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Found 6 results

  1. Now I finally found a solution to extract SACD ISO files on the fly. No need for Terminal, or the SACD-Xtract software... I just use AudirvanaPlus … This cool software has ALL I NEED!!!!!! There is an option: "Add Files To iTunes" in AudirvanaPlus. Be sure first to uncheck the two boxes in the iTunes Prefs->Advanced: "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library". I then drag my ISO file to the new opened window, set the "Quality of the proxy files to "Uncompressed" and whushhhh…. AudirvanaPlus extracts, and converts all the files I need. And adds them to iTunes too When finished, remember to tick the two boxes in iTunes again. Hours, or even weeks of conversion are just done within minutes now. Best Regards KK
  2. So I have collected a large SACD collection. I have hundreds os SACD ISO's on a USB Hard drive. I am wondering is anyone has made a streamer that can playback these ISO's like Foobar does on a PC? This would same me constantly changing discs and I could invest in a high end DSD compatable DAC... SS
  3. Hi, I have been looking for a multichannel DAC 5.1 that plays DSD64 multichannel SACD ISO images but seems that not many solutions out there. I use foobar SACD plug in (PCM) in 2.0 The EmmLabs DAC8 MKIV 8 Channel D/A and D/D converter seems interesting Manufacturer Link: EMM Labs - DAC8 MkIV Multichannel Digital to Analog Converter Price is around $8500 EMM Labs and Sonoma Pricing An out of production model DAC6e look interesting too: EMM Labs - DAC6e SE 6 Channel Digital to Analog Converter I suppose that a PCI card is required to input in the DAC. I would use Lynx Studio Technology AES16e in to the DAC PCM input. Any feedback welcome on this DAC or other. Thanks, Yogui. BTW, I am no expert in Multichannel nor DSD so take easy if I got any concept wrong. :-)
  4. Hi I have recently been splitting many ISO files into their constituent DFF files using Sonore's ISO2DSD app as my streamer, an Auralic Aries only plays DFF files. Most of the resultant files are tagged with artist, album and track metadata. However, some are not. As a result, the tracks do not show up at all. Is there a way to tag them? Unfortunately, I deleted the original ISO rip files to free up space on my hard drive. Thanks
  5. Hi everybody, I am completely new here (from Belgium, btw) and I have a question on how to rip SACD on an Oppo BDP-103EU. In picture attached you will find the numbers " 8550 " (which I suppose is the MediaTek MT8550 chipset) Although this is the setup (soft-and firmware version) of an Oppo BDP-103EU unit, I am not sure whether this unit indeed can rip SACD because 8550 is not 8580 (as is needed) nor 8560 chip. Can you eventually send me a picture of an Oppo 103 setup page with soft- and firmware details of which you are sure they will work for ripping SACD together with the ISO2DSD software ? Is there any limitation on the firmware upgrade ? Or how can one see that the Oppo actually has this MediaTek MT8580 chip (SOC) on board ? Thank you very much for your reply. You can do this here or preferably by PM to koen.michels(at)telenet.be Kindest regards. Koen. Note : I have not yet bought an Oppo 103 or 105 - Awaiting absolute certainty !
  6. Hi Guys, How to split multi-channel and stereo DSD tracks in an iso image? With almost 500 SACD saved in my hard drive, if I can save only stereo ones, I will save a lot of space, and my DAC plays only stereo, so I don't want have saved multi-channel tracks! Thanks, MemoryPlayer
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