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  1. A very kind local audiophile has offered to loan me a high quality preamp from his second system so I can optimally evaluate the RAAL's. They ship out to me today, from California. Can't wait to experience them! JC
  2. I can see how the Linear Tube Audio electronics would be great with the Omega's. My friend has the MicroZOTL MZ2 preamp. . Nice system you've put together. JC
  3. Ricky, Most unfortunately, the wonderful amp I was going to buy was severely damaged in transit. After it was returned to it's previous owner, he contacted me indicating it was a complete loss. That ended this story, sadly. I was awaiting the arrival of the amp, and had placed an order with Omega, which required 4-6 weeks for delivery. I had to cancel that same order. Great disappointment in so many ways. JC
  4. I'm honestly, and completely shocked that you found you could even remotely drive Maggie 1.7's with 1 watt. I once tried a 20 watt SET amp with my .7's and it could not even begin to drive them. I then tried a friend's pair of tubed monoblocks that were rated at 60wpc with similarly poor results. They didn't begin to work until I brought in much more powerful amp. JC
  5. I can hardly wait either. Quick question, does bypassing having a preamp, and using the Roon volume alone cause any sound degradation or limitations? If this does not represent any limitations, as I am only using the single device (my DAC, with source information coming from my UltraRendu), adding a good preamp to the mix, would, at least theoretically, be a waste of money. JC
  6. Using Roon, Chris. I didn't realize that volume control would work with a power amp. it may be just the solution I need. THANKS! JC
  7. The DAC in my office/den system, where I will be listening to the RAAL's, is the Modwright Elyse (no volume control). The source is a Sonore UltraRendu., so, again, no way to control volume that I can think of. I made an attempt to borrow a very good preamp that a reasonably nearby audiophile friend had, which he wasn't using, but he literally just sold it on Wednesday of this week. JC
  8. Well, after reading the incredible reviews and your ongoing commentary, Chris, including sleepless, and sometimes foodless nights since you got them, I took the leap and ordered a pair of the SR1a's earlier today. Can't wait to hear them. While I do have a high quality integrated amp available for use, at least temporarily, what really pains me is something else. I have available what might be one of the absolute best possible power amps to match with the RAAL's, a Conrad Johnson limited edition ART sa tubed power amp (140wpc). This was their specialty flagship prior to the more recent release of the ART 150's. And, in some ways (warmth in the midrange and a lovely dose of overall tube magic, without stinting on bass control ) it betters the 150. The really sad part is that I do not have a preamplifier currently available to use with it so I can hear what magic the ART might make with the SR7a's. JC
  9. I'm a Jesse Cook fan too, and he has put out some great sounding cd's, as you noted. One of my favorite performances by him is his live, Montreal cd. JC
  10. That should be interesting! Also hoping the tubes you have ordered for the Mac get there soon! JC
  11. And they really do need the wattage recommended. I've ready every review and commentary on these, and its 150-200wpc solid state and 100wpc tube. A couple reviewers have been able to listen to quieter music, at quieter levels with a bit less, but no one wants those limitations. One reviewer tried them with the otherwise excellent Audio Research Reference 75 tube amp, which produces a very solid 75wpc, and stated that it was clear the RAAL's were still a bit underpowered! JC
  12. Chris, thanks for trying out that combination. Sorry about the tube and fuse blowing. Any other tube amps in your audio inventory capable of driving these? Or maybe a Pass XA25 which Herb Reichert of Stereophile had great success with? I know you need to bring in the heavy boys to move those Pass XA160's! JC
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