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  1. Well, people here are used to 'ringers' coming in and hawking mQa. You might have got caught in that hunting...
  2. 1. Is lossy - they use semantics here 2. Adds ringing - been proven 3. adds Ultrasonic noise 4. DSP to be louder 5. Not from a master (there is no authentication). 6.Adding cost - pay for encoding, decoding, and the algorithm for MQA - doesn't add anything. Want me to go on?
  3. Windows Optimizer is more like 'Windows hackimizer'. I have tried it and stopped because it make things sound worse to me.
  4. Well, just keep it real. They also spout a lot of nonsense too after all, that is what marketing is.
  5. Actually, THAT is the point. One of the computers he used was a laptop so yes it is the same. Maybe it is your DAC. Have you tried another DAC or just blaming the laptop or RPi? The point being that noise did not transfer from the computer THROUGH the DAC. Heck, one of the PC's I used to use before it died was a small purpose built AMD mini PC. No noise out of that what so ever with either my iFi NANO ( first version) or my TEAC UD-501. Just saying.
  6. Disagree if you want @One and a half it is fine. I have asked people to show me noise measurements and they always tell me, I can't measure it but I can hear it. Well, that may be 'Expectation bias'. Meaning if you think the noise is there, your brain will add it in for you. A link to the noise measurement thread. PC Noise measurments
  7. So far the answer is no. There is a thread in the objective forum her that shows a well designed DAC should not allow noise from a PC go through to the analog output.
  8. Most still use specific drivers, for example, XMOS USB chip. MS USB driver is separate.
  9. Not on Windows, blame the writers of the drivers. That is not on MS.
  10. Yes it did in Win 10 with JRiver. Well, Daphile uses a minimum Linux setup. My Windows 10 setup which is not stripped down gives me the same sound as Daphile. It is just Daphile will run on lower end PC's, which is a plus. I don't use fancy cables, etc. If you look at my the system I am currently running (in my Signature) if there was noise, I would hear it.
  11. Well, for new groups there is Moon, Moondog, Moonchild, and Mooner......
  12. I am using Daphile also. My DAC, a TEAC UD-501 does direct DSD so that is nice.
  13. GL to you then. TPM and secure boot are being used to stop 70% of the worms, etc out there as they cannot get into the boot sector.
  14. With Secure boot and TPM enabled - no more dual booting for Windows.
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