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  1. Thanks for that hint! Even though I have never regretted the switch after Win7 to MacOS, the tagging was never solved. Will definitely start using mp3tag on the Mac now. One function, I am still missing is a lookup in the own database while typing. Let's say, I want to add the composer, and I want to always use "Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770 - 1827)". To my knowledge, mp3tag not really offer a nice solution, or I missed it. Any suggestions? (OT: f2k does support it in an excellent way, but has disadvantages also)
  2. Glenn Gould Bach Goldberg Variations, BWV988 [DSD] 1981 SACD Saturday morning - good music and good coffee = good mood! 🤠
  3. Piero Toso Albinoni: Douze Concertos, Op.7 [24/192] 1975 Qobuz
  4. Friedrich Gulda Two Solo Recitals (1959) Mozart, Beethoven & Others (Live) Qobuz 16/44.1
  5. I am really curious. Hopefully later today I have the time for it. Is DSD256 native - or is it DXD?
  6. I ordered a used MFSL CD for 60€, so it better be good 😉
  7. Giovanni Antonini Vivaldi: Concerti per flauto [24/96] 2020 Qobuz 🤜🤛
  8. What is amazing as well, how many results I get when I do a search in Qobuz (but no MFSL):
  9. Yes it is louder, that could mislead, agree. Still the new version SQ is much better than the 2010 high-res version - for whatever reason. Below are the DR values, for sure they can not describe the SQ, but they show the volume difference and a very similar overall dynamic. This is the new 2021 release: DR Peak RMS Duration Track -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR12 -0.20 dB -16.56 dB 4:52 01-Night Train DR12 -0.23 dB -14.97 dB 3:26 02-C Jam Blues DR12 -2.35 dB
  10. I have an earlier 24/96 version of it also. The actual one is much better. It is little louder (to be considered), still dynamics is even better. Trancparency is better too and a covering curtain is gone.
  11. Oscar Peterson Trio Night Train (Remaster) [24/96] 1963 Well balanced remastering - fresh release on Qobuz
  12. John Lee Hooker Live At Montreux 1990 [24/48] Qobuz excellent!
  13. Vladimir Horowitz Horowitz on Television - January 2 & February 1, 1968 [24/176] 1968 Qobuz 5 stars
  14. L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (Ernest Ansermet) Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade; Borodin: Polovtsian Dances [DSD] 1961
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