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Found 17 results

  1. Just upgraded my system and have some items for sale for anyone who wants to get started in the wonderful world of streaming digital audio. Buy one buy all. Please feel free to make offer. All offers considered. Pictures available upon request. All items guaranteed to work properly. Please feel free to ask any questions. Uptone Audio Ultracap LPS 1.2 with stock cables (New $435) Used $375 Sonore Microrendu 1.3 with stock power supply and cables - $250 2X - TPLink Fiber Optic Media Converter MC220L - (New $23 each) $25 for the pair Fiber Optic Cable - 6 Meter Multimode Duplex (62.5/125) - LC to LC - Orange (New $15) Used - $7 Uptone Audio USB Regen Amber with stock cables and power supply (New $175) Used $75 Linear Power Supply (2 rail adjustable 5 - 12 volt) This is a 2 rail version of the well reviewed "El Cheapo", R-Core transformer linear power supply. Both outputs are user adjustable via a small screw inside the unit. For buyers uncomfortable setting themselves or who do not own a volt meter I would be happy to set and label for you. I used this unit to good effect to power the units above in various configurations. Happy to provide pictures of the inside. I believe this was branded as Zerozone on Ebay when purchased. Used - $50
  2. used Breeze Audio R-core linear power supply with DC power cable and 10’ AC power cord good for Sonore microRendu, SotM sMS-200, Uptone Audio USB REGEN output voltage adjustable from 5V-10V with LED readout $65 inc.PayPal and shipping, USA only
  3. Uptone Audio REGEN amber purchased in June 2015 and used continuously since ... hundreds of hours of burn-in. $85 Buyer pays shipping Does NOT include power supply. You will have to supply a compatible DC power supply. You can get the MeanWell power supply for just under $30.
  4. All listed items in excellent condition in original packaging with all accessories. All prices are WITH SHIPPING in cont. U.S. (ship to CONUS ONLY) Pay via PayPal - no extra fee for buyer Sonore microRendu - $585 SMG Sonic Transporter - $295 iFi iPower 9v PSU - $35 Uptone Regen (latest) - $125 BJ CAT6a - 20ft, $30 6ft (2 available) $15 each Chord Silver+ USB - 1.5m, $70 Chord Prodac VEE3 - 1m coax/RCA, $50 References: Audiogon member/seller/buyer since 1999. Current score 1182, 394 positive feedback, zero neutral, zero negative. https://www.audiogon.com/users/doak/feedbacks ps: prices, IMO, are fair and firm. Please spare me the lowballs. If buying a bunch of stuff: Let's make a deal. Doak ZIP 70047
  5. I have two Uptone Audio Regens for Sale $149 each shipped to continental USA. All accessories and box included. Price is $149 for each. Thanks.
  6. Selling my beloved Regen, it's been used daily during past 6 months but I have to sell it now. Complete package and great outfit. It's yours for $130. Shipping from Moscow, Russia to Europe and USA is free. PayPal and SWIFT bank transfer available.
  7. Having just seen a couple of post recently about USB regenerators/filters, I was wondering (and hopeful) that I could use one of these such products (see link & attached pics below for examples) for an ADC audio interface. Now the interface in question is a Propellerheads Balance, which is designed primary for recording instruments such as electric guitar or Mic input via XLR. Now, my use case is slightly different but no less valid. I have a DJ mixer to which I connect a Technics SL1210 turntable and use this setup for digitising my vinyl collection at 24bit/96khz. There is a lot of noise in this setup which I am hoping to be able to reduce. This is not my end game set up; I intend to buy an audiophile turntable and phono stage (more research required before I'll commit my cash), but in the mean time, I would like some help reducing the noise I'm experiencing. I am using Propellerheads Reason as the DAW for recording and editing the audio, and it has a rather useful level meter. When all kit is connected but no audio playing, the meter is showing the noise floor is at around -60db, which is far too high. I think that most of this noise is coming from the analogue input via XLR from the mixer/phono stage; but I'm not sure how much of this is due to unpurified/unfiltered power supply going to mixer/phono stage and the turntable. Sellers of USB regenerators/filters would say that noise from host computer will infect any attached USB audio devices, but is this the case for ADC devices? Actually, the Propellerhead Balance is a DAC and ADC, but the usage scenario I'm focusing on is the ADC function. So can these type of USB purifiers/regenerators/filter devices help to reduce noise in this situation? (please see this link for device examples [ps, not the audio interface]: A Collection of USB Audio Enhancement Products | AudioStream ) Thanks.
