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  1. Also, could we possibly get the title of this thread updated to reflect the actual name of the service: Home Audio Fidelity. It's absurd that this service's actual name remains obscured after more than a year.
  2. I recently purchased the HAF solution (my word for it) and am thoroughly pleased with how it has improved the sound of my system. Especially the crosstalk correction. This feature alone might be enough to sell HAF to those who love vocals and spoken word recordings. And in general the correction that HAF provides is more limited than what I was doing with Dirac and therefore actually lets my speakers shine and express their sound in the way their creator planned I realize that the Dirac correction target was my own choice and that Dirac allows the user a great deal of discretion and freedom in how much and where to apply corrections Bottom line, the sound I got from Dirac was over controlled compared to what HAF is doing. Add in the crosstalk attenuation, and it's an easy decision for me.
  3. Welp. The timing of my last post/tirade was impeccable. I very much look forward to being able again to use Dirac on my Mac Mini. FWIW, the compatibility problems arose after I purchased a 2018 Mac Mini to replace my 2011 model, which no longer had the processing power to run both Roon and Dirac without dropouts, etc. The law of unintended consequences of course struck again.
  4. Also when will Dirac be de-bugged so that it actually will work with current OSX? I paid several hundred dollars for a piece of software that became utterly useless to me when Apple made certain changes to its OS that apparently Dirac cannot figure out how to correct for. I got a half-assed recommendation to utilize a third-party software solution that is ridiculous. It is readily apparent to any who watch what this company is up to that they are getting paid money by equipment manufacturers to come up with versions of Dirac that work with their equipment (especially true for the elusive "Version 2.0") while just plain shitting on their customer base who, like me, paid HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS for Dirac for Macintosh.
  5. Also availaible on Primephonic. Interesting how some jazz is infiltratiting this "Classical" music source
  6. I should add here that I learned from a representative of Roon that my enthusiasm about Primephonic integration with Roon was perhaps misplaced. Roon indicated there is no definitive timeline or certainty regarding that possibility. I guess I read too much into the statement from Primephonic that "we aim to integrate with Roon starting early 2019." The message from Roon boils down to "it takes two to tango," and apparently "we" meant just the folks at Primephonic speaking aspirationally for themselves, not making promises for Roon. I continue to enjoy the SQ more than that of TIDAL, both iOS and Mac OS browser based players while not much caring for the design and user experience of either of the players -- especially the lack of metadata and, as steveoat observes above, lack of bitrate/resolution info on individual files. I will remain cautiously optimistic about an eventual Roon integration. Roon didn't categorically deny they and Primephonic were in discussions at all, only that it was by no means a done deal and I would be mistaken to believe otherwise. And Primephonic has promised upgrades to its metadata presentation. We shall see!
  7. After a week or so testing the new Primephonic, I was pleased enough with the sound quality to take on a monthly renewal subscription. The SQ seemed markedly better than TIDAL when listening to the same tracks, with and without MQA for the TIDAL tracks (more detail, better spatial cues, better in the high frequencies) and the track loading time also is a bit faster than TIDAL. Some notes and observations: 1. No desktop app or remote control app for phone/tablet to control the desktop app. Primephonic promises a desktop app "in 2019." They didn't respond about a remote control phone/tablet app to go with the desktop app, so I can't say what they plan in that regard. But read on! 2. The Primephonic player is, for the time being, seriously lacking in metadata both for reading and for searching. It also doesn't display info regarding recording quality (sampling rates, bit depth). Just very basic info is available regarding artists, album titles and track titles. And there is no way to do an "advanced" search on metadata (or even a simple search, actually; there is only a way to browse various categories of music). In general this state of affairs is not consistent with Primephonic's dedication to Classical music and the needs of Classical listeners. Primephonic is aware of this and reportedly is working to remedy the situation. Specifically, Primephonic indicated to me that "[m]ore metadata will be added to the Primephonic apps, we already have most of it in our database." Based on the excellent way in which the old Naxos service incorporated tons of metadata fields into its outstandingly functional advanced search feature, and given the fact that OraStream (who powered the Naxos system and likely programmed the metadata search feature for them?) is also powering the new Primephonic service, I am optimistic here; but I haven't directly asked. Perhaps OraStream's rep who posts in this forum might be able to provide insight. But this might ultimately prove an irrelevant concern given the following: 3. I have saved the best for last: Primephonic is planning to integrate with Roon(!), which should of course remedy all the issues noted above! Primephonic indicated to me that "we aim to integrate with Roon starting early 2019." I plan to enjoy excellent sound (better than TIDAL in native resolutions without MQA) at a decent price ($15/month) and see what comes -- and when -- with respect to metadata and Roon integration.
