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  1. Great choice, just listened to it last night myself. Bought the complete box set. Some truly brilliant stuff in this album.
  2. An old favorite of mine from Emmylou. Some truly moving songs.
  3. Thanks for letting me know this is now available! JC
  4. I appreciate the advice. Pretty much along the lines I was thinking. The tricky thing is I have no access near me to anyone running HQPlayer on competent rig, or on anything, for that matter.
  5. An M1 Mac Mini is certainly more than affordable, but I've seen people comment that it will take over $2k to properly equip the Mini for HQPlayer. I would like to keep the budget to say, $1,500.00. It may be a while since some current financial expenditures have to be made.
  6. I saw Canned Heat in concert back in 72 in Lansing, Michigan at a civic center or something like that. Always great to have had the opportunity to see artists in their prime.
  7. From time to time I've read portions of the long running discussion about "Best CPU For HQPlayer" discussion. I do not remotely have the finances to build one of the technologically state of the art, and mega expensive computers that people are creating to run HQPlayer optimally (or at least as optimally as current pc hardware technology allows). I've designed and built any number of pc's, but nothing in the class you guys put together. I've built very good, fully capable pc's for less than many of you are paying just for GPU's/video cards. I I don't mean, in any way to be critical, just to illustrate my limitations, as far as expense. Several people whose expertise, in this area, I greatly respect, have repeatedly told me that using Roon is significantly limiting the sound quality my system can deliver. They clearly inform me that to ever hope to reach better sound, HQPlayer is the only real option. Based on that, here are the key questions that I have. 1) is it possible to affordably run HQPlayer at least reasonably well? I believe that I'm correct that it is DSD rate and also the filters that drive the cpu, gpu and other hardware requirements, but it also seems that the filters are at the heart of things. 2) Are there any affordable prebuilt options that work well, as in Small Green Computer's offerings, etc.? 3) if it is affordable, is it possible to accomplish this without the almost sorcerous abilities that seem to be required to constantly tweak obscure and near technically impossible things in order for it all to work well? 4) since you aren't using Roon as an interface, what do you use? Prior to moving to Roon, I found no other interfaces that didn't have painful ongoing issues. Thank for any assistance, insights or advice regarding this.
  8. Very good live recreation of a great Dylan song: Storyhill - "Lay Down Your Weary Tune" - Bing video JC
  9. Try this link, hopefully it works: https://www.shazam.com/track/550518434/dont-let-us-get-sick-warren-zevon-anniversary-mix
  10. Two versions of a great Warren Zevon song. Thanks Duck!
  11. Also just in, this should blow off the roof! : "Also available is Kid Amesiette a limited to 5000 numbered double cassette edition+ 36 page" booklet" Who isn't looking for a new cassette release? JC
  12. Passing this on, as I know it will interest a number of people here. There you go Chris, and Ted! JC https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/radiohead-kid-a-amnesiac-reissue-1220734/#recipient_hashed=29bb6da791e008a4bcb3d55604eba128524d8706cf296189c49739fb771738cd
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