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  1. Yes, the spikes are still attached to the speakers and they rest on the granite slabs.
  2. The slabs on the thin carpet were very stable. With the considerable weight of the speakers, the slabs (9" x 18") sunk into the carpet and there was absolutely no wobble or other movement. I assume that the granite absorbed or dissipated the vibration that would otherwise have been transferred to the concrete slab. I really don't know how this approach would work on a laminated hardwood floor. You might want to put some material between the slab and the floor.
  3. I had a similar situation with my downstairs neighbour and my previous set of speakers, the frequency response of which went down to 20Hz. The speakers were on sharp spikes, which went through a thin carpet to rest on a concrete slab. I purchased granite slabs, 3/4 inch thick, cut to the same size as the base of the speakers. I placed these on the carpet, with the speakers and their spikes resting on top of the granite. My neighbour stopped complaining and I gained the added benefit of tighter bass. I bought the slabs from a Marble & Granite supplier, who cut them to size and b
  4. Terribly sad news. We communicated via PM fairly regularly over the years and I considered him to be a good friend. Opinionated, passionate, knowledgeable and funny, I will truly miss him. R.I.P. Alex.
  5. My thinking is that your verbose posts are becoming increasingly repetitive, a typically obsessive characteristic,. But you can have the last word if you must. Bye...
  6. If you "have MUCH more obsession with...GARBAGE quality recordings" than with DolbyA, about which you claim to have "ZERO obsession", but which "JUST SO HAPPENS to be related to DolbyA technology"- to paraphrase a famous line from a Paul Newman movie - "What we've got here is distinction without a difference".
  7. Look at products from Keces Audio, e.g. DC-116 or P3.
  8. Yeah, right, Eric Clapton just a journeyman guitar player:
  9. And the basis for this dismissive opinion is? Moreover, who are these so-called "profiteers" and how are they taking advantage of "it"?
  10. You would have to describe your system in detail, including all the components and software, before anyone could even begin to assist you with your issue(s).
  11. I agree that audio shows can present a unique opportunity to audition gear from many different manufacturers, although the sound quality may vary greatly according to the nature of the venue and/or the room setup. Speaking for myself, I don't spend much time, if any, in rooms where they are playing music I don't like. 😊
  12. An somewhat unusual goal, IMO, in which accuracy apparently doesn't matter much. I readily admit that I have neither the goal, the patience, nor the ability "to appreciate the artistry... [of] a genre I loathe". I suppose that is simply because I listen to music for the enjoyment, something that I cannot get from music I dislike. 😊
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