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  1. While I personally have not had any dealings with buyee, many of the online reviews are extremely negative, citing terrible customer service, outrageous shipping fees and no refunds. I hope that your experience is different, but I suspect that your only possible redress will be via a PayPal claim.
  2. A top mastering engineer working with well maintained vinyl presses can produce discs of excellent quality. As others have said, ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Vinyl can sound as good (or to some, better than) digital, depending on the associated gear.
  3. They used to have a power cords named "Python" and others. Now, they only have a line of power cords named "Venom", the product of poisonous snakes.
  4. "The problem with quotes on the internet is that you never know if they are genuine." -Abraham Lincoln
  5. With the number of CD transport failures I have experienced, I wish I had a shotgun.
  6. Let us not forget the words of Peanuts character Linus Van Pelt who observed, "I love mankind...It's people I can't stand".
  7. As I expect do many, if not most of us .
  8. Semente: You should be ashamed of yourself for polluting the forum with that disgusting image.
  9. What you say is true, Alex, but it's also true that the quality of the mastering of a lot of old albums to CD was absolutely terrible and the LP sounded infinitely better. With newer well recorded and mastered digital albums, it's a different story.
  10. If you could afford the astronomical cost of MF's turntable, arm, cartridge and phono preamp combination (assuming that, like me, you couldn't), you might view vinyl somewhat differently. And, as Firedog points out, MF has recently been considerably less harsh in his criticism of digital, while he still prefers vinyl.
  11. IMO, ratings or scale of performance aspects are most helpful in the context of particular reviewers or publications that you are familiar with, as they provide at least one standard for comparison.
  12. I don't know that there is an answer to this question. Part of the problem is that we all don't necessarily hear the same way and what I may experience as a subtle difference, you may experience as a major one. A possible answer is to simply describe the difference as audible, and limit the detailed description to the nature or characteristics of the difference as opposed to its magnitude. But that makes it more difficult for someone to decide, based on the description, if the difference is significant enough to justify the expenditure of changing the device. Ultimately, I suppose one can only use these experiences as guides to whether a device is of sufficient interest to investigate further.
  13. All the more so when the unwanted repetition is not true.
  14. Emphatically, yes. If opinions of that nature were desired, someone would not "say up front they don't want to hear from such people". Moreover, a distinction is to be drawn between what theoretically can't be so and what, in reality for a number of possible reasons, can be so.
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