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  1. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Any chances that future updates will include something better than Wikipedia for album and artist info and liner notes, etc ? The Wikipedia link rarely ever works and it leaves quite a bit to be desired when it does. Even a link to allmusic or something similar would be better ?
  2. agladstone

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    I actually received an invite to the Beta via email on last Friday (I had previously joined the wait list). I had to fill out a survey and I’m awaiting response for next steps!
  3. agladstone

    Article: Audiophile 5: Aurender ACS10 in 5 Minutes

    Chris: Her are a few questions I have in regards to the ACS10 (perhaps you can address them in your upcoming review, or answer here)? 1. How does it sound / work as an actual player / streamer instead of using as a backend to another Aurender (in addition to its Server and Ripper functionality)? 2. Can the internal HDD’s be replaced / upgraded by the end user? (or by an authorized dealer if not by user)? 3. If you already have a NAS being used as a backup for all your music with a RAID, does it make sense to not configure the ACS10 in RAID and take advantage of double the internal space ? 4. If you currently own an Aurender, can you initially connect it to the ASC10 to perform a “copy” function to transfer all your music into the ASC10 as a starting point? Thanks in advance!!
  4. agladstone

    Article: Audiophile 5: Aurender ACS10 in 5 Minutes

    Chris: if you’ve been following my inquiries in the Aurender thread, you know how happy I am to see this video and now I can’t wait to read your full review later this month. Thanks!!
  5. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Thanks! This is very helpful! What “tweaks” are you referring to in regards to the ACS10?
  6. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Thanks! I think you’re probably correct. Is it just me, or is the Marketing Material and info regarding the ACS10 and it’s functionality in addition to being a NAS like server very ambiguous and confusing? They do seem to make clear that if you’re pairing it with an N10 or W20, that it would be inferior as a streamer / player to them, but they don’t go into any specifics if you currently have an N100 model? I suppose they’re just assuming that given it’s price point, it’s unlikely someone would be pairing it with an N100? I was hoping that if it’s streaming and playing quality was above the N100, but below the N10, it may be the ideal “upgrade” to the N100 given all of its capabilities and features and at a $3,000 lower price than an N10.
  7. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Thanks! I assume that you have both units? Seems like perhaps I should sell my N100 and upgrade to the new ACS10?
  8. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know if the new ACS10 would be a superior streamer vs. the N100H? i know they say the N10 & W20 are better than the ACS10, but I wonder if ACS10 better than the N100H?
  9. agladstone

    Allo Digione Signature

    It’s the best streamer ever !
  10. I actually recall Alex saying that a pre-owned LPS-1 would be a great addition / upgrade for the forthcoming EtherRegen actually?
  11. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    I’d like to hear about the same!! I’m anxiously awaiting Qobuz and curious if the high res will be better than Tidal MQA !
  12. I’ve read that although google sets those API limits as defaults, you can request them to increase if you’re hitting them everyday. I actually hit the limit everyday myself, but similar to evedoesaudiothings , I’ve been too afraid to inquire about requesting they raise my API limits, because I don’t want to raise a flag to Google since I have more than 200TBs of music in my Gsuite that I’m paying $10/ month to store!! I don’t bother encrypting anything though, I mostly use it as a cloud backup to my NAS and for all the stuff that I want to have , but not so much that I want to use up my NAS HDD’s for (I only have 80TB’s of storage in my NAS). I think best is to maybe do a smaller version of what I do, keep the bulk of your collection on Google Drive and use Synology backup sync SW to sync with the stuff you want to have local and listen to the most ? It works well for me.
  13. I was actually considering getting the Node 2i myself for a bedroom system. Based on this thread, seems like it’s not too good ? Are there any better mini all in one like systems for streaming Tidal, etc vs. the Bluesound?? I want something convenient that takes up smaller amount of Space and Tidal and / or Qobuz streaming definitely important to me. I have a great primary system in my living room (Aurender N10, Mytek Brooklyn Dac+, monoblocks, Martin Logan Summit X, etc), so I’m just looking for something in the bedroom that is easy but that sounds much better than my current two Amazon Echo plus in stereo system, which totally sucks!! Haha I was down to PS Audio Sprout 100, Bluesound Node 2i, or the new SVS Soundboard prior to reading this. Also, I just bought a pair of ELAC Debut 2.0 B6 speakers for this soon to be new bedroom system, hopefully they will be perfect for what I have in mind ? Please post any suggestions??
  14. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    I wish they provided us with more specific details of updates, they’re descriptions of updated features are always so vague!
  15. agladstone

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    What changes have they made to metadata handling?