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  1. Can’t wait for the release! Thanks for the teaser Ari!!
  2. Big thanks to Ari for patiently working with me and the SW Engineers to get my Aurender to finally play Native DSD with my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. It took 3 or 4 attempts over a few days, but finally they got it working and I am now finally able to listen to the 4 DSD256 downloaded Albums I have. I’ll have to buy some more now! I wonder if upsampling to DSD256 will be another future firmware upgrade ??
  3. I think I read somewhere in a forum that JRiver has a patch for Linux also? It could’ve been in a Roon forum?
  4. I am now playing DSD256 as Native DSD perfectly with the DAC+, feeding it from an Aurender Music Server (it’s Linux based, very similar to the MacOS). Aurender needed to load a custom Linux patch / code / driver for it to work. I have also read that SoTM and Sonore and Roon Player also all have custom patch code for Linux based servers for Mytek DACs. Mytek themselves have not yet created a patch, but lots of other companies have. I suspect you could find one for JRiver too.
  5. What changes were made in the new firmware update?
  6. It’s the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ that I’m specifically inquiring about, I expect the model makes a difference. From what I’ve just read online, seems like the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ does require custom patch / code to play native DSD via linux.
  7. Have you gotten to Mytek DAC’s yet? Do you know if they require custom drivers?
  8. New ACS100 ? just saw this new unit listed on Music Direct, looks like a “100” version of the ACS10. anyone know anything about it? Does anyone know if an external 19V LPSU can be used with it? (Looks like there may be a 19V DC in jack in back and it doesn’t list a Linear PSU under its features. The description also states that for best sound quality to use it with an N100H as the front end player, however the specs for the ACS100 look much better than the N100H so I wonder how it would be better vs. ASC100 direct to DAC via USB? (it has quad core processor, 240GB SSD Cache, CD drive for ripping, two pull out trays for two user installed 2.5” HD or SSD, etc).
  9. If you link all these switches to a Non Wireless router as you describe, where does the wireless come into play? We live in a world now where it’s impossible to live without wireless in your home?
  10. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts, and prior upgrade experiences so far, it’s helpful! In regards to the expense of the Aurrender units, I always try and tell myself that these units are a combination of a very high quality and very well built and configured custom computer combined with a high quality well built stereo component/ source. For example a top of the line iMac AND a top of the line CD player, those two items would cost at least $4,000 to $5,000 US each one, then throw in the custom software with free updates for the life of the unit and free support and the cost of time saved by not having to figure out how to do it all yourself like an Allo Digital or HQPLAYER or CAPS, etc with no need to pay for a Roon subscription and separate Linear Power Supplies, etc. When you add up all of the costs and all of the time , the Aurrender products start to have more value with a proven and almost guaranteed result of great sound quality and ease of use.
  11. Very helpful indeed! Thanks! Seems like based upon your experiences, upgrading to an N10 would make a big difference in my system.
  12. Differences between N10 vs N100H ? .. I know this topic has been discussed previously, but I couldn’t find too much information while trying to search through older threads. I currently have a N100H and I’ve discovered a preowned N10 for sale. Trying to decide if I would find a large enough increase in sound quality/ features, etc to justify the upgrade expense? Also, with all the newer models out including the ACS10 and / or A10, would it make more sense to upgrade/ invest in one of them vs. the N10 which has been out for a while now and this preowned unit is probably 3-4 years old and in use that entire time. thoughts???
  13. Thanks @AriMargolis !! Hopefully this will come to fruition!! It would be great to have an additional 24 bit streaming option for the Aurender, especially if Amazon ends up being successful and starts to put the others ;Tidal, Qobuz) out of business in which case would leave Amazon’s HiRes service become the only or biggest game in town!
  14. +1 I’ve also been curious as to whether the new HD and Ultra HD Amazon Music in 24 bit will be available on the Aurender same as Tidal and Qobuz??
  15. Mind sharing you procedure to upgrade the HDD inside of an Aurender.  I have an S10.

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