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  1. I am careful about using the correct passwords for the network shares being mounted.
  2. Even my g/f who only sang twice on stage ever but did some practice hated Berhinger mics since they sounded like crap.
  3. I am surprised that I "upgraded" to an old firmware release because I was at 8.04 for quite a while.
  4. Apple only just went DRM-free last year. And now comes a new format that involves more DRM hijinx? It's not going to fly with younger ears. It will however, as it is on the brink of now, be gobbled up by audiophiles.
  5. If you need album sample rate display before it is played, try Roon.
  6. I may give Quobuz a spin then and see how I get on.
  7. There certainly seem to be a wide variety issues for a limited number employees.
  8. Personally I have neither, but I do own 15 rectis! My favourite are the 5R4GYs Brimar?Mazda/RCA JAN WW2 and the Phillips metal base GZ34.
  9. I'm a happy M1 owner, and also own a Berkeley Alpha 2, and a W4S DAC2 DSD.
  10. It's just that really good AC based supplies don't come cheap.
  11. I have a Synology 1813+ with 5 drive expansion, using 13 4TB drives.
  12. Some Microsoft software apps will indentify HDCD but not decode it.
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