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Music that almost brings a tear....

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Slightly OT but I'm more interested in systems that allow the emotion of the music to shine through so was wondering do both your systems reproduce the emotion in the music and if not what would you put that down to? Cheers


I was in seeing my Hi Fi dealer just last night (known him for years). And he had a pair of speakers just traded in. There is only the one dealer who brings them in, so I asked how they sounded...terrible was the response (we're £7600 new). We then discussed how trying different electronics is so important as I recently discovered. For me, I have Dali Epicon 6's...I love them....but they are fussy with electonics....had a Simaudio Moon amp...not a good match...then tried (on my dealers insistence) Plinius Pre/Power....soon as I fired them on....the differences were immediately apparent....and within the hour, I'd decided to trade in my Moon and make a deal.


So careful matching of a speaker you like with electronics that get the best from them are critical. And I do think you need this match to convey the emotion in music. Dali are not clinical/analysis tools...but rather very musical, and for me they do disappear into the background...and the recordings draw you in with no distractions from a harsh speaker, or poor match of electronics.

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I have a much different connection to music as a performer than I do as a listener. The Bach Preludio for solo violin: exciting to play, it gets the adrenaline pumping and can become a runaway train, very hard to hold back. As a listener I get lost in the other performer's exploration of the "space between the notes" and am left in awe, learning another person's reading of something that is no more than ink spots on paper. That is very moving to me.

That I ask questions? I am more concerned about being stupid than looking like I might be.

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I'm a newbie Mahler fanboy, but will have to spend some more time with 2 and 5. Damn newbie.


Shout out to the Waits fans too. So many stories of misery and woe.


Nina Simone singing 'Strange Fruit' is the one that does it for me.


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Appreciation of audio is a completely subjective human experience. Measurements can provide a measure of insight, but are no substitute for human judgment. Why are we looking to reduce a subjective experience to objective criteria anyway? The subtleties of music and audio reproduction are for those who appreciate it. Differentiation by numbers is for those who do not." — Nelson Pass

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For me, the quality of the system is totally irrelevant when it comes to eliciting emotion - I've cried to a staticky, FM-radio Met broadcast in a 1976 Ford Fairmont :) and listening to Alison Krauss over a Bluetooth speaker in a hotel in Krakow elicits exactly the same emotion as listening over my headphone system at home.


I do enjoy listening to a quality system, but it's more an intellectual thing than emotional to me.

That's pretty cool. I think most CA readers are on the same page.

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Last part of Britten's violin concerto


Tchaikovsky's sixth symphony


Several moments in Dvorak's cello concerto (is there another work of music with so much original melodies in it?)


Slow movement of Brahms' first piano concerto


Slow movement of Brahms' fourth symphony


Bach: Johannes-passion, "Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine" and the closing chorale



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That's pretty cool. I think most CA readers are on the same page.


In my opinion we have to differentiate: These so called emotions do not have their origin in a dependency to the presentation of the music, but in most cases they are related to a circumstance (or memory) in our live.

I mean, the worst sounding system can transport this particular message.


But, in my opinion, a good system together with a good recording (together with the listeners willingness) can give us the desired feeling - which brings tears :)

... your David Oistrakh recording, which I cannot recommend enough, is able to do so, of course :)

And on a bad system - you will feel nothing :(

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Tom Waits - Road to Peace



Apologies for the cross posting - the darker thread led me to look at this YouTube clip. This song really does choke me up.

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Janet Baker singing Dido's Lament "When I am laid in earth" in Purcell's Dido and Aeneas.


It may be a 1961 recording but it continues to move me immensely. (I bought the LP in 1978 and the CD reissue in the 1990s.)

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"Who does she hope to be?" by Sonny Sharrock from the album "Ask the Ages". Ask the Ages - Sonny Sharrock | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic


This is one of those songs of longing; gives me kind of the same feeling as hearing a train "whistle" in the distance on a dark quiet night.

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