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Subwoofer cable RCA - Tara Labs 4.5m - AudioQuest 3m

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Subwoofer cable RCA - Tara Labs 4.5m - AudioQuest 3m

Up for sale are three subwoofer cables of different lengths. 
Excellent condition, with only a few marks on the jackets and connectors from normal use.

Note from my experience: any of these will be better than the popular Blue Jeans CL-1. Even though it's a good cable for general purposes, it has a weak low end.



- Tara Labs Prism 2200s subwoofer Superior Definition Low Frequency interconnect cable mRCA-mRCA 12ft (4.5m) with additional Y-splitter fRCA-2mRCA
* High-Current conductor design for excellent bass punch and control
* 22 awg SA-0F8N Oxygen Free solid copper
* Premium Pressure-Fit Gold-plated RCA connectors 
* Double-shielded with Copper Braid and Mylar foil
* proprietary SVPE dielectric
Asking $160, with Y-splitter included 



Audioquest Black Lab 3m (10ft)

Solid Long-Grain Copper conductors 

Chassis ground option

Asking $30

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    30.00 USD
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