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  1. Sorry but I disagree with this statement. I've read quite a few people posting positive experiences with better PSUs on the ER. Also whilst I'm generally a fan of better power cords isn't there also the risk that you inadvertently remove the ground shunt that Alex & John incorporated into the stock SMPS? My head starts spinning quickly with this stuff but presumably you need a better power cord, with active ground pin, plugged into the wall to keep the ground shunt active or you need to consider grounding the ER in order to really gain the benefit of that better power cord. Ditto for plugging the ER into a power transformer rather than the wall. Cheers, Alan
  2. We need volume levelled, acoustic treated room, double blind controlled tests to deduce which New Year thread is better!
  3. Agreed. Far more than I ever wanted to know about thermal flow! But thanks all the same John and happy new year to you. Cheers, Alan
  4. Sorry if a question but can you elaborate on cones please? So hypothesis seems to be vibration absorption coupled with a heavy weight? You have my attention as mine is floating behind my rack, suspended by cable tension 🤔
  5. And I thought this was gonna be a thread about bit rates on Qobuz 😉 Now by cable news broadcasts are you talking about Trump and bloody Brexit or news about what cable best squeezes that last ounce of performance out of the EtherRegen!? Either way good resolution. I greatly enjoyed the last several months where I just enjoyed the music and stopped listening to the SQ. The ER brought me back into the mania but I intend submersing myself in the music again for 2020. +1 on the best wishes to all and right back atcha! Cheers, Alan
  6. Hi Ray, I'm looking for more transparent and holographic so do I need a clear cable? Cheers, Alan
  7. Also, and sponsored forum or not I'm gonna say it, Alex and John have an agenda here. Not selling the PSUs they know we're all gonna buy 😜 And before anyone jumps on me that's a joke. I don't doubt their sincerity that the performance with the stock (JS ground shunt incorporated) PSU is already terrific.
  8. Nicely played and great that it worked. Two improvements without spending a cent/penny is a great days work! Encouraged to get my lazy ass in gear and play around. But what can I say. I'm enjoying listening to the music too much to have to listen to the SQ 😉
  9. Thanks m701, Yeah suspected as much but figured no harm in asking. Pretty trivial anyway. Cheers, Alan
  10. Ah, I missed that the Dutch one was basic Sotm switch and PSU. My experience with SoTM kit is it really needs a decent PSU. Also read the difference between basic and tricked out SoTM switch is night and day. Explains a lot.
  11. This is probably a Roon request but just in case. Every time I navigate to Qobuz in Roon to browse for new releases I have to set the same Genre filters. Any chance these could be sticky or defaults associated to my account login or cookie or whatever? PS love Qobuz. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Alan
  12. Yup. Fair points. To be clear I'm not trying to prove or challenge anything. But personally I have an unused LPS-1.2 sitting on my rack. Unused because it was powering my Aqvox switch which has been so comprehensively replaced by the ER. So it's a no brainer for me to try that experiment. Am guessing others will be in a similar situation so hoping for their observations. Bigger picture the ER is in its infancy as a brand new product so any shared knowledge and experience that helps find optimal performance are welcome. That said I'm in no rush to even install the firmware as its sounding so damn good already 😀
  13. I think there are a few interesting things here. Firstly, if we park the considerable price difference between ER and a fully tricked out SoTM then some will read this and opt for the SoTM. That's not intended in any way to disparage the considerable achievement that is the ER. Just acknowledging the trend in this hobby to chase absolute perfection. Tho if you dive down that rabbit hole then you need 2 x SoTM switches and the price differential becomes 6 times rather than 3 😂Yeah, I'm sticking with my ER! Second interesting aspect is that the ER and SoTM don't reportedly blend well and compliment each other. Third for me is the finding that the ER does indeed benefit from a better PSU. (Fairly amazed there hasn't been more on this here tbh!). Intriguingly @CKKeung has clarified that he was advocating the LPS-1.2 as further improving the ER. I'll add testing this to my backlog of tests and tasks. New firmware etc. But am hoping for some reports here on this. Final comment relates to the Dutch switch shootout, rather than our Hong Kong friends, where the SoTM was highly rated but not by big margins. Struggling to get my head around this as the ER has a very significant impact in my system, others say the same for the SoTM. But the difference isn't huge compared to other switches. Huh? Confusing data point but well done to them for taking the time to do this. Ditto to CKKeung for his efforts. Be interesting to see other head to head comparisons. Cheers, Alan
  14. The measurement data is pretty damning of Amirs method of measuring whatever the ER is doing. 1 ER user posted they didn't hear a difference and sold theirs. Pretty much everyone else is raving about it. But measurement trumps all else? Good grief! All us ER owners are wrong because your buddy Amir says so? For someone trying to argue science you have a pretty bizarre approach to evidence!
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