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  1. Youtube videos really are not good at giving ALL the nuances from a system/room.
  2. An old TEAC UD-501 DAC has the ability to turn off all digital filtering if wanted.
  3. AMD confirms that Ryzen supports ECC memory | OC3D News (overclock3d.net) NOT TRUE! One needs to really do research first.
  4. Since vinyl channel separations is less, the bass and treble are compressed and many audiophiles were brought up with it, it is more or less your brain subjectively picking one over the other. For me it just depends....
  5. Audio Advisor has been always professional to me and very helpful.
  6. What type of sound do you like from your speaker? That will determine which way you can go. A set of used KEF LS50 with a sub would go a little higher but the sound quality would be there,
  7. It might have. People did comment that the paper was wrong, but the author basically assailed anyone who questioned his article. Maybe if people would have looked closer and questioned more, that article might have never came out. As far as MQA is concerned and after seeing the RMAF video of what happened to Chris, one phrase comes to mind, 'Thou dost protest too much.'
  8. The problem is the source is allowing the marketing abuse. AN example is the paper that was published about vaccines and Autism, that vaccines cause it. The paper was finally pulled and disavowed after a through and lengthy research into the author and his methodologies. The author was also convicted and jailed for his malicious lies and mistruths. The problem is, once the genie is out of the bottle, it is hard to get back in. Anti-vaxxers still quote this paper as truth, even though it has been proven as a sham and a lie. Once something is said, on the internet, it is there foreve
  9. We don't know the whole story, only one side. This is my issue. I have used them before, over many years, and found them VERY helpful. I have returned things with out question, etc. We do not have ALL the facts before forming an opinion here. The letter was full of attitude and condescension. Would you, if in their shoes, respond to someone who has already decided he was going to use intimidation and attitude as a way to get what they want? I am not taking either side but the story is very myopic.
  10. I would say look at the connection between you and Qobuz server. I bet there is an issue between.
  11. I have a Japanese SACD version which sounds worse than the original CD version I have, basically it is the same way. It really depends on the master used. Although most of the music I have heard in MQA format has been worse than the original I have heard (more compressed, etc.).
  12. I have a few sets of Royd Audio speakers there too, 6 sets to be exact and the AV77 center channel which weighs 55 lbs because it is a steel lined wooden box. I also have a nice set of Rogers LS2's 😁 I forgot I have a pair of Kenwood L-07M's too....
  13. I have with either JRiver on Win10 or Daphile to my TEAC UD-501 which is connected to my Audio Research SP-16 then to my Pioneer M-22 to my Revel m126Be speakers.
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