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  1. Availability where? Does not appear to be a prob in the U.S.
  2. Got it. Should be all I need, friend. Thank You.
  3. Greetings fellow Lushites. 🖖 While I am quite tardy to the ^2 party I’ve been enjoying my orig version since early in its appearance. I even started a thread way back when on using the Lush in conjunction with the Uptone isoRegen. I am happy to state that just a couple of hours ago I took delivery of of a 70cm Lush^2. I had it in the system for less than an hour when I, just for the hell of it and not expecting much, sat down to listen. While I have not put the Lush1 back in, I sure am happy with what I am hearing - and this is w/o the LPS-1 fed isoRegen in the line. Knowing that this is likely to get even better puts a BIG smile on my face. Now I am reading about the "PFN" config which I would LOVE to try - though not until I’ve at least 100 hours on this new cable. Honestly, I am a bit unclear on understanding what the A: B-W & Y-R translates to. Of course it is USB:A connector, but the “&” is throwing me. The B: B-W seems clearly to indicate that only the black and white are connected. A picture may be worth many words in this case. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Already glad I finally did this ,,,, but I would not at all mind getting ever gladder. 😁
  4. Thanks for your help Jerome. Found it on Spotify. 👍
  5. I am struggling with finding a way to hear all cuts form the album. I an play "Vicious" @ Bandcamp, but cannot seem to get other tracks to play. Help, please. ps: Really like what I have heard so far!!
  6. Very interesting. Have liked what I have heard of Indian music in the past. Would love to learn more. Any pointers will be appreciated. Equipment is interesting too. Thanks for posting.
  7. I have found the Auralic Aries to sound best with directly connected storage, in my case an externally powered USB HD. Auralic's continued improvement of their Lightning Server has made it my choice for SQ and otherwise for the Aries. What I am seeing is that comparing music servers must include the SW used and storage method/media, if not there is not an apples/apples situation - not a simple task.
  8. Would I not also need some sort of computer to use the Rendu?
  9. “Auralic Aries femto with sbooster Sonore ultraRendu with LPS-1” Will the latter fully replace the former?
  10. Here's a link to an amazingly informative overview and review of the QA361: https://moonstarreviews.net/qls-hifi-qa361-the-portable-digital-audio-player-review/
  11. Hoping for something that goes a few steps beyond the QA890 DAC. QLS QA890
  12. Wow,, sure want to know about that.Thanks Any clues?
  13. Tracks of several GB are certainly an ultra-extreme example.I doubt that I could find more a very small handful in my large collection. If you are referring to files that have been oversampled to the max and saved for playback, that too is a very specialized situation.
  14. General consensus: guy is a jackalope.
  15. Wow,,, take me back. I did use one in an AV system many moons ago and it's still here on a shelf in the original box. I still use a smaller version with the TV and coupled small receiver/speakers system.
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