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  1. See how easy that was? "Repairs" not needed at all.
  2. Once when I had a SMS200 the SD somehow got corrupted and the unit seemed totally dead. I downloaded the SD Card Image and got a new SD Card. Once installed it came back to life instantly. I was surprised that a corrupt SD card would make the whole thing look totally dead, but it did.
  3. Your WiFi requirement is tripping over your $1000 price point.
  4. I don't know much about Bluesound, but did run into this review today in WhatHiFi Their conclusion was:
  5. Ah... that's the thing then, isn't it? I didn't realize that you were talking about multi-room. That changes things. For the $500 that a Bluesound Node2i costs - I'm not sure what would be available. Most of the devices that can do better than the Bluesound cost more. For example you could get a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 and a Pro-ject PreBox S2 Digital Dac and stream into your living room stereo. But you're talking about $1,200 for both devices. There are Allo RasberryPi based devices but they are pretty DIY kinds of solutions. I don't know of anything other than Sonos and that's certainly not better than Bluesound.
  6. I knew about those settings, but didn't realize they could automatically change the sample rate depending on the file being played back on a Mac. I think perhaps the OP thought he had to have a Network Streamer device to play Tidal. Hopefully, now he realizes this isn't the case. I love using Tidal and Qobuz to introduce me to new music. It's great having all of this music, available in CD quality and better, indexed for you. Like going to a record store and being able to "test" listen to everything in the store instantly. It's true you don't need Roon or Audirvana to stream - but the programs do provide better sound quality and terrific flexibility in both organizing your music (local or streamed) and helping introducing you to all sorts of great music you'd not find otherwise. If you want to improve your sound further, do as @exdmd mentions and think about a new USB Dac. Though the Dragonfly Black isn't terrible.
  7. The audio software I mentioned is what plays your Tidal subscription - and it does so via your Mac and Dragonfly. Network streamers like the Bluesound are trying to be one device to do it all. It's a network device, music player and Dac. It's a small computer. But the reality is it doesn't do all of that job really well. It's mostly just convenient. But at this point. You have a good computer, and an acceptable dac. You just need the software to access Tidal and all of your local music files. It doesn't take an all in one device like the Bluenote to make that happen. There are other such devices, that cost many times what the Bluenote costs, that can do all of that better. But right now you can do better with what you have already. Actually, you don't need to buy anything. Tidal has a desktop app that will give you access to everything they have right on your existing Mac. It's not a great option, and it can't set your Mac's Sound settings on the fly. But it will play Tidal through your Mac > USB > Dragonfly into your Denon Stereo. All you need is a Tidal subscription, a USB cable and a RCA cable.
  8. The Bluesound, etc is just the network streamer - but you also need to install player software on your Mac for best sound. The problem is your Mac is a bit fussy about playing various resolutions - higher than 16/44.1. Which is one of the pluses of using Tidal and Qobuz streaming services they offer files in CD quality and HIGHER. See, if your Mac's Sound settings are 16/44.1 then that is what you'll always get out of your Mac. So, if you play a file from Tidal that's 24/96 it will be downsampled to 16/44.1 unless you go into settings and manually change your Sound settings. And conversely if you change your Mac's Sound settings to 24/96 that too is what you'll always get as everything is upsampled by the Mac. What's wrong with that you say? The resultant down and or up sampling is done very poorly and does not sound good. But if you run a program like Roon or Audirvana on your Mac then the software will take care of this automatically and dynamically. Changing your Mac's Sound setting for every file you play on the fly. So Song A at 16/44.1 and then followed by Song B at 24/96 and that's followed by song C at 16/48 would all automatically set your Mac at the correct Sound settings on the fly. You do nothing. This is super important for the best sound quality. Yes, it requires that you purchase some software, but you'll find either of these two programs are super helpful in dozens of ways and integrate perfectly with your music library and the complete music available on Tidal and or Qobuz. I'd recommend making this change first. Playing your music from your Mac directly into your DAC via USB from Roon or Audirvana. THEN in the future look into network streaming to improve your sound even further. PS. I have both Roon and Audirvana. I prefer Roon but it's pretty costly. Audirvana is quite good and much cheaper to get into. Both probably have free demo's available. Tidal HiRes costs $19.95 a month, while Qobuz just announced Studio for $14.95 a month. I'm greedy, I have both and like both of them a lot.
  9. All done for now. I went from: SoTM sMS-200 > iFi 9v power supply > Chord Qutest, with stock SMPS to the following: Netgear GS105 Switch > SoTM sMS-200 Ultra > SoTM sPS-500 power supply > Chord Qutest > SBooster Power Supply I play all this through a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II (all tube integrated running EL-34s) and into Harbeth P3SER speakers. For Analog, i have a Rega Planar 8 (new version) with Dynavector 20XL cartridge and an EAR P834 tube phono stage.
  10. Circling back. I was all set to go for the Auralic G1 and in the process of saving up for it. Then I found a listing on Ebay for a SoTM SMS200 Ultra with the sPS500 power supply at a low price I couldn't pass up. So, I ended up with option #2 from the original post. It's not a "Neo" version and I may send it in to have it updated OR simply change out the power capacitor myself to apply the upgrade. I did also buy an SBooster power supply for my Chord Qutest, DAC, as well and feel that has been a SQ improvement now as well. The SoTM equipment is due to arrive tomorrow, so, I can't comment on that yet. But will try to give an impression of the setup when it's all here and integrated into my system.
  11. The main determiner of what quality you can receive is based upon the users Tidal subscription. If you pay 9.95 a month (in the US) you get standard MP3 streaming. To receive HiFi you must subscribe to that and pay $19.95 per month. As far as Tidal goes, Roon plays no part in what quality your subscription provides. Simply changing a setting in Roon has zero impact on what your Tidal streaming can provide.
  12. Tidal is available in quality levels. HiFi is the highest quality. If you listen to the basic level you're listening to MP3 files. Tidal HiFi is FLAC files in a minimum of 16/44.1. Also included is MQA versions at higher resolutions. The Mac > SMS200 > Roon > DAC is a great combo and sounds fantastic with Tidal HiFi. (Depending on the DAC, Amp and Speakers, of course.)
  13. Thanks for this. I may give this a try. PS. How do you change the SMS 200 to 12v rather than the 9V design.
  14. That's one of the things that attracted me to it. But I guess I'll still need one for my Qutest.
  15. I realize that better power supplies to the items I currently have would be an improvement. That's the No. 1 option in my original post. But I don't want to take that step and then have to turn around and take another step to get better still with a better streamer. I guess I just answered my own question. I was looking for first hand experience and I've received it. That's all I was looking for.
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