  8. As one of those lamenting Naxos' late streaming system (back in its heyday it had literally hundreds of labels streaming in MQA-free >CD hi-resolution), I was super pleased by this. I was one of those not too impressed by the original Primephonic service, but when I receiced an email inviting me to try the new version, I gave it a shot. Still evaluating the new service, but I was intrigued when I saw a credit to OraStream, who created the platform for the late lamented Naxos streaming site. OraStream provides a lossless streaming option (up to 24 bits). Will be testing and listening at home and on iPhone for the next two weeks and will check in here with my impressions.
  9. I have a $40 Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker that has given me and my spouse hundreds of hours of listening pleasure on our deck, at our cabin, and in a multitude of hotel rooms. It's really all I want or need in those applications. And when I am done using it, I just grab it and bring it inside or throw it back in the suitcase. My home stereo system has the high SQ to make up for its inconvenient location; the Oontz has the convenience and mobility to make up for its low SQ. Just my calculus; YMMV.
  10. Undoubtedly just adding complexity, but here are my data points. Two months ago, I purchased an Yggy with all the current bells and whistles, including Gen 5 USB. This replaces a Bifrost Multibit without the Gen 5 USB. I have used the USB input only for both DACs. BUT ... I have also been using an ISO REGEN powered by an LPS-1. After lots of experimentation with the Bifrost and ISO REGEN, I became pretty fully convinced that the sound was much better with the ISO REGEN than without. When I upgraded to the Yggy with Gen 5 USB, as a control, I first used it for a month or more with the ISO REGEN, powered by the LPS-1, exactly as I had been listening to and enjoying my Bifrost Multibit DAC for a year or more. The Yggy in this configuration sounded vastly better than did th Bifrost Multibit (which was no slouch). After allowing my ears to become fully adjusted to the Yggy/ISO REGEN sound, I took out the REGEN and just plugged my no-frills Belkin Gold USB directly into the Yggy's Gen 5 USB input. The sound was underwhelming. Shrunken soundstage, lack of air, constricted percussion sounds; a basic downgrade in sound compared to Yggy+REGEN. DefInitely still a step up from the Bifrost Multibit+REGEN, but not nearly the step up I got by combining Yggy and REGEN. So, just my data point, and I don't have a pre-Gen 5 USB Yggy to use as a control. But in my experience the Gen 5 USB offers little, or at least can be greatly improved by means of the UpTone Audio REGEN equipment described above.
  11. I am going to add this one with certain reservations. The music is intriguing, fascinating. But the randomly and suddenly inserted rests, some lasting a dozen or more measures, are really annoying. But sometimes it is OK to let art annoy us.
  12. I just purchased an Yggy with all the current bells and whistles included. I plugged it in two hours ago. I am now listening to it and finally understanding what all the rave reviews really were about. This is a fantastic piece of equipment that is worth every penny. I have never listened to an earlier version of the DAC, and I therefore withdraw and unilaterally disqualify myself from the upgrade hand-wringing. The Yggdrasil DAC as currently provided by Schiit is a remarkably great addition to my humble system.
  13. Roon actually finally got me one of my long-term wishes when they let me turn my iPhone into an end-point in new release 1.4. Thank you, Santa Roon. My other wish will be finally to get my stereo equipment out of storage where it’s been since September. A necessary step to “stage” our home in Chicago for sale; real estate agent and “Stager” saw the speakers and wires and those ugly black boxes as pure clutter. Gotta say, the living room has looked like a set piece for HGTV these past three months, so maybe I cannot argue that point. Still, I look forward to getting my system set up again after our cross-country move finally is consummated in early January.
  14. My potential new favorite Pops Christmas album, also starring Kunzel and the Cincy Pops
  15. My very favorite Pops Christmas album, the Telarc release from 1990. On TIDAL.
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