what does this look like. Is it: Wall (ISP port) > 'own modem/router' > ISP router (for phone only) ? or Wall (ISP port) > ISP router (for phone only) > 'own modem/router' ? Or is it something different? Cheers, Alan
  11. BigAlMc

    Aqua linQ

    Is that Elite Audio in Scotland? If so then they are great. Really helpful and really willing to go the extra mile for their customers. And yeah, auditions are great but sometimes you just need to roll the dice and order something unheard. Fingers crossed this one works out well and has your toes tapping. Cheers, Alan
  12. BigAlMc

    Aqua linQ

    Congrats on your new purchase. Will look forward to hearing how you get on with it. I took a look when you posted this on Saturday. Looks interesting. The I2S thing caught my eye but a weird non-HDMI implementation of I2S
  13. Time Left: 25 days and 1 hour

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    Hi, Looking for a Taiko Audio Setchi D2 or D3 grounding block. Ideally USB terminated but happy to discuss others. PM me please or reply here if you have one. Cheers, Alan


  14. WTB - Setchi D2 or D3 grounding block View Classified Hi, Looking for a Taiko Audio Setchi D2 or D3 grounding block. Ideally USB terminated but happy to discuss others. PM me please or reply here if you have one. Cheers, Alan Seller BigAlMc Date 07/05/20 Price Category Accessories  
  15. Thanks Barrows, Good shout. I did a bit of both and perhaps that explains some of it. Will play around again but only connect the oM once the LPS-1 has been green for a good 30 seconds or so. PS Nice work on the oM. Liking what I'm hearing. Bit of a harshness or edge that I'm putting down to burn-in or sub optimal power supply. But on the whole a very nice crisp focused image. Cheers, Alan
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