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  1. If you link all these switches to a Non Wireless router as you describe, where does the wireless come into play? We live in a world now where it’s impossible to live without wireless in your home?
  2. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts, and prior upgrade experiences so far, it’s helpful! In regards to the expense of the Aurrender units, I always try and tell myself that these units are a combination of a very high quality and very well built and configured custom computer combined with a high quality well built stereo component/ source. For example a top of the line iMac AND a top of the line CD player, those two items would cost at least $4,000 to $5,000 US each one, then throw in the custom software with free updates for the life of the unit and free support and the cost of time saved by not having to figure out how to do it all yourself like an Allo Digital or HQPLAYER or CAPS, etc with no need to pay for a Roon subscription and separate Linear Power Supplies, etc. When you add up all of the costs and all of the time , the Aurrender products start to have more value with a proven and almost guaranteed result of great sound quality and ease of use.
  3. Very helpful indeed! Thanks! Seems like based upon your experiences, upgrading to an N10 would make a big difference in my system.
  4. Differences between N10 vs N100H ? .. I know this topic has been discussed previously, but I couldn’t find too much information while trying to search through older threads. I currently have a N100H and I’ve discovered a preowned N10 for sale. Trying to decide if I would find a large enough increase in sound quality/ features, etc to justify the upgrade expense? Also, with all the newer models out including the ACS10 and / or A10, would it make more sense to upgrade/ invest in one of them vs. the N10 which has been out for a while now and this preowned unit is probably 3-4 years old and in use that entire time. thoughts???
  5. Thanks @AriMargolis !! Hopefully this will come to fruition!! It would be great to have an additional 24 bit streaming option for the Aurender, especially if Amazon ends up being successful and starts to put the others ;Tidal, Qobuz) out of business in which case would leave Amazon’s HiRes service become the only or biggest game in town!
  6. +1 I’ve also been curious as to whether the new HD and Ultra HD Amazon Music in 24 bit will be available on the Aurender same as Tidal and Qobuz??
  7. Mind sharing you procedure to upgrade the HDD inside of an Aurender.  I have an S10.

  8. I’m so glad all worked out for you in the end! Did you get the Open Box Model I found for you on Music Direct? Let me know if you have any other questions, I’ve become really familiar with the Conductor App. I personally have been just creating playlists for my individual favorite or reference albums. Also I have created a bunch of Playlists by Artist / Band and then have all of my favorite albums/ songs of theirs within the playlist, etc. Its a work around, but it works well if you have a large library such as myself and want quick access to your favorites! Welcome to the Aurender club!
  9. It will be interesting to hear your results!
  10. Have you tried using your ACS10 as a player itself going direct to DAC (or with M-Scaler)? If yes, how did it compare to the W20? I could only afford a W20 if I was able to find one used for a great price, the N10 however, could be a possible option at the top of my budget.
  11. @rwwjr44 - and @biosailor Thanks for comments / thoughts. One thing to note is that the ASC10 is NOT one of the units with a built in DAC. It is meant to be a server and CD ripper that can serve as an Aurender network “hub” and server (and CD ripper), then other Aurender units throughout your home can use / play the music stored on the central ACS10. ... however, it also can be used as a music player and streamer itself also. From what I’ve been told, the sound quality is very close to the sound quality of the N10. So, you get better than N100 sound quality, XL100 storage sizes on the HDD’s, and a CD Ripper and auto tagging, a network like music server that can link to multiple Aurender’s and share a library, a RAID configuration, UPS Battery for safe shut down if a power failure, etc. - additional facts and system details : 1. I do have about 8,000 CD’s and I’ve only ever ripped about 1,500 of them, so eventually I would work my way through ripping the rest if I had the ACS10 built in ability (it also works with a Nimbie auto CD ripper that does 100 CDs at a time). 2. I do have about 110+ TB’s of digital music including lots of DSD and 24bit high res files, so could make use of internal 24TB storage 3. Even though I have 110+ TB’s already and another 6,000 CD’s I still have never ripped,, I have about 4TB’s of my best and favorite albums on my (now sold) N100h and it’s more than enough of a curated collection to have stored internally I think and I do also have a large NAS linked with the rest and also have and use / stream Tidal MQA and Qobuz Hi-res , so a CD ripper and 24TB storage is a plus for me, but not a total necessity if it means sacrificing sound quality. 4. Budget - look below at rest of system, should I be spending 7K to 8K on a server/ streamer when I still don’t have a good separate preamp (use my Dac’s built in one) and my mono block amps are a great value, but still a Class C like level probably on performance. Is it better to spend 4K on a streamer and 4K on a tube preamp instead??? - System : - Mytek Brooklyn DAC + with Vinni Rossi Super capacitor external power supply- like an LPS 1.2 on steroids - (currently using as DAC AND preamp) - Oppo 105D - use for SACD and CD player coax out to Brooklyn DAC + for rare occasions when I actually spin a disc - (this combo actually sounds great for SACD’s and Blu-Ray Audio) - emotiva XPA-1 Monoblock amps - Martin Logan Summit X speakers - Shunyata Power Cables and power conditioning - Audioquest Earth XLR cables for interconnects - USB cleaner / reclocker chain : Uptone iso-Regen -> LPS 1.2 power -> custom made cardas Y split USB cable (power and data separated) -> another cardas Y split -> ifi iUSB 3.0 reclocker -> LPS 1.2 power -> a 3rd custom cardas Y split USB -> into DAC .. hopefully this additional info may help for others to give me better advice based upon all parameters and my 7K or so max budget for this next system upgrade .. 🙏
  12. Upgrade time!! I just sold my N100H and now it’s time for an upgrade! Trying to decide between ACS10 16TB model, ACS10 24TB model (the 24TB model has not only 8TB larger HDD space, but also a 480TB SSD Cache and more RAM too vs. the 16TB model - it’s $1200 more for the 24TB vs. 16TB - is it worth the additional cost? Will there be benefits above and beyond the additional 8TB’s of HDD storage???). Another thought... Would the N10 bring me increased sound quality vs. the ACS10 and enough to justify giving up the more advanced features of the ACS10 and the fact that it’s a much newer model vs. one that may be towards the end of its lifecycle?? And lastly in my decision process.... is there a non Aurender streamer / player that may be even better performance and / or feature wise out there now (Auralic G2, Innous Zenith MKIII, Lumin something, perhaps even some sort of optical Rendu / Sotm sort of trifecta combo coupled with a roon server and Roon and HQP )??? Please chime in and let me know your thoughts on this?? Thanks!!!
  13. Ask this question on the Aurender thread, lots of Aurender experts and even the tech support guy from Aurender active on this thread.
  14. Is this why I can’t seem to get DSD 256 or most DXD tracks / albums to be recognized on my N100H?
  15. You’re lucky!! Mine is still completely “bricked”, @AriMargolis has been helping me with this and I’m going to be sending my Aurender away for repair once I receive the RMA. After a week with my Aurender out of commission, I can’t believe how much I miss it!!
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