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Crystal Cable Reference Diamond AES/EBU XLR Hi-End digital cable (Siltech)

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Crystal Cable Reference Diamond AES/EBU XLR Hi-End digital cable (Siltech)

Offering a rare 10ft (3m) piece-of-art Hi-End digital cable CrystalDigit Reference. 


Both Siltech and Crystal Cable cables are manufactured exclusively in Holland on the same factory. See information below. 

Purchased it from an authorized Siltech and Crystal Cable dealer. 


Very good overall condition. The cable is in perfect condition. Light scratches on the medallion. I don't see any wear on the connectors.

Comes in velvet bag in the factory box.


Manufacturer: Crystal Cable 
Series: Diamond
Model: CrystalDigit 
Level: Reference


Retail: $3850


If you have a Hi-End source and need a long digital interconnect with uncompromising signal quality, this is one of the best.


Easily bested Shunyata Sigma AES/EBU in my system. Crystal Cable has a bigger and more spacious sound with a lot more details embroidered like lace.




Two silver solid core conductors, each in its own silver shielding, helically wound. 

Solid core conductor, drawn with advanced metallurgy, developed by and exclusive to Crystal Cables and Siltech, massively reduces the micro-distortions.


The central core has a thin layer of low-loss ultra rigid Kapton insulation, reducing dielectric loss and mechanical intermodulation. A silver screen is covered in a minimalist Teflon jacket to create the simplest and most theoretically perfect construction possible. And then two of these are helically wound.


The result is almost impossibly thin and flexible cables that are virtually all conductor, with the least possible insulation and lowest possible sonic fingerprint.


They offer class leading RFI and EMI rejection, complete performance consistency, and excellent longevity, easily surpassing the competition in these important areas. Diamond Series cables take consistency to a whole new level, employing identical conductors across each family, improving rhythmic flow and phase coherence, finally allowing your system to show its full potential.


Both Siltech and Crystal Cable cables are manufactured exclusively in Holland on the same factory.


CRYSTAL CABLE is a brand that was a part of International Audio Holding B.V. It was established in 2004 as an off-spin of the Siltech company, but in a short time, it became an equivalent partner in the holding company.


Siltech and Crystal, they have similar bloodlines in a way. The husband (Edwin van der Kleij) oversees Siltech, while the wife (Gabi van der Kleij) oversees Crystal. The aesthetic differences are hard to ignore. Where the Crystals are very slim in design with transparent casings, the Siltechs are beefy with blue weave casings, but they both use the same silver mono crystal design on their Hi-End models. 

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