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  1. That's obviously because you hate and never play rock music, George.
  2. How true. That woman is really dangerous.
  3. C'mon. Someone got the date wrong and thinks it's April 1.
  4. Sorry, but you lost me twice. Dunno where the 106 figure comes from. And the Ignore List doesn't reduce the post #; it replaces the post with, "You've chosen to ignore content by member", and provides options. Better to leave this and get back on topic.
  5. Once again, I am so thankful for the Ignore List, which almost makes this thread readable.
  6. Based on reading the reason(s) for the low ratings, that would rarely be the case.
  7. Sadly, Amazon is also notorious for questionable or paid reviews. That is why, when looking at reviews on their site, I first look at those with 1 star.
  8. There are no generally applicable right or wrong answers to your questions. It depends on both the speakers and the room characterstics. To take one example, how far out from the back wall they should be is often determined by the bass characteristics a speaker. Some some speakers with rear facing ports may sound boomy if placed too close to the wall, whereas others of a different design may benefit from the bass reinforcement provided by being closer to it. You have to experiment with speaker placement.
  9. Two absolute classics IMO: Joe Cocker - With a Little Help from My Friends - Just Like a Woman
  10. Allan F

    HQ Player

    Thank you, Jussi.
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