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  1. I am trying to understand where to place this power supply in terms of quality. Is the aim to match or improve the Optimo 3 with regard to the 5v lines that, for example, feed the Jcat usb and net cards? I read that it will beat all competition, does that include your own Optimo 3 (which is not comparable in terms of functionality of course)?
  2. I would find that a bit of a strange proposition. The ATX power supply will have a separate circuit for the 5v lines. In order not to make them obsolete from the beginning, they should have at least the same quality as the Optimo 3 in my opinion. I realize I am off topic here and will ask my questions in the appropriate thread. To be continued 🙂
  3. You might want to wait for the ATX power supply that Jcat has in development. I have no experience with their power supplies, but if it is just as good as the other components that Jcat supplies, I am confident it can compete with the best in the market
  4. I recently built a new server based on a Gigabyte Aorus Master B550. This mobo has 3 pcie slots, 1 x16 which goes directly to the CPU and 2 other that runs via the B550 chipset. From a theoretical approach I figured the Jcat usb XE had to be plugged into the pcie x16. However, the server would not boot with the card in this slot, so I was forced to choose a different slot. After trying all the settings in BIOS (thanks for the help @Marcin_gps) I finally decided to update the BIOS. And that worked, the x16 slot accepts the XE card now! And things changed... What I hear now is hard to
  5. I have 120 hours on the Jcat USB XE now and it's really starting to open up. Lots of ambient information and the lower bass has never sounded this good. Stereo image seems also improved compared to the Femto card. Very happy so far! 😊
  6. I agree! Sometimes things have to be put into perspective, there are worse things in the world than a delayed delivery of a USB card 😇 On the other hand, Jcat could make communication about the delivery more reliable. There will be good explanations for all delays. But every time one occurs, a customer has to inquire about the revised shipping date. That is annoying and gives me the feeling that things are not in control.
  7. Would it be a good idea to share the track and trace here from the shipment from Adnaco to Poland? 😉 But seriously, have you received the cards and when are you going to send them to your ‐ patiently waiting for 4 months ‐ customer(s)?
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience with Frank, this gives confidence when I ever need to use his services. And indeed, the sound is fabulous! 🙂
  9. I had to check the email conversation with RL to answer that. Here's what they told me once they received the unit back again: We received the unit and it was working on 110V but not on 220V. The power transformer was faulty and we replace it with new one. The power module was working fine but we replace it with a brand new one for you. The unit is now working on both 110V and 220V.
  10. I had my dac upgraded to a signature series by Ahmed Rizki in September last year. The transformer is replaced by a better one, but a 120V version was used instead of 240V. As a result, the DAC had to be returned from the EU to Canada. This is quite a careless mistake and you would expect the freight charges to be reimbursed. But that was not possible according to Ahmed. After a discussion, I was offered a voucher for the next purchase. A month later, RL was gone. I am still very happy with the dac, I haven't heard a better one in my system. And luckily there seem to be possibi
  11. From what I understand is that the oscillators were in backorder and this causes the delay of the delivery of the XE card. However, the oscillators were sent to Jcat 2 weeks ago so I figure the delivery of the XE card is about to take place. @Marcin_gps could you confirm a more precise dispatch date?
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