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  1. I don’t know much about reclocking. Do I need the Mutec and this Dapu too. What is the purpose of both devices? I thought the Mutec was a reclocker? I’m interested in trying to reclock my EtherREGEN. But not sure what all is needed. it looks like you need two linear power supplies as well one for each? What linear power supplies would you recommend? I’ve been experimenting with Dual USB reclockers to great effect. So I wonder how dual EtherREGENs would sound vs adding a reclocking system?
  2. Are there any clocks out there that would be effective but not cost so much? Maybe Uptone will come out with a clock?
  3. I’ve owned the Ultra and Micro Rendus. The Aries G2 is superior to both, but not a fair comparison as the Airies is much more expensive. Those are the only streamers I’ve compared it to not built by Auralic. The Airies G2 is superior to the Airies Femto which comes as no surprise. I’d guess the a comparable Inuos model and Aurender would give it some competition. Probably others as well. After hearing the Airies I just didn’t need to look further.
  4. How do you have the two ERs connected? A to A, B to A, A to B, or B to B? i connected a Ethernet 5 port switch powered by Lps 1.2 immediately before my EtherREGEN. It made quite a bit of difference too. I’m sure two EtherREGENs cascaded could be better. .
  5. I’ve found that the UpTone JS-2 sounds better than the LPS 1.2 as well. I have my Etherregen grounded when I was using the LPS 1.2. Do I need to still ground it if I use it with the JS2? I think I’ve read conflicting posts.
  6. Hi, Try Acoustic BBQ USB cables. Built by “Grannyring” or Bill Dion which are available on Audiogon and I think he sells through Facebook. I have his new “Double Smoked” version and it is competitive with some of the best and list expensive for a song.
  7. Might be interested. But where did you get the miundorf wires made? I’ll check the price on those and read about them then let you know. thanks steven
  8. I’d be interested in the Ghent cable. ket me know. Steven
  9. Can Euphony/Stylus output to Aries G2? i use ROON also. HQPlayer with NAA doesn’t work with Auralic Aries. I’d guess Euphony/Stylus can’t either ?
  10. Anyone using the EtherREGEN and the IsoRegen together? It sound be interesting to find if the listening experience is better together or the IsoRegen not needed anymore? Etc.
  11. I purchased an Aries G2 about a month ago. I’m very impressed at the way it made my system come alive in a way that two custom PCs, NAAs, linear power supplies and lots of the tweaks written on this site else where. It makes my Lampi PAC DAC sing in ways none of my menagerie of tweaks and small boxes ever did. The noise floor is amazingly low. With some of the other popular streamers discussed on this site I was always turning my Dude preamp at close to the highest levels possible according to the attenuator. Now I barely turn the Dude up to 11 o’clock and the sound is still brilliant, full, with bass that still shakes the room even between 60-70 dB according to apps on my iPhone. I’ve never encountered anything like it with any source component I’ve had in my system. And the most amazing? It works every time I turn my PAC DAC on. No more fiddling with the little boxes’ connections, software, connecting to my Ethernet system, or rude messages from ROON like “transport not found”. It even updates itself. And the updates that I've downloaded made my system sound even better. I’ve spent a fortune in money and time on player software and updates that don’t always work, play nice with each other and trying to find which of the 1000s of combinations and permutations that drive one batty while deciding which combo is best. I’m not saying you can’t get great sound with all the PC software and paraphernalia you can. But at what cost to pocketbook, time, and sanity? I wish I’d bought one months ago. I’ll probably audition the Auralic Sirius as well.
  12. I owned that pair at one time. Really fine sound and well constructed. And you’re right about the cables I tried those options too. That combo could really compete with the vest out there.
  13. What a shame that the industry moguls seem to always think that the consumers will never know what a cheap interface they built and won’t care. What could have been a great interface that worked well for all applications was doomed to suck. Too bad they didn’t budget $3.00 parts.
  14. sgr

    HQ Player

    Hi, Is there a new manual describing the changes between versions 3 and 4. It seems that some of the filters have been renamed. Or not available anymore. If the filters have new names can we have a list of what’s been changed. Very difficult to obtain the same results if the filters name’s are changed. For example what happened to polysinc 2s?
  15. Reposted as I wanted to add more info and was not allowed. Hi, Have ORendu installed with the Sonore kit of optical cable, power supply for ORendu and an LPS1.2 powering the optical module. All components have powered up correctly and are stable. First observations the ORendu has a clarity that I’d not experienced with the URendu. I believe it does sound better and has sure improved the longer its been electrified. But...... I can only get it to work with ROON. Not as HqPlayer NAA. I’ve tried many different filters (probably not every possible combination as that would be impossible I think) and am using Legacy Audio Wavelet DAC for PCM only and can’t get it to play without stuttering or playing at all. Music will play a second or two then stop start again. I’ve rebooted the pc many times, used the sonic orbiter app to select HQPlayer Naa, done the same with ROON. Hqplayer is connected to the ORendu and sees it as a device as it did see URendu. Nothing seems to work. The URendu is unplugged and not in the system at all so I know it’s not interfering. I also did ipconfig and reconfigured the ORendu in ROON just in case and it used the same address as the URendu did so that didn’t matter. My Ultra Rendu worked fine with exact same equipment and the same settings in HQPlayer 4.4 but they won’t work on ORendu. I’d be glad for some help or ideas.
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