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  1. I would suggest adding more rows of vent opening on top and bottom. Most of the cooling will come from natural convection that way. Pretty much the entire top and bottom could have rows of vent openings. We do not need much strength on top and bottom panels, you can just miss around the mounting feet. And if heavier gage is used then strength is not an issue anyway.
  2. Anyone using Denafrips TP or Gaia with Audiolinux?
  3. Anyone using Audiolinux/HQPlayer combo with TPlus or TPlus + Gaia combo. I would appreciate if few people who are on this thread can report the operating system and playback software being used with TPlus. There is some issue using Audiolinux with TPlus and Gaia. I tried all pin-out combination for HDMI, nothing quite works, so forced to use Win10 for now, until Alvin can figure-out the issue. Thanks.
  4. I am having trouble running Gaia and T+. All I get is static. It started with not being able to play DSD 512, so Alvin sent me a new Firmware update for Gaia, and T+. I installed all correctly, now all I get is static, at all sample rates in DSD and PCM. I am running HQP on Audiolinux. I am afraid I might loose a speaker or something. Anyone having any similar issue. It is not looking good at this moment.
  5. Thanks Larry, sorry for not being clear, I have 8gb on server, and 4gb on headless at this point. I can add RAM to both or install on Optane. How you install on Optane? Thanks.
  6. I have this issue with my Gaia, but only if I try to send DSD512 upsampled files to Gaia, DSD256 and lower play fine. If I send DSD512 directly to T+, it is OK. I am told that I will get a new firmware tomorrow, that will probably fix this issue.
  7. I have been using AL for couple of years now. I was using RAMROOT, but at this point it does not fit on 8gb RAM, and Miska from HQP suggest it is not best to use HQP in RAM mode. So my question is if AL can be installed on an internal Optane drive.
  8. I am listening to 705.6 PCM for the first time from Gaia/T+ combo. I have goosebumps. It is not even fully settled-in, less than 48 hours on it. Power supply in the server is few hours old,...................still. I don't know how it will sound when I go directly to T+ and do 1411.2.
  9. I have never used clocks or clock cables for that matter. Any suggestions on which cable to get for connecting T+ and Gaia clocks.
  10. Got an email from Alvin and he said there is a mismatch between Holo and Gaia I2s, so I connected a cheap coax, and it works, but limited to 192k and DSD64 with this setup. I would not try to comment or compare this with my SU-1 setup because it is not apples to apples at this point. Thanks for your help. Waiting for T+. Another few days.
  11. Please explain how to fix this, sorry have no clue about this. I have few other HDMI cables if that helps. Thanks.
  12. Well I gathered some courage and played a DSD track, it is playing but there is a constant static in the background. Something is going on.
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