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  1. Because it sounds much much better. Everybody tried. USB: budget is not $500 in most cases because you need good LPS. You can use either Jcat USB but you need a really good power supply (about $1000+) or Pink Faun USB. Even better: add Isoregen. Even better: add LPS on Isoregen. Even better: add DDC converter like Audio GD DI20. Even better: add good quality cables. Just try for yourself, and hear for yourself… $500 USB budget? El Fidelity USB card with Allo Shanti LPS or Keces P3. Another option: skip USB entirely and go with Pink Faun SPDIF or I2S. With good LPS. Th
  2. Hi Nenon - I understand you voiced the combination of Taiko ATX and unregulated power supply. 1) Which audio PC did you use for the voicing? Is it Taiko or something else? Also, 2) what is your “religion of sound” or voicing “philosophy”? I am trying to understand better how those will sound together.
  3. It’s just terminology. What I meant by “underpowered” is subjective listening, not technical specifications which they both meet easily. So yes I meant than the Optimo sounds better than JS2 on XE. Underpowered means the sound is not full, you can clearly tell there’s some hollowness remaining. In the Naim world, it’s similar to the sound quality progression on a Naim source or preamp between Flatcap, Hicap and Supercap. While they all meet specs, the flatcap gives a more hollow sound that the Supercap, and many other sonic attributes develop in a big way with better power. The XE is pretty de
  4. I use 2 different DC cables, one for the Jcat Femto Net and one for the Pink Faun. They are custom made by a friend. They are much better than the Belden/Oyaide (while having a balanced sound, those leave 30-50% of the sound quality on the table). I think mine are silver coated copper or tinned copper, I’m not sure but there’s a coating on at least one of the DC cables. I also tried at least 2 or 3 different silver DC cables, maybe 2 or 3 more in different types of copper, and I prefer copper in the end. The Optimo DC cables are top performance and don’t need to be changed. Not sure what they
  5. So the JS2 and Optimo have been tested and compared in 2 systems. I use with Jcat Femto Net and pink faun. My friend uses Jcat XE Net and USB. 1) JS2: lively, exciting, lots of realism, a sensation of being there, powerful, great tone, a sense of rightness, warm. Full of life. Need to have the right power cable and DC cables - particularly the DC cables can break the sound - since the JS2 is very reactive. In my system, I like the JS2 a lot but only with the right combination of DC cables. And that’s because it’s very musical. JS2 has a lot of charm. No question on this front. This i
  6. I appreciate that you put Spotify so high in your list. It’s highly counter intuitive to say the least and probably highly controversial since “hey it’s lossy!”, but I find Spotify musical as well, and thicker/darker sounding which can help tame bright systems. And I do agree with Tidal at or near the bottom. Highly controversial again. I find it too bright and thin personally for my taste. And I tried 4-5 times to make sure in different system iterations. Did you try YouTube Music? Interesting flavor, soundstage wise.
  7. This is not the major upgrade yet, only a minor one. Major upgrade later this year…
  8. What’s the difference between 3DNAND flash with pseudo SLC mode, and SLC?
  9. In your tests, how does the Corsair AX1600i compare to a HDplex LPS (400w or 500w)? Or Keces + HDplex DC converter? The ripple is actually very low on the Corsair, easily in the same range than the HDplex converters (which are < 10mv). Of course, low ripple might not equate to good sound. Just curious, since you mention the Corsair would beat a bad LPS.
  10. Is the X2522 more or less warm/analogue sounding compared to SFN8522? Also can you confirm X2522 can’t be used with acrylic lid with holes? That could be a deal breaker for many. Thanks!
  11. Optimo is great indeed, you need a good system to really hear its potential. It’s relaxed in a good way. No harshness or digititus for sure. Very good blackness. Very controlled. It has its distinct sound signature, tone and flavor so it’s always best to try if you can. Definitely a great product overall and high quality through and through. All those cards crave for good power. I think Nenon had to go up to custom SR7 dual regulation to be fully satisfied with the sound for his Jcat XE and PF ultra OCXO! At a more reasonable price, JS2 and optimo are great choices. And the stock opti
  12. Let us know what are your thoughts in a little while after burn in (those clocks need a few days and stay on 24/7 during this period) but this is very valuable and fascinating indeed and correlate with Christian Puunter’s review on the hifi advice website. This is my type of sound. Must resist!!! :-))
  13. Exciting!!! I envy you. Please give us a report after its burn in!
  14. I would avoid Pink faun with Intel due to potential compatibility issues but send an email to Pink Faun to make sure. I personally prefer the Pink faun sound but the Jcat XE sound impressive indeed. The Femto is fine. It is a matter of taste and system synergy. If you go with a USB card, it is preferable to use an Isoregen and a digital converter like an audio gd di20 (or di20-he) before you go into the DAC. Those make a big difference, particularity the di20 (alternatively, a gustard U16). Also the 5V LPS is critical to the sound quality. Really really really critical. I recommen
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