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  1. This album was only able to be purchased, initially, if you had bought a ticket to see Mary Chapin Carpenter in her live, streaming concert last November. It is also now available only on her website. This recording captures a stunningly intimate performance, beautifully performed and superbly recorded. Just her, her guitar and a few microphones. If you are a fan of hers, or any kind of folk/singer songwriter genre music, this is a must listen.
  2. Ah, Leonard. The matchless and never to be forgotten poet of music. His words were treasures. JC
  3. Thanks cjf. I appreciate the input on this topic. I will certainly take all of your recommendations and advice into my decision making. And speaking of insurance, while I "believe: I have a good policy, and it has actual amounts they will cover, in total, including them being aware of the value of my audio gear, music gear, firearms, etc. Alternately, speaking of insurance companies, I spoke to an acquaintance that was the victim of a major robbery last year. His claim was for something well over $50k. Within a few months of the insurance company cutting him the check, his rates rose by
  4. Thanks to everyone for their helpful comments and thoughts on the matter. Enough positives have arisen, here and elsewhere that make SimpliSafe a real, and affordable possibility. It was in a couple reviews where they noted that they only notify you, and not the police etc. in these circumstances. I will talk to them personally to get o the truth of that.
  5. When I moved to the house I am living in now, last October, there had never been a home break in, or any violence or other crime related issues in over twenty years, which was a factor in my choosing this area. I wanted to get away from the heavily populated suburbs and the continuing and increasing crime. If you think you are truly safe anywhere, in the current world, you are fooling yourself. JC
  6. Thanks for all of your thoughts on this. I never before was even concerned about the possibility of needing an alarm system. In fact, last October, I moved out into the country, on a bucolic street filled with nice homes and scenery. The very last place I was expecting any crime issues. Jump to two days ago. My next door neighbor, a police 911 dispatcher, came over to inform me that the street adjacent to us (granted it is a more traveled road) had experienced eight break ins in the past two weeks. The thieves were teenage meth heads from further out in the country who were target
  7. I was just made aware of a situation that is almost certainly going to require me to get a home security system. I honestly never expected to need one, specially after moving to my current home, but the world, and situations change. I've been heavily researching the topic, but real world comments from people with these systems would be invaluable. The variations in cost and complexity are quite wide. Any assistance appreciated. Thanks. JC
  8. Missed this initially. Thanks, I was debating purchasing it. JC
  9. Great option. I would not have thought there was one new in box in existence. Thankfully, mine is absolutely in mint condition, and perfect. Wonderful amp! JC
  10. Now there is a fascinating mix of the classics of the past, and the technology of current day. Well done. I was fortunate enough to recently pick up the incredibly rare (only 100 made) 90th anniversary Luxman MQ-88uSE in mint condition. JC
  11. Listening to this tonight, along with an excellent bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rousanne, or the white version...........
  12. Some powerful songs here, especially "Murder Most Foul". If you were alive to understand fully what this song is about, it is mesmerizing. This is Dylan is reaching back to his long lost years of deeply meaningful commentary. An amazing thing to see, once again. Sixty years on, the master continues to teach. JC
  13. Lovely music, beautifully performed. An old favorite. Currently, in a somewhat similar vein, I am listening to:
  14. Great. Thanks so much for clarifying things Chris. Much appreciated. JC
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