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  1. As marvelous as the performance is on this album, is anybody other than me a bit disappointed with the SQ? Piano to me sounds constricted, like it's in a box. Bass is a bit lumpy and flabby; just a bit. I don't think it is POOR sound quality, just sort of below the level I might have expected. I am listening to the 24/96 version on Qobuz.
  2. Has anyone just directly asked Qobuz about this, and if so, what was their response? I would think that if the download files are actually superior to the streaming files, or if streaming degrades the SQ, and it is not some grand conspiracy, then Qobuz should actively push this and encourage people to purchase downloads to obtain the higher SQ. Their silence on the matter, in a vacuum, suggests they don't think there is any difference.
  3. Chris, this is great! Thanks for working this out for us. I was able very quickly to get Qobuz streaming to HQPe on my sonic Transporter, using the mconnect app. Works great, sounds great. I don’t mind living in (this version of) 1998 until JPLAY for iOS is released! Roon is now relegated to the mono networked speakers in my living room, kitchen and spare bedroom. Since I have a lifetime Roon license, I am fine with that limited use for Roon.
  4. The Ravel is a highlight, with the soloist chewing the scenery in a most remarkable, edge of the seat performance. But the rest of the album also is very much worth your time.
  5. Definitely not easy listening. But definitely worth hearing. Heart rending.
  6. I just learned from a T+A retailer that it appears the actual US retail price of the DAC 200 will be $6,900. He speculates that the $5,490 figure appearing in the press release/article I posted might actually be Euros.
  7. [Deleted because I had failed to see several recent posts that answered some questions and made my post moot.]
  8. This press release discloses why the DAC 200 has no Ethernet input. They are also introducing a "multiplayer" (the MP 200) that looks to be a streamer in a separate box. At least the DAC 200 includes a preamp, but it is not meant to stand alone with streaming or networked audio. They are also offering a new power amp (A 200). So, a whole new series to replace the 8. Regarding pricing, from the linked article; not as bad as feared above, although about $1,000 more than the DAC 8 DSD: "... the T+A DAC 200 retails for £4990 / $5490 (approximately AU$9435) ..."
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