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  1. I think you missed my point. I have used Apple OS and found it shit but I get why people like it (they never used a REAL computer like an IBM 360 ). Really use what you will there is no perfect OS, You don't like Win 10 but it is no worse than OS X. Unless you ask my wife then she she says DEC VMS is the best.
  2. Use what ever you will. I prefer Windows and think Apple OS is for wanna-be's - Got you
  3. I am using AMD CPU's - one is a Ryzen 2600 - very nice chip.
  4. They have their own version of hyperthreading, which is SMT.
  5. Ethernet max length is 100 feet before using a switch.
  6. I think you are misunderstanding. Hyperthreading has to do with states of the thread, if a thread is on a halt state, hyperthreading allows another tread to use the same core. Also, when a core is working on a thread, there are times when the core isn't being used. Hyperthreading allows the core to be used at those time with another thread. So, yes it is useful.
  7. But people are also turning off multi-cores. As I said, they do not understand what they are doing.
  8. Turning off hyperthreading? You may as well use a Gen 2 i5 or i7 without it. You hare basically cutting the capability of the CPU by close to 50%. Use multicores when ever possible. That means you may as well have a single core processor. Do people actually understand what they are turning on and off in the BIOS before they do it?
  9. Just remember that was when the Cure was only a 3 piece group. My favorite LP by them.
  10. Tal Wilkenfeld has to be on the list.
  11. OK - Bettye LaVette has to be on here - just for out and out raw emotion. I got to see her at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI and it was just a rollercoaster of emotion on the stage.
  12. All things matter. I have good sounding vinyl and tapes and good sounding digital. Digital is way less forgiving on bad sounding recordings so the flaws are more inherent in the music. With analog, much of the flaws hide behind the noise from the instrument of production, TT or tape player.
  13. I saw her live and it was an amazing experience. Same with DIana Krall, I really dislike her recordings but live, she is an amazing and her piano playing is amazing.
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