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  1. I heard the the first S-F exclusive speakers, The 30th Anniversary S-F Extremas and it was love. they just sounded so damn good.
  2. But it is possible to have small corruptions inthem. It is the software that you use that corrects that. Sometimes, audiophiles think everything they do is special. It isn't. I mean streaming videos 4K Atmos for example) and games takes WAY more bandwidth than any music file.
  3. Prove it. I don't think so. People keep treating digital music files like they are made of special magic fairy dust. if you have issues with music files, you will have issues with other digital files. Noise affects them also, especially pictures and videos.
  4. Problem is you really can't compare since it is a proprietary system, for the Intel Optane. They are smaller and cost WAY more. https://www.pcgamer.com/intel-optane-memory-everything-you-need-to-know/ Very informative. AMD's StoreAMI software will do the exact same thing.
  5. There are much better out there cheaper now and Optane is not PCIE 4.0 compliant as some of the newer M.2 drives are.
  6. It only works if it is not connected to ANY network or other computer. If it is connected to a network, it is compromised.
  7. Apple does not support older versions of their OS's either. So user be ware, you are open for problems.
  8. I tried to install Daphile on a newer Gigabyte Brix Box and it would not install, in fact it would not boot up at all since it had the basic Intel EUFI system. Currently running Win 10 and JRiver on it, it is surprisingly fast..... Just trying to help is all. Safe trip!
  9. Sounds like an issue with the BIOS. Both of the mini's I had were pre-EUFI so that maybe part of the issue.
  10. What is old phrase about a 'Bad Penny'.....
  11. It maybe the mini PC - what type is it? I have run Daphile on at least 2 mini's without any issue.
  12. 12% is nothing - remember you are using USB which needs a little CPU power. 12% is not that much. %0-60% would be an issue.
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