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    New Beatles Live Set!

    Thanks for the heads up. Agreed on all counts. Positive comments on the sound of these sets is critical. JC
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    New Beatles Live Set!

    I just stumbled Across this in an announcement of upcoming releases from Elusivedisc.com. I was not aware it existed. As always, at least for me, anything related to Beatles music that I haven't heard, and don't own, is a must buy. Remastered live recordings are like finding gold! I have not yet found anything related to a hi-rez version. JC http://www.elusivedisc.com/The-Beatles-All-Around-The-World-3CD-Box-Set/productinfo/LCCDI3001/ Detailed Description Release Date To Be Announced pre-order your copy today! Orders with both pre-order and in stock items will have all in stock items shipped immediately! 3CD Box Set With 28-Page Booklet! Five Incredible Live Performances From Australia, UK, USA, France & Japan! This three-disc collection celebrates the Beatles as a live act, at the peak of their fame. Presenting material drawn from several thrilling appearances broadcast between 1964 and 1966, from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Japan and painstakingly remastered here. Complete with detailed background notes and many rare images, making it the ideal addition for any self-respecting Beatlemaniac. Features: • 3CD Box Set • Entire original National Television Network, ITV, WXPN 99.9 FM, Europe 1 & NTV Channel 4 broadcasts • Remastered • Clamshell box • 28-page full color booklet with background liners and rare archival photographs • Import Selections: CD 1: Australia - Festival Hall, Melbourne, June 17, 1964 NATIONAL TELEVISION NETWORK 1. I Saw Her Standing There 2. You Can't Do That 3. All My Loving 4. She Loves You 5. Till There Was You 6. Roll Over Beethoven 7. Can't Buy Me Love 8. Twist And Shout 9. Long Tall Sally United Kingdom - ABC Theatre, Blackpool, July 19, 1964 & August 1, 1965 ITV NETWORK July 19, 1964: 10. A Hard Day's Night 11. Things We Said Today 12. You Can't Do That 13. If I Fell 14. Long Tall Sally August 1, 1965: 15. I Feel Fine 16. I'm Down 17. Act Naturally 18. Ticket To Ride 19. Yesterday 20. Help! CD 2: USA - Convention Hall, Philadelphia, September 2, 1964 WXPN 88.9 FM 1. Twist And Shout 2. You Can't Do That 3. All My Loving 4. She Loves You 5. Things We Said Today 6. Roll Over Beethoven 7. Can't Buy Me Love 8. If I Fell 9. I Want To Hold Your Hand 10. Boys 11. A Hard Day's Night 12. Long Tall Sally France - Palais Des Sports, Paris, June 20, 1965 EUROPE 1 13. Twist And Shout 14. She's A Woman 15. I'm A Loser 16. Can't Buy Me Love 17. Baby's In Black 18. I Wanna Be Your Man 19. A Hard Day's Night 20. Everybody's Trying' To Be My Baby 21. Rock 'N' Roll Music 22. I Feel Fine 23. Ticket To Ride 24. Long Tall Sally CD 3: Japan - Budokan Hall, Tokyo, June 30, 1966 NTV CHANNEL FOUR 1. Rock 'N' Roll Music 2. She's A Woman 3. If I Needed Someone 4. Day Tripper 5. Baby's In Black 6. I Feel Fine 7. Yesterday 8. I Wanna Be Your Man 9. Nowhere Man 10. Paperback Writer 11. I'm Down
  3. Some fascinating things coming: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/king-crimson-50th-anniversary-plans-boxes-documentary-tours-and-more.799943/ JC
  4. Thanks. I'm going to do some very careful measuring tomorrow to see whether this will work. JC
  5. After a tremendous amount of research, evaluation, and searching for the perfect endgame preamp to add to my system, which would work well in conjunction with my dream DAC, I ended up with one I had long coveted. I was particularly pleased, because it can be extremely difficult to find, especially at a reasonable price, since it was a fairly limited run, and has not been sold in a number of years. For the purposes of discussion, the preamp model or manufacturer doesn't matter (if curious see my post in the DAC forum). What does matter is that the best interconnect cable that I had found to connect from DAC to preamp ( a critical point) is suddenly about two inches short due to the specific placement of the input and output connectors, and overall size of the two components. I sat there earlier tonight thrilled and excited that the preamp had arrived (and had time to warm up to room temperature) only to find I could not connect it with the desired interconnect cable. Yes, I had another set of interconnects or two available, although not of the same quality. The interconnect in question, is a .5 meter AudioQuest Niagara, a former top of line cable for them, back about 8-9 years ago. I bought it used (as I always do with cables) at a great price about a year and a half ago. This situation resulted to not being able to do a complete evaluation of the new preamp, to my great disappointment. For starters, as I am sure you all know, you never introduce two new items at once to your system, and secondly, neither of the other sets of interconnects are as good as the AudioQuest. And the resulting issue is that I know everything about the sound of my system prior to the new preamp, but now, I don't know how the preamp would sound with the much superior AudioQuest cable that I have long had in place. So I can't honestly evaluate the preamp accurately as a part of my system. I have listened to it with two other interconnects but the sound is simply different, and it's clear that the preamp cannot wholly deliver its performance using them. Unfortunately, besides the significant additional cost involved to purchase one, there are no used AudioQuest Niagara cables of any length (much less the .75 or 1 meter length I would need) anywhere to be found for sale, and they also appear rarely. I know because I wanted to add an additional one meter Niagara cable to my system earlier last year, and have