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  1. I still subscribe to Stereophile and The Absolute Sound print editions. I agree that a break from the computer screen is nice at times. While reading them from cover to cover is no longer all that rewarding, I do read certain reviews, for comparison sakes, the music reviews, and the occasional extended music article. JC
  2. https://www.spin.com/2019/09/rem-monster-25th-anniversary-reissue/
  3. The link shows that the new, remastered Abbey Road has returned to number two on the top 200 chart 50 years after it originally did so upon initial release! JC
  4. As the title says, I would like a solid, affordable, external blu ray burner drive to rip 2 channel music audio Blu Ray versions to my NAS. Thanks for any help. Also, someone in an earlier discussion said that Chris had posted instructions on ripping blu rays, somewhere here in the forum, could someone direct me to that information? Thanks. JC
  5. History repeats itself: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/beatles-abbey-road-rs-200-charts-895699/ JC
  6. Can the PerfectWave Transport be used as a standalone unit, or does it require you to use it with the associated PS Audio DAC? Also, I was surprised to see, when I checked, the PS Audio no longer sells the Perfectwave Transport! JC
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Nikhil. The stacking feature would be ideal, but In reading the description, they seem to be designed for bare wire, though? JC
  8. Newest report is that over the past two days, I cannot get any music to play on the upstairs/MicroRendu system when I try using Shairplay now. And this occurs despite repeatedly resetting the MicroRendu for Shairplay, and then rebooting it each time. This whole situation just keeps getting worse As soon as possible, I am going to relocate the downstairs UltraRendu and it's power supply upstairs to see what happens at that point. I have only held off doing it thus far because a really painful hip injury is making it extremely hard to even bend over, much less get down onto the floor and reach (and then get back up again) to disconnect the UltraRendu and power supply from where they are located under the bottom shelf of my audio furniture. I'll report back about what I find. At this point, I simply need to find some way to identify what the problem is. My plan was to move to an OpticalRendu system for the main system downstairs, and use the UltraRendu and LPS 1,2 power supply upstairs somewhere around year end, or January. Until I know what the current issue is, I don't know whether that strategy still makes sense, or whether I need to consider moving to other hardware, which I would much rather not do. JC
  9. TubeLover


    No less, and possibly more irritating, but this has been discussed previously, and I think that Chris does about as much as he reasonably can to attempt to control it. JC
  10. TubeLover

    UPS on A10?

    I had this problem with my Aurender, as we have a power blip or other short disruption at least once a week here. And yes, there were all kinds of issues trying to reboot the Aurender after these circumstances. It was recommended by the dealer I purchased it from that I shut it down when I am not using it, which is what I have done ever since. It only takes a short time to boot up, and its protected by never being on during the power issues. JC
  11. TubeLover


    Thanks for keeping an eye on this Chris. I agree with Barrows and the rest, unfair to legitimate advertisers who support this site, and also a waste of everyone's time. JC
  12. As I'm sure you know,Chris, having re-termination done by the original cable manufacturer can be a bit pricey, and these are already expensive, even used. My thought was to use these for the speaker ends: https://www.musicdirect.com/store/audioquest-1002-banana-adapter-set-of-4 JC
  13. Thanks Chris. I just, however, realized that the Maggie .7 speakers that I would be connecting them to do not accept spades (only banana's). That would mean no possible way of connecting all four wires to the speaker binding posts. And, as you mentioned that is how I've seen manufacturers connect them. I would clearly rather have a standard pair, but am only considering purchasing these since they are the first pair in over a year that I've seen for sale of this particular model of speaker cable. JC
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