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  1. That's also what I've heard Sandy. JC
  2. I'll have to check out this recording. I'm a huge Loreena fan, and have been for a very long time. I've seen her live a number of timnes, including a brilliant performance in Ann Arbor a few years back playing her Nights At The Alhambra Tour. I also have a couple oof live performances that are very rare that I regularly enjoy. I had the pleasure of meeting her years ago when I was dating another singer that she was friends with. JC
  3. It took me a while to locate someone who had that switch for sale, but I did find one, somewhat unknown company selling it. Any idea of what you can expect in terms of performance/quality? JC
  4. Thanks, but yes, quite a bit more than I wanted to spend. I really just need a switch box that does not deteriorate the perfoemance. I'll certainly check Parts Express in hopes they have one available, although I won't know whether it presents any sonic limitations. JC
  5. Thanks Chris. Now I just need to find one that performs as your friend's does. JC
  6. I have a situation where I want to be able to switch from one pair of speakers to another while connected to the same amplifier. I recall years ago being told, by a number of people in audio who I respected, saying that there was nothing available that would not negatively affect the sound. Is that still true, or are there quality solutions available? Hopefully reasonably priced. One would think this was possible in this day and age. Thank you for any help with this. JC
  7. I was, and am a huge fan of early King Crimson. I have seen them a couple times in recent years, and am more impressed with their incredible degree of musicianship than I am any newer music. Granted, they are playing some key stuff from their early years again, these days, but anyone but Greg Lake (so sadly missed) singing vocals on those just leaves me wishing for what once was. JC
  8. And I don't really have any interest in other people's remixes. JC
  9. Was just notified by HD Tracks of this new release. Does anyone have any familiarity with the included music in the set, and its sound quality? I'm a huge Gabriel fan, but even then, $62.00 is a fair amount to take a complete risk on without any background knowledge. https://www.hdtracks.com/catalog/product/view/id/919578?&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=New_Releases&trk_msg=4EKBJ0KOAMKKB0P7MDOC49MR6O&trk_contact=74RVARJG0VFPEC06BH96RMC3R4&trk_sid=AF06CP00IEUMDK04F2NDQH3KHO JC
  10. I'm trying to find the least expensive way for my brother to get Tidal to his audio system. It consists of an integrated amp, a Marantz CD/SACD player with a surprisingly good DAC that can be used externally, and speakers. He does have a fairly new Mac laptop. How exactly can he stream to his system using that? Thanks for any help. JC
  11. This should help: https://www.cnet.com/news/best-wi-fi-routers-in-2019/ https://www.pcmag.com/roundup/292110/the-best-wireless-routers https://www.techradar.com/news/networking/routers-storage/best-router-9-top-wireless-routers-on-test-1090523 Just a note that the Asus RT-AC86U might be the absolute best value out there, in terms of price/performance ratio. A friend is amazed at what it does, at half the price of his last router. Read the full review on techradar. JC
  12. Thanks for the reminder. I did see that, and it was honestly the first time that I was aware that Dylan had ever performed with Johnny Cash. JC
  13. I share your pain Doc. The comeback went about as well as Custer's did at The Little Big Horn JC
  14. Yes, but it's long since melted, which is sad. Not having snow covering the ground in the Midwest in winter is incredibly depressing. The endless shades of black, brown and grey in the lifeless landscape make you want to go home and listen to Neil Young all night while drinking an entire bottle of bourbon and eventually be driven to play Russian Roulette! JC
  15. I've spent time in the winter in Montreal, my absolute favorite city in North America, and can attest to its snowiness. But, I'll personally take snow over a cold rain anytime. Cold weather and rain is absolutely miserable. One of my favorite things is taking along night walk on a snowy evening. JC
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