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  1. Tal Wilkenfeld has to be on the list.
  2. OK - Bettye LaVette has to be on here - just for out and out raw emotion. I got to see her at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI and it was just a rollercoaster of emotion on the stage.
  3. All things matter. I have good sounding vinyl and tapes and good sounding digital. Digital is way less forgiving on bad sounding recordings so the flaws are more inherent in the music. With analog, much of the flaws hide behind the noise from the instrument of production, TT or tape player.
  4. I saw her live and it was an amazing experience. Same with DIana Krall, I really dislike her recordings but live, she is an amazing and her piano playing is amazing.
  5. It is a shame here live performances and her voice have really taken damage as she got older.
  6. Live is live. I do not try to listen to my audio system to REPLACE going to a live concert. Analog can be good, digital can be good. It just depends on the source material. Use what you will. PEACE!
  7. Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick and his 12 string bass
  8. Marcus Miller is a good one. My favorite LP from him is 'A Night in Monte Carlo'.
  9. I will Raise you Jaco Pastorius.
  10. Well, the drummer is great too
  11. The new ones will NOT take an NVidia as reported in the Mac Press. Win 10 runs on ARM (which was originally designed by Intel) - uhh - they did it first. NVidia dropped support for MACs since Apple dropped their cards.
  12. Is it any different than discussion over power cables, or digital amps? It really isn't. No one will move anyone's opinion until we all start communicating and stop reacting. This is happening all up and down society. Listen to the news that supports your opinion and the rest is fake news. I come here to be educated since many have more expertise than me in many areas. My old graduate adviser used to say, "Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.' Well, we are all getting pretty smelly. We need to listen, understand, discuss, and then if worse comes to worse, agree to disagree. There is noting wrong with that.
  13. Not the same at all. Linux doesn't work on all hardware that is in the Windows Ecology. And Apple picks and chooses theirs. You cannot, for example, put an NVidia card into an Apple PC now and get it to work and same with AMD, as only certain cards are supported. That is the difference between a closed computer system and an open one. I remember having to support all the computers in the lab I was doing my Post Doc in. At the time, one student bought the first iMac and to get a network card, we had to go to Apple which was 300 USD at the time. It was the EXACT same card that I got for 25 USD for the Windows PC except the PCI slot was turned 180 int the MAC so you could not plug in the 25 USD card in it. All the numbers and the producer were exactly the same, as on the Windows PC and Mac board you could see the traces on the other side of the card.
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