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  1. You probably could DIY sth, as the switch is very light. But no factory provision for wall mounting.
  2. No. You have to slide the PCB out. The box is a complete aluminium extrusion, with front and back panels attached to it.
  3. Just got the SOtM switch. It has the sCLK-EX clocking board installed and an extra 10M clock input. I started with taking the unit apart (as usuall ...): The promissing part is that this is not some cheap TP-Link router in disguise. It uses what seems to be their own board / PCB design. The PCB takes about 2/3 of the unit's real estate. My unit has the optional sCLK-EX clock module installed (which is stacked over the main PCB). I like the fact that they use the proper coaxial cable for the 10M clock input, terminated with a proper 50 Ohm RF connector (SMB type) on the PCB end. It shows an attention to detail one should expect from $1000+ product. The bad part is that I don't know when I will be able to evaluate the product. I'm still burried with work, so that may take 3-4 weeks. Probably other will be faster with posting their own reviews.
  4. Did you reuse your old SD card ?
  5. Elberoth

    Wally Malewicz Passed

    Sad news indeed. I have last time met him in Munich. He seemed to be in a great shape, considering his age (over 80). We already made arrangements for his visit to Audio Video Show in Warsaw in November 2018 to give his famous TT setup seminar. He was exremely knowledgable on everything analog and just a lovely human beeing. I will miss him greatly. Rest in peace my Dear Friend.
  6. Forgot to add: the unit comes with the new, upgraded UpTone 7.5V/4.8A/36W SMPS (with internal ground-shunt), which is a clear upgrade over the old Meanwell PSU.
  7. SOLD UpTone Audio LPS-1. The unit comes with the new, upgraded UpTone SMPS (with internal ground-shunt), which is a clear upgrade over the old Meanwell PSU. Original box, manual are included. 10/10 condition. Price: 285 EUR + shipping + PayPal (firm) EU price via the ItemAudio UK is 501 EUR: http://www.itemaudio.co.uk/power-supplies/838-uptone-audio-lps1-ultracap.html Item ships from Poland (which is part of the EU).
  8. I've bought the Topaz 5kVA. Should I use a soft start circuits infront ?
  9. Can one use TWO identical transformers in parallel to double the VA rating ? My monos have 1.2kVA transformers EACH, so I'm thinking of getting not just one but two 5kVA units for a combined 10kVA - just for the peace of mind.
  10. Just bought the 5KV 91005-31T model. I should have it installed in 6-8 weeks. I have two identical separate dedicated power lines in my listening room - my plan is to put the transformer on one and compare.
  11. Elberoth

    CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    1. Roon 2. SOtM sMS-200 3. UpTone LPS-1
  12. Elberoth

    Roon + Lampi = no sound

    OK, problem solved: make sure you have the Use Exclusive Mode toggle checked.
  13. Elberoth

    Roon + Lampi = no sound

    For whatever reason, I have problems getting my Lampi to work with Roon. I have the Roon 1.3 server installed on my Audio PC and my Lampi connected directly via USB. Win driver installed, I have no problems playing music using Jriver. When I want to play a DSF file using Roon, I'm getting the following error message: Transport: Failed to initialize the audio device. PCM files seem to be playing, although my DAC is DSD only, so I not able to check.
  14. OK, so the arrangement is very much like the Femto USB card (which is great). I hope Marcin will give use the exact current requirement numbers. Strange things those SSDs - I have mine powered by Jcat battery PSU and indeed the increase in SQ was noticable, if surprising.