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  1. @Superdad Out of curiosity, if I were to use a JS2 to power my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, would it be bad to use the other rail to power either a LPS-2 that powers my ISORegen? How about the other rail to power an EtherRegen? I have actually been planning on getting a JS2 for my Mytek and I was thinking I could make use of the other rail for one of these purposes? I don’t yet have an EtherRegen, but was thinking of maybe getting one at same time as the JS2. Seems like an additional LPS-2 would be better for the EtherRegen than using a second rail of a JS2 based upon your statement?
  2. Thanks for the explanation @AriMargolis, that actually makes sense (lack of processing power). I suppose yet another reason why I need to upgrade to an ACS10! In regards to the Left / Right for the iPhone app, it’s definitely not a critical feature! I had even wondered why Aurender had bothered with adding it to the iPad app until last night when I actually found myself needing it!!
  3. @AriMargolis that ACS smart tag editor interface looks great! Are there any plans in the future to ass these capabilities to the Conductor app for the players and not exclusively for the ACS series? It would be a dream to be able to do these things within Conductor and not have to constantly go to my computer to edit metadata and add album art! Also, an unrelated request, but last night I found myself actually needing to check Left / Right speakers after rearranging some of my interconnects and I realized that the feature which was added to the iPad conductor app was not available on
  4. Also, about 9 months ago, Aurender first started to support Native DSD and at that time, they had to create custom code for many of the DACs on the Market and many of us had to put in a support request to have our specific DAC models/ brands be capable of Native DSD, it’s possible that Aurender has not yet done this for your specific DAC? With format, I have found the DSF is best format and it is also capable of supporting metadata, whereas with DFF it will play, but not capable of metadata. with SACD.ISO files, I have also found it’s much faster / better / easier to use the free ISO2DSD
  5. It’s cheap and easy to add an external USB CD/BluRay/DVD drive to any laptop or desktop. Plenty of options out there in the $25 - $150 range depending on features and brand.
  6. That is an amazing feature! I wonder if they will incorporate that feature for additional brands in the future. It would be so convenient (as you’re already experiencing) because that would mean I could control my entire listening experience from the palm of my hand. Since the introduction of the iphone Conductor app I can count one one hand how many times I’ve used my iPad for Conductor. it’s a better and bigger interface, but it lacks the convenience of my iPhone which basically never leaves my side:)
  7. It’s about time! I suppose Pandora will be next:)
  8. Is the volume control a new feature or a feature only available on certain models? I wasn’t aware that Conductor had this capability?
  9. Ari: thanks for this and after I wrote that post, I did think to myself “I suppose the in-between is the ACS10” :) Further, you are once again proving my comments from the other day,,, Someone needs to hire you as a reviewer at once! You have a way with words and making analogies and comparisons make perfect sense to the layman!
  10. I agree 💯! I have had an N100 for a few years now and I do love it. However I would have upgraded to the next step up a long time ago if there was a model in-between the N100 and the N10 (N20). I have had discussed several times in the past with dealers about moving up to an N10 and based upon the rest of my system, I have always been told that for the cost difference between N100 vs N10 (N20), that for my system, that money would be better spent first on a really great tube based preamp and/ or an upgraded / better power amp and continue with the N100 until after those upgrades. I ha
  11. That is an excellent explanation and description of the differences between models Ari! There is a career as a professional reviewer in your future!
  12. Thanks @AriMargolis - I’ve always assumed and believed the same (UPS’ are noisy ). I suppose I’ll continue trying to shut down in advance when expecting bad weather or when traveling and keep my fingers crossed the other times :)
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