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  1. Apologies — I am slow! I hadn’t realised system info displayed output ... thinking it only showed what GP believed the DAC was capable of... All good: whilst playing a given track, system info accurately displays original sampling rates for 44.1 or 96kHz (that I tested), as well as displaying “DSD_U32_BE” for DSD. Case closed. My bad.
  2. You may well be right. The developer (Berrie) seemed confident the output frequency was accurate, suggesting the problem was that MPD didn’t support DSD for my DAC. I would be curious if anyone using Rigelian notices similar outputs on DSD files.
  3. Appreciate that Flippo — does that mean that the system info will display what MPD is outputting? I thought it must only show that the DAC is recognised to be able to play DSD). The screenshot above is from the system info and Rigelian. Rigelian displays all DSD tracks as having lower sampling rates (like DSD64 shown as outputting at 352kHz and I think DSD256 was at 1,408kHz). This would make sense if using DOP, but had it set to ‘native’. So I figured MPD wasn’t supporting my DAC. It sounds good, but it would be reassuring to know I wasn’t downsampling.
  4. Grazie @stefano_mbp, I should have mentioned that. I appreciate the suggestion. Yes, I tried both the native and DOP option, but both gave me the same sampling rate (352kHz). I am not wanting to engage upsampling, but also tried the various DSD options with SOX and SRC.
  5. Thanks Flippo — I’ve really been enjoying the sound I’m getting through GP (default kernel). Whilst GP believes my DAC supports DSD, MPD doesn’t (as far as I can gather — I think my DAC plays DSD natively with LMS or with a Mac over DOP). My DAC isn’t shown on a list that are known to be supported by MPD. I have tried using the non-RT kernels, without effect. Is there a workaround? 🤔🙏🤞 DAC: Audio GD R-27 (discrete R2R, natively supports up to DSD512) USB: Singxer F-1 (XMOS 208) - natively supports up to DSD512
  6. Grazie @antonellocaroli, good to know. I have updated the database a lot over the past few days. No joy, as of yet... Leaving the setting blank doesn’t show artwork. I’ll try some other iOS apps 🤞
  7. Noob question: how can I get the cover art to show up using MPD? I am using Soundirok currently. I have cover art included in most album folders, but some is embedded within the track file. I have most of my music on a (synology) NAS and the rest on the GP PC (on a separate TF card). i tried the IP address that my NAS is mounted on ((GP IP)/mnt/samba/Music_1) and the direct IP address of the music folder. No joy. Sorry to complicate the post with a second question.... My first attempt changing kernels with GP v2.3 killed the syst
  8. I want to give a big thanks to @antonellocarolifor his work setting up my system. He put a lot of time and effort into all my ineptitude. Now, I’m able to play in RAM mode. (To my great surprise, I cant say I heard a difference than when booting from an SSD USB stick). As keeping power low is critical in my system, I was relieved to be able to limit the CPU speeds. This simple script works for RAM mode — but you have to save it to RAM, reboot, then boot to RAM mode again... (obviously, you can set it to whatever you want.. my 8550U suggested this as a possible spe
  9. I’m a complete GP noob. I must be missing missing the bleeding obvious.... So apologies ... I’m trying with the older, 2.3 version, as I don’t have a registration for 3 version. I used the default kernel. Having seemingly connected my Synology NAS via NFS, I’ve been unable to get my library to show up (MPD or LMS). Running the system check, I could see that the software was installed, the NAS and USB DAC was recognised, I have installed LMS/Squeezelite R2, MPD, UPMPDCLI. iPeng seemed to suggest there were artists, but no albums would show up w
  10. I’ve yet to update - anyone notice a difference in sound with the new kernel?
  11. Apologies for my late reply (not seeing notifications it seems - sorry). All good now - 2.8 is working well. Really clueless as to the problem.. after several reboots... it just worked. I did get another static episode, but since it rebooted, it’s worked flawlessly (touch wood..) I am thrilled that I am now able to use my USB cable with the V+ pin taped over. So now my DAC powers the XMOS USB board - without having to reboot the uRendu. As the uRendu is connected directly to my mini PC, I wasn’t able to access the GUI... and given the terrible design (my own!) o
  12. Thanks Donivey - I have just had another go tonight, but can’t access the GUI .. that was at least possible when I tried a few days ago.. the Daphile/LMS server recognises the Squeezelite player on the uRendu, but it’s only playing static. I saw a post on another thread where Jesus warned someone about a possible ‘static’ issue if they reduced the latency (delay) too much. But not at all sure that he was referring to the white noise static I’m getting. So will check that... if I ever get the uRendu connected to the network again (resenting the router didn’t seem to help, sadly)
  13. I am only getting static/white noise when I play through Sonicorbiter 2.8 using Squeezelite. This has been tested when uRendu is wired to Asus Router. I can access the GUI fine. I have disabling DSD/DOP, but that doesn’t help. I use a Burson Conductor V2+ with an XMOS USB board. It all worked fine with 2.6 and 2.7. I have tried rebooting the uRendu and DAC. All appears fine through the Sonicorbiter interface, iPeng and Daphile’s interface. Tracks play... but only static comes through (stops as soon as I pause playback). Any ideas?
  14. I wanted to try Daphile for the first time... but was not able to connect my Synology NAS or my uRendu. Like Richard, I wanted to connect the uRendu directly from the PC (Kaby lake, i7 8550u). PC has two ethernet ports, so thought this would work. It’s easy to do on Mac and Windows, but I’ve never used Linux (wouldn’t count the uRendu!). My NAS has an IP address that doesn’t seem to change, but that isn’t working with Daphile (following NFS guide). The uRendu does change its IP address between and one similar I tried. But neither connected to Daphile. Any sugges
  15. Glad that worked for you there! i am a complete dunce with this stuff... I bought this Synology as my first NAS about 6mths back... so still figuring out which way is up... (on that note, it is actually sideways..)
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