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Found 9 results

  1. Hi community, I just received my allo katana including the isolator board. After trying the setup I recognized, that my PiCorePlayer only recognizes the katana without the isolator board. After installing the isolator it won't find the dac. The power configuration has been done as shown in the manual and all leds are shining. Do i have to setup something special in case of using the isolator board? Best, Fabian
  2. THE JENSEN HAS SOLD. All of the items below are for sale individually or as a whole package. I am changing my system configuration to XLR cabling and no longer have need for these items. 2 Rothwell -10db attenuators: $30 (approx. $45 new) 2 Rothwell -15db attenuators: $30 (approx. $45 new) If you buy both sets: $55, total, plus shipping. Description from Rothwell: A high quality device to reduce signal levels to give a better range on the volume control, to increase headroom, or to improve signal to noise ratio. These are our most famous product with thousands sold all over the world. =========================================================================================================== 1 Jensen CI-2RR very high quality two channel ground isolator with two 12" Mogami RCA cables. Approx. 1 year old. The Jensen isolators do not use any power. Simply rca in, rca out. $105 plus shipping (will include the 12" cables). Was $199, new. Description from Jensen: The Iso•Max CI-2RR is a passive two channel audio ground isolator designed to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops in the most demanding audio systems. Eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops Extended frequency response from 10 Hz to 40 kHz Less than 2° phase deviation at 20 Hz Plug and play easy to use – no power required The unbalanced stereo design begins with gold RCA connectors to ensure optimal signal transfer. These are housed in a rugged steel enclosure that is fitted with screw-down flanges for easy installation in racks, under shelves or attached to cabinetry. The magic inside comes from two high performance Jensen Transformers that deliver pristine audio from 10 Hz to 40 kHz with less than 1 dB of deviation, less than 0.05% harmonic distortion and less than 2° phase shift at all frequencies. The transformer is shielded in a MuMETAL® can to protect against external magnetic fields and prevent “spectral contamination” due to ultrasonic and RF interference. This assures your music will be faithfully delivered without distortion, coloration or artifact no matter what the program material or signal level. These features makes the CI-2RR the perfect choice for 2 channel audiophile systems, home theater, Hi-Z recording sound cards, car audio and any other unbalanced audio signal. Or, purchase all of the above(attenuators plus isolator) for $150 plus shipping. Paypal accepted.
  3. For Sale My Black Itona Industrial Model USB Isolator with the latest firmware version. $200 shipped in the continental US!
  4. For the best sound quality Allo recommends connecting three power supplies. 1 to microcontroller , another to the katana and one to rpi. I have the katana and an isolator 1.3, my question is; is it possible to connect three power supplies, one to microcontroller, another to the katana and one to isolator? Katana tech manual shows how to connect the katana and the isolator with 2 PSUs, but is there a way to get better sound with 3 power supplies? For the three power supplies on page 6-7 (3 power supplies)of the katana tech manual shows J30 jumper in katana open; while on page 4 when only two power supplies are provided with the isolator katana jumper J30 is closed. When connecting three power supplies with the isolator (if possible) should J30 jumper on katana be closed or open? Thanks in advance. Rajesh
  5. Hello, first of all, I'd like to say i'm not fluent with english so please, try be comprehensive with me ? I have 2 questions. Both of them are related to my configuration which is based on : A Raspberry PI 3 B+ (1 board) An Isolator v1.2 card (1 board) A KATANA V1.2 DAC (3 board) That makes a 5 boards stacked in the selled by Allo acrylic Case. This config is powered by 2 external power (both 5V 3A : coming from Allo's website and bought with the Katana) : 1st one directly on the Isolator card (USB-C connector) 2nd one using USB-C connector on the card on top of the set-up (SparkOS Micro Controller) There is a 8GB sd Card on which I've installed Volumio. Volumio is reading audio files from a NFS share located on a NAS. I don't have issues to read FLAC files but I can't read AAC, SACD tracks inside ISO file, DSD tracks inside ISO file, DFF files. 1- Can you explain me how can I do that please ? I also realised that when I don't play any track, it's like if there were some "wind" in the room. I mean I can hear a noise which I don't hear if I switch my amplifier on another source (like CD player, turntable or TV). 2- Do I have to check or change anything to make it work normally ? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  6. I bought an i2s Isolator and a Boss DAC. I also got a battery pack that I’m not currently using but I’d like to try. I assembled everything and it’s working but I’m unsure if what I did is optimal. I have three basic questions: 1. What does slave/master do? Is that just a way to choose which clock is being used? I set mine to master but it came as a default in slave. Is master the correct setting when used with the Boss? The manual goes into detail as if the primary audience is an engineer not a hobbyist. I just want to know what it does and more importantly WHY I would choose one over the other. 2. There are two pins in the manual that are labeled as having something to do with battery power. Do I need to use a jumper to connect those two pins in order to use the battery pack? It didn’t come with an extra jumper. 3. On the Boss DAC, there is a jumper for isololating the power. You are meant to leave the jumper on to share power and remove it to isolate power. I left it on, assuming the isolator would take care of this. I assume that from the Boss point of view it thinks it’s sharing power with the Pi even though it is actually sharing power with the isolator. Is my assumption correct? Should I leave the jumper on? It is currently working, so I assume this is correct. By the way, I’m currently using two power supplies - one to the Pi and one to the isolator. Thanks
  7. http://intona.eu/en/company Since my dac has a normal usb input, I have been looking at this to include this into my computer audio chain despite it is not focused on audio application. Would like to hear some thought on this matter. After several email exchange, please see the quote from the company representative, Preorder is open now and expected to be shipped at the end of September 2015. P/s: I could not find a suitable forum to post this. If it is in the wrong section, please move it to the corresponding area. Thanks.
  8. This one I've ordered couple months ago in Europe during my business trip and I don't need it anymore (cleaning the closet). Looks as good as new, comes with the papers and it's original package. $275 includes shipping from Moscow, Russia to Europe and USA. PayPal, SWIFT Bank transfer available.
  9. Selling my beloved Regen, it's been used daily during past 6 months but I have to sell it now. Complete package and great outfit. It's yours for $130. Shipping from Moscow, Russia to Europe and USA is free. PayPal and SWIFT bank transfer available.
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