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  1. I have the progress circle on the X1 screen, Roon enabled but no X1 in audio devices in Roon. I have tried to figure out online how to allow multicast packets but I am unclear how to do that in regards to the JCAT bridge. I am running Windows 10 Pro. Any suggestions?
  2. I am pretty confused as to how or if I can get this to work. I installed a JCAT LAN Card with two ethernet ports in a HTPC running Roon Core. I want to see if I can bridge the two JCAT LAN Connections and connect an Ethernet cable from one of the JCAT LAN ports directly into the X1 ethernet port? I have bridged the connection between the two JCAT LAN ports and run an ethernet cable direct into the X1 ethernet port. The Lumin X1 doesn’t show up in Roon. I searched and have seen the big thread on Computer Audiophile but I can’t seem to get this to work. I don’t know if it even will work..🤔 Thanks for any help.
  3. I guess this is as good a thread to ask this question as any..... I have a HTPC that has a slot open to install my JCAT LAN card. But I need to install a switch into the network at this point. I have a Lumin X1 that has both Optical SFP module port as well as regular ethernet network input port. I have decided that I want to try using the GigaFoil V4 inline ethernet filter and then go into the X1 Network input...not the Optical port on the X1. My question is if the benefits of the JCAT LAN card are diminished when I install the Cisco switch? These are the two possible options I am looking at. Option 1: HTPC > JCAT LAN > Cat 6 > Cisco Switch > Cat 6 > GigaFoil V4 > Cat6 > Lumin X1 Network Port Option 2: HTPC > Mobo LAN > Cat6 > Cisco Switch > Cat6 > GigaFoil V4 > Cat6 > Lumin X1 Network Port If I understand this correctly the Cisco switch would reclock the signal and the benefits of the JCAT LAN are no longer there. Is this basically the case? The JCAT is powered by an Uptone JS-2 is that is of any consequence...
  4. My new Lumin X1 arrived today. This is my 4th Lumin so it isn't unfamiliar. I have it connected to a Luxman L-509X via both XLR and RCA. The Luxman is working fine via other devices going into the RCA on back but not when the X1 is connected. The X1 front display shows it is playing both from the Lumin App and from Roon as well as inside the apps themselves. But I can't get any sound. I have power cycled all of it multiple times. I have looked over and over the X1 options. I can't see anything that might be amiss....but no sound. Any thoughts?
  5. I have two Audio Research Multichannel preamps for sale. A silver and a black one. They are both in fantastic condition. I would say the silver is the top of the two. Only because of the pristine condition and one owner...well I make two. The black one is two owner....me making three. Both face plates are perfect. I have turned my multichannel system back to basically movie playback without any sort of emphasis on multichannel 5.1 music playback. I was using the MP1 with modified Oppo 205 and exaSound e38 DAC. I sold both the Oppo and the exaSound. I need to net 2900.00 for the silver and 2600.00 for the black. I don't think you can tell a difference in the sound of either. https://superphonica.com/all-products/components-analog/preamplifiers/audio-research-mp1-multichannel-preamp/ https://superphonica.com/all-products/components-analog/preamplifiers/audio-research-mp1-multichannel-preamp-2/
  6. Hi Jud, I just found a setting in the MPD/DLNA settings of the MR called compatibility mode. I selected it and the MR is now visible. I am not sure why that wasn't showing up yesterday.....maybe I just missed it. All good now. And I do think that A+ Windows does sound slightly better than Roon.
  7. So no one has a MIcroRendu working with A+ Windows? It works perfectly fine in all other systems and setups in my house. I have never had an issue. With A+ Windows, it doesn't appear anywhere and their doesn't seem to be any setting to mess with in A+ Windows to try to get it happening. I have tried different setting in the MicroRendu and nothing is working. Damien78, do you have a suggestion?
  8. I just tried to reacquaint myself with A+ Windows. I am trying to connect it to a MicroRendu. A+ Windows isn't seeing the MicroRendu on the network. How do I make a MicroRendu show up in A+ Windows?
  9. Thanks Robert, I have a few multichannel recordings from Tull, Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Steve Wilson.....I have not heard of Pineapple Thief. I am listening to it right now....I like it!
  10. If you mean Control PC as in the dual Pink Faun setup...I no longer have that. I will be getting a single 2.16X Streamer running Linux. I knew I could use Roon once files were in the 2.16 but didn't know how you get files into the Linux OS 2.16 in the first place...or how to add more files. I get it now.
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