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UPGRADED Merrill ANAP XLR Interconnects 1.1m and 1.65m

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UPGRADED Merrill ANAP XLR Interconnects 1.1m and 1.65m

UPGRADED Merrill ANAP XLR Interconnects. 

Excellent condition. Some marks on the heatshrinks from normal use. Plugged in and out just a couple of times when rearranged my equipment. 


I have two pairs:

Each pair in Merrill Audio bag 

1.1m retail $1250, sell for $550

1.65m retail $1550, sell for $700


New proprietary Merrill connectors Rhodium over coper with Teflon dielectric. Way better than the Cardas XLR connectors Merrill used before!


These are among the best.

Merrill doesn't even produce any cheaper or more expensive cables. Just one type that fits best their $50k-tier equipment.


I'm selling my Merrill Element 114 stereo amp ($16000 retail) I used these interconnects with. With my new amplification, I'm going with all Audience frontRow cables. 


The old version of Merrill ANAP interconnects with Cardas XLR connectors is equal to Cardas Reflection. These UPGRADED Merrill interconnects are a step UP. Not a Cardas Clear Beyond yet, but sound equal to Audience Au24sx. Audience frontRow bested these Merrill cables but at a 3 times higher price.

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