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  1. Many, many thanks - now I get the point: We are talking about two different recording, yours is the 1974 version while I was always talking about the famous and legendary 1965 London studio recording. But I reminds me, I am missing your recommendation in my collection. 😎 Let's see where I can get that Esoteric disc.
  2. Darryl R, you please have to update me, which DG version are you talking about? I have the "old" 24/96, then the EMI Japan DSD and now the new 24/192. Pure technically they are very similar, the 192 is louder (not much) and dynamics on the DSD and 192kHz are a DR11, where the 96kHz is a DR10. Soundwise the 96kHz and the DSD are near identical with the DSD probably being better. The new 192kHz is not too far apart, it is bigger, nearer to the piano, more intimate. We can discuss, what is better, I do not know the recording location. From my perspective, all three are reall
  3. Isabelle Faust, Alexander Melnikov Mozart: Sonatas for fortepiano & violin, Vol.3 [24/96] Qobuz 2021 Excellent new release! 😁
  4. Since everyone here is writing about Mozart Symphony No.41, listening to my two favorites right now: Columbia Symphony Orchestra (Bruno Walter) Mozart: Symphony No.40 and No.41 (Walter) [24/352] Le Concert Des Nations (Jordi Savall) Mozart: The Symphonic Testament [24/88]
  5. Frank Peter Zimmermann, Martin Helmchen Beethoven: Violin Sonatas No.5 and No.7 [24/96] 2021 Qobuz
  6. Enrico Onofri Vivaldi Concerti Particolari [24/192] 2021 Qobuz
  7. First Aid Kit Who by Fire - Live Tribute to Leonard Cohen (Live) excellent 😁
  8. Thanks for that hint! Even though I have never regretted the switch after Win7 to MacOS, the tagging was never solved. Will definitely start using mp3tag on the Mac now. One function, I am still missing is a lookup in the own database while typing. Let's say, I want to add the composer, and I want to always use "Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770 - 1827)". To my knowledge, mp3tag not really offer a nice solution, or I missed it. Any suggestions? (OT: f2k does support it in an excellent way, but has disadvantages also)
  9. Glenn Gould Bach Goldberg Variations, BWV988 [DSD] 1981 SACD Saturday morning - good music and good coffee = good mood! 🤠
  10. Piero Toso Albinoni: Douze Concertos, Op.7 [24/192] 1975 Qobuz
  11. Haha, why did I know that before? 😉
  12. Friedrich Gulda Two Solo Recitals (1959) Mozart, Beethoven & Others (Live) Qobuz 16/44.1
  13. I am really curious. Hopefully later today I have the time for it. Is DSD256 native - or is it DXD?
  14. I ordered a used MFSL CD for 60€, so it better be good 😉
  15. Giovanni Antonini Vivaldi: Concerti per flauto [24/96] 2020 Qobuz 🤜🤛
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