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  1. I thought JS said the power supply didn't matter for Eitr because it had a built in LPS: "Eitr uses, as stated, a 100% linear power supply. " https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/schiit-eitr-preview-thread.4729/page-41#post-218249
  2. Yes, a simple BNC/RCA adapter is all you need. I too planned to sell my Eitr I had used with another DAC and decided to give it a try. What have you got to lose? Run the USB from the IsoRegegn into your Eitr and then the S/PDIF from the Eitr into BNC #1. Use an adapter ($3 item) or buy an RCA/BNC cable.
  3. I've had the Qutest (stock power supply) for about 4 months and I love it. I will add that I have used it two ways. Initially via USB from a SoTM SMS200 network streamer. But, now I have the network streamer going into a Schiit Eitr USB>S/PDIF converter. To me the Qutest sounds obviously better fed with S/PDIF than it did via USB. The device's designer said that he prefers the Qutest sound using TOSLINK, which I have not tried. I don't think there is much room for improvement with the Qutest as it sounds and measures quite good. But I have seen that SBooster advertises one of their models as specifically for the Qutest.
  4. I wasn't familiar with Scott Hamilton's work. So, I looked him up on Qobuz. Good stuff! Added to my library. But his appearance from album to album is shockingly different. Hard to tell it's the same guy.
  5. I had an Eitr left over, sitting on a shelf, from a previous DAC I had that worked better with S/PDIF. I replaced that DAC with a Chord Qutest and it's USB input is pretty state of the art. I was feeding it USB via a SoTM SMS200, so, no slouch there either. As I researched selling the Eitr to see what kind of price these things bring (not much) I decided to put it between the SMS200 and the Qutest. Imagine my great surprise when the sound quality of my system took a great leap for the better. I'm still surprised at that. So, I'm a believer in the Eitr as a very relevant audio product, even if Schitt is about to retire it from their line up. Too bad the Eitr doesn't have a optical output, too. I'd like to give that a try, as well.
  6. I have a stock SoTM SMS200 - not ultra, not neo. I'm using an IfI power supply. I'm running the USB from the SoTM into a Schiit Eitr and feeding S/PDIF into a Chord Qutest DAC. Yeah, I'm a lucky guy. This sounds great. I'm very happy with it overall. I have to say I used it for months without adding the Eitr into the mix and thought it sounded great. I had the Eitr left over from another DAC setup and I was considering selling it. I had pretty much decided to do so when I thought I should try it in my digital chain. Wow. What an instant improvement. I'm still kind of shocked about that. When I got the SMS200 (used) I planned on upgrading - some day - to the SMS200 Ultra. But everything sounds so good as it is I haven't really bothered. That leads me to this question. Perhaps upgrading the SMS200 to an Ultra Neo would be yet another step (or leap??) in my system's SQ. Mind you... nothing is lacking. I'd only make this change if it would take great sound and make it even better - way better. By the way, the cables are all low level Audioquest (forest or such) and my amp is the great Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II powering utterly fantastic Harbeth P3SER speakers. I listen mostly to Jazz via Roon/Tidal/Qobuz.
  7. I picked up a pair of used Meze Audio Classic 99 headphones on eBay for under $150. The Meze is a great sounding, closed back, over the ear headphone that sells new for $309. Because it's so popular there are plenty of used ones on the market for under $200.
  8. When I had one of those dacs the MQA "light" would light up and and it would show the file's resolution on the Dac's screen. You might have some windows setting that is overriding the throughput to the DAC. If I read your post correctly you say: That right there sounds like it is upsampling all of your files and doesn't seem appropriate for MQA throughput. I use a Mac, so I don't know what the Win settings might be.
  9. You must use the USB connection to get MQA. Are you using something else like S/PDIF RCA or Toslink Optical connections? And you have to have Masters box checked in the Tidal account settings (and of course pay for "hifi" services).
  10. My DAC search - for the present time - is over. I purchased the Chord Qutest and have to say the improvement is quite noticeable. Thanks to all that responded and made suggestions. I've never had a DAC that so clearly separates the instruments from each other and produces such a coherent image from digital files. I'm using a SoTM SMS200 network streamer > USB > Qutest to deliver files via Roon.
  11. Hey STC, no, I had not heard of that model. I'll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. I've been waiting to update my choice in this thread. We've taken our RV to Tucson for the winter and put off the purchase until our return. But I'm 99% sure that the DAC I'll buy is the Chord Qutest. But you never know, things could change. I've decided to sell the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital on my return, however. Until I purchase the Chord or something else I'll stick with my Schiit Etir>Mimby combo. It's serving me well (when home, that is). PS. Before more or less settling on the Qutest... I was sure that I was buying first a Yaggy and then changed to a Hugo and changed again to the Gumby. However, I'm pretty sold on the Qutest. At least I think I am.
  12. There are also devices that are network streamers that convert to S/PDIF and not USB. So you could eliminate the Berkley Alpha step.
  13. There are many such devices. Generally, they are called "network streamers." The most popular ones right now (it changes all the time) are the Senore microRendu, the Allo USBridge and the SoTM SMS 200 Neo (and Ultra Neo). Along with streamers sold by much bigger companies (Bluesound, Auralic, and many others). I use the SoTM SMS 200, an older model, and I really like the improvement over my iMac's USB output. PS. You want a dedicated "audio" device as noted above. Not a generic computer part that provides this function.
  14. Circling back to include what I've done in response to this thread. I purchased a 5m Audiouest Evergreen RCA cable and moved the Modi 3 Multibit to be close to my iMac. And currently, I'm using a generic short USB cable and connected the Mimby via the 5m RCA cable to my Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated amp. I just completed the move today so we'll have to see if anything really changes. I will get a better .5 meter USB cable to use. I'm not a big believer in anything special cable-wise but I do like to use something better than the free USB cables that come with consumer products. My usual USB cable for stuff like this is the Audioquest Cinnamon. I feel better with the Mimby connected via a short USB cable - so, I'm guessing it will sound better to me, too. (even if it really isn't any better.)
  15. I was a dedicated window user from 1.0 through Win 7. I always felt that Macs were overpriced and their software kind of out of step with all that was available to Win users. I even ran an Ad Agency that was 100% Win even though all other agencies were Mac based. When Win8 replaced Win 7 I decided to jump ship and moved to Mac. And to tell you the truth Mac OS seems much more like Win 7 than Win 10.1 does. I have two programs that require Windows and for those I run Win 10.1 in a Parallels desktop on the Mac. So, I know and even kind of like Win 10 OK. But I'd never go back to Windows. The jump to Mac Os was super easy and is very old windows like - with none of the "tuesday updates" and bloat-ware. Windows 10 is good - but Mac oS 10 is better. YMMV.
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