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  1. Looks like it would be a very interesting listen for Dylan fans, especially those interested in his early days. Unfortunately, and oddly, Tidal doesn't have this, although they have virtually everything else in existence. Just wondering of anyone has heard this one before I drop the cash to purchase it. JC
  2. Good news. Everything is working perfectly now, although I am not entirely sure why or how. Last night, after I got home and ate dinner, I tried the primary system, which had always worked perfectly, and Roon came up the same way, with just my iPad Pro showing in the "zone area". I did something that I had done previously upstairs, without any result. I rebooted the Ultra Rendu, then rebooted Roon Ready, and then rebooted the Ipad Pro. Suddenly, another zone appears on that Roon page, my UltraRendu. I just deactivated my Ipad Pro in the pull down window, and activated the UltraRendu showing in the other zone, and all was suddenly fine. Later, I followed the same process upstairs (something I had done several times previously without result). This time both the UltraRendu and MicroRendu both show up as available zones. I selected the MicroRendu and everything worked perfectly. I'm extremely happy to have this all resolved, I just wish I could account for why it happened in the first place, and why the same steps towards a resolution did not work at some times, and did work at others? Oh well. Thanks, very much, to everyone for your efforts to help. They are greatly appreciated. JC
  3. The UltraRendu in my listening room has always worked perfectly with Roon, including as recently as Tuesday night. Unfortunately, I can't verify it again right now, as I have a couple guests staying the night, and one of them is currently asleep in the listening room. I will re-verify that all is well in that system, with the UltraRendu tomorrow. JC
  4. Bob, thanks for the help. In Roon,settings, audio when I just checked it per your suggestion, under Networked, it only shows my home theater's Marantz preamp/processor (which has Apple connectivity) and my Apple TV box, also part of the home theater. JC
  5. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far. I will look into all of them in hope of finding the solution. Paul, I am having trouble locating that Device Setup page you are showing. I've gone into "settings" in Roon (on my IPad Pro) and looked at every section without finding it. I did however come across something that might be associated with the problem. Under the "Audio" section of the Roon settings, its says JC's iPad and underneath that "Audio will play out of the default device." and below that " Apple". And then, to the right, the box under Zone Name says "JC's iPad". I'm relatively sure it should say MicroRendu? JC
  6. I'm posting in the "general forum" because I honestly don't know where my issue resides. As noted above, it could be a Roon software issue, a hardware issue (though I doubt that) something to do with a setting being incorrect (although that has been checked and rechecked) or something else. I Do know that there are a lot of people here in the forums that do have a great deal of knowledge associated with Roon, MicroRendu's, etc. who can hopefully help me end this frustrating situation. I recently purchased an i5 SonicTransporter to allow me to use Roon, and couldn't be happier with it. I'm hoping that someone can help me with a related problem that I am having. I have two audio systems in my house, the primary one is downstairs, in my listening room, the other is upstairs in my office. The downstairs system is using an UltraRendu, the office system is using a MicroRendu.The upstairs Microrendu is somehow not now seen by Roon, Roon only shows my iPad pro, and only plays music via my iPad Pro. Obviously, I cannot currently use that audio system. If a setting is incorrect, I am not aware of it, but anything is possible. I have also tried rebooting the MicroRendu without any change in Roon. When this system was first tested, everything worked. The upstairs system is composed of a upgraded MicroRendu, a ModWright Elyse DAC, and the exceptional Mutec MC-3+USB reclocker and USB to SPDIF converter (needed for the DAC). At the suggestion of Andrew from Small Green Computer, I checked the DAC diagnostic and all appears well there. The MicroRendu sees the Mutec. I have checked and rechecked all connections. I have checked and rechecked all settings. Everything from the MicroRendu, to the configs, to the Roon settings have been restarted numerous times. At this point in time, the Mutec unit that I am using to convert the USB signal to SPDIF (for the DAC) is not seeing any output from the MicroRendu. When I am in Roon, on my iPad Pro, in the lower right corner it shows the queue symbol, the symbol for my iPad, and the speaker on icon. If I press on the "my iPad" icon, it brings up a new window, under "Zones" that says JC's iPad, under that it shows the musical selection that is ready to play, and in the upper right corner of the box, there is a check mark. I've walked through this with my friend Arnie (who has an i5SonicTransporter and uses Roon, and he has verified every setting and step I've taken and we are both at a loss as to what to do now. Especially as this exact system and setup worked, at least insofar as Roon, on my iPad seeing things correctly, when we tested it after installing the UltraRendu downstairs, and moving to using Roon with both systems. We were not able to play music though, due to a power amp failure that had taken place a few days earlier. Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Working these past few days in the office with no music has been frustrating. Thanks. JC
  7. What is the consensus as to the most reasonably priced, solidly built, and likely, long term reliable, deck that is known to be able to be used for SACD ripping using this process? Unfortunately, I only have my Oppo BDP83 and Oppo UDP-205 and a Sony BDP-S5000ES, none of which will fill the bill. A friend was kind enough to rip my reasonably large SACD library for me previously, but no longer has the avaiIability to do so, I'm sure. I would be buying the deck strictly to rip the half dozen or so SACD discs I buy each year. JC
  8. TubeLover

    Big changes coming my way.

    Congratulations Jason! I've no doubt whatsoever that you have everything necessary to be a fine father. JC
  9. TubeLover

    King Crimson available for DL?

    Okay, as much as I respect Robert Fripp, and loved the early incarnations of King Crimson since they began, what I just came across is absurd. Mr. Fripp is finally opening up the vaults for their 50th anniversary and the prices for high def downloads are ridiculous. Take for example this two song offering featured on HD Tracks. A total of 7 minutes of music for a mere $13.00! https://www.hdtracks.com/catalog/product/view/id/744628?&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=New_Releases&trk_msg=4M1O5507E02KLC7PE2G2RLGJVK&trk_contact=74RVARJG0VFPEC06BH96RMC3R4&trk_sid=TU7A3QS5JO50T7CHE5FG6Q6V08 Of course, for the single track of 21st Century Schizoid Man, it's only $6.00! https://www.hdtracks.com/catalog/product/view/id/744622?&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=New_Releases&trk_msg=4M1O5507E02KLC7PE2G2RLGJVK&trk_contact=74RVARJG0VFPEC06BH96RMC3R4&trk_sid=TU7A3QS5JO50T7CHE5FG6Q6V08 JC
  10. TubeLover

    King Crimson available for DL?

    Agreed on the new lineup being excellent. Just superb musicians, which Mr Fripp always insists on. I've had the good fortune to see them live twice in the last two years. My only issue is that when the play the "classics", they have no vocalist that can possibly equal Greg Lake, or, John Wetton. JC
  11. TubeLover

    Right Now

    Listen to this. an amazing, touching and brilliant album from someone I had never even heard of previously! JC
  12. TubeLover

    Album of the Evening

    Really wonderful, emotional and touching. From an artist I had never heard of previously.
  13. TubeLover

    Right Now

    Listened to it tonight on Tidal. Good stuff. Thanks Doc! JC
  14. TubeLover

    Album of the Evening

    Very well done. In both categories! JC
  15. TubeLover

    I need a music streamer with no dac?

    As noted in my previous note, I'm done Chris. Sorry for any discomfort my part in this provided. When I started my commentary, I honestly thought I was dealing with someone who was poorly informed and that this discussion could be easily resolved. As you know, I virtually never involved myself in such situations. JC