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  1. These two products, UpTone ISO REGEN and Intona USB Isolator, do much more than isolate the USB signal.
  2. Doak

    Problem installing Auralic Lightning DS app

    I am successfully running LDS5.3 on a 4 year old 16MB iPad,if that is of any help.
  3. Doak

    USB audio cracked... finally!

    Your comparison of these 2 USB cables from my point of view is a recommendation for the LUSH. I have and will purchase the latter @ approx $250, though I will never purchase any USB cable priced @ approx 5X that amount - advantage LUSH.
  4. My hope also, and that maybe the SQ will be even better.
  5. About what I expect to find,,, maybe centered a bit lower. We shall see... and hear.
  6. This is the setup I have. i do intend to use it, though not in a great hurry. Will post when it happens.
  7. Doak

    USB audio cracked... finally!

    Damn, that does it. Here we go again!
  8. Doak

    Is Digital Audio A Mature Science?

    Regarding your analogy to gardening: That just makes things more predictable, not necessarily better. Works similarly with audio reproduction.
  9. Here’s a link to using a calibrated mic and software to measure audio system frequency response. Once done results can be used as a guide for settings of Auralic equalizer. MiniDSP Suggest reading info on right hand side and playing/fiddling with the Auralic EQ just to see how to use it to make adjustments and how it works.
  10. Dusting off my calibrated mic to make use of parametric EQ feature.
  11. Though when all other things are equal, which resolution sounds better? This is THE question. Higher resolution digital recording/playback rates equate to wider magnetic tape and higher tape speed. Both allow for far more information to be captured and replayed.
  12. Damn... at least 10-12 years down the road with this stuff and the general Audiophile population remains confused regarding “computer audio” - re: playing audiophile grade digital music files through their audio system. This is THE PROBLEM. No matter what the “solution” offered may be,,, it is generally not in reality “plug & play” for most folks out there — even if they’re really interested. Yes, many companies are striving to meet this need, but IMO none have yet achieved it.
  13. I’m just hoping it comes true, and the sooner the better.
  14. Just to know, there are other options for ripple SACDs: