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PS Audio Bridge II streaming card for PerfectWave and DirectStream DAC

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PS Audio Bridge II streaming card for PerfectWave and DirectStream DAC


Pictures show two different Bridge cards:

ver. II (green) - $550

ver. I (blue) - $100


If you're the lucky one who just bought a used PS Audio DirectStream Mk1 DAC, you want to have Bridge II streaming card first before you go on a long and expensive journey of searching for another good streamer. Bridge II streaming card will satisfy a lot of people out there.


Using this dedicated streaming card instead of a stand-alone one, you're not only saving a shelf space but also saving on power cors and interconnects. To get the most out of it, Bridge II card uses the best possible interface - i2s - and also the shourtest possible because it's connected internally from one circuit board to another. That's why this inexpensive streaming card is hard to beat. You'll have to spend, at least, 6 times more [considering the cables costs, 10 times more] to hear the difference. Also, you might hear the difference if you have, at least, a $15k system.


Bridge II Network card for seamless integration in your PS Audio PerfectWave or DirectStream DAC.

The music of your choice is just a couple clicks away. Stream your favorite music from your phone, your local network, your PC or laptop, or from best media servers.


Used, but like new condition.

The latest firmware is installed.


Bridge II Network Card brings network connectivity to your DirectStream or PerfectWave DAC. Based on UPnP formats, Bridge II can be controlled with any UPnP controller and is able to connect over your home's Local Area Network via Ethernet.

- Connect a NAS, computer, JRiver, whatever you have to your PerfectWave or DirectStream DAC.

- Full MQA compatibility,

- Tidal (including Masters),

- Qobuz,

- Spotify,

- VTuner,

- Roon ready.



Bridge I

This card will let you plug into your home network and access internet radio, streaming services, and any music servers you have setup. 

Use Roon, or other control programs such as JRiver. 


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