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  1. Kim Borg: Essentials [16/44.1] Qobuz New 2019 release Kim Borg (1919 - April 2000)
  2. Ronald Brautigam, Die Kölner Akademie (Michael Alexander Willens) Mozart Piano Concertos Nos.18 & 22 [24/96] 5 star Mozart PC album with top SQ
  3. Did you really listen to the "Pristine" masterings? In my opinion they are spectacular! Maybe they are not that clean as "new" good recordings, but Schnabels piano is captured, I would say, almost perfect.
  4. I was really curious and I wanted to understand, why you in the Netherlands get a different (better) cover from the DG marketing department that I - who is located in Austria. 🤔
  5. It really can be that true reason is, it's Ravel. Schubert is a different league for me 😎 Julia Rinderle Schubertiade on Piano [DSD] 2019
  6. You have some answers, but not of them is valid. The albums I bought from her (because she is young, Asian and attractive, and hopefully seriously good) are Rachmaninoff / Prokoviev (conductor Dudamel) Ravel (DG 2015) The playing on both of them did not touch me. I am not an expert, so I can just write about my subjective impressions. Not being an expert does not mean I am a beginner (with some thousands of albums in my collection.) Anyway, music taste is very subjective and I really respect everyones opinion.
  7. Sure, the covers are different: https://www.amazon.de/Rachmaninov-Klavierkonzert-C-Moll-Yuja-Wang/dp/B004G8AM2I/ref=sr_1_6?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=Yuja+wang&qid=1563576061&s=gateway&sr=8-6 Where do you come from then?
  8. The praise you all give to Yuja Wang makes me curious. I have 2 albums of her in my repository, but am not impressed at all. Okay, now I want to hear this Rachmaninoff album, but cannot find the cover here in Europe. I really looks like, we have a different cover, the tracks do match. Where are you from?
  9. Skride Piano Quartet Mozart, Brahms, Mahler: Piano Quartets 24/96 Qobuz Really like that new 2019 album. They play like hell
  10. Giuliano Carmignola, Venice Baroque Orchestra (Andrea Marcon) Late Vivaldi Concertos (RV386, RV235, RV296, RV258, RV389, RV251) Qobuz 16/44.1 Top album. Highly recommended.
  11. Sorry Marcus, no chance in two days, to see the hole exhibition and the Hifi-Deluxe some kilometers away. Mabye next year, you make me curious. What I forgot to mention, really great sound was in the rooms of Fink - Borg and Wolf von Langa - SON Reg, Bernhard
  12. Many thanks for the report, austinpop! I was there on Saturday and Sunday - and it is always very interesting how others interpret their impressions. I could not hear everything too, but almost everything. My feeling was - the level this year was really high, some great sounding systems. I can really recommend a visit to all of us. I would like to highlight my subjective best-of-show's in random order: Verity Audio (Lohengrin) MBL Western Electric YG with Nagra these where great too: Kaiser Kawero with Kondo WLM Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur Manger with Lindemann Some of my pictures, if anyone is interested. reg., Bernhard
  13. Michael Fabiano Verdi & Donizetti: Opera Arias [24/96] fresh release 2019 by Pentatone Qobuz 24/96 Great album, great voice, great SQ
  14. Paul Badura-Skoda Tänze aus Wien (Schubert, Strauss II, Schulhof) released 2016 Qobuz 16/44 Really like it and listened to it many times in the last week.
  15. I discovered the new remaster on Qobuz too, some days ago. When it turned out, it is a new (great) remaster, I immediately uploaded the DR-logfile to the dynamic range database: http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/162578 On top of excellent dynamic, SQ is very good.
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