only seen one come up for sale in the past eight months. I have read some reviews of newer series AudioQuest interconnects, but it is virtually impossible to know what they might sound like in comparison to my specific Niagara cable. And especially in my system, with my existing components. I did discuss this with two AudioQuest dealers, and they said that I would get very similar sound with a particular current cable, but that cable costs a fortune, of course. Also, the audio cable sellers that allow rentals do not have the older Niagara series available for rent any longer, or the series that followed it, since they are discontinued. The newer series that they do carry (the same one the other Audioquest dealers mentioned) are far too expensive to buy at this point in time. It's very frustrating as trying another cable entirely is a crap shoot, and I also can't fairly evaluate it against the Niagara, in my system, since I can't physically connect that cable any more. And, being so familiar with the sound of my entire system including the Niagara cable connecting preamp and DAC, using any other cable does not allow me to accurately judge the new preamp in the system, since I've introduced two variables. And thats the critical challenge I have, really seeing what the preamp is capable of. At this point, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Lastly, if you are one of those who don't believe in cables having a meaningful effect on sound, I'm really not interested in hearing from you, or your opinions. I have never attacked your uninformed opinions in this forum, or any other, so please leave this topic alone. Thank you. JC
  6. Blake, Thanks for the heads up. You are absolutely correct, one has to be EXTREMELY careful of AudioQuest fakes. A friend of mine didn't listen to me, bought a high end pair of supposedly AudioQuest interconnects online, only to find out they were garbage. It's critical to be incredibly careful buying from anyone other than a dealer, agreed. And it's not only AudioQuest, everyone, be very careful! JC
  7. Thanks Sandy. I actually have an LC1 pair of bluejeans cables for my office system available, and tried it in this scenario. I've recommended those cable to friends in the past, but it simply didn't deliver in my specific circumstance the way the Niagara did. Believe me, I wish it had. In the end, I don't care which cable gets me what I want, regardless of price or name brand. JC
  8. Good idea, and thanks. Even if it temporarily allows me to use the system while waiting for a .75, or more likely one meter Niagara to show up for sale on one of the online sites, thats a usable option. The bad news is that while I did yet another search for a Niagara cable on Audiogon, they apparently have a new service for such things. It asked me if I wanted to be notified when one of them was offered for sale, which I took them up on, only to be told I was the third person who had requested it for one of those interconnects! Guess I had better monitor my e-mail closely for the next period of months. JC
  9. Jud, you're exactly right. They are on upper and lower shelves, one above the other. My initial thought was that raising the level of one could gain me the two inches, but tubes extending upwards cause me to run out of a safe amount of headroom. JC
  10. A quick update. I had a gathering of friends over today to watch the two semi final football games. One friend brought along his youngest brother (25) who is a very serious competitive weigh lifter. He has developed his body, without any illegal or questionable drug enhancements, to a point where he is rock hard, and massively muscled. It seemed too good an opportunity to pass up, so I had him stand there and hold the DAC just above the preamp (allowing me to connect the AudioQuest Niagara interconnect) while we all listened to my standard equipment review music. With everything connected back to exactly the way it was before the new preamp was added, and the correct cable, and new preamp in place, I was more than happy with the overall sound. It was simply thrilling. So at least I understand where I am in terms of cabling. How to deal with that, as I explained before, is another thing, as these cables simply appear very seldom for sale, and the logical, currently available AudioQuest cable is priced far above my ability to afford, new, or used. But, I now know what the system sounds like in the way I intended it to be, so that part of the issue is settled. An important conclusion. With the entire group of us looking at the placement dilemma, and very careful measuring, during halftime , it has been determined that the power amplifier simply cannot fit on the lower portion of the audio furniture. Either the SACD player and the preamp, or the SACD player and the DAC can fit on the lower portion of the unit. All of this is driven by the combined width of the components and the length limitations of the furniture. The other issue is that given the distance between the preamp and DAC from the lower shelf, to the upper shelf, and the distance between the necessary connections on each (where they are placed from right to left on the back of the units), regardless of what you have on top, or on the bottom, there is simply no way that a .5 meter interconnect cable can reach. A .75 meter could, but not a half meter. And sorry, I would have provided a picture, but by the time the second football game got to half time, it was dark here, and I have very little light in that room, so a picture wasn't really possible. I think that my description of the involved equipment on a two shelf furniture unit, with large support columns on the outside four corners, should give you an adequate idea of what we were dealing with. And so, now, I either need to listen to sub par music (using one of my other sets of interconnects) for six months to a year before a used Niagara cable appears for sale, or I need to find a way to determine what cable could replace it with essentially similar results. But at least have eliminated two of the three issues causing the entire problem. JC
