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UPGRADED WyWires Diamond power cord 6ft 1.9m - Furutech FI-50

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UPGRADED WyWires Diamond power cord 6ft 1.9m - Furutech FI-50

Up for sale is Diamond Juice II power cord. Sounds absolutely fantastic! WyWires Diamond series cables are among the very best in the market, and one of the high-end best kept secrets.


These Diamond power cords come standard with high quality Furutech bare copper connectors. This cable for sale is a custom build made by Alex, 6ft long, with shielding and upgraded best Furutech FI-50 connectors ($800 upgrade). So, it brings the retail to whooping $4200! The cable is designed to work not only with any amp in a world but it has a great noise reduction for use with any digital component.


WyWires Diamond Series is recommended for the best performance from the system. Sized appropriately for any known amplifier or source regardless of its current draw.


I used to have all WyWires Platinum cables in my system, then I switched to Diamond level. I'm downsizing my system, and one Diamond power cord is now available for sale. In excellent condition, the jacket mesh is in excellent shape, no pulls, no fraying, plugs have some normal wear. Thus rated consecutively as 8/10. 

This is a very smooth, dynamic cable with just the right amount of detail that will expand your soundstage like not other in this price range. Pretty flexible cable, so it's easy to position even in challenging setups.


My Platinum power cords with upgraded Furutech plugs are available for sale in a separate listing. I have 5 (five) 6ft-long ones.


For Diamond, compared to Platinum, manufacturer says, they used additional conductors to dramatically improve dynamics, resolution, stereo imaging, and focus. The total conductor gauge is 7AWG per pole. Additionally, carbon fiber/stainless steel fittings aid in dramatically reducing the noise floor for a completely black background between notes.


Highlighted Info from Wywires website:


* Capacitance: 8.9 pF (per foot at a frequency of 60Hz)

* 7 AWG (American Wire Gauge) per pole

* Double cotton wrapped Asymmetrical Litz

* Changes in shielding and ground architecture, along with the addition of carbon-infused foam, result in improved resolution, a tidier, more organized soundstage, stereo imaging stability, and better bass tones.


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