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  1. I like Damien's pluralis maiestatis
  2. Might I add: Nikka Coffey Grain Aberlour A'bunadh Lagavulin 16 Ardbeg 10 in that order...
  3. It would be easy to implement a system where the reimbursement artists receive for their first, let's say, 20,000 streams is relatively high, less high for 20,001-1,000,000th stream, even lower for everything above a million etc.
  4. I am happy to report that since the 3.5.16 update, the problem with some tracks stopping 8 seconds before the end has not occurred. Many thanks to Damien, for solving this!
  5. Exactly my experience. If you then try to 'click into' the last 8 seconds on the progress bar, it won't play. I use a late 2013 macbook pro.
  6. This still happens quite often to me, as well. Today it happened a few times while streaming. Both with short (20 sec) and long (9 min) tracks. I'll try and find out if it also happens with local files. I'm on version 3.5.11
  7. You should. About organs in concert halls: there's a wide variety of power and quality out there. In some halls, the interplay between the organ and the acoustics just don't work as they should. I live in Amsterdam and visit the Concertgebouw regularly, which happens to have a good concert organ. A few months ago, I attended this very concert: The opening statement by the organ blew me away. Seats right in the middle of the hall. The final peroration at the end of the 'Chorus Mysticus' was the loudest thing I ever heard, bordering on painful. An enormous, overwhelming visceral thrill. The whole concert was one of the most intense musical experiences of my life. Of course, the recorded sound doesn't do it justice, but you can imagine the sub bass...
  8. I'm not arguing in favor of redistribution of wealth. People are free to do what they want with their money. I just hope some of the folks that buy 12000 dollar speaker cables will support the classical music scene, so it will stay affordable, and thus alive. (Seriously, what will happen when the current popularity of Mahler/Bruckner/Shostakovich wanes, and even those names won't be sufficient any more to ensure a full house? Where is your audience in 20-30 years, if you don't draw young people to the concert hall now? Off topic, but I think about that stuff a lot)
  9. Talking about value: my HD580's are still going strong, after twenty-one years.
  10. At a certain point, all those extra thousands of dollars would be better spent on supporting local symphony orchestras and the like. Buy some actual 'life-like' experiences with all that buck. With 12000 dollar, instead of buying 10 foot speaker cables, you could buy the best seats in the house for 50 concerts. Make a few school classes happy. Or you could just donate it and keep one part time orchestra member at work. Whatever.
  11. Traditional Hungarian songs ("Magyar nota") with some gipsy waltzes and Romanian music thrown in for good measure. Played by two (now sadly dead) legendary gypsy violin players who can make their violins sound like violas. (In a good way!) Full album:
  12. It's cramped. Very, very cramped.
  13. Also, I'd like to report that version 3.5.7 crashes a lot, usually when I press the stop button or try to play another album when something is already playing. My macbook is a retina 13inch late 2013 with 4GB RAM running macOS 10.14.4, no other programs save Safari running simultaneously with A+.
  14. I like the sound of 3.5, but I don't like the new interface at all. Look at all the real estate in the older version. You could actually read the whole title of a track. Now look at the new thing. How much less information is visible. Why does everything need to take so much space? Why is there a 'cover flow' thingy right where track information should be? Why are the 'hidden' play/favorite/more options buttons taking up almost a quarter of the remaining horizontal space, where, again, track information should be visible? What's playing? I guess there's a 1-by-1 inch box in the lower left corner where, if you concentrate for 30 seconds, you can decipher the full title of a track, as it scrolls by. Why are all the play/next/stop buttons a different size? I love Audirvana, but I don't like this Spotify-like UI at all. Please, Damien, don't turn it into Spotify.
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