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  1. Good recommendation Doc. And absolutely nothing can touch the quality of that amp for anywhere near the pittance they charge for it! JC
  2. I also heard the Snells quite often, back in that time period, and was very impressed. I have no idea, though, how they would hold up against current competition. At the time, I was desperately trying to get my hands on a used pair of IMF TLS50 MKII's, which I had heard demoed any number of times at a local high end audio store. These were a very respected British, transmission line, large, floor standing monitor. I finally located a pair, in mint condition, being sold by someone who lived in an apartment in Detroit. It seems to me that I might have paid something like $800.00 in approximately 1979. A friend and I drove down to the city, with a borrowed van, and picked them up. Those were exceptional speakers, that I used, and enjoyed, for a very long time. JC
  3. Besides backwards, could you elaborate on the "many different ways to wear the SR1a's" that were noted? I think it would be an interesting perspective for current owners. JC
  4. I listened to this recently and was also very surprised at the relatively poor sound quality. As you noted, very, very unlike ECM in my experience too.And a shame, as the music and performance deserves far better. JC
  5. In a different way from Dylan, Leonard Cohen was also the poet of his generation. JC
  6. Literally just finished listening to that on my RAAL's an hour ago. Clearly great minds thinking alike, Chris! JC
  7. Have a great time at that beautiful Boundary Waters area. A good friend of mine has canoed there, several times in the fall, during peak colors, and the pictures he brought back were breathtaking. And just think how much you will enjoy the RAAL's when you get back, and first fire them up! JC
  8. That resolution, speed and detail is why I, and many others find that the RAAl's truly come to life, in a much more natural way, with a good tube based amp. The added warmth is exactly whats needed for incredible sound and it balances everything. Once you pair it with the right tube amp, magic simply happens. JC
  9. That may very well work, I'll just need to verify if his cable tv box has an appropriately matched connection type. Thank you! JC
  10. A good friend touched base with me this morning, knowing that I am pretty well versed i headphones, and related topics. However, he managed to get into an area that I honestly have no experience with. Here is the issue that he hopes to find a solution for. He is a night owl, and watches television, via his cable tv box, hours after his wife has gone to sleep. She is very sensitive to noise, while falling asleep, and afterwards, and the bedroom is just off the living room. He is hoping that someone makes a bluetooth adapter of some sort that he could connect directly to his cable box, and which would broadcast the sound via bluetooth directly to a pair of bluetooth headphones where he is siting in his chair, across the room. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. JC
  11. That is SOME assortment of friends! JC
  12. Thank you for the education on Mr. Walter. I will look further into things.
  13. I know absolutely nothing about him, but I don't think it's possible to look more like someone named Bruno Walter than this! JC
  14. Chris, I am a huge Cat Stevens fan. I have no less than six CD/SACD/Hi Rez versions of Tea For The Tillerman, which I would place in my ten favorite albums. My first year in college saw his music being played in almost every dorm room. As a footnote, every dorm room was either playing Cat Stevens, James Taylor, or Led Zeppelin, to be entirely truthful. This is the only album he ever made that I have not listened to because of unfailingly terrible reviews by people who loved his music.Should I be listening to it? JC
  15. And you could likely build a complete high performance (non HQPlayer based) pc for just the price of the RTX 3080. These prices are getting completely out of hand. JC
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