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  1. I like/prefer big (3.5") fat spinning drives such as WD Black.
  2. Simply amazing, to me, how my recently blocking just a handful of “local correspondents” has incredibly simplified/streamlined the time I spent here.
  3. Shhhhh 🤫 We don’t want another round of the THD spec wars that we barely survived in the ‘70s .
  4. Re: A: B-R, Y-W B: B-R  Vivid across the entire frequency spectrum, though not overbearing. IMO a great addition to the top configs. My thanks to its “discoverer” TJHUB. 👍
  5. Agree there’s an incredible “rightness” to most everything with the default config. Will see/hear how well the “newest” wears.
  6. Re: the “newest” config under discussion Remarkable midrange clarity IMO along with best attributes of PFN in bass and highs. This after a handful of my finest test cuts. Will listen to this one for a while before any switches.
  7. “The Class-D weaknesses: Acoustic music, Strings, female voices, bass definition” A concise listing of many/most of the types and attributes of music I hold most important (and love dearly). Could also be why the amp in my system that powers the coincident driver, which then (re)produces all frequencies >120Hz, glows in the dark.
  8. Wow,,, On the "Gotta get" list, for sure.
  9. OK, that does appear to be a pointer toward the “larger capacity” answer. Thanks
  10. Oh, I have one of those. 😋 Thought it was a Meamwell with grounding strap. Not? Didn't even see that they’d branded (rebranded?) it.
  11. This is a true statement. Is this “THE reason” according to Aurender? Please cite source.
  12. What is the "$17 device from Uptone" that replaces the Meanwell?
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