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  1. Custom build Audiophile Linear Power Supply for your CAS gears, PC-ATX, Hi-Fi gears...etc. All PSUs build with audio-grade custom made O-Type transformer(7N OFC copper or OCC silver-plated copper), ultra low noise regulator, Hi-grade parts Current rating with your choice from 1A to 12A Max Over 70 PSUs shipped all over the world already, and got many good reviews! If you feel interested in it, please feel free PM or e-mail to [email protected] for details and price quotation, thanks! Best regards, Kenneth Lau from Hong Kong Kenneth's DIY Workshop Attached some photos of my handcrafted LPS
  2. For sale - Original Sonore Signature Series Rendu network audio renderer in excellent (9/10) condition. Original owner. If you have a DAC that takes I2S or SPDIF input, then this SSR will provide one of the best input signals among streamers today. Highly recommended by Computer Audiophile, particularly if you own a PS Audio DirectStream DAC. According to computer audio expert Ted Brady on the DS+SSR combo: "It was an audiophiles best dream, and an audio lovers best attempt of heaven on earth, a contender for one of two or three best audio listening sessions of my life." $1500, includes a 4-foot Belden Bonded-Pair HDMI Cable from Blue Jeans Cable. More information from Sonore: Signature Series Rendu Ethernet to SPDIF/i2s renderer We looked at the standard Rendu, already providing fantastic performance in many systems, and thought hard about how it might be improved, how we might lower jitter, and improve on its digital precision. We decided the correct way to go would be to upgrade all facets of the design making incremental improvements which add up to considerable performance gains. The power supply is upgraded both in parts quality and layout. The big addition is the new isolated, clock/re-clock, output board. By specification, the Ethernet input is already isolated from the noise on the network, but there is still some noise produced on the processing board. To generate an absolutely pure clock signal, we added a separate, isolated, output board with a separately regulated power supply. This output board holds the dual Crystek CCHD oscillators, the re-clocking circuitry, and the output drive circuitry for SPDIF and I2S. Because the Signature Series Rendu generates clean clocks and then reclocks on the output board right before the SPDIF and I2S output jitter is lowered even further. Additionally, a very special SPDIF driver circuitry results in a perfectly clean SPDIF waveform which allows one to get the best out of any SPDIF input DAC. While the original Rendu has set the Ethernet to SPDIF and I2S standard up to now, the new Signature Series Rendu takes performance to the next level, this is the best SPDIF and I2S we can make, and we suspect that you will think so as well.
  3. I am selling my Innuos ZENith Special Edition Mk.II, which was built and sold as a limited edition run of only 100 units. Mine is #12 of 100.This music server is among the most user-friendly audio servers available today. It is virtually “plug and play” and is remote controllable by any iPad or Android tablet, PC/Mac, or iPhone/Android phone. It is a Roon Ready device that is also capable of Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify playback. It comes with 2TB of SSD storage although it can also stream files from any NAS providing virtually unlimited capacity.It has a very low impedance custom power supply designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs and incorporates cascaded linear regulators and the finest Mundorf capacitors. The quality of this power supply is one of the key contributing factors to the very engaging and rich sound signature of this server. Comparable PSU’s built to similar specs currently retail for approx. 2k Euros when purchased separately.I have rated my unit’s condition with 8/10 simply because it is not brand new and has a small scratch on the housing edge (see pictures). In addition, some of the letters for the Ethernet Port labels are missing. (comes from blindly replacing Ethernet Cables with the unit in a rack). In all other functional aspects, it would rate as a perfect 10/10.The server’s original selling price was 5,600 € and I am asking 2,900 € (negotiable). I will ship Internationally in the original box. I accept Paypal and Electronic Transfer as payment options. The buyer assumes cost for shipping, duties and payment fees. (if applicable)I am selling the server only because I have taken the next step-up in the Innuos Product LineHere a review of the SE from John Darko:https://darko.audio/2017/10/richer-sound...h-mkii-se/
  4. Up for sale is my Jcat Net Femto card. Only three months old and barely broken in. Asking $420 with free shipping anywhere in the continental US. Thanks Colin
  5. Hi For sale is Chord Hugo 2 in black. Its in excellent condition, with box, slightly used. Price is 1400E Thank you.
  6. Hello For sale is Lampizator Atlantic balanced with tube rectifier. Very nice condition, all black. Currently its in the factory for a checkup, will have 3 years warranty for new owner. Unit was manufactured in 2017. Inputs: - USB - SPDIF RCA - SPDIF BNC - AES/EBU Its R2R unit with DSD256. Price is 3900E shipped across Europe.
