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  1. I have set-up my (recently arrived) E-Gen in the basement just below my listening room equipment racks. Since taking the pic below, I've run a ground to the main HiFi rigs power conditioner from the E-Gen. The E-Gen's power supply is plugged into a completely different circuit in the basement, and I am wondering that since the E-Gen's switching PSU IS grounded, should I FLOAT the ground on it since the E-Gen is grounded separately directly? Probably I think I will need to try both ways and listen, but was wondering what thinking is about were the best place is to send ground leakag
  2. Sorry if this sounds like a sales plug, but for the type of A/V system you talked about here by the OP, I use AudioQuest PowerQuest conditioners.... there are two models which are $200 (PowerQuest 2) and $300 (PowerQuest 3) - these are designed for A/V systems. I’m using one my self in a TV/Audio set-up (Samsung Plasma, Rega Brio, Cable box, iFi Audio DAC, Apple TV, Oppo Blu Ray, with either Ryan or Mark Audio speakers) and it delivers good sound and video. I have a good friend using PQ2 on his simple Plasma TV/Sonus SoundBar set-up and he tells me the picture quality and sound are better wi
  3. Chris, I would like to buy this. Please message me or e-mail me directly with your e-mail and I will send payment via PayPal. Thanks!
  4. Yes - that is one of them... but there was also the Track and Drum disc... apparently there are XRCD and DXD reissues of this, bit I have the LPs and a old CD of it
  5. All is well up here. Typical CNY summer weather (which is usually pretty nice if I say so myself) - keeping busy with various projects (and keeping a regular eye here on the Ether Regen progress 🙂 ). By the end of this year (or earlier) I will have gone through all the Musicaps I bought from you for Merlin speaker upgrades!
  6. What about the old Sheffield Labs Track and Drum discs (one of these was also called James Newton Hoard and friends IIRC)? Very well recorded (live to 2 track or direct to disc) by Doug Sax. I know these are available on CD, don’t know about a hi-res re-issue). These recordings have exceptional dynamic range from what I recall.
  7. OUCH!!!! Hope you heal up OK and quickly Alex! . . . And am looking forward to the Ether-Regen too of course! 😃😃 https://youtu.be/uMyCa35_mOg
  8. Doing a bit of spring cleaning, so time to sell of several demo, used, and new(discontinued) USB cables! ALL cables (expect for the sealed new iFi 0.5m Mercury) come with a 21 day satisfaction guarantee. In other words, if you don't like the sound, performance, quality etc of the cable, you can return it for a full refund (less shipping costs). All prices are PLUS shipping (and pretty firm). Figure USPS Priority Mail ship on any of these is about $9 to $10 within the USA. Payment via PayPal. All cables are in excellent condition. - iFi Audio Gemini 0.7m dual head USB c
  9. Given I am a dealer and have a variety of gear connected/playing in my listening room at any one time, I have noticed with some gear the iDSD Pro is generating RFI that is being picked up by some (not all) gear. The most noticeable occurrence was with a Joule-Electra preamp which is about 20 years old.... the all tube phono stage in it (sitting about 3 feet away horizontally from the iDSD pro) in MC gain mode was clearly picking up interference which was rather audible from the speakers... less so in MM mode, but still there. Turning off the iDSD Pro made the interference (like that mentioned
  10. Am trying to find a solution for a customer who has a Appple Music subscription (as much as I would like to see him switch to Tidal or Quobuz) and music there that he likes for certain listening WITHOUT having to resort to AirPlay streaming of Apple Music for iPhone/iPad etc (due to the way WiFi can be in his apartment). So a music server (that I can connect via Ethernet to his router and the net) that can store some music on it would be great and support native (direct) streaming of Appple Music to his DAC. Sonos is the only product I have been able to find so far, anyone know
  11. UPDATED TO REDUCE PRICES. REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED. All prices plus shipping. My electronic computer/gadget closet cleaning continues! If you have any questions on the items listed below, LMK. I have more pics of each item too if you need to see more detail. ALL prices PLUS shipping. Instead of individual ads/threads for each item, I figured grouping them into one or two posts was best. Looking for Feed Back on me? - Look under Audiogon seller Signaturesound 1) Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet. 2nd Gen model with 32GB storage. Has only seen very occasional use
  12. UPDATED 10/18 to LOWER SOME PRICES AND REMOVE SOME ITEMS. REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED ON INDIVIDUAL ITEMS SPECIAL OFFER: BUY EVERYTHING LISTED/SHOWN IN THIS ADD FOR ONLY $300 (FIRM) PLUS SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES! I am doing some clearing out of various computers and HW I am not using, so I have a pile of stuff for sale. Have outlined the Apple/mac related stuff below and will list the other stuff in a separate ad. If you are looking for references, my Audiogon username is Signaturesound - check my feedback there or just ask around. Hopefully I have summarized all the d
  13. Wow! Very cool! My inner engineer is geeking out! ? Hmmmmmm . . . Looks like it could be a protype Ethernet switch board in the vid. ?
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