  11. Just stumbled across this on HD Tracks. The entire Yes boxed set of albums that were remixed by the brilliant Steven Wilson are available for download at an unbelievable price of only $34.98 for five entire albums! All of the great, required Yes albums are included, in 96/24: The Yes Album Fragile Close To The Edge Tales From Topographic Oceans (possibly not entirely great, or required, but has it's moments) Relayer (ok, this isn't great, or required but still)
  12. Thanks for your thoughts. One of the dealers did indeed make that offer. However, the current cable that he felt was the only one truly close in characteristics to my Niagara cable, would cost me well over a thousand dollars, and that just isn't in my budget. Which Is why I only buy cables used, at generally less than half of list price. JC
  13. My intent, other than frustration, in creating this discussion was to see what forum members thoughts might be on the conundrum of what to do when you clearly need a longer version of an existing cable to get back to square one, and that cable is long since no longer available to purchase, except used, and only appears for sale once or twice in a year, at best. There is immense, almost hopeless difficulty, to my mind, in trying to gauge what other cable might best provide similar results, and I had a forlorn hope that there would be some useful commentary in that regard. I seem to be between a rock and a hard place. JC
  14. In my original comments, I mentioned having on hand, not one, but two other one meter interconnects (one somewhat inexpensive, one mid priced). I unintentionally failed to also mention that I tried both, without being able to reach the same sound quality as I had with the Audioquest. And, for the record, I've found some less expensive, or at least only moderately expensive interconnects or speaker cables to work very well in the past. This former, top of the line Audioquest is simply something special, and it was apparent the very first time I ever added it to my system. A friend of mine who is, in general, a very cynical and questioning individual, remarked as soon as we fired up one of our evaluation songs, that there had just been a very positive change. And you have a point about pictures. I'll see about adding some tonight after I wrap up a day long football watching fest with friends who are coming over. JC
  15. Trust me Doc, I can be extremely creative in getting audio components to fit and work within a particular space. Up until now, I've never failed to come up with a solution on ANY of my various and varying systems, and racks, and spaces, over the years. And thats a LOT of improvising and creativity. I once used a basket hanging from the ceiling temporarily for a DAC. In this case, I can come up with nothing. The components are on a custom made furniture unit that I ordered about a year ago specifically for my system, not expecting the eventual magnitude of change. . A big part of the problem is that the amp is very large, the preamp is quite large, and the DAC might be the biggest one made, in terms of footprint. Also, my SACD player is quite wide. All of this adds up to no permanent solution, and not even a workable temporary one. JC
  16. Not that I don't appreciate any help, but honestly, if it were this simple, I wouldn't have bothered posting. If I did as you suggest, the cables would not reach from the preamp to the amplifier. And the amplifier is over a hundred pounds, and with a back issue, I can't move it. JC
  17. I understand, that SET magic can be very elusive, and I honestly don't remember a hybrid capturing it, in my experience. JC
  18. It would appear that I will be fortunate enough to purchase this dream DAC at an incredible price very soon from an original owner. I was just wondering if anyone here also owns one, and is using it via its optional volume control/preamp circuit directly to the power amp(s) and what your thoughts are on doing so. I've previously had some very mixed results, to out it kindly, experimenting with my previous system, and those of friends and others. The results we had were heavily favoring using a preamp and not connecting directly from DAC to amp. However, I have read more and more, of late, of people's success in going direct, and one of my friend found that also worked for him with his Lampizator Big 7, with volume control. I'm very torn about this, as I currently own an absolutely amazing preamp which took my system to a new level that I just sit in wonder at. Giving it up to go direct would be painful and disappointing, but then there is the almost incontrovertible logic that a shorter, less complex path should always result in better audio performance. For reference, I will be using the Golden Gate with an UltraRendu, LPS 1.2 power supply, and a Sonic Transporter. JC
  19. I had a Line Magnetic 219ia in house for a while. I liked it very much, but it simply couldnt drive the speakers I was using, despite all the claims that it had the power to drive things that you wouldn't expect. What other integrateds are you considering? There are some very interesting things out there, though they can get very pricey. And honestly, other than power limitations, you do have to go quite a ways upward to out perform the Line Magnetics. And no danger of being tempted by a GAT or GAT 2. My finances simply don't extend nearly that far, even at a good used price! JC
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    All Songs Considered - Best of 2018

