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  1. I'm in the same hunt, combo streamer and DAC all-in-one. Thinking hard about the Auralic Vega G1. Would be very interested in recommendations for similar main stream products in the $3K to $4K retail price range. Thx Kenreau
  2. Looking to put together my first audio system to be able to utilize ROON in my house living room. I am primarily struggling with a basic system architecture to provide the ROON endpoint (I think...). My desire is for a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) platform for wife and family use, plus I'm not going for the upper echelons of sound quality given the intended general recreational use (not critical listening) My current system context is; Using Aurender S5W wireless speakers. To be controlled by iphone or ipads (and wireless source of music access, streaming) I have a Synology DiskStation DS412+ with 4 bays of 4 TB Deskstar drives. Music files of approx. 2.8 TB. I subscribe to TIDAL. I have available in a separate basement isolated home theater space an Anthem MRX 1120 HT Receiver and an OPPO UDP-203 universal player. These are both connected to my home network by Ethernet cables. Open to the possibility of using these if practical. From my current limited knowledge, I think I may need some appliance like a NUC, MacMini or ROON Nucleus as the ROON Core. These could network access to my Synology NAS files. Or, an alternative is to possibly upgrade my NAS to a newer, more powerful model like a QNAP with the intel core i3 processor (per ROON website recommendations) as an all in one solution. Am I in the ballpark of what I need to assemble? Any strong consensus to go one particular direction? Thanks in advance Kenreau
  3. I'm curious if there is a status quo, or consensus, for the security/ firewall? I recall pfsense being highly regarded not too long ago. I have Century link for a service provider. Thx kenreau
  4. Thanks, KunterK, looking forward to your sharing of info and findings. Kenreau
  5. Excellent news, KunterK, thanks for posting this. I've had that upgrade on my wish list for some time. I will plan to execute this upgrade this fall sometime (after weather changes and activities migrate inside). Thx Kenreau
  6. ...Those purchasing a nova now can upgrade the nova with WiFi, when released by Peachtree, without a labor charge... Sounds like a great product. I'm in the market for something similar and was considering a NAD 7050, or Bluesound product. I will give this a hard look. Have they discussed when the wifi upgrade should be available? Thx Kenreau
  7. I did just come to terms with the trade for a N10 I was looking for. Consider the W20 sold. Thank you Kenreau
  8. AudioQuest Castle Rock biwire speaker cables with DBS. 2.5 meters (8 Feet) long. $1,500 new. Sell for $750. Paypal adds 3%. Shipping included to lower 48 USA. Fantastic build and sound quality. Great condition overall. Spades do have normal marks from use of binding posts. I do have a set of the standard silver plated spade connectors and the special narrow silver plated ones for fitting on Vandersteen terminals. You get your choice of one type. I used these to great effect on my Vandersteen 5As. From AQ website; RIP Gibraltar, long live Castle Rock! Like Gibraltar before it, Castle Rock is designed as an extremely high-performance cable which provides true Double-BiWire performance in a single attractive cable. Original Gibraltar's all important basics -- superior geometry, magnetic autonomy of each quad-conductor section, Perfect-Surface metal technology, conductor-size optimization (AQ's Spread-Spectrum Technology), etc. -- are the fundamentals of Castle Rock. Castle Rock employs AQ's best copper conductor metal (Perfect-Surface Copper+), AudioQuest's DBS (Dielectric-Bias System) and NDS (Noise-Dissipation System). A very recent advancement featured in Castle Rock (and all other Tree and Rock Series speaker cables) is the addition of the sleek new "Hanging-Silver" 1000 Series Multi-Spades and Bananas. Originally developed for the WEL Signature Series speaker cables, these plugs are made using a "hanging silver over pure red-copper" process in which the spades and bananas are submerged ("hung") into a vat of extreme-purity silver, resulting in a very thick direct-silver plate. No intermediary performance-degrading materials (such as nickel or alloy) are used. Also new to Castle Rock is a more-neatly-sculpted "breakout" (the covering where the cable separates into red and black legs), which is now made of a synthetic non-magnetic polymer, rather than metal. We're making this all-models upgrade because speaker cables and AC power cables carry large magnetic fields which interact with any metal "collar" around the cable. Eliminating metal in the breakouts is another significant (and clearly audible) step forward in our goal of eliminating distortion and making the cable sonically "invisible." Please note too that AudioQuest now offers a Single-BiAmp option for any Rocket, Rock or Tree Series speaker cable, including Castle Rock. Although similar to a Single-BiWire configuration in which the speaker end has four connectors, the Single-BiAmp configuration also has four connectors at the amplifier end to accommodate the growing number of users who wish to take full advantage of all the amplifier channels in many of today's AV receivers and multichannel power amplifiers. Castle Rock represents the culmination of Gibraltar's long-term evolution along with performance- enhancing new systems and materials. These ingredients add up to important audible improvements and more pleasurable listening! see more at AUDIOQUEST CASTLE ROCK SPEAKER CABLES at Music Direct
  9. The warranty is good through January 2017 and transferrable to a new owner. Thx Kenreau
  10. Hey Juanitox - I'm really interested in the upgrades to the Airport Express and the clean 3.3V power supply you mention. Can you reply with some addition information, or links to point me in the right direction? Thx Kenreau
  11. Hi Michael D, Mine W20 is silver, from January 2015 ship date. I'm the second owner and bought it in September 2015. Downing grading only (for now) to fund some other obsessions / hobbies. I bought another motorcycle (KTM) and need to build out a home theater in our new place next month. PM me and we can get into more details. Thx Kenreau
  12. I have a mint, like new Aurender W20 with 12TB internal storage. Considered the state of the art in music servers for sound quality and user interface. Its had very little use due to a house move and other hobbies consuming my time recently. I am interested in downsizing to the Aurender N10. Let me know if you have a N10 and would be interested in a partial trade plus cash. Dealers or private parties all considered in USA. New are $16,999. Cash out price for mine $10,900. Cash and trade for a N10 variable depending on what you have. From recent TAS review; The Aurender W20 is in my experience the current state of the art in music servers. It excels in every parameter; its array of features is unmatched, the 12TB of available storage will accommodate virtually any library; its interface is wonderful and intuitive; and most importantly, it delivers sound quality unmatched by any other digital source I’ve heard. The W20 brought out the best in my system, delivering the greatest dimensionality, timbral purity, resolution, and freedom from hash I’ve heard from digital sources. Of course, a great digital-to-analog converter is required for realizing the sound quality I’ve described, but I can say that the combination of the W20 and the Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference sets a benchmark in performance. Although many listeners will be drawn to the Aurender W20 by its capabilities and outstanding iPad control app, it’s really the sound quality that makes the W20 special. The Aurender W20 is not just a pretty interface. Thanks for looking Kenreau
  13. I now have the W20 and asked Aurender what is battery vs SMPS powered. If I understood correctly, the audio board(s) are on battery supply and the 3 hard drives are all on the SMPS. Given all the positive posts here around optimizing CAPS machines, etc. this started me thinking about the feasibility of routing in a Anker battery supply to run at least the SSD OS drive. Also intending to get a Paul Pang sata cable to run from the SSD to the motherboard. I suspect the ppa cable will come first. Any other W20 owners out have similar, or other ideas? Thx Kenreau
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