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WyWires Platinum Juice II power cord HC - High Current - Furutech

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WyWires Platinum Juice II power cord HC - High Current - Furutech

Retail for a 6ft one $1300
Asking $550 for one


I have 5 (five) 6ft/1.8m
These have upgraded more expensive (+$60) and better sounding Gold-plated Furutech plugs. 


It's a great opportunity for someone to change power cords for the whole system and take it to the next level.


Sold my two beast mono amplifiers that required 4 (four) cables, and with my new setup, I decided to go with all next level power cords. To outperform these WyWires Platinum power cords, you would have to buy three times more expensive cords.


Rare opportunity, because if you'd change all of your power cords with these absolutely identical power cords, you'll achieve the best synergy! These are burned in and will please you with great dynamics, details, and transparency.



WyWire Platinum has 7 AWG Line and Neutral, 12 AWG ground, Double cotton wrapped Asymmetrical Litz wire.
And all have upgraded Furutech connectors.



One ~6ft/1.9m

6 Sons Audio Vision Quest with Audio Grade Gold-over-Copper connectors.

Retail was $1100

Asking $450

The cable is a braided design 10 AWG combined, and it uses the copper-silver-gold alloy conductor that was very popular several years ago.
This alloy gives unmatched detailed sound while keeping the heart of the music. It could be used on any component but most beneficial for source components, like DACs, Transports, Reel-to-Reel, and for Phono preamps.

Please see the pictures attached. These are used cables with some wear on the prongs from normal use.


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