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  1. Bill, You pose a very good question that many of us consider from time to time. What metric do you propose to use for "performance"? As we endlessly discuss here on CA, there are differing thoughts on this, and I would enjoy hearing yours.
  2. Wow. Talk about hubris. You must feel that the world is such a better place since you are here to tell people what they should think and hear. It is always curious when those who fancy themselves as "objective" and scientific, expect others to accept their opinions and ideas without questioning. That would be neither objective nor scientific.
  3. Please elaborate on why you have come to this opinion, as well as your thoughts on the relative advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives.
  4. George, My thanks to you (and your dad) for the wisdom. The Freya is the first piece of tube gear that I have owned (although I had a loaned Modwright pre for a while that was very nice), so I am eager to hear about these things. I have a backup set of tubes, and the Freya also sounds very good in passive and JFET modes as well, so if the tubes go one day, I can still listen. Fortunately for me the number of inputs is not an issue as I only have a DAC going in. The Freya seems a very good match for my Singxer > I2S > Holo Spring L3 combination into Adam sub and speakers
  5. For Sale: Curious Cable 200mm USB REGEN link. (I have two and only need one now) Perfect condition. $80 plus Paypal and shipping fees. PM here if interested.
  6. Price reduced to $800 plus PayPal and shipping fees (from SF Bay Area). PM me here if interested.
  7. Mutec MC3+ USB for sale Black, pristine condition, upgraded firmware $900 $800 plus Paypal and shipping fees https://www.mutec-net.com/product_mc-3-plus-usb.php SOLD
  8. Wow, I never realized the ISO REGEN could have such an enormous effect
  9. How does one "increase the DR" ? I am being a bit rhetorical of course.
  10. Bump plus a modification by separating things a bit - The Xfi, LPS, and RA cable need to be a package. New price: $650 plus PP fees and shipping for all three. Would also reluctantly sell the Xfi alone (with original SMPS 12V supply) for $400 plus PP fees and shipping. Lightspeed 2G split USB cable $120 plus PP fees and shipping Lightspeed Revive $200 plus PP fees and shipping And I will add one more item Curious Cables REGEN link $100 plus PP fees and shipping (I have two and only need one now. This one is like
  11. For sale is a ~ two year old DAC/headphone amp/LPS system from LHLabs. All are in excellent working and cosmetic condition. I would prefer to sell as a system. $1000.00 plus Paypal and shipping costs LHLabs Pulse Xfi (with mu-metal shielded femtoclocks) balanced dual mono DAC and headphone amp. LHLabs LPS Revelation Audio umbilical cable for LPS to Xfi connection (original cable from LHLabs will also be included) LHLabs Lightspeed 2G split USB cable LHLabs Lightspeed Revive PM here if interested.
  12. The concept that I have long since worked from, with no attempt to experimentally verify the correctness of, is that thermal cycling of the various components, as will occur when turning off and on, may lead to a problem in the long term (that may precede one that would occur if left on continually) as they will likely have somewhat different thermal expansion coefficients. Clearly this is a difficult theory to test. Perhaps there are some large scale industrial tests that I am not aware of. I have my very first piece of tube gear now (Schiit Freya preamp), so I either turn it off
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