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  1. Sinc-L is amazing, but at the conversion ratio up to DSD256, you'd better prepare to wait quite a bit for a track to start. Sinc-L is really good for 8x and 16x PCM upsampling, IMO. On the DSD side, it's a bit much.
  2. And likewise, it's just a simple filter change if you're curious. My observations may not match yours anyway.
  3. That's the thing - to me they sound quite similar, but Mx brings with it a pretty serious performance penalty. Gauss-long doesn't seem like it gives up anything, but is an easier load. I can do more critical listening but off the top of my head, I can't think of anything that Mx has over and above gauss-long. Then again, that's also why I want to go back to it tonight.
  4. Curious if you've tried gauss-long? I really enjoy it on DSD256, ASDM7EC modulator. Going to switch back to sinc mx tonight, as I do really like that one as well.
  5. I have a short and a long dual-head Ghent Audio USB cable and find both sound excellent. Admittedly, I have not had anything "better" than these. So I'm not saying they are the best, just that for the money I spent (not much), I'm happy. Shipping takes awhile though, they are made to order and ship from China.
  6. That's precisely how I'm running it :) DSD256, ASDM7EC, gauss-long or Sinc-Mx. Usually the former filter, and it sounds tremendous, to my ears.
  7. I'd love to hear a LinQ or even a Stack Audio Link 2 in comparison to my Zen Stream. I am still beyond satisfied with not just how simple it is and how good it sounds, but just how much it bested my Pi4 (USB out to DDC) powered by batteries, it actually is. And it seems to scale very well with my new May KTE, so much so that I now understand my Freya+ is holding things back a bit, so a Benchmark LA-4 preamp is due here today. It's a brilliant little box for $400, in any event.
  8. I had an extra shelf open on my rack so I have the PSU on one shelf, DAC on the shelf above that. Seemed rude not to :)
  9. I'm on night #2 with May KTE. I've had music playing for about 30 hours so far. DSD256, ASDM7EC, gauss-long from HQ Player via Zen Stream NAA, USB into May. Other DAC is a DF Venus II. A little early to make any sort of final conclusion, but so far - I am really impressed by May. Excellent detail retrieval but it retains the musicality and swing and "fun" that I so enjoyed from Venus II. And I am absolutely a fan of Venus II despite a couple minor gotchas. It just sounds fun to listen to while being resolving and natural in its presentation. But May seems to take that
  10. Just got my May KTE today. Warming up now with DSD128, from my Zen Stream USB. Hope to do some critical listening to it before we go on vacation in 10 days.
  11. Quick question - I've been using, and really enjoying, gauss-long. Upsampling to DSD256, 7EC modulator (W10, Intel CPU). But, on version 4.12.0, occasionally I would get a high pitched distortion occurring. If anyone is familiar with the end of "Have a Cigar" by Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here - it sounded a little bit like the end of that track. I switched back to Sinc-Mx for 4-5 tracks - no issues. I updated to 4.13.1 and went back to gauss-long and so far, no issues. Was there anything that changed from 4.12 to 4.13.1 that may have corrected an issue with that filter?
  12. I enjoyed this first installment. I have always felt that measurements - in the conventional "SINAD" and DR spaces - are guidelines at best, they do not predict how a component might sound. Especially since we're in territory these days where the level of audibility of some of the common measurements achieved is debatable. Feels like we are judging 1080p content in the context of an 8K television. But especially as I've played with different DACs and software all of which impart their own "special sauce" to our precious, pure, fragile digital 1's and 0's - I've found that subjectiv
  13. I may be wrong as I don't have mine yet either, but I don't think USB uses PLL. That's used with SPDIF sources, I thought? Either way, no big deal. There'll be time to sort that out on my end, I'm sure. I'll keep the Pi4 and HQP NAA image handy and definitely compare PCM 1.5 to DSD 256. My experience thus far has been that DSD256 was a bit more relaxed, maybe a little less exciting than high rates of PCM. And to wit, I've really been on a PCM kick lately with Venus II. But I'm not sure if it's the new Sinc-Mx filter, or if it's Zen Stream, or some combination - but DSD
  14. So, one of the reasons I DID end up pulling the trigger was @Miska mentioning he only uses Holo DACs in DSD. I don't have May yet, but it's coming in a month or so. And based on my usage of DSD and my trust in Miska, I was going to start out using DSD only, so the upper limit of Zen being DSD256 fits perfectly, and I'm hearing what it's capable of now. All that to say, I don't intend to use PCM with May. I certainly want to give it a shot, but holy moly, this thing is impressive. I've now switched over to a comparison to my Pi4 (battery power or wall power, hasn't mat
  15. I will try to be as "least effusive" as I can here. I'm kinda shocked by Zen Stream. I still need to compare to my LifePO4 Pi4 running USB and HQP NAA image, but it was a thorough, and unmistakable beatdown of Pi2AES. And I hate to say that as that is a wonderful device. I <3 my Pi2AES. But there was an immediate and substantial uptick in clarity, definition, articulation with Zen Stream. To be fair - I am using HQPlayer and I am feeding Zen Stream DSD256 with ASDM7EC, Sinc-Mx filter. I am feeding Pi2AES 192 PCM, NS9 noise shaping, Sinc-Mx filter I
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