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Article: Audiophile Style Podcast: Episode 6 | Qobuz Interview

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Have been a huge fan of Qobuz since the beginning. A huge part of my every day routine. A huge thanks the team. Merci Qobuz!!!

Mac Mini Late 2014 (16G/SSD) w Uptone JS-2 w OWC Thunderbay 4 Mini RAID (JS-2) / Roon

Aqua LinQ w EtherCon cable (Ghent) w Uptone EtherRegen w Uptone JS-2

Aqua Formula xHD w Ocellia RCA Interconnect & Shunyata Delta NR

Kora TB 200 Integrated Amplifier w Audio Art Power Cable

Magico V2 w Ocellia speaker cables w Shunyata Dark Field Elevator & JL Audio E-Sub e110 X 2

All equipment, including subwoofer on Modulum platforms (modulumaudio.com)

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I am behind on the podcasts. This was a great interview. I worked on a billing system years ago for Sony, where they were trying to reconcile MP3 purchases to downloads. It gave me an interesting (but very small) insight into the finances behind the music download business. I was shocked to hear these guys a running a business on a 30% gross margin - really shocked. I tried Qobuz over a year ago, and with the latest update to Roon, and hearing how much music has been added to the Qobuz catalog, it is time to give it another try. The big question is Studio or Sublime.


Anyway - just wanted to let you know that I am a fan of the podcasts. I also really enjoyed the Dave Wilson episode. It was interesting to hear his back story and how he didn't just "inherit" his position. I worked on a few podcasts back in the first wave of podcasting and I know how much work goes into doing this.

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