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  1. Your player Sony SCD XB790 is listed in the "not working" section of the compatibility list, so if the list is correct, you will not be able to use it to play SACD-R discs.
  2. When reading the post, I first thought it was about vintage pressings (in mint condition). But these are only reissues. They probably think that the special effort they took in mastering them makes them extremely valuable The Electric Recording Company But state of the art LP reissues by Analogue Productions (45rpm 2LP sets), MFSL and other audiophile labels go for $30-50 usually. Those classic jazz sessions get reissued all the time in audiophile formats, so this specific reissue will hardly become a collector's item.
  3. That looks good if you need the rips quickly. Maybe you wouldn't need so many computers but could rip 2 CDs on one computer in parallel, using two drives. I ripped more than 2000 CDs a year ago, on one computer with one drive. After I finally decided to digitize my collection, I ripped CDs all the time that I spend at my computer, while I was doing other stuff. Changing the CDs, organizing files, sometimes having to edit names, copying a cover image to the folder, this all takes very little time compared to the time it takes for the software to rip a CD (about 10 minutes in secure mode). It took me 5 months or so, but it didn't appear to me as spending a lot of time on it, as I sit at the PC for 2-3 hours per day anyway, reading things, listening to music, watching sports streams. Scanning booklets would have been much too time consuming. I now download front and back cover from Discogs or Allmusic to complete the rips when I have the time.
  4. This recommendation is so random, that's why I assumed you were promoting your label. There are thousands of great digital reissues of analogue recordings available. You make it look like your two links were some kind of rare gem. I'm pretty sure the person who released these has never seen the original tapes.
  5. What Hifi is certainly just trolling it's readers by adding that trick/myth at the end, after the eight well known ones. I've never heard of it, and I've been reading the hifi press since before CDs existed. The classic CD tweak to add to such a list would have been the marker pen trick. https://www.stereophile.com/content/cd-tweaks-listening-tests
  6. "CD + MP3 bundle" means you get a physical CD and a MP3 download. Not a 16/44 FLAC (CD quality) download. The album page in the label store only has two download format options: MP3 and 24/96 FLAC https://www.nonesuch.com/albums/spangled If the "24/96 HD FLAC" download is indeed 16/44 FLAC, it's clearly an labeling error. Acoustic Sounds has a 24/44 download. Maybe there is no 24/96 version. Many pop albums are produced in 24/44 these days. (Some are sold as 24/96 but actually have no frequencies above 22kHz, i.e. there is a 44kHz sampling rate limitation somewhere in the recording/mastering chain.) https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/146310/Gaby_Moreno__Van_Dyke_Parks-Spangled-FLAC_44kHz24bit_Download
  7. In the Discogs list, I missed the 1993 (Sony) Legacy reissue, which is probably easier to find: https://www.discogs.com/Sarah-Vaughan-Live-In-Japan/release/8073277
  8. This was released on the small Mainstream label. That's probably why no download/streaming site has the rights. This album has only been reissued on CD in 1991 by MFSL and in 1998 by Sony in Japan, and then in 2008 on the Jazz Lips label, which is an unauthorised release. https://www.discogs.com/Sarah-Vaughan-Live-In-Japan/release/3238975 BTW, Qobuz has many unauthorized releases (which are not illegal, when the music is in the public domain in Europe (pre-1964)), where the sources are unclear (ripped from previous CD or LP releases).
  9. Can you play the SACD layer on hybrid discs, by switching manually to it? SHM-SACDs are single layer, so the player can only play (and rip) the SACD part, but with hybrids you can choose the layer. My BDP-170 managed to rip hundreds of hybrid SACDs, but with a few discs, I needed to open/close the tray a few times before the player finally recognized it as an SACD and not a CD. Failing to read hybrid SACDs is also a common problem of many SACD players (related to the laser), so it could be that your player has a hardware problem.
  10. Better not be able to wear your Oppo or Pioneer out by ripping CDs and Blu-rays, since you'll probably never find another player capable of ripping SACDs, except on the second hand market (as with the first-generation PS3s earlier). Those players are now several years old, and no newer player on the market could be hacked to rip SACDs. To be on the safe side, I have two players that can rip SACDs (an Oppo 103 and a Pioneer BDP-170), and I use the Pioneer only for that. It has ripped more than a 1000 discs so far.
  11. Maybe not impossible, but nobody has developed a solution for that yet, since PCs can do it so easily.
  12. I would also recommend a drive that reads Blu-ray discs, since it's very convenient for ripping Blu-ray discs, Drives that write Blu-ray discs are usually twice as expensive as those which just read BD (and write CD/DVD) - 60€ vs 120€ -, so you may skip that option if you don't need it.
  13. Chris, shouldn't your forum account be changed to "Audiophile Stylist" ?
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