  7. Analogue power supply for digital stage in Oppo player models (103/103D, 105/105D). This power supply it is designed mainly for 105/105D models, but it fit very well for 103/103D, only main board. Does not provide power for audio board in 103/103D. The LPM it use the latest performants regulators devices on market, it include two AC main filtering cells, for the R core transformer, as for the original Oppo`s toroid (analogue stage), large filtering capacities (over 100 000µF for 5v rail), as it have a build in dedicated low noise adjustable regulator for the cooling fan. The R core transformer is customized for a minimal overall heat dissipation, and is damped mounted to prevent any vibrations to be transmit it to the chassis. An extra HF filtering cell on the end of the connection cable it prevent digital noises from the main board to be induced back into the LPM. Remote curent sensing it ensure a very accurate regulation level at the end connection point. The LPM it come as a complete kit, including mounting spacers, an inaudible (special tweaked) cooling fan, as airflow guides for the most efficient ventilation inside the chassis. Detailed mounting instructions included too. The residual ripple (and its harmonics) level on this LPM is under 3µV on full load (5v rail), and no any HF noises (measured on resistive load). Best ventilation performance is obtained for 105/105D models when the multichannel board is removed from its place. A special connection adaptor it will be available soon, to allow an external placement of the LPM for all Oppo player models (including 95). Replacing the original SMPS for the main board by this LPM, it improve dramatically the quality of both video and audio. Kit price 350$ + 50$ shipping (with tracking) worldwide.
  8. Winter never really came to Texas this year, so it's time for an early spring cleaning sale. I rummaged through my drawers, and need to find new owners for stuff sitting unused. 1 x Phasure Blaxius^2 Digital BNC 75 Ohm 0.6m: $200 1 x Synergistic Research Blue fuse 6.3A slo blow 5x20mm: $75 2 x Phasure Lush^2 USB cable 1.0m: $250 each or $475/pair 1 x Curious USB Regen Link 0.2m: $80 1 x Black Dragon Headphone Adapter Cable V2 1.5ft $85 - Headphone end: Neutrik Female 4 pin Gold XLR - Amplifier end: 1/4" Gold Furutech Stereo Plug 1 x Black Dragon Headphone Adapter Cable V2 1.5ft $95 - Headphone end: Neutrik Female 4 pin Gold XLR - Amplifier end: Dual 3.5mm plugs for balanced (Pono, Sony PHA-3 & Ayre Codex) 1 x Ghent DC11 Canare 4S6 DC Y-cable 2.1-2.1 0.5m + $60 (bundle price) 1 x Ghent DC01 Canare 4S6 DC cable 2.1-2.1 0.3m Price includes PayPal and free first class shipping within the Continental US. International buyers will pay actual shipping and PayPal fees.
  9. Hi For sale is Lampizator Golden Atlantic Single Ended with preamp function (volume control with remote) in full factory spec with special case, paperwork and all that comes with Golden Lampizator units. DAC is fresh after factory checkup. Front is silver. Its R2R PCM unit with DSD x256, 4P1L dht + premium(KR or EML) 5U4G rectifier, dual voltage. Manufactured in 04/2017 (warranty till 04/2022). Tubes are brand new. Inputs: - USB - SPDIF - Toslink Price: 5600E Photos on demand, please send PM with questions. I am open to some negotiation.
  10. These are in excellent condition with no visible scratches or blemishes. This half meter pair has the WBT 0114 locking connectors. Two strands of copper and one of pure silver for the signal. Price shipped via USPS anywhere in the USA is $300 (no paypal fees).
  11. Hi For sale is Lampizator Golden Atlantic Single Ended in full factory spec with special case, paperwork and all that comes with Golden Lampizator units. DAC is fresh after factory checkup. Front is black but can be silver if you want, color of power button can be adjusted to your liking as well. Its R2R PCM unit with DSD x256, 4P1L dht + 5U4G KR rectifier, dual voltage. Manufactured in 06/2018 (warranty till 06/2023). Unit has caps upgraded to Duelunds. Inputs: - USB - SPDIF - Toslink Price: 4900E Photos on demand, please send PM with questions. I am open to some negotiation.
  12. For sale here is a specimen of the highly controversial audiophile fuses. This is a Synergistic Research Black slow blow 1A 250V model. It was used in an Auralic Altair which I have since sold. I for one am a believer in these fuses and use them in my amplifiers too. I am asking $75 shipped anywhere in USA via USPS priority mail.
