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  1. 7.8 billion people leave their electrically powered equipment on when not actively using it? I sincerely doubt that. BTW, speaking of conserving water, do you flush the toilet every time you pee? 🙂
  2. That's only because most reviewers tend to have good taste in music. 🙂
  3. My power amplifier, at least, has protection circuitry that both goes through a start-up routine before turning the amp on, and shuts the amp down should something go wrong.
  4. Most well designed equipment today has protection circuitry to accomplish this.
  5. No, I would think that you definitely would not want to lend a hand to someone engaged in self-gratification. 🙂
  6. Another pablum post completely lacking in any specifics that would be informative.
  7. That makes sense for DIY equipment if you know what you are doing. However, one should be wary of such modifications to brand name gear as they are very likely to void the warranty.
  8. A few years ago, after listening to my new power amplifier for over 150 hours, I was getting quite concerned about the looseness of the bass, and I contacted the manufacturer. Dan Wright of ModWright promptly replied, advising that their proprietary capacitors require about 400 hours of burn-in to reach stable optimization. Sure enough, just around the 400 hour mark, my concern completely disappeared as the bass was noticeably tighter, accompanied by improved definition.
  9. If you have to turn it on three hours ahead of time for optimal sound, IMO you might as well leave it on all the time so it's always ready at that peak level.
  10. Alex There are those who recommend leaving a DAC on all the time for peak performance. If I recall correctly, John Swenson not only recommends leaving a DAC on all the time, but also running music through it all the time even though not listening to it.
  11. I leave my preamp and DAC on all the time. However, I turn my power amplifier off when I retire for the night. It's solid state and it seems to reach its full potential after being on for an hour or less. As I run my TV audio through my stereo system and generally watch news programs after getting up in the morning, it's fully warmed up by the time I listen to music.
  12. IMO, horrendous describes it a lot better. 🙂
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