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Auralic Aries G1 Streamer with Hoer Wege upgraded PSU (+++ large sonic improvement over stock G1)

Auralic Aries G1 Streamer with Hoer Wege upgraded PSU (+++ large sonic improvement over stock G1)

1,700.00 USD

  • Price 1,700.00 USD
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Aries G1 in great condition. Boxed with instructions, etc. Can add more pictures if needed....


A few months ago I decided to investigate the recommendations in a few Auralic forums about the Hoer Wege power supply upgrade for the G1.


It's a significant investment (540 euros), and required an internal swap (this G1 is no different in appearance to a standard unit) but it made a huge difference to the audio quality of the G1. The differences are not subtle - to me my streaming services (Quobuz) come across as much more analogue and luscious and its removed a slight harshness and grain to the HFs that were there in the standard G1. With my new DAC I've now been completely satisfied with a streaming audio subscription as my primary music source.


Selling this only as I've taken a punt on an ex-demo G2.1 Aries (which I plan to upgrade with the Hoer Wege G2.1 PSU). 


Regards, John


(Advert price in pounds not USD)


The price (firm) reflects the money spent on this recent upgrade - £1800 - PRICE DROP FOR QUICK SALE - £1700


Please note - the 1 year warranty that Auralic provides is only available to the original owner, so any used/second-hand Auralic devices are not covered by warranty, as far as I know. Hoer Wege provides a 2 year warranty for their upgrade PSU (1.5 years remain remain on this). A lot of folks have now done this upgrade and I've personally never seen any testimonies of G1 or G2/G2.1 failure post upgrade, nor any feedback questioning the value of this upgrade. 



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