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  1. I have been enjoying The Wall in hires from Qobuz. However, I have not yet conducted any A / B comparisons. I have the DSOTM SACD ripped in DSD and I have the original 1982 CD version of The Wall ripped with De-Emphasis added during the rip process and I also have the original UK Harvest Vinyl pressing ripped well in DSD 128. They both sound incredible. I think overall, it’s difficult to find a “bad” version of most of these recordings. I also own the immersion box set and all of the more recent large box sets with BluRay and hi-res versions, etc. What can I say, I love my Pink Floyd :)
  2. I’m having a strange issue with the newest update for Aurender and Conductor app. When I log into Qobuz, it gives me the option to select 16/44, 24/96, or 24/192. After I select 24/192, after I save it, it keeps reverting itself back to 24/96 ?? I have the highest level of Qobuz subscription, so that is not the issue. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a known bug ? @AriMargolis
  3. This is a pleasant surprise! I love all these albums and I do have several of them in SACD which I ripped to DSD and a few more that have been ripped from vinyl in either DSD128 or 24/96. I’m excited to give all of them a “spin” via Qobuz and see how they compare to some of my other versions.
  4. I have very similar setup right now (N100H into Mytek Brooklyn DAC+). I also added some very good USB cables (Cardas y split hi resolution USB cables custom made for me by Cardas) in between the two and also a chain of two USB reclocking and galvanic isolation (iso-regen going into ifi usb 3.0 ) in between the two devices (both powered by LPS 1.2 Supercapacitor power supplies). I’ve had the Aurender upgrade itch for quite a while now, but based on your findings, seems like maybe I can hold off for a while longer ?
  5. For me, adding good quality LPS power supplies to EtherRegen, Synology NAS, and Router, Modem, and switch and also adding a very high quality made for Audio Ethernet cable from B side to Aurender (Shunyata Delta) made very noticeable improvements. (PS, I have Martín Logan Montis as my 2 Channel speakers also)
  6. Alex: I currently have my NAS connected Netgear Router/switch to NAS and Netgear Router/ Switch to EtherRegen A with only my Aurender connected to ER B. Would it be better for me to move the NAS from direct to Router Switch and move to A side of ER?
  7. Wow!! This is all probably slightly over my head / technical capabilities, but within reach of learning. As a devout Aurrender customer/ fan, it’s at least exciting to see what can be possible if one is willing to acquire all the necessary additional gear and then also roll up the sleeves and self educate to get it all to work. For the layman such as myself,,, is it worth all the effort and investment?? My curiosity is would someone similar to myself be better off going outside of Aurrender (or other similar brands) to achieve DSP, Convolution, and HQPLAYER vs. staying with our beloved brands and Implementing all of the aforementioned? The reason I chose Aurender over a Rendu/SoTM/ Roon/ HQPlayer type of solution in the first place was due to its high level of performance coupled with essentially plug and play simplicity.
  8. How did you accomplish this? Wipe the internal drives and install linux and a NAS SW?
  9. Thanks @AriMargolis ! besides the differences you mentioned, my biggest curiosity is do they have the same or very similar sound quality? As you mentioned , different flavors for different folks. At same general price point, I personally see the advantages of all the additional features and capabilities of the ACS10, but I would want to know they have same general sound quality before making that statement:) I can definitely see how and why another person would prefer a larger screen and case size and maybe they don’t have or want they’re own collection and only intend to stream via Qobuz and Tidal, N200 is for them:)
  10. Thanks! Maybe I’ll give it a try! I have about 80 TB’s of downloads on a series of external drives that I suspect are full of duplicates that I’ve been too lazy to attempt to look through for 1+ years now, should be the perfect place to experiment with it! (It apparently can manage duplicates automatically in addition to auto-tagging meta data and auto adding album art).
  11. It looks very nice! (N200), I am definitely curious what Ari’s thoughts are between N200 vs ACS10 if it were to be used as a single box player and not as a server only. In the past, Ari had shared with me that in his opinion, he felt the ACS10 rivaled the N10 in sound quality for less the cost and more features.
  12. I wasn’t aware of this new model, I just researched it, looks very nice. However it seems to essentially be the same price as the ASC10, seems to me as though the ASC10 may be the better of the two to purchase since it has the ability to do more and I think they both have very similar specs in regards to playback and features besides the disc trays in the back? Any clarification on this @AriMargolis ? Where does the N200 fit when comparing the N10, N200, and ASC10 in your opinion? When you add the cost of drives, basically all three of these units are now in a similar price point?
  13. Dan: Curious if you know anything or have any experience with SongKong ? I came across them in an article yesterday mentioning that it was being used with great success transferring music library from a server that stored all the meta data in a separate folder, and as a result when transferred to another brand music server it doesn’t bring over any of the metadata or album art. Apparently SongKong can scan the entire music library automatically after you transfer or download your music collection to a new server and it will re-tag and add album art automatically? Seems like this may actually be another solution to the situation mentioned here?
  14. Does anyone know if the 2nd and/or 3rd Gen original Apple TV with optical out and Ethernet in can receive Airplay 1 and Airplay 2 and work the same as the two gens if airport express Chris used for his testing? I sold my Airport Express long ago, but still have the 2nd and 3rd Gen of the original Apple TV with optical out in a drawer somewhere! Second, anyone know if and how this may work and achieve bit perfect lossless in my new car which has Apple CarPlay? My new car (2021 BMW) has both Bluetooth and also USB data input going into the stock BMW stereo / Infotainment system (iDrive 7) which can play music stored on my iPhone 12 Pro or a exFat USB stick and any locally downloaded offline content from Qobuz seems to be available via CarPlay (so far lossless downloaded Qobuz sounds the best). I’m assuming that regardless of Bluetooth or USB input that the cars system still processing everything via it’s own DSP and DAC, so maybe it’s pointless anyhow???
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