  8. UpTone amber REGEN in box complete w/all accessories. Breeze Audio R-core linear power supply w/DC cable and 10’ AC cord. Power supply has user-adjustable 5-10V output w/LED display (set at 8V for REGEN). $175.00 including PayPal and USPS priority shipping. USA only.
  9. SOLD! Regen Amber #1: Originally bought for a customer and never used, this Regen Amber is new - I just took it out of its box to snap these pics. After it arrived, it was placed aside were it has sat collecting dust and depreciating in value as these things do because the ISO-Regen has come out (which is a nice piece - I do own one). Never got used because by the time I got this customers system set-up, I switched to a Ultra-Rendu and Uptone LPS-1 for him. Anyway, yours for $95 plus ship. Regen Amber #2: This is my personal Regen Amber (was originally a green Led board unit and I got the Amber LED board upgrade from Alex/Superdad/Uptone) that I have replaced with a ISO-Regen (and/or the iFi Audio iGalvanic depending on what DAC I may be using at the time: A quick plug here, I am a iFi Audio dealer.) Its in very good shape in original box and all accessories (see pics). Yours for $75 plus ship! In the pics the used Regen is the one that has my business card in the pics (bottom 3). The top 4 pics are of Regen Amber #1. Feel free to message, call, e-mail with any questions.
  10. Over the last 1-2 years I "played" to improve the SQ of my system. I bought the Regen (amber), special USB cable, and alternate transport, e.g. Pono Player w/ Silver Dragon cable, and the Sbooster for the Aries. All helped me to learn and improve my system. I bought the 2Qute and with the Aries FW4.04B I am really happy with my system, so I can now let go of the following components: 1) Regen (Amber) w/ original package (original price: $175): For $125 (if I would not have the 2Qute I still would keep it) 2) AQVOX High end USB Cable, 12cm (Euro132): For $100 3) Pono Player (yellow; got it at Frys for $249; with wooden box) plus Silver Dragon Portable Interconnect V3 by Moon Audio (1.5foot; 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug and Cardas GRCN Straight RCA; $175) : Both for $325 (the system was at least as good as my Cyrus Cd8SE2;...if not better) 4) Music Fidelity V90 Dac (original price: $299): $100 5) May be someone is interested in Auralic PSU (120V): $200 Payment via paypal It is certainly a fun hobby and I would now like to turn my attention to speakers. Uwe
  11. used UpTone Audio amber USB REGEN in box, complete w/all accessories $120 inc. PayPal and shipping, USA only
  12. UpTone Audio USB Regen Orange - ships from Europe, so no duty and VAT tax for EU residents. Box and Meanwell PSU included. 130 EUR (cost in Europe is 200 EUR + shipping: http://www.itemaudio.co.uk/home/802-uptone-usb-regen.html) Shipping ~15 EUR via registered post. PayPal add 4.9% Price is FIRM.
