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  1. I suffered similar problems with my Signature, mostly when landing on hi-res files in a playlist. I found that if I flipped back to previous track and then forward again a few times it would eventually play. This became increasingly frustrating and after trying every possible solution I came to the conclusion that my unit was defective. I never had any such issues with my previous base model DigiOne or my ''vintage'' Squeezebox Touch. Fortunately Allo quickly responded by sending me a new unit. It has been playing almost non-stop for a week now without one stutter, dropout, lost signal. I could even swear that the new unit sounds fuller/richer than the defective one.
  2. Hi, I'm also having issues with uncompressed 24-192 FLAC files not playing with DigiOne Signature running piCorePlayer/LMS. Very frustrating as I never had any such problems with Squeezebox Touch
  3. I think I'll play it safe and find a way of securing the sockets. Bondic should do the trick. I hate waiting for replacements due to defects.
  4. Hi, As was the case with my DigiOne I'm getting ethernet signal dropouts with my Signature. Rebooting both the RPi and Signature temporarily solves the problem but is really beginning to annoy me. Never had any such issues with SB Touch on same network. I'm running LMS 7.9 off recent build high end PC (Win 10/64) with latest version of piCorePlayer on RPi. 5V 2.5A PSU on RPi and 5V 3A on Signature. Router is able to stream BluRay to my Oppo player without a hiccup so I've ruled that out. Thanks
  5. Deleted Moved post over to Plug and Play section. Sorry
  6. I placed an order on dec 26th for a DigiOne Signature, which following some delays, finally arrived. Unfortunately it shipped without DC to USB C connectors that were checked off on the packing slip. I had to place another order for these hard to find connectors which, including shipping, cost me an additional 30 bucks. According to tracking info they have yet to leave India. In the meantime the DigiOne is sitting on a shelf collecting dust. I'd rather not think of how long it will take to get a new unit should mine turn out to be defective.
  7. Could you please explain how you fried your unit? I'm waiting for power cables to arrive before I can connect mine. It seems straightforward enough. Isn't it two 5V power supplies, one powers the Signature and the other powers the Raspberry. I'm currently powering my base model DigiOne with two separate 5V power supplies.
  8. Thanks for the link. Ordered a pair, hopefully they won't take forever to arrive.
  9. Hi, could you please provide a link for this cable. Thanks
  10. Thanks, I dug it up from their website. They had it checked off on my Signature packing slip but it wasn't in the box. Couldn't find one locally so now I'll have to order. This means another week or two without Signature in my chain + additional shipping fees for something that costs about 10 cents to make.
  11. Hi, Just received the Signature version. Was hoping to use the connector from my base DigiOne but it doesn't fit. I need two micro USB cables that will either have a female barrel adapter at one end or a male 2.5 to fit into each power supply. Exactly what type of USB do I need to specify for each of the Signature's power inputs? Thanks
  12. I don't want to be too harsh against Allo but I would tend to agree with you. Reminds me of restaurants with extensive menus but with total chaos going on in the kitchen.
  13. After no news I finally received a reply reassuring me that it would ship on Jan 8. One day later and still no shipping confirmation. What pisses me off is that I paid extra for fast shipping so I would get it before I return to work next week. Just hoping it lives up to expectations and is a noticeable improvement over my base model DigiOne.
  14. Well another 3 days and two more emails sent to Allo and still no reply. A heads up or at least some kind of acknowledgment would be nice.
  15. Are Allo closed for the holidays? I ordered the Signature 5 days ago and have yet to receive a shipping confirmation despite choosing the 3-5 day delivery option. In other words I should have received the unit by now.
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