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  1. There are many protests songs out there, just some are more obvious than others.
  2. One could also look at sarcasm as a form of protest in music. The Dead Kennedy's really hit home on this style. Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor - YouTube Efficiency and progress is ours once more Now that we have the neutron bomb It's nice and quick and clean and gets things done Away with excess enemy But no less value to property No sense in war but perfect sense at home The sun beams down on a brand new day No more welfare tax to pay Unsightly slums gone up in flashing light Jobless millions whisked away At last we have more room to play All sys
  3. The mis-appropriation of this song is laughable. All they saw was the title w/o understanding the lyrics and meaning.
  4. You forgot one guitarist from that era, Robin Trower. When his singer from his trio died, James Dewar who was amazing.
  5. Parasound pre-amps have pass through and also sound great for 2 channel
  6. Like Zip - there is no uncompression. It is compressed, even if the program does not take much information and put it in a lookup table (that is what ZIP does).
  7. Well, hooked both subs in and working on dialing them in. What a HUGE difference in sound and imaging.
  8. Like I said, walk a mile in their shoes. Problem with places like Idegogo and other crowd funding sites, fraudsters are rampant on them since the sites protect the fraudsters not the people funding them.
  9. Well, if you were ripped off for thousands of dollars with now recourse, what would you do? Walk a mile in their shoes. Empathy is the backbone of customer support.
  10. So, I still have not placed both subwoofers into my system. I need to get one more cable to connect it (as I only had one cable long enough). I am currently using the subwoofer crossover, in the Parasound P5 to to control output to my Revels at 120 Hz and am using the 0.1 input for the sub (that is set at 120 Hz). So far, one sub has really added to the sound quality. It is amazing. All those Piano Black boxes too.
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