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  1. I'll second loving that album. And also loving Roon as an interface! JC
  2. Thanks very much for the assistance. While I do not own any Sonos equipment, I'll certainly try the beta app out asapa. JC
  3. Very eager to hear these, all amongst my longtime favorite recordings.......... https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/joni-mitchell-50th-anniversary-blue-archives-series-1153188/ JC
  4. I have both Qobuz and Tidal, which, for this discussion, are irrelevant. The music service in question is "Music From The Hearts Of Space". JC
  5. My one friend decided to keep things as simple as possible, and defaulted to the Lumin, all in one unit. My other friend just grabbed a great deal on the Pontus today, barely used. Thanks for everyone's input. Much appreciated, as always. JC
  6. To better explain things, the system in my office/den is comprised of two monoblocks, a preamp, a DAC, a Sonic Transporter as Roon server, a Sonore Ultra Rendu as a streamer, and Roon endpoint, and a NAS. And Tom, yes, no longer being way up on the hill does help. Thanks. Plus I have a lot more room at the new place, which was much needed. I am also not an Apple guy. I am using the iPad as I would need either it, or a Android tablet to run the software from the online music service I use. And, at the time I acquired the iPad, it was the only format they supported. I could also use
  7. Hello, I asked this question once, a couple years back. I have both a paid online music service that I access via my iPad, and also an online FM station whose archives I listen to. At the time, I temporarily was able to use the "shairware" setting on my Sonore Ultra Rendu, but then problems kept arising, and became worse and worse, and it was pointed out here that there were some bugs, either in shaireware and/or the implementation. As soon as I stopped using the shairware setting, all of the problems instantly disappeared. For a while the point was moot, as I was looking for a ne
  8. I often find Gregorian chants ideal to go to sleep to....... JC
  9. Thanks for the link, a most interesting article, and it resulted in me preordering a book, in addition. Dylan is an artist of endless fascination.
  10. I stumbled across this album from a Canadian artist that I had never heard of, then or since. It was recommended to me by a friend who managed one of Detroit's largest music stores. This had to be 1989-90. Pulled it out of the collection, wiped off the dust, and enjoyed it again tonight. I would be shocked if anyone, even on this most knowledgeable of sites was even remotely familiar with it. I believe he all but disappeared from the music scene forever within a few years after, though apparently he still did some producing. A shame, as he displayed some significant talent here, even sounding,
  11. What a great album, and an enduring reminder of what was lost when he died so young. JC
  12. An old favorite soundtrack comprised of perhaps Morricone's most beautiful score. The soaring majesty, especially of the title song, has touched me since I first heard it as accompanying music for a local tv station's Sunday afternoon television movie presentation every week.
  13. Thank you Kal! Great suggestion. I do recall reading the review, I had simply forgotten that the unit had add on streaming capability. JC
  14. The Pontus is at or near the top of my list. Since he desires simplicity for his streaming, I'm also pondering whether to just have him go with a Lumin D2, one box, and done, and with a built in app. JC
  15. Good recommendations, but the individual I'm helping will not buy anything used (with very rare exceptions). I have the MHDT Orchid in my den system, and think its incredible for the money, but I also had to send it to be modded and also locate a very rare tube to get it to where it is. I don't think he will want to take those steps. JC
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