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  1. I own a Bryston 4B3.....and even at full tilt, the top of the amp is barely warm to the touch.
  2. Bob.... Can't help ya there. I've only gotten around to using it from my laptop, specifically from the Tidal desktop app. I only bought the ME2 so I can dip my toe into MQA without much heartache to my wallet. I don't have any desire to implement it into my main system, as I'm still holding out hope that Lumin will jump into the MQA pool. That said, I have heard the same issues that GUTB reported when using it from an iOS device.
  3. Just as an aside, the Explorer 2 has no problem whatsoever driving my HD600's.
  4. For all the happy Lumin owners out there, of which I am one, if you wish to have MQA implementation on all Lumin products, please take the time to send along an email to Lumin and let them know that the interest exists, and that they need to make it happen. [email protected] Thanks to all
  5. ...and you can get them even cheaper by visiting your local HVAC supply store. Rarely more than about a buck a piece. Some guy on Audiogon buys them and then sells them for $25 for 4ea. lol
  6. It's been my experience, not only as a fellow Lumin owner, but in general, that after a firmware/software update of any kind, it's always a good idea to do reset or reboot. Just tends to alleviate any potential headaches. Glad you got it worked out.
  7. I typically prefer diffusion behind the listener, but diffusers only tend to work well if there is sufficient distance between the listening position and the diffusion product. The lower the frequency the diffuser is designed for, the further you'll need to be from it to get its benefits and avoid potential comb filtering. Based on your post, it sounds like you have little to no room behind you. If there's no way you can get your listening position from the back wall at least 3ft or so, then absorption might be your only viable choice.
  8. On top of that, an underrated drummer.
  9. Nope....I hope the site didn't go belly up. Excellent source of review info.
  10. I dunno....I currently have 467 albums in my TIDAL queue, and the majority of them are Jazz.
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