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  1. Thanks for the confirmation and the information! I have all Analog versions of Shunyata cables except for the 12AWG Venom Digital on my Aurrender and the HC versions going into my two power conditioners from wall. I’ll try one of the new NR versions for something at some point, although it doesn’t seem like I need to rush into an upgrade for the moment. I suspect the V14 NR would be good for the Linear power supply I use to power my Amazon Fire TV box, I just have an original Venom that I’m using for that.
  2. Agreed! I do have the original 12AWG version of the Venom Digital NR cable currently connected to my Aurender, so I suspect it’s providing me with a similar experience as to what I would have with the V14 NR? I think I’ll experiment and try and swap it with the Ztron Alpha Shunyata cable I have in the Rossi Supercapacitor PS powering my Mytek DAC to see where the Digital NR may be more beneficial. When I bought these cables a few years ago from Music Direct, they told me the Digital NR would be most beneficial for my Aurender since it’s a digital source, whereas the Mytek Brooklyn DAC
  3. Thanks for this information! My Aurender server has a built in Linear Power supply and my DAC has an external Vinni Rossi Supercapacitor based power supply, so based on what you provided, it seems I would benefit from a higher level Shunyata vs. the Venom Digital, which seems is designed more so towards SMPS.
  4. Any idea how the new Shunyata’s compare to the older ones? I have several V10’s (mostly for power conditioners and power supplies) and then a bunch of the Ztron Delta’s on the rest of my gear except a Venom Digital (I believe it’s 12AWG) on my Aurrender Streamer. I was going to upgrade to the Delta NR, but I missed out and seems they’re all sold out. I was contemplating one of the new V10NR’s as a replacement for my Aurender, but based on what I’m reading, seems like you wouldn’t recommend that?
  5. Thanks for the tips and information! mill be playing close attention to this thread:)
  6. Can’t wait for the release! Thanks for the teaser Ari!!
  7. Big thanks to Ari for patiently working with me and the SW Engineers to get my Aurender to finally play Native DSD with my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. It took 3 or 4 attempts over a few days, but finally they got it working and I am now finally able to listen to the 4 DSD256 downloaded Albums I have. I’ll have to buy some more now! I wonder if upsampling to DSD256 will be another future firmware upgrade ??
  8. I think I read somewhere in a forum that JRiver has a patch for Linux also? It could’ve been in a Roon forum?
  9. I am now playing DSD256 as Native DSD perfectly with the DAC+, feeding it from an Aurender Music Server (it’s Linux based, very similar to the MacOS). Aurender needed to load a custom Linux patch / code / driver for it to work. I have also read that SoTM and Sonore and Roon Player also all have custom patch code for Linux based servers for Mytek DACs. Mytek themselves have not yet created a patch, but lots of other companies have. I suspect you could find one for JRiver too.
  10. What changes were made in the new firmware update?
  11. It’s the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ that I’m specifically inquiring about, I expect the model makes a difference. From what I’ve just read online, seems like the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ does require custom patch / code to play native DSD via linux.
  12. Have you gotten to Mytek DAC’s yet? Do you know if they require custom drivers?
  13. New ACS100 ? just saw this new unit listed on Music Direct, looks like a “100” version of the ACS10. anyone know anything about it? Does anyone know if an external 19V LPSU can be used with it? (Looks like there may be a 19V DC in jack in back and it doesn’t list a Linear PSU under its features. The description also states that for best sound quality to use it with an N100H as the front end player, however the specs for the ACS100 look much better than the N100H so I wonder how it would be better vs. ASC100 direct to DAC via USB? (it has quad core processor, 240GB SSD Cache, CD
  14. If you link all these switches to a Non Wireless router as you describe, where does the wireless come into play? We live in a world now where it’s impossible to live without wireless in your home?
  15. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts, and prior upgrade experiences so far, it’s helpful! In regards to the expense of the Aurrender units, I always try and tell myself that these units are a combination of a very high quality and very well built and configured custom computer combined with a high quality well built stereo component/ source. For example a top of the line iMac AND a top of the line CD player, those two items would cost at least $4,000 to $5,000 US each one, then throw in the custom software with free updates for the life of the unit and free support and the cost of time saved b
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