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  1. That's the way it should be, damn it, horrible music recorded horribly. There needs to be balance in the world! JC
  2. Beyond the "horrible awful" stuff, there is a long history of even more people listening to really well recorded music that is mediocre, or of a style they would never listen to otherwise. It allows them to feel better about all the money they spent putting together the system. There are some labels that exist because their music is so well recorded, but features artists no one has ever heard of, playing music no one ever needs to hear. JC
  3. Indeed, and that's a very nice recording, as is virtually everything John Rutter does. JC
  4. You may at least be one of the few that feel that way, and, hey, nothing works for everyone. But Moon River is generally considered an American standard. And again, it depends on who is singing it. The song itself isn't responsible for bad performances. I too like the Melody Gardot version. But did Lawrence Welk EVER perform a good version of ANYTHING? My grandparents, who I used to be with a fair bit of the time just loved that show when I was a little kid. God I hated it! How did he ever make it onto tv? JC
  5. This one might be exactly what I need......... https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/04/01/sound-blasterx-katana-rgb-soundbar-review
  6. Indeed. Quality pizza is one of the foundations of modern American society! Sadly, in my travels, I have noted many entire states that do not even have access to it. JC
  7. I'm wondering if such a thing exists. My initial research indicates that these consist of mostly very tiny, limited devices, cheaply made and priced. I am in the process of moving to another house, and my office/den, in which my desktop resides, is just not set up to accommodate my old, but still very effective, Klipsch computer surround sound system. The way in which things need to be positioned in the room I will be using would be very unsightly, and otherwise problematic. If anyone knows of a quality subwoofer for computer use, any information would be appreciated
  8. You have exceptional taste! I tried, several times, to pull together all the funding needed to purchase a pair of those very speakers, on the used market, but always fell a bit short. :( JC
  9. I'm also a big fan of the wonderful craftsmanship and design of Sonus Faber. The finish of the wood (especially the classic red violin), the sheer beauty of the angles and surfaces, the top quality leather, absolutely gorgeous speakers. And then there is the wondrous sound they are capable of. It nearly broke my heart too sell off my Olympica III's and it took a far more expensive set of speakers to surpass their performance. I wish I had the means to pick up a pair of these, but thats not ever going to happen. Hopefully I can live vicariously through you, Chris, if you get the o
  10. Thanks for clarifying, I should have noted that. I new there was no way Chris would give it less than extra stars, and certainly not less than the max. JC
  11. Chris, I was sure you wouldnt leave out any stars for the RAALS, but when I happened to look up the review last night, at the top of the review, here, it shows four out of five? JC
  12. And Chris, I only just now noted that you gave only four of five stars? For a breakthrough this magnificent? JC
  13. I've heard the Radialstrahler's and they are superb. But I do understand what the Raal's have done for you. I assembled the speaker based system I wanted for the past two decades, finally, but I find myself listening to the Raals, 2/3rds of the time. And I never, ever, expected this. JC
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