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  1. You missed my point but that's cool. Don't really care that you tell me to stop my empathic story line. Like saying stopping be full of anger and be angry and mad with me. Good Luck to you and Adrian! Peace... Christopher
  2. Something is truly amiss with this story....not saying anyone is lying or anything like that. I am just saying that the two TLS Reference Ones I have a truly fantastic sounding. Maybe a little DIY looking. I know a power supply is a long way from a $9K server. By the looks of the inside of the latest server attempts, it almost seems like he has hired people in China to try to build these servers and his plan is just collapsing around him. I assume he is in deep financially to all the projects that are on the books and backed up. I am assuming that Adrian is not going to be able to pull out of this mess. I don't want to damn a guy or say he is a bad person that is purposefully screwing over people. I think that damning and speculations to his intents are nothing but gossip and chatter. Emotions run high in these situations. Dreams shitted on and such... I wish the community here was strong and evolved enough to support someone that probably had good intentions but shite just got out of control. I would implore Adrian to come on here and get real with everyone about his situation. People are very forgiving when honesty becomes your guide. Or at least get real with the people who you owe a shite ton of money to on an individual basis. He is probably in more hell than any of you who are out money....ego and the very public slow disintegration of a business. If the business has to fold, do it with grace and walking upright. I am not making excuses or anything and I would be totally pissed about the situation if it were my money. I have had similar issues with car projects. I enjoyed talking to Adrian back when had was working on the software and dreaming of his new server. The big thread came along and made heroes of a few companies for a moment. Then the unstoppable progress for SQ pushed the heroes out of the way and the next champions lined up. I bet lots of companies have changed direction because of the findings in the big thread. I mean look how many people have cycled through various high end servers and now for half the price have what they consider better with simple NUC implementations. And the progress continues. Hard to build a business off the fleeting moments of what others consider the best way to do things...for that moment. Funny now many are now back around to single box solutions. But with harsh words and accusations, I don't think he would be anything but beaten up unless he was 100% honest with the forum.. Ho, hum......kinda hurts my gut just reading this saga. Maybe I am too empathetic and compassionate for the hurt....on both sides of this mess. I just can't believe Adrian is anything but overwhelm and hurting in this situation....not conniving and malevolent. Please don't construe anything I said as judgement against people's reactions here. You have good reason. It is just a painful thread to have to see on many levels. Good luck to all.
  3. Since this is less than six weeks old, the dealer is taking it back and sending me a Qutest and cash. Funny I will have the NUCklehead NUC and the Qutest going into my Yamaha and ADS....vintage audio meets the 21st century! So this ad is done.
  4. Just a side note.. I would consider a trade involving a Chord Qutest DAC. DAVE is going up on the big sites later today. Thanks for looking.
  5. I have decided this is staying right here.... No longer for sale. I bought this from Larry a month ago. He got it running and it has been flawless. The single best addition I have ever done in computer audio. I run it as AudioLinux/Roon endpoint. I am not technical about this. You can ask Larry or ask me and I will ask Larry. He has graciously offered a couple hours of Team Viewer to assist the new owner. You can run this as a single server or endpoint. As far as the AL/Roon or Euphony and all that stuff I pay zero attention so you can ask but I will have to get assistance for answers. I don't even know what NUC is in the box. I have an extra flash drive that has Euphony/Roon. I think that is what it is... I have to admit that Larry has been the single most helpful person I have ever encounter in the computer audio world. Admittedly, I paid him a lot! 😄 I ran it wireless and see no reason to do anything else. It was absolutely flawless and amazing. PS. I know people on here will say, "Oh I can build that for so much less". Good, do it. For me I pay to play and many others do the same. That's why Larry rocks! I will already miss phone calls with Larry. Hell, he straightened out other network problems that I had literally for years. Network knowledge kills the fun if you don't know it or want to know it. Just sayin....
  6. HDPLEX 400W ATX Linear Power Supply in perfect condition with all accessories. You know what it looks like.. They are currently sold out. Original cost was 1020.00 I think. I will sell for 850.00 shipped.
  7. Purchased from Crux Audio by the original owner. I am the second. The unit is less than 5 months old. It is indistinguishable from new. This the newest most optioned Special Edition model upgrades this fantastic USB reclocker with the addition of eABS-200 EMI absorber sheet (eliminating EMI noise), replacing internal wires with 7N-UPOCC silver wires, and upgrading the capacitors to EVOX caps. This is a 12V unit that also has optional 50 mHz clock input. Retail $1495.00 Sell for $900.00 shipped no fees.
  8. Ghent AudioQuest NRG15 30" Cable x 2 Star Quad (JSSG360) DC-2.1G to DC-2.5G .6m or 30" Ghent AudioQuest NRG15 30" Cable x 2 Star Quad (JSSG360) DC-2.1G to DC-2.1G .6m or 30" Both are less than three weeks old and have about 20 hours of use. Flawless condition. They were 250.00 new each. I will take 200.00 shipped per unit.
  9. I have one of each JCAT cards and they are connected to Mojo Audio Internal Regulator Modules then connected to a DC input. It all came out of my HTPC. The cards are about 1 year old but was only really used for the last 4 months or so. Mojo Audio installed the cards and the IRMs into said computer. https://www.mojo-audio.com/internal-regulator-modules/ When I first connected the computer up it had a ATX power supply installed and I used the full set as you see it together and it sounded great to me. I never heard the JCATs with the modules so no relative comparison. Then all of it ran off of the HDPLex 400 watt LPS and it sounded fantastic for the Roon Core on the HTPC sent to my 2 channel system. Do your own research if you are interested in the modules. I can't answer anything for you about them. They are 250.00 each new. Total new price for all of it was a little over 2K. SOLD JCAT USB 380.00 shipped. SOLD JCAT LAN 380.00 shipped. Mojo Audio Internal Regulator Modules $160.00 shipped.
  10. I have a 2 months old Black Chord DAVE in mint condition....flawless. All original packaging and accessories. Need to put funds towards wife's surgery. It isn't life threatening but is very expensive and of course insurance will only pay for the surgery that doesn't work. Thank God you can still pay a doctor..for now. Plus I have built my best system yet and now I will wash it away....like the Buddhist sand mandala. I am finally really getting off the merry go round and it feels good. Now I can listen to music and systems that are simple and sane...it's all background noise anyway. 😉 Cheers, Christopher
  11. SOLD Look forward to any gear that is left in my signature is going up for sale soon... Some interest is already been voiced... I am over this game! But keeping Yamaha, ADS, Lyngdorf, HTPC, Pioneer and Evolution Acoustics Micro One x 2 and REL S3 SHO. Just an early note to anyone that might see it....
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