  13. SBOOSTER "BEST OF TWO WORLDS" AUDIOPHILE POWER SUPPLY (BOTW P&P ECO) The Sbooster “Best of Two Worlds Power & Precision ECO” audio upgrade (BOTW P&P ECO) is the successor of SBooster's “Best of Two Worlds Solutions” audio upgrade (BOTWS). This new upgrade product combines power, precision and efficiency in an unique innovative manner that purifies the incoming current immediately upon entering the device. A dual stage mains filter and an earth line choke clean the current from high frequency pollution before the current reaches the transformer. The transformer is a custom-made audio grade transformer with electrostatic shielding. The electronic design allows for up to 50% more output out of the used electronics and consumes even up to 35% less energy than a conventional design. Even though it provides a significant boost in available power, the BOTW P&P ECO audiophile power supply is so efficient that it consumers only a fraction more of electricity than what a standard power does. ULTRA ACCESSORY The Sbooster Ultra Filter Accessory can be used as an addition to the many filtering and optimization techniques of the BOTW P&P ECO audiophile PSU and can only be used with the SBooster split-current module of the BOTW P&P ECO. The Ultra is based on active filter technique, which reduces the ripple & noise of the BOTW P&P ECO even further: to a negligible low level. The Ultra is designed for audio equipment that is highly sensitive to residual noise, such as digital to analog converters, music streamers, USB to SPDIF converters, headphone-, pre- and phono amplifiers. In addition to the active filter function, the Sbooster Ultra also re-stabilizes the output voltage to the correct voltage and because of the short cable length of the Sbooster Ultra, the highly purified powered is passed to your audio device with no performance loss . Main benefits of BOTW and Ultra Filter Accessory: Up to 50% more power to your amplification components Lower noise floor and blacker backgrounds to your digital components Improved musical rhythm and timing These products qualify for Free Shipping and 5% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  14. Hi, I'll bet I'm not the only one on the site with both a mRendu and a REGEN. Of course I've thought about selling the REGEN but tinkerer that I am I just had to try cascading the mRendu into the REGEN. Here's the setup: Blue jeans Ethernet > urendu powered by HDPlex > short supple USB from Uptone > REGEN > Clarus Crimson USB into Lampi DAC. I thought using this chain over the top. But had to go out of town. When I returned my REGEN had failed. (Uptone quickly replaced it.) And my HDPlex 100 watt linear power supply died as well (new one on its way) so haven't got a chance to listen again. To me the system just sounded more powerful and robust. REGEN and lpsu on the way back. But meanwhile have a chance to purchase Curious Cable loom. Here's a couple of questions I'm pondering. I'd sure like some input. 1. Has anyone else tried this? The results? 2. Curious cables question. It seems that some people have not found using a Curious Cable REGEN link (or any other expensive USB cable as well, not trying to pick on the obvious great cables built by the Curious guys) to make much difference between the mRendu and their DAC. I'd be glad to see feedback. MRendus should be broken in by now so could I get some feedback on this? (Yes, I've read most posts already but they seem older with nothing up to date.) 3. I'm considering purchasing the Curious Cable Loom to connect the two? I'd sure be glad to hear feedback before I buy. I'm always ready to talk about audio. If you'd like to discuss experiences PM me and I'll send my phone number.
  15. Hello all, after an upgrade to a new input on my DAC, I've decided to sell my USB setup, and some other incidentals (make an offer, need this stuff gone): USB Regen Amber - $165. Perfect shape, comes with Meanwell SMPS, solid adapter and "shorty" cable. Believe the hype, this thing takes *most* USB inputs to new heights. Supra 1M USB cable - $30 PPA V2 USB card with external power riser included - $85 Grab the entire lot above for $260 shipped (package price is firm). Seasonic Silent PSU, 400W silent/fanless PSU - $80 shipped, same as this one: Amazon.com: SeaSonic SS-400FL2 Active PFC F3 400W 80 PLUS Platinum Fanless ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply: Electronics Schiit Loki DSD DAC - $75 Shipping not included unless specified. Paypal required, please be considerate with offers. Most of the stuff is already packed up in their original boxes but I can take pics if requested. Perfect feedback on eBay and Audiogon, as well as a few transactions on Head-Fi. Thank you.
  16. For sale UpTone Audio Regen USB with original UpTone Audio supplied PSU. Both units in 10/10 condition. Selling for 100 EUR (firm) + 4.9% PayPal + shipping (25 EUR by UPS to most EU countries) EU retail is 207 EUR (175 GBP): http://www.itemaudio.co.uk/home/802-uptone-usb-regen.html Unit ships from Poland, which is part of the EU (no extra taxes or duties when shipping to other EU countries).
  17. First... my system... Mac mini feeding music to KEF LS50w through USB cable. I need to run at least 30'. I have also been reading reviews of Regen and iFi 3.0, long usb cables, etc., etc. Has anyone done this ? Or does anyone have any recomendations?
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