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  1. Same experience with me. Didn’t like the HDplex 500W. Performance was very disappointing. I like a trio of Keces P8. Alternatively, Teradak but only if you like a sound on the “harder” side of things.
  2. Just to clarify on what I’m doing. I want to make sure there’s no confusion and sorry if I repeat myself. First, I use 3 Keces P8 in total to power my MB and CPU. 1) 2 Keces P8 on the CPU alone (and both are delivering power on the amp meter): 1 P8 on the 8 pin EPS connector and 1 P8 on the 4 pin EPS connector. 12 pins used in total. Using 12 pins is possible with 2 Keces P8 in my case. you can see the 8 pin connector and the 4 pin connector on the diagram below in the red circle. Again, 2 Keces P8 LPS used (one single rail and one dual rail - not sure if it
  3. By the way, I can 100% relate to the P8 drawing no current (0 on the display). That’s what happened when I tried to power the CPU with: - Keces 12V + any of the Seasonics, or - Keces 12V + 1 rail of Teradak, or - Keces 12V + 1 rail of HDplex 500w. Same exact issue. Not surprised that Keces + Taiko leads to the same result ie Keces becomes “unused” with 0 amp. But for some reason, it did work with the 2 Keces. If someone knows why, I’m interested to know. So why did I insist so much with so many failed attempts? Well… the reason I kept trying is beca
  4. Too bad it didn’t work with the Taiko. I can only speak with 2 Keces P8… in terms of measurements, the first P8 draws about 3.7A on the Keces display and the second P8 a bit less than 1A on the Keces display. So both P8 do have a measurable power draw when they power the CPU To be more precise, my first P8 is 12V/8A single rail and the second one is dual rail 12V/5V with 4A each (I use 12v for the CPU, obviously). Second 5V rail is currently unused. DC cabling wise, it’s a mix of Ghent / Canare 4S and FIS audio. Also now that I have a second P8 o
  5. If you look at the photo attached below, I circled in red that in some MB (not all), you have both a 8 pin and 4 pin CPU connectors for 12V. My experience is that you need to feed both connectors with power. Gives a significant better sound and jump in sound quality: bigger, fuller, more dynamic, more effortless. Do not leave the CPU 4 pin connector unpowered or you leave big sound quality gains on the table! This CPU needs to be well fed, it’s key to SQ. In fact a friend just borrowed my second Keces that I was using on the CPU, and with 1 Keces P8 the sound immedi
  6. Hello - what’s the model of your MB? Most newer MB have both a 8 pin connector and a 4 pin connector for the CPU. The 4 pin is usually for overclocking / liquid nitrogen… etc. And only the 8 pin is required to be connected for the MB to boot. However the finding is that if you have both the 8 pin and 4 pin connector (and by the way, my advice is that you choose a MB that has both), then connecting both connectors increase significantly the SQ - using 2 different rail, 2 LPS… In other words, the 4 pin CPU connector (if you have one) should not be left unconnected. Multip
  7. Sharing tips/findings on how to optimize SQ 0) for context, please refer to system description in my profile 1) Cooling off the LPS I use a huge 20 cm Noctua fan (Noctua NF-A20 5V PWM) - which is virtually silent - and powered by 5V power bank to keep my 12V CPU Keces P8 cool. Not touching the Keces, not on the same furniture than the PC, and not on the mains power. The sound is significantly better when the LPS is cool. Another tip is to blow the fan on the bottom of the Keces (not the top) where the hot components are. 2) 2
  8. I switched from Euphony to Daphile to Euphony. As far as I remember, I found Daphile very impressive but a little bit less warm/organic/natural than Euphony (v102 only). Both are top notch and worth trying. And I did buy the euphony license in the end. Agree that the support is great.
  9. Airplay trick: if you want to hear an alternative presentation of the sound, give a try to Airplay in Audio System and use your iphone to play Qobuz or Spotify on Airplay via wifi. there is a significant difference in sound vs Stylus. Yes Airplay is lossy etc but it is worth a try. You - surprisingly - might like the way it sounds. Plus you can use the native app interface.
  10. Because it sounds much much better. Everybody tried. USB: budget is not $500 in most cases because you need good LPS. You can use either Jcat USB but you need a really good power supply (about $1000+) or Pink Faun USB. Even better: add Isoregen. Even better: add LPS on Isoregen. Even better: add DDC converter like Audio GD DI20. Even better: add good quality cables. Just try for yourself, and hear for yourself… $500 USB budget? El Fidelity USB card with Allo Shanti LPS or Keces P3. Another option: skip USB entirely and go with Pink Faun SPDIF or I2S. With good LPS. Th
  11. Hi Nenon - I understand you voiced the combination of Taiko ATX and unregulated power supply. 1) Which audio PC did you use for the voicing? Is it Taiko or something else? Also, 2) what is your “religion of sound” or voicing “philosophy”? I am trying to understand better how those will sound together.
  12. It’s just terminology. What I meant by “underpowered” is subjective listening, not technical specifications which they both meet easily. So yes I meant than the Optimo sounds better than JS2 on XE. Underpowered means the sound is not full, you can clearly tell there’s some hollowness remaining. In the Naim world, it’s similar to the sound quality progression on a Naim source or preamp between Flatcap, Hicap and Supercap. While they all meet specs, the flatcap gives a more hollow sound that the Supercap, and many other sonic attributes develop in a big way with better power. The XE is pretty de
  13. I use 2 different DC cables, one for the Jcat Femto Net and one for the Pink Faun. They are custom made by a friend. They are much better than the Belden/Oyaide (while having a balanced sound, those leave 30-50% of the sound quality on the table). I think mine are silver coated copper or tinned copper, I’m not sure but there’s a coating on at least one of the DC cables. I also tried at least 2 or 3 different silver DC cables, maybe 2 or 3 more in different types of copper, and I prefer copper in the end. The Optimo DC cables are top performance and don’t need to be changed. Not sure what they
  14. So the JS2 and Optimo have been tested and compared in 2 systems. I use with Jcat Femto Net and pink faun. My friend uses Jcat XE Net and USB. 1) JS2: lively, exciting, lots of realism, a sensation of being there, powerful, great tone, a sense of rightness, warm. Full of life. Need to have the right power cable and DC cables - particularly the DC cables can break the sound - since the JS2 is very reactive. In my system, I like the JS2 a lot but only with the right combination of DC cables. And that’s because it’s very musical. JS2 has a lot of charm. No question on this front. This i
  15. I appreciate that you put Spotify so high in your list. It’s highly counter intuitive to say the least and probably highly controversial since “hey it’s lossy!”, but I find Spotify musical as well, and thicker/darker sounding which can help tame bright systems. And I do agree with Tidal at or near the bottom. Highly controversial again. I find it too bright and thin personally for my taste. And I tried 4-5 times to make sure in different system iterations. Did you try YouTube Music? Interesting flavor, soundstage wise.
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