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  1. Tom Waits is an American treasure. One of the finest songwriters of his generation, and a truly unique and striking performer. While he has been acclaimed by the critics, he has never come close to what he is due by the public. JC
  2. I'm hoping for some help from those of you who own the hi rez download of this collection. It's taken me a while to get around to making a purchase of this, but there was a lot going on in the interim since it was released. Still, this is important music to me. I recall at least one person (possibly Firedog?) mentioned that the downloads were much better than expected, given the somewhat rough versions of this music previously released over all these years. I'm hoping some more of you can chime in. My dilemma is this. While I would normally always choose the hi rez download, assu
  3. Thanks for the update Chris, I had ben wondering about the quality of that very remaster. JC
  4. Since we were just recently discussing Morgan James, I'm currently really enjoying this very recent release. And there is also a Volume 2, next up on my listening plans. JC
  5. Josh, thanks for yet another entry in your brilliant series of articles uncovering optimal versions of great albums. Each of these is a joy to read, incredibly insightful, superbly written and something I look forward to whenever they might appear. JC
  6. Thanks. Any idea of the length of the cable? The original is a bit limiting.
  7. And, related to the above comments about the interface, I wish someone would develop a high end one that would supersede the stock version in terms of quality and performance. I suspect quite a number of us might be willing to pay for that. JC
  8. Very interesting review, thanks for posting it. While I agree that having the amp connected via the SR1a interface isn't optimal, as good as the HSA-1b appears to be, losing the preamp that I am currently using in the system is not something I would choose to give up. And, as good as the HSA-1b seems, an integrated amplifier at this price is not something I can possibly imagine equaling a truly great stand alone amplifier, and preamp combination, (at far greater cost, of course) much as I wish they would somehow be able to forgo the interface. Just my thoughts. Although I am truly surprised at
  9. I'm not familiar with the new RAAL Silver cable, and cannot find a reference to it on their website?
  10. Absolutely agreed. Thanks for turning me on to this Doc! Excellent recording and performances. JC
  11. Absolutely correct, as always, Chris. Quality Shoe is indeed on Ragpickers Dream. Mr. Knopfler's only other solo album that disappointed me in terms of content. Thanks for straightening that out Chris. Every other one is a favorite recording. Besides being a great piece of music, I also I especially enjoyed the sound of Tracker, from 2015,which was recorded entirely with analog gear. JC
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