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  1. You're right yes, sorry, I thought it was 192 kHz - so the HQPlayer guys should really target 96Khz then perhaps . .
  2. What is the point in upsampling to DSD when everything has to be downsampled to 24/192 PCM for the Kii's? Would you not be better putting HQPlayers re-sampling algorithms to better use converting everything to 24/192 PCM?
  3. So I'm assuming with all this, there is no way to update the Kii's without the Control in place? I can't understand why they would make them this way when the Control isn't bundled with the speakers.
  4. Now all they need to do is make all this functionality accessible by connecting a laptop directly to the Kii Three's without the need for the Kii Control!
  5. Wait! What? When did this happen? That's a major improvement of the interface if they've added per channel PEQ functionality? How many filters can be added per channel? I'm amazed they've not made a bigger song and dance about that, as it was the one thing the 8c's had that the Kii Three's didn't!
  6. Something like one of the MiniDSP units can be used as a cross over to allow you to integrate a sub (or subs) if you're on a budget. They're very flexible devices and will allow you to time align the speakers to the sub (or subs) using delay settings, and also apply some basic level adjustment and PEQ's. Alternatively I frequently see Trinnov ST2's come up on Hifi Shark for less than a couple of grand, if you're feeling a bit more spendy and want SOTA room correction.
  7. Mogami make good cables, you’re unlikely to get any real performance difference with a different brand. Don’t fall into the trap of believing any audiophile alternative will offer anything better. One thing to note though is AES cables are supposed to be 110ohm whereas analogue cables are usually 75ohm. You could try getting a dedicated 110ohm cable, though again, given the distances involved there may not be any audible difference.
  8. Your measurement would seem about right then for the figures Kii gave me. Obviously this is all dependent on overall listening level at the seating position, and and distance from the speakers. My Kii Three's aren't ready quiet yet, but normally I listen at around 75dB (pink noise) at a listening distance of around 3 metres.
  9. Yes, I'm in the UK, so I've always dealt with Matt at RPG Europe: http://www.rpgeurope.com/contact/site-contacts/ They can sometimes take longer than ideal to respond to e-mails etc, but audiophiles buying a couple of panels are obviously not the life blood of their business, so the large commercial projects probably take precedence.
  10. Thanks guys. I actually got some information from Kii on this. On regular playback at normal listening levels the Kii's draw 40-60 watts per speaker from the wall. However at their peak output - that's transient peaks on highest volume/gain settings - they max out at 1200 watts per speaker from the wall.
  11. Does anyone have power consumption specs for the Kii Three's? All I can find in the specs and manual is consumption on standby which is 0.5W, but how about at peak output?
  12. Thats concerning - I was hoping to run mine through a P10. Is the switch off repeatable? Have you been able to monitor the load reading on the P10 when playing that loud - if so what percentage does it hit? (I take it you have them connected to the high current outlets?)
  13. A little bit of strategically applied velco or blu-tack?
  14. That stand is genius! And that colour looks lovely, mine should be similar once they are finish - all being well!
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