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  1. Hi gbryant, Tiffany_Diaz has sent you a message! Read full message — Audiophile Style 11 members active in this conversation (including you) Jazzhead007
  2. No. Its fact... how can you miss what you've never heard?
  3. The answer is simple.... if you have heard a really good system, some of us can't go back.. Audiophile. If you have never heard a good system, you don't know... so it doesn't matter to you.
  4. I just listed my ultraRendu & W4S PS-1 on Audiogon.... and it SOLD within an hour...
  5. Run pvc conduit from each location back to IT hub location.... you can upgrade at will...
  6. Mini Reveiw of the Ultrarendu.... OMG! I finally got the settings on my Benchmark DAC3 correct, thanks to Rory Rall at Benchmark. This sounds wonderful... everything sounds better. But most of all the air around the instruments... they each find their own place. And if you've heard live stringed instruments, the sound of the fingers on the strings. And the 'hang time' (thats how I describe it) of each note is now audible... I'm hearing these recordings as never before. I haven't enjoyed listening to my music this much since vinyl...
  7. Changed out USB cable.... still no music. Any suggestions?
  8. In dac diagnostics, it shows I have a Benchmark DAC2 with USB 1.0 The ur obviously knows I have a dac, although mine is DAC 3...
  9. My DAC is a BENCHMARK DAC3 HGC I am noticing that in Roon Ready settings 'USB output' in the "audio device" selection box is grey'd out.... is it not recognizing my DAC?
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