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  1. I am aware, I meant the HiFi account option to get CD quality music. I was thinking it was called “Masters”. My mistake.
  2. If you're playing MP3 files then you - all on your own - are wasting the £2000 DAC in inferior compressed music. And, what's playing the music files? What software? Are you using Apple Music or something better? Don't expect too much if you're playing music from your iPhone into the DAC, either. You bought a first rate DAC, it's intended to be fed via a true audiophile player to play bitperfect, non-compressed music files, CD Quality or Better (Tidal Masters) and first rate headphones wouldn't hurt either. The B&W are Bluetooth, active and noise canceling. This is great if you're listening on the subway, train or airplane. B&W is telling users that they sound best via Bluetooth and that plugging them in isn't the ideal way to use them. I found a discussion on Head-fi.org: Perhaps it's going to take a while for you to get everything setup and in order to really enjoy your fantastic DAC/Headphone Amp. You've made a big leap and it's going to require you to go a bit further. OR return/sell the DAC and enjoy those headphones as they were intended, to play highly compressed, compromised music files from consumer grade devices in a noisy environment. PS. The suggestion of using the MacOS version of Audirvana Pro player is a great place to start. You can use it to play and organize music on your Mac and with Tidal all together in one place. And, seriously, try Tidal Masters it costs a bit more per month but worth it. Or try Qobuz. It's "Studio" option is cheaper than Tidal Masters per month and is 100% uncompressed music files. No MP3s at all.
  3. Maybe I don't remember I probably don't remember hearing a major difference when I went from the Qutest with the stock PS to the Qutest with the Sbooster PS. I love my Qutest and feeding it via the SoTM SMS 200 Ultra/SPS500 PS. People are always amazed when they hear I'm sure if others heard this combo in my system they'd be amazed at the sound quality.
  4. Oh, you gotta add Brad Mehldau to your list. Do it TODAY! Brad Mehldau on Qobuz:
  5. I run Roon Core on my iMac. I use WiFi to connect the iMac to my Router. Just out of convenience mostly, one less cable. I have a separate network switch connected via Ethernet to the main TP-Link WiFi Router (with a WAN connection via Fiber Internet) that serves the whole house: iphones, ipads, computers, Rokus, even our thermostats and outdoor lighting, etc. From the network switch I only run Ethernet to my network streamer (SoTM SMS 200 Ultra). Everything is good sounding, great even. I'm a happy camper. The other day someone posted to another user about setting up a network streamer, "be sure the Roon Core computer is connected to your router via an Ethernet cable not WiFi for best sound." They went on to say, "better yet connect the computer running Roon Core directly to your network streamer via an Ethernet Cat 6 cable." Obviously, it won't be too difficult to try both of these topographies myself, but wondered if anyone here thinks there is merit in these suggestions?
  6. I see you post this, but having run the exact same streamer and power supply for over a year and having zero issues. Plug and Play. Upgrade over and over with one click. Everything just works and it makes me wonder. I'm I just lucky or you just unlucky? BTW, it sounds fantastic with my Qutest DAC, Rogue Tube amplification and Harbeth standmount speakers.
  7. Generally, you want a shorter USB and longer RCAs... not the other way around. Though under 3 meters I'm not sure if it matters all that much.
  8. SoTM SMS 200 Neo costs $480 new. It's plug and play simple. Works with almost every thing. Sounds great and has excellent technical support. It's a GREAT starting place for Streaming. It works great with the standard power supply and down the road you can tweak it with a better power supply. And, even further down the road you can upgrade to the SMS200 Ultra Neo and keep the power supply you bought to boost the non-ultra version. I started with the non-neo version and the $50 iFi wall wart. When I was ready to move up, I found a deal on a used 200 Ultra with the SoTM SPS500 power supply included for the price of a new Ultra. And, selling the non-ultra model was super easy and returned about 70% of the purchase price. One question - are you're running from your Mac to your DAC via a long USB? Or Mac, to USB DAC and then long ICs to the stereo from the DAC?
  9. I was running 4.9v on my SoTM SMS200 Ultra and updated a few minutes ago to 4.91v. All went well and I rebooted the system when done. After the reboot finished I reloaded Eunhasu and clicked on the config "gears" icon to be sure nothing was different. There it said I was running 4.90v and not 4.91v. So, I brought up the Update page again and it shows 4.91 available and says I'm running 4.90v. I'm rerunning the upgrade to see what's happening. OK, the second time it went fine again only this time it now says I'm at 4.91v. I'm not sure what happened that first time. I had no issues either time I applied the update. I don't know if this was limited to me or if it is a recurring issue for others. Perhaps everyone should check the version number AFTER updated to 4.91v.
  10. I'm using the SPS-500. Sounds good, but then I haven't tried anything else. I bought mine with the 500 PS.
  11. I update the Kernal after I update the firmware. Don't know which way is better. That's just how I handle it.
  12. Always keep in mind, for any retailer, but Upscale audio in particular, that they are the DISTRIBUTOR for many products, including the Sbooster product. They are also the distributor for Prima Luna, Pathos, Tonnoy, Feliks and Kiseki cartridges. That means they import the products at the wholesale level and are responsible for ALL sales both online and at dealers for the entire country. So, yes, it's no wonder they describe the Sbooster as "jaw dropping." I purchased one from them for my Qutest. My jaw is firmly in place and not in any risk of dropping. No doubt the Sbooster is a nice product. It might be making my DAC sound better. But I'd not say unequivocally that it is noticeable in any way.
  13. I'm wondering the same. I've got the SoTM PS500 power supply with my SMS200 Ultra and I'm sending it into a Qutest that's running on a SBooster PS. I too have been looking at the etherRegen... but like you I wonder about Auralic, Lumin and Innous products. It would be great to be able to audition each "thing" in your system and make decisions from there. About every other week I give up and say it sounds fabulous stop searching! But that was last week.
  14. Any reason the Auralic products are not on your list? The Ares G1 and G2 look pretty fantastic. I've not heard any of these. I'm using the SoTM SMS200 Ultra and SoTM power supply into a Chord Qutest. Sounds great. Could it sound better? That's the question isn't it?
  15. I have the non-neo SMS200 Ultra and SMS500 power supply. A couple of days ago I updated from 4.6 to 4.7 firmware. I only did so because it was available. Not because of something contained in the update or because there was any issue. To my surprise the very next day the new 4.81 update became available. So, what the heck, I applied that update as well. I heard no sonic difference between 4.6 and 4.7 - nor was any expected. However, "something" has changed with the 4.81 update. I struggle to put my finger on exactly what's different. My best guess is that bass is more pronounced and instruments are more clearly separated and defined. I should stress that I expected no change in SQ. I don't really think there was any reason to believe there would be an improvement when looking over the list of changes in the update. Perhaps... I'm just running the volume a tad higher and that accounts for the changes. But even though I don't think there should be any change or improvement. Something... has noticeably changed and for the better. YMMV
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