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  1. I’m all for having an open mind and exploring different views, but there is a point where things become absurd, and this review in my view went well past that point. Glad to know Chis was not the author.
  2. Chris, I cannot agree more on how big the improvement was from the RS1 to the RS2, and now even further to the RS2 MQA. I have the same impression as if each instrument has its own track, amp and speaker. The separation, silence and blackness between instruments is almost eerie. The instruments just pop out into space as if they were in the room being played separately from the music you’re playing on your stereo. My RS2 is driving directly Constellation Centaur Monos and the digital setup is Roon and an Audio Alchemy DMP1 AES output. Every CD sounds different. Every instrument has its own color and texture. The level of detail and lack of digital artifacts is beyond anything I’ve listened to.
  3. The QNAP NAS is a TVS-682. It's in garage where I also have a Synology. The QNAP is the quieter of the two but not totally silent. The HP mini has a fan that is not totally silent but I barely hear it. Not sure if I mentioned it, but I do also have the upgraded Audio Alchemy power supply. The AES output of this setup on par with anything else I've heard so far. The Berkeley USB is an excellent unit but it does require extra steps and components to go from Ethernet data to USB then AES, versus a DMP-1 that's doing all this in one box. As you may know, the engineers at Audio Alchemy also are involved with Constellation Audio. The DMP-1 is a true bargain given the performance level.
  4. I sold my Berkeley USB to a friend when I got the Aurender W20 since that has an AES out that's pretty good, although perhaps not as good as a Berkeley USB. So I'm not able to directly compare the DMP-1 AES to a Berkeley USB AES. Also upgraded the DAC recently when I got the DMP-1. But regardless I can say the DMP-1 AES is superb with an RS2, and I'm not missing the Berkeley USB as I did miss it when I had the W20, but any comparison would be from memory. My first attempt at Roon was with it running on a 2008 Mac Pro. The user interface sold me, but that old computer is just too slow and I got occasional drop outs. The music, 240,000 tracks, is on a QNAP NAS. I now have an HP Elitedesk 800 G2 Mini i7 with Windows 10, a 256G SSD and 8G memory that only runs Roon. This little computer is amazingly fast and the 65 watt versions are on sale at very good prices. The performance is flawless, no dropouts or noises as far as I can tell, although occasionally I have to restart Roon. Hope this helps. Paul
  5. Been using the Audio Alchemy DMP-1 with Roon to go from Ethernet to AES with my recently updated RS2. Very impressed with the results as this is by far the best sound I've had in my home. That said, a Berkeley Ethernet Roon endpoint with AES out would surely be quite interesting.
  6. pga

    Audio Alchemy DMP-1

    Still using the DMP-1 only with Roon. There have been a few firmware updates and also I have Roon now running on its own dedicated HP i7 8 GB, 256 GB SSD Windows 10 PC. The music is on a QNAP NAS. My library is very large with 250,000 tracks, so the i7 really helps with search times. The sound of the system gets better each day, but I don't know if this is attributed to the firmware or the new i7. On an old Mac Pro it would have occasional drop outs, but this is not the case with the i7. Also the transparency and total lack of digital glare is amazing. The TAD R1 is not a forgiving speaker, and until this point they always had a slightly edgy sound. The improvement versus the system with an Aurendet W20 and the first version of the Berkeley Reference DAC is quite large.
  7. pga

    Audio Alchemy DMP-1

    I'm referring to Roon. The UI for the DMP1 is very basic. Roon is outstanding.
  8. Just installed an Audio Alchemy DMP-1 as a Roon endpoint on a LAN, connected to a Berkeley Reference DAC Series 2 via AES/EBU. Best sound I've had yet, whether from TIDAL or my music library. Also the best user interface I've used.
  9. Chris I need one digital endpoint and one analogue endpoint with a variable out. What options do you suggest? Sonic.build and sonicorbiter (plus a Dragonfly for analogue) both look interesting.
  10. Is the ELAC unit still limited if it's being used only as an endpoint and a full version of Roon is running on the LAN?
  11. Chris, not sure how it's limited if the Discovery is the triple endpoint on a full existing Roon. Wouldn't it just play whatever the other Roon sends it?
  12. Can this unit serve as three endpoints on an existing Roon system?
  13. Does anyone have experience setting up a Synology to back up a W20?
  14. Chris, just set up the W20 with a Berkeley RS via AES. The sound is fantastic. But I'm having difficulty figuring out how to set up a Synology to back up automatically. Can you walk me through how you did it?
  15. Meant to say Mac Pro with Audirvana
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