  13. Up for sale is a Sonore DC cable that I no longer need. It is lightly used and in excellent condition. Priced at $150. (MSRP $235) Sonore DC-4 1.0 meter with dual 5.5mm x 2.1mm connectors. FEATURES Cardas 2x15 twisted pair 2-15 AWG ultra-pure copper Golden Ratio scaled Cardas Litz conductors Multi-stranded arrangement in a color jacket Each individual strand is coated in an insulating enamel https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/accessories/products/dc-4-power-cable?variant=32039206212
  14. Here is a rare opportunity to purchase a 2.5 meter SOtM dCBL-CAT7 Ethernet cable. I am selling because I have upgraded to a Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Ethernet cable. There are several positive reviews of the dCBL-CAT7 on Audiophile Style. Jay Luong of Audio Bacon had the following to say about it: "The SOtM dCBL-CAT7 gives you a much more vibrant and textured presentation. It’s expansive, vivid, visceral, and gives each component of the song its own body which is its greatest strength. It unravels the complexity of all recordings while still maintaining surreal musicality and balance. I honestly think the cable is flawless for audio fidelity. Spatial cues are more apparent. You could actually hear which venue the recording was done in." https://audiobacon.net/2017/03/16/sotm-dcbl-cat7-review/ Details: Item: SOtM dCBL-CAT7 Ethernet Cable Length: 2.5 meters Condition: Excellent (8/10) MSRP: $600 Asking: $350 Included: Original box and packing materials Terms: Payment via PayPal or Zelle Buyer pays actual shipping cost International buyers pay actual shipping cost and international PayPal fees
  15. I have a pair of these mono amps in excellent condition for sale. They retailed for $3990. These amps have garnered excellent feedback from many high fi magazines such as Positive Feedback. Asking $1600 plus shipping. I have excellent feedback on Audiogon under savjam. Thanks for your interest.
  16. For sale is a current model, B-serial number Yggdrasil DAC. It's analog 2 and generation 5 USB from the factory. I'm the second owner and I'm selling because I have replaced this unit with a new black one. Ships in double box, original foam padding, and with accessories (basic power cable, manual). Yggys new sell for US$2,400 and are much more fuller-sounding than their lower-priced siblings. Detail and PRaT in spades. Terms: Continental US or Canada only. Buyer pays actual shipping/insurance and PayPal fees.
  17. Apple Mac Mini "Core i7" 2.3 Quad-Core (Late 2012) w/16GB of RAM + Uptone Audio MMK DC Fan Controller (Installed by Uptone Audio) Includes Mac OS X El Capitan (Optimized) on a 32GB Toshiba SDHC Card with HQPlayer playback software installed. Mac OS X is configured with bridged networking. It's plug n play with this configuration. The internal 500 GB SSD Drive also includes Windows 10 on a partition that I ran optimized with Process Lasso and Fidelizer - also configured with bridge networking. It's plug n play with this configuration too. This Mac Mini can also run Audio Linux (AL) booted to RAM. I have only booted AL to RAM once for testing, but have not listened to it. Alex Crespi of Uptone Audio runs his Mac Mini using Audio Linux in this way and he has stated that he is very pleased with it. Before discovering Audio Linux, I experimented a lot with different operating systems and settled on an optimized version of OS X El Capitan booted from an SD Card, then un-mounting the internal SSD. I used this to run HQPlayer as an NAA and I ran Roon Server on my sonicTransporter. This machine is powerful enough to run Roon alone or HQPlayer in a distributed setup as I did. There are A LOT of different configuration options to choose from using this Mac Mini. It can be configured as a Roon Server, Roon Endpoint, NAA, etc. I bought this Mac Mini from Frys and shipped it to Uptone Audio to install their Mac Mini DC-Conversion/Linear Fan Controller Kit (MMK). Power Supply is not included. I ran mine with my Paul Hynes SR5 linear PSU. Here's what's included: Mac Mini with original box 500 GB Internal SSD 16 GB of OWC RAM Toshiba Exceria Pro 32 GB SDHC Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter CompuLab Display Emulator (fit-Headless) Edimax Wi-Fi USB Adapter I will let it go for $1,200.00 - Reduced to $995 OBO. Free Shipping in the continental US and Buyer pays PayPal fee of 2.9%.
