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  1. My understanding is, MoFi is very conservative, and the SACD format is still a kind of copy protection. Their second format is vinyl. The prices for an album are not exactly low. Downloads would need a different calculation.
  2. Many excellent Juilliard Quartet releases on Qobuz from Feb 14, all in 24 bit This is one of them. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Rhoda Scott Movin' Blues [24/48] Hammond B3 Qobuz, fresh release Amazing piece of music!
  4. I did not post an album of the evening due to a lack of time since weeks. Please have mercy now with me. 😉 Fazil Say Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas [24/96] Qobuz I absolutely was not sure when I heard it for the first time, but now I love it. A modern approach by Fazil Say on one hand, but sure not too technical or abstract on the other.
  5. Vilde Frang Paganini - Schubert [24/96] Qobuz Excellent album
  6. Title: New Year Concert 1992 Artist: Carlos Kleiber
  7. I ignored the Bertrand Chamayou - Saint-Saëns: Piano Concertos No.2, No.5 & Piano Works [24/96]. That was a mistake, many thanks - and have some great days!
  8. Peter Schreier, Staatskapelle Dresden (Otmar Suitner) Mozart: Arien (Peter Schreier) [24/96] Recorded 1967 One of the very, very best! 😢
  9. Mitsuko Uchida Beethoven Piano Concertos 1-5 [24/48] Qobuz
  10. Berliner Philharmoniker (Kirill Petrenko) Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6 “Pathétique” [24/192] 2017 I am not very experienced in Tchaikovskys symphonies so eventually me opinion is not a statement: I like their musical performance. Sound quality wise it is an absolute reference!
  11. Ronald Brautigam Haydn: Early Divertimento Sonatas for Keyboard, Nos. 1-20 [24/44] BIS from 2003 Qobuz I just enjoy this!
  12. I started with Ray Brown - Soular Energy in 180gr finest vinyl. It was back in 1989 and I was young. To be honest, I absolutely did not understand the music.
  13. Johanna Martzy Bach Sonatas & Partitas (Johanna Martzy) [24/352] Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London by EMI Records 1955 Download: High Definition Tape Transfers This one was new to me, even though I have many versions of Bach's 'Sei Solo'. Excellent interpretation and very good SQ!
  14. Isabelle Faust Mozart Violin Concertos [24_96] I'm lovin' it!
  15. ... and there is a 24/192 version on Qobuz, not the Deluxe, the other one. But AP is good too, agree. 🤜🤛
  16. This link will probably not work either: https://www.highresaudio.com/en/album/view/rebbhe/henryk-szeryng-brahms-violin-concerto-remastered
  17. https://www.qobuz.com/at-de/album/brahms-violin-concerto-henryk-szeryng-london-symphony-orchestra-antal-dorati/n77dbani6mlka
  18. Try the following query in the Qobuz database: https://www.qobuz.com/at-de/label/decca-music-group-ltd/download-streaming-albums?f[qu]=24_192_2#results I get 8 Mercury Living Presence albums - all are Hernryk Szeryng, (and 4 other results).
  19. I do not know the CD, you should compare it yourself via Qobuz streaming. Also check the other handful (Szeryng) Mercury Living Presence albums in 24/192, all of them are great. And you will find albums in 24/96: These are either Decca or RCA Victor Real Seal. They are nice, but definitely not like these Mercury's. Other artists in the series include Henryk Szeryng, Zino Francescatti, Jaime Laredo, Isaac Stern, Bronislaw Huberman. https://www.qobuz.com/store-router/search?s=prc&q=best-of-hd-violin&recache=1 No idea why Qobuz does not promote such new mastering. They focus entirely on new releases. Everything else is released silently.
  20. Henryk Szeryng, London Symphony Orchestra (Antal Dorati) ▸ ⁨Brahms Violin Concerto [24/192]⁩ 1962 performance Really wonderfully remastered from 35mm to 24/192 Qobuz Download / Streaming
  21. Quatuor Hanson⁩ All Shall Not Die - Haydn String Quartets [24/96]⁩ Excellent fresh release on Qobuz in 24/96 https://www.qobuz.com/at-de/album/all-shall-not-die-haydn-string-quartets-quatuor-hanson/uybmgz730c6qb
  22. IN MEMORIAM: Paul Badura-Skoda Schubert Drei Klavierstücke D946, Sonata in B-flat major D960
  23. Christian Tetzlaff, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (Robin Ticciati) Beethoven & Sibelius: Violin Concertos [24/48] Qobuz New release from Sep 13th. I "really" like it! It is to early for a final statement: Maybe it could become a true reference for me. SQ is excellent too.
  24. Kim Borg: Essentials [16/44.1] Qobuz New 2019 release Kim Borg (1919 - April 2000)
  25. Ronald Brautigam, Die Kölner Akademie (Michael Alexander Willens) Mozart Piano Concertos Nos.18 & 22 [24/96] 5 star Mozart PC album with top SQ
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