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  1. Well, Magico's I have heard, have a very narrow sweet spot and outside of that, they do not sound as good.
  2. You listen to your system outside? If not, the room is a big part of the system.
  3. @sphinxsix https://pvspade.com/Sartre/cookbook.html Makes me think of the way Frank is going about things. 😁
  4. Good for you but not a reality, if based on what you have described as your system. All nonsense there. 'Integrity' - WTH do you mean. All the flowery words mean absolutely nothing, bud. I think it is you that has the bizarre beliefs. What does all this have to do with the OP's OT? Have fun and continue on.
  5. Don't go there. I don't think that is place any audiophile would want to be. Be careful what you wish for.
  6. That is why treatments are important if you want a better sounding system.
  7. Then to me it is not literal reproduction of the what was heard. That is why I say, live music can never be reproduced.
  8. @hopkinsI totally agree. example - classical guitar. Here is a paper on mathematical modeling and measurements of Classical guitar. 6084230.pdf
  9. The other part of this is how they setup their listening and the DBT. I cannot find that article, currently, but will keep looking.
  10. Loudest concert I was ever at, when I was young and foolish, was Tangerine Dream at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. It was standing only. So, we were standing on a concrete floor and could feel the bass in the concrete that went up into our chests from the floor. It was loud and intense. My ears were ringing for days. After that I started taking ear plugs with me to concerts.
  11. Actually, it will not sound the same. Microphones, the sq of the recording system, etc. all affect it. So no, I don't think it is possible.
  12. Sorry, Frank. Here is where your delusions don't match reality. First, one can NEVER reproduce a concert at home. The volume yes, the scale, the dynamics NO. That is where the difference happens. Also, is the fact that seeing an orchestra, an Opera, even a rock band is more visceral when seeing something live. An opera live is an experience, it is 3 dimensional the scope and the grandeur. One can NEVER get that at home.
  13. Room acoustics are important unless you are listening nearfield. Your opinion goes against the basic laws of physics/audio. Room treatments help to deal with nulls and reflections in the room. An accurate music system includes this. That is why many use DSP systems, which can adjust for reflections. If one does not deal with the room, one is ignoring the biggest part of the audio chain. I have seen very expensive system sound like garbage in an untreated room.
  14. Because it is impossible to get live sound from ANY home audio system - period. The Acoustics of the venue, where you sit, etc all affect the sound. One cannot model that and get the live sound.
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