    Thanks for putting this out there Jud. At first listen, via the sampling of selections offered, it does appear to indeed be some good, and unique stuff! JC
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    Musicians I'd Like the Most To Be Still Alive.

    If you have ever had any interest in Phil Och's, or simply if you appreciate music, there is a brilliant compilation/tribute album out, which has two discs of his most memorable songs performed by an amazingly gifted lineup of musicians touched by Phil's contributions. It's called "What's That I Hear", and hopefully is available on Tidal too (no way to check atm). Strongly recommended listening. https://www.allmusic.com/album/whats-that-i-hear-the-songs-of-phil-ochs-mw0000036524 JC
  22. In the end, of twenty one people I polled that owned Lampizator Golden Gates, sixteen felt that it performed at it's best when matched with a compatible preamp. In this instance, it also wasn't only being compatible, in terms of synching well, the preamp needed to be one of very high quality. And capable of passing along the strengths of the Golden Gate, the incredible clarity and insight into the music, and dynamics, but all without a hint of brightness or shrillness. To that, the preamp needed to bring it's own qualities to the signal. Of course, I did create a list of preamps that the satisfied Golden Gate owners were using. In the end, I discovered that my finances could afford virtually none of them, excepting possible one only sold in Europe which is not available for US voltage. I spent the last nine weeks researching preamplifiers to death. I talked to everyone from known audio reviewers, to distributors, to owners of prominent brick and mortar audio stores, to primary audio forum experts, to friends I had made in the industry and also some well heeled audiophiles I had access to that have bought, demoed and sold as many as twenty or more preamps each. In the end, I had a list of what, ideally, I would look for, on sale used (to allow some affordability). The other night, one in the most desirable grouping appeared, and in mint condition, original owner, all packaging, accessores etc. available, and with a new set of NOS tubes. The price was also more than fair. I quickly purchased the unit, and am having to bide my time until the owner gets back from his extended New Year's trip to his cabin in the mountains on January 6th. He will ship the next day, Monday, the 7th. This is a very rarely found preamp, that also "completely coincidentally" will match beautifully with my amplifier,. The DAC in question? The Conrad Johnson ACT2. This is referred to as, essentially, a one chassis version of the fabled, ultra limited, and ungodly expensive, ART2 preamp. I was very fortunate to have this fall into my lap, and, based on the Conrad Johnson expertise I had available to me, including an incredibly knowledgeable former CJ distributor, and people within CJ itself, it should not only be a superb preamp, but a great match with my Golden Gate. It's also, in my opinion, a stunningly attractive piece of gear, so bonus there. I can't wait until I receive the delivery and cant connect things up. Review link included: https://www.stereophile.com/tubepreamps/305cj/index.html JC
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    Musicians I'd Like the Most To Be Still Alive.

    John Lennon Jimi Hendrix Phil Ochs Tim Buckley Both died far too young and had so much more to offer. Lennon's insight, as he experienced more, over the years might have resulted in some brilliant songs. Hendrix was only scratching the surface. Look at the leap to Electric Ladyland and imagine what might have come after. Ochs wrote an amazing number of beautiful, moving and topical songs in his short life, and I regret often the loss of the songs we never heard, had he lived. Tim Buckley was a brilliant songwriter and performer who was almost completely unique in style. JC
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    Qobuz in US: When?

    Thanks Jud, you've again provided me with information I didn't have on how this can be accomplished. JC
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    Qobuz in US: When?

    Thanks for the explanation Jud. With the UltraRendu and the SonicTransporter already in the new system chain, though, also introducing a PC isn't something I truly wanted to do. And, in addition, my desktop pc is all the way across the house and on another floor, so the aforementioned scenario isn't really viable, since I can't physically access it while in my listening room. JC