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  1. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. I can see MQA imploding in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
  2. I'm looking forward to try the new ATX PSU. I had the Optimo Duo 3 PSU on loan (based on LT3045 LDOs) and it is really a great performer.
  3. Hi , is the clock still available?

    single 50 ohm output, can it be used with etheregen? That the only device i own with clock input...

  4. I'm asking since I already have a server in Sreacom FC-10 case.
  5. Is it possible to buy just the PSU module from them ?
  6. JCat SATA cable, 40 cm (approximately 5.7 inches). Excellent condition. A seriously good SATA cable for PC servers. SATA cables connects a PC's motherboard to Hard Drive / Solid State Drive. Easy to install. Read all the reviews on the JPlay forum. In my system with the JCat SATA cable in, base was deeper and tighter; background was blacker, more micro detail and better resolution. For such a small investment, compared to the standard SATA cable the improvement in sound quality was amazing. $160 + PayPal fees Shipping (from Europe) via UPS
  7. OK, I have reconnected everything and somehow it started to work. So the following components: - TP-MC220L Ethernet to optical converter - TP-LINK TL-SM311LM SFP modules - LC/LC 62,5/125um OM1 optical cable DO work with the SOtM sNH-10G switch, no problem.
  8. Anyone had any luck with trying the optical connection ? I have just connected the TP-MC220L Ethernet to optical converter, two TP-LINK TL-SM311LM SFP modules, LC/LC 62,5/125um OM1 optical cable and ... it doesnt work. In the TP-MC220L Power and Link FX LEDs are on. Link TP and RX LEDs are off. In the SOtM switch only power LED is on (when I connect the wired etherned cable then the two LEDs from that cable input do light up, so the switch definately works). Any ideas?
  9. For sale Shunyata Guardian 6 power conditioner. This is a no nonsense version of the renowed Hydra 6 power conditioner in a no frills box. Used to cost $749 in 2006 (so would probably be double that in 2019 money). You can connect your whole audio (or AV) system into it, or use it to sink all the noisy switch mode PSUs that most of us have nowadays, preventing them from polluting our AC line with noise. $399 shipped FIRM as the price already includes UPS express shipping from Poland and PayPal fee (which means, that I'm basicly only getting $280 ...).I have seen one sold on e
  10. This is the best shop I've been to. Did they drop the Pass, Spectral and Soulution gear ?
  11. PayPal is fine if you cover 4.9% PayPal fee. Otherwise bank wire transfer is much cheaper (it will probably cost you 3-5 EUR).
  12. Single output 50 Ohm. I'm Poland based, shipping within the EU will be much less ~ 40 EUR by UPS.
  13. For sale Cybershaft Premium 10MHz clock. It has much lower jitter than the $23.000 Esoteric G-01 Rubidium Clock, not to mention the $6000 Antelope 10M Rubidium crap: These are all the rage in Asia now, as people are dumping basicly all clocks they have to drive their dCS, CH Precision, Esoteric DACs. Or a SOtM gear. These are hard to buy (very limited supply) and need to be shipped from Japan. $699 + $150 shipping (US, ASIA). Shipping EU: 40 EUR by UPS 230V mains AC supply. CA forum thread:
  14. Topaz 5kVA line noise ultra-isolation transformer model 91005-31. The ultimate isolation transformer. Far superior to any power conditioner or 'audiophile' isolation transformers like Equi=Tech or Torus Power. 146dB line common mode noise suppression (for reference, Torus Power has only only 80dB CMNR). Is about as good as power being regenerated for pure clean AC power. Also will reduce a 6000 volt AC line spike to 6 milli-volts! A great protection, if you have had lightning strike problems in your area. A forum discussion on the To
  15. You probably could DIY sth, as the switch is very light. But no factory provision for wall mounting.
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