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  1. "If you subscribe to Sublime+ for another 12-months at $249.99 before Nov.30, 2019, we will issue you a refund based on the value of your plan on the day you switched to the new price. Refunds will be issued starting Dec. 9, 2019." (my emphasis) I switched to the new price and did NOT receive a refund today, 12//9/2019. Did anyone else get their refund? I also am now forced to acknowledge the weasel wording of the announcement that indicated such refunds will begin "starting" today, but with no promise when they might end or all be completed.
  2. Sorry if I am being obtuse or overreaching, but could olli and/or Alvantri talk me through how to solve the permissions problem, step by step for a child? The link Alvantri has provided assumes a level of technical finesse I admit not to have. Thanks!
  3. This. See the following quoted from Sound and Vision's recent review of the Roon 1.7 update; this is at least in significant part human labor that Roon subscribers pay for. Roon is software as a service, not just an app you download and run like Audirvana. "Valence has also led to improvements in several long-standing Roon features, including a re-engineered search algorithm that now tracks “hundreds of data points” to deliver more accurate and relevant results. Classical composer and composition views also now present data more clearly and comprehensively and enable sorting by popularity (based on the Roon community’s listening history). Meta data for credits has been improved in terms of the coverage and accuracy. Roon says more than 44 million additional credits have been introduced to fill gaps that existed before." Read more at https://www.soundandvision.com/content/roon-update-takes-personalization-next-level#2Df77Fj4Q31ZDbYW.99
  4. Based on discussions in the DSP forum, Thierry has released the Windows PC version first and is still developing the Mac version.
  5. You can integrate plugins with Roon by using a virtual cable application such as Audio Hijack. That application is designed for recording streaming music but can also be used to link Roon to plug-ins. Before I dropped Dirac Live in favor of Thierry's Home Audio Fidelity DSP filters, and after last year's update to Mac OS destroyed the ability to us Dirac in the traditional way as a Roon endpoint, for a while I was running Dirac as a plug-in with Audio Hijack linking the output from Roon (Dirac plug-in was an audio effect applied by Audio Hijack). This is on a Mac, of course. If Thierry's new product is a plug-in, when it becomes available for Mac at least I predict you could make it work using Audio Hijack.
  6. The original HAF creates convolution filters (text files) that can be added directly to the signal path in Roon; sounds like you're all already running that. The new extension just announced sounds like a plug-in rather than a convolution filter file, because it's doing something non-standard that can't be boiled down to convolution files. So, if you want to try the new expansion after it is made available for Mac, I think you'll need something like Audio Hijack to get it to work. I have Audio Hijack in my system so I could use Dirac with Roon after the debacle that occurred when Mac OS was updated last fall, and I've also used it along with another piece of software to allow me to use HAF filters while listening to Amazon's new streaming service. That's the limit of my experience with it. [edited to add: P.S. I noticed I had mistakenly identified HAF as a plugin in my signature line; I've fixed that! I didn't understand the terminology when I added that incorrect reference.]
  7. You can use plug-ins with Roon by adding a virtual cable program like Audio Hijack. Although you might have known this and were just wishing Roon did it all. =^)
  8. Thierry, any updates on your new project noted in your post from August? Enjoying HAF and curious and hopeful for any improvements you might make.
  9. I see I posted this in what is technically the wrong thread; I'm using an LPS-1, not LPS-1.2, to power an ISO Regen. I don't have any devices that require the higher voltage outputs the LPS-1.2 is capable of delivering, and so I stuck with the older model. Anyway, all I said above still is true regardless of the LPS model. The use of the Regen/LPS-1 combination took the already excellent sound of the Yggy - a sound I was fully enjoying for about a year without the Uptone equipment - and elevated it significantly. The difference was immediately obvious. Of course, an "obvious difference" is not always a "genuine improvement," but here it definitely is an improvement that is clearer and easier to appreciate the more I listen to my system with the Uptone equipment back in place. (I should also point out in response to SSH that my Yggy was purchased recently enough that it had both upgrades built in when I got it in early 2018. This helps explain our having similar experiences, I am sure.)
  10. I am here to report on the results of an extended and partially unintended experiment that has confirmed for me the value of the Uptone products. About a year ago, I disconnected my Uptone products from my system. Why? Because I have a Schiit Yggdrasil DAC, and in that manufacturer's opinion no external "decrappification"' could or would improve the sound of their product. Well, the sound of that product was great, and has been very pleasing and full of detail and all I'd hoped it would be. I listened to it for just a blip right after purchasing th Yggdrasil while using my Uptone equipment, and I thought at the time it improved the sound, added detail ... but based on the manufacturer's suggestion and a philosophical approach of minimizing the number of elements in the signaI path, I decided to pull it out and do an extended time A to B comparison. Then, folks, I literally forgot about my project. Until today. I was rummaging about behind my stereo and saw the Uptone equipment sitting there unused. I plugged in my Uptone Regen, powered by its companion UltraCap LPS-1 and ... WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST YEAR?! The sound is so much better, immediately and obviously so. More detail, greater depth, height an breadth in the soundstage, better control in the bass. So, anyway, DO NOT DO what I did. Leave your Uptone equipment in place. It makes a HUGE audible difference. That is my story.
  11. Also, could we possibly get the title of this thread updated to reflect the actual name of the service: Home Audio Fidelity. It's absurd that this service's actual name remains obscured after more than a year.
  12. I recently purchased the HAF solution (my word for it) and am thoroughly pleased with how it has improved the sound of my system. Especially the crosstalk correction. This feature alone might be enough to sell HAF to those who love vocals and spoken word recordings. And in general the correction that HAF provides is more limited than what I was doing with Dirac and therefore actually lets my speakers shine and express their sound in the way their creator planned I realize that the Dirac correction target was my own choice and that Dirac allows the user a great deal of discretion and freedom in how much and where to apply corrections Bottom line, the sound I got from Dirac was over controlled compared to what HAF is doing. Add in the crosstalk attenuation, and it's an easy decision for me.
  13. Welp. The timing of my last post/tirade was impeccable. I very much look forward to being able again to use Dirac on my Mac Mini. FWIW, the compatibility problems arose after I purchased a 2018 Mac Mini to replace my 2011 model, which no longer had the processing power to run both Roon and Dirac without dropouts, etc. The law of unintended consequences of course struck again.
  14. Also when will Dirac be de-bugged so that it actually will work with current OSX? I paid several hundred dollars for a piece of software that became utterly useless to me when Apple made certain changes to its OS that apparently Dirac cannot figure out how to correct for. I got a half-assed recommendation to utilize a third-party software solution that is ridiculous. It is readily apparent to any who watch what this company is up to that they are getting paid money by equipment manufacturers to come up with versions of Dirac that work with their equipment (especially true for the elusive "Version 2.0") while just plain shitting on their customer base who, like me, paid HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS for Dirac for Macintosh.
  15. Also availaible on Primephonic. Interesting how some jazz is infiltratiting this "Classical" music source
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