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  1. https://www.ayre.com/categories/digital/ No version of the QB-9 DAC is currently listed of Ayre's digital product page. Did I miss something?
  2. Has a nice ring to it. 🏆💜😆
  3. Wow,,,, that went off the rails rather quickly. Not surprised tho. 😋
  4. May We Never Hear the Term "Computer Audio" Ever Again
  5. Hi Jim, I had an Aries G2 here for demo/purchase and, incredibly, preferred my Aries w/SBooster LPSU.
  6. Apparently one of a handful of songs properly interpreted soully by New Orleans denizens.
  7. Shipping fully assembled turntables with platter drive shaft in place contacting a micro-tolerance bearing is a big "no-no." Same problem with the tonearm in place. So it takes a bit of time. New owner will prob learn something in the process. IMO in the end it is worth whatever effort is involved.
  8. Precisely my description of what goes on here regarding digital audio. I enjoy both analog and digital, though getting the best out of digital playback can be and is more tweaks than analog. Ill leave it at that. Not here to argue. Would rather be doing nearly anything else, particularly listening to music - via digital or analog format.
  9. FYI: Vinyl never left and for at least one very good reason.
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