  18. For Sale my Itona Industrial Model USB Isolator for a super reasonable $150 shipped in the Continental US! Works great, I just no longer am using it with the addition of my TX- USB ultra. Thanks for looking, Todd
  19. I just changed the connection between my Antipodes DX3 server and PS Audio Directstream from USB to Ethernet in order to take advantage of the Bridge II's MQA. So I no longer need two excellent condition premium USB cables: (1) Excellent condition 1.5 meter dual end Audience AU24 SE. The dual ends separate power from data, improving resolution. List is $1050. Selling for $525. Comes in original box with paperwork and sealed tube of DeoxIT de-oxidizer. Great review from the Absolute Sound, which considers this a no-compromise analog sounding cable. https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/audience-au24-se-usb-cable/ 2) Excellent condition 4 foot WyWires Platinum USB. List is $899. selling for $450. Cable personally recommended to me by Ben Zwickel of Mojo Audio as the best USB cable he's heard and what he uses to demo his equipment at shows. Balanced, exciting life-like mid-range and vocals. There aren't a lot of reviews of the WyWires USB cables on the web. (I wouldn't have bought it without Ben's recommendation. After all, he does know a bit about servers and DACs). But found this. http://av2day.com/2013/11/my-experience-with-wywires-part-i/ "Then I connected the WyWires USB cable to the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 and I regretted it within 20 seconds – it knocked out my reference USB cable (which I had just bought!). Immediately I noticed better separation overall and more details in the bass region. I felt so flabbergasted that I actually did A-B testing with my reference USB cable several times just to make sure my initial impressions were not wrong. In the end, I noted that my reference USB cable could match the WyWires only in midrange neutrality. The WyWires USB cable was clearly better in the bass and treble regions." I used and loved them both.
  20. I have a new, unused DC Y cable for sPS-500 from Ghent Audio , 0.5m with two 2.1mm DC barrel connectors. Asking $60, got it for $80. Will ship free CONUS, buyer pays PayPal fee or do Friends and Family.
  21. Selling my microRendu with 1.4 ultraRendu clock upgrade (brings it up to the performance of the ultraRendu) paired with an MCRU Longdog linear power supply with silver cabling upgrade (£310 new). Great combination. £290 firm. Original box 1.4 Clock Upgrade Running Sonicorbiter 2.7 Includes Supra USB Longdog MCRU Linear Power Supply Excellent condition (no blemishes) £290 – Payment via UK bank transfer Free tracked posted. UK Mainland buyers only. microRendu includes original box, will also throw in a Supra USB cable. Free tracked posted in UK only.
  22. I have Purchased a Whole Set of Neotech Cables which was originally planned to be used for my Home Theatre. This idea never manifested. Having No reason to keep them anymore I have put up all my cables for Sales. These are brand new! comes with Neotech Certificate Card and Brand New Packaged box. The following Are Available: NEI-3001-3 meters >> 4 pcs XLR ($430.00 Dollars Each) NEI-3001-1.5 meters >> 3 pcs XLR ($3800.00 Dollars Each) NEI-3001-1 meter >> 5 pcs XLR ($260.00 Dollars Each) Discount will be offered for orders over 3 Cables. Shipping can be combined: World Wide Delivery by FedEx Fixed at $45.00 For First Item: Please add $10.00 Per speaker there After. Paypal @4.5% A Few have been sold on Ebay and Audiocircle. These are my last remaining cables left. I also have Neotech Speaker Cables please PM Me.
  23. These are original 3.7i speakers (not upgraded from 3.7) and are in excellent condition and come with Mye stands. I'm not listening as much with a 14 month old baby at home. I would prefer local pickup in the Pacific NW area, but can ship at buyer's expense. Looking for $4500. Anil
  24. Early spring cleaning! Letting go of a bunch of stuff I do not use any more. All items ship free (Con. US only). Buyer pays PayPal or use friends-and-family. SOTM Trifecta: Modded SMS-200 (clock input) Asking $299. + txUsbUltra SOLD (12V version, clock output + 50 Ohms master clock input) + Dlink switch (clock input). Comes with all required clock cables (I have short 6 inch ones too), original boxes, power supplies (except 12V txUsbUltra does not come with one). Excellent and working condition. Aires Mini: In original box, near mint condition with all supplied accessories (no free Tidal subscription). Asking $315 LPS 1.1: Excellent working condition with the energizing supply. Asking ($Sold) Curious USB link cables: Type A-B 200mm link ($SOLD), 200mm cable for iFi DAC ($SOLD) SOTM Modded SMS-200: D-Link switch: Sold Aries Mini: (Sold) LPS 1.1: (Pending sale) Curious USB link cables: (Sold) tx-USBultra: Sold
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