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  1. odelay

    Audirvana 3.1

    Few seem to employ the same settings, so by all means try what others like... but imagine we all need to play around to find our Goldilocks settings. I don’t have a Chord DAC, but have some memory some preferred DSD updampling with the A modes. I use the DAC on the Conductor V2 - with the settings below. Good luck 🙂
  2. Hey Mario, i sent you a PM. My pic would be the Goldeberg Variations. (I love the tenor recording and guitar, but get a better sense of your recording technique with solo piano, me thinks) thanks ?
  3. I just came back from my first visit to Copenhagen, so it was nice to find your write up here. We may well have been walking down Strøget at the same time. As a sustainability and cycling nut, CPH did not dissapoint. A beautiful, liveable city indeed. I stopped into one hifi store. This lovely guy humoured me by demonstrating a few speakers - a B&W 800 and a Dali. They were powered by a Bluesound source. Not exactly ideal... but fun to touch in with the friendly audio culture.. far more welcoming than the snobbery I remember back in Australia... shout out out to all those fabulous great Danes out there ?
  4. thanks Magnus - I appreciate it. Life is way too short to test every permutation. Enjoy the music ?
  5. Hey Magnus (or anyone else who can make similar comparisons) would you care to give us a quick summary of how these great bits of kit compare? If you could only have one, which would it be and why? Plus, I would assume the ISO Regen has the best bang for its buck, but please correct me if I'm off base. I have been 'out of the game' for many moons. I'm like a dinasaur with my amber Regen. I take it nobody uses it any of these more advanced setups?
  6. Always great to find better setttings ? I've beeen using similar settings for the past year or so (now going up to B3, DSD128) Steepness.... 125, max, 0,97, 200, 70 as others note, it can be nice to start with other people's settings, but really felt the magic happened for me once I really experimented for myself... I imagine that the same for us all.
  7. OneHandWaving - thanks for the tip. As I corrected in my post, my issue was that Qobuz isn't available here in Finland.... Tidal however, seems to work fine. Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  8. Silly me - should have checked! I'm in Finland. As an Aussie, I'm used to being left out in the cold on these things. But assumed Qobuz was all over the EU (but hasn't been following). Seems like tidal is available, so shall try that. Merci!
  9. Thanks pabe12 an Astrostar59. I had tried rebooting before. Just logging in and out didn't seeem to help either. Qobuz individual tracks are greyed out. Error message says they cannot be streamed. Rebooted modem earlier. Can stream fun in qobuz app... Appreciate the help all the same [emoji120] Mac mini -> Regen -> Burson CV2+ -> HD560
  10. I am trying to use Qobuz for the first time. I can browse and add qobuz music to my playlist. However, no streamed music has been able to load/play - I get an error message (cannot load file - or similar?). I can stream qobuz from its iPad app. Local music still plays fine in A+3. I imagine there is something basic I'm missing. Suggestions appreciated. Merci Damien. I've long felt A+ improvements to be about the best bang for my audio buck. Kudos. Mac mini -> Regen -> Burson CV2+ -> HD560
  11. odelay

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Stall bug... I used to have the stall accompanied by that awful 'white noise'. As mentioned, likely due to running out of memory. Haven't had noise for a long time 5+ months?). Still getting the stalling bug when upsampling (has happened either just with iZotope or up with Mans' DSD). Helps bring A+ RAM down to below 1gb. Still having issues with really large hi-rez PCM files. Recent updates has made it happen much less frequently, but it still happens. Fingers crossed 3.0 works some magic on that front for those of us still suffering with this one [emoji868] Mac mini -> Regen -> Burson CV2+ -> HD560
  12. odelay

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Thanks for sharing JRD. interesting that the tracks are loading fully. As mentioned, there seems to be a correlation with the memory given to A+ and the size of the file. Like everyone, curious what 3.0 will bring... Mac mini -> Regen -> Burson CV2+ -> HD560
  13. Nice video, Jud. Least good to be reminded of the limitations of the human brain... sadly, I seem to be reminded of my limitation more often than most... I installed a little fuse from Synergistic Research. Placebo or not, I'm enjoying the music more now. (Many might say that my enjoyment is commensurate its expense..) Mac mini -> Regen -> Burson CV2+ -> HD560
  14. odelay

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Glad it's no longer an issue with you Mevdinc. Sadly, Murphy got me. Three tracks into a 384khZ album, A+ stalled 5 seconds from the end. At least it's happening far less frequently (for me - and perhaps fixed for others?). So imagine Damien's tweaks have helped. Mac mini -> Regen -> Burson CV2+ -> HD560
  15. odelay

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Well that is rather unfortunate. Has anyone tried rolling back to 2.6.5? I have yet to try the latest.. and probably won't after reading this. Thanks for the heads up. Stalling bug update... I've been burning in a fuse over-night. I forgot to turn upsampling off. So was rather surprised to hear that it was still playing this morning. I wonder if the Regen is helping? I was unable to use it last week having left its power brick back in Estonia (as you do..). Murphy will sure bite me on the arse as soon as I post this... just like last time... [emoji53] Seems some are still battling this most annoying intermittent issue. Hope A+ 3.0 will cure all ills [emoji3] Mac mini -> Regen -> Burson CV2+ -> HIfiman HD-560
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