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  1. Listening Wind (Protest Songs 1924 - 2012 / The Specials)
  2. Vincent Peirani was already mentioned here, I adore his Kashmir to Heaven hommage
  3. Your new electric heater is "Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter" (Nina/Morgan)??? I'll pass on congratulating (Pun intended) Cheers, Tom
  4. Thank you for sharing, more than the tec aspects I love the (her)story of Madame Furman.
  5. +1 They are available a well as 3 way active, with a very advanced manufacture supported DSP setup (so I heard), however a decision for them would be a serious cut off the number of audiophile equipment in your room ...
  6. Hi Mark, AS member @ARQuint had reviewed the JERN Speakers from Denmark a while ago (2018) for TAS. As these minimise box distortion and show enhanced directivity, they are quite room agnostic and easy to set up close to walls I was actually appointed to listen to them in Paris at Thursday, because I see them in the selection for my next upgrade. Unfortunately I can't make it, perhaps Mr. Quint could help out with some first ear impressions? I came to notice that they have their own subwoofer in the portfolio now, impressive but expensive (to my budget). If you have still a place in your heart for Barbapapa, they are are as close as it gets :-) Good luck with your search, Tom
  7. Got the HE400i in January, no balanced cable provided. Just standard 3.5 and adapter to 6.3 Very happy with it, provided the HP amp has sufficient output. The iFi Neo DAC-Pre and Heaphone amp did not provide enough juice, even with balanced output. while the iFi iDSD Signature does, even single ended. You may run there into a problem with Hidizs. OTOH that device is realy portable, the iFi is only transportable ;-) 4.4mm aftermarket cable I own now. Alternatives start at 23.99 USD
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/oct/09/fossil-fuel-companies-law-firms? Greenlighting Fossil fuel companies paying top law firms millions to ‘dodge responsibility’
  9. I agree with that for the artist's sake. I buy continuosly music 2nd hand via Discogs (often older than 20+ years) because it is not available in catalogues or artist direct. However, could you explain how artists have participated directly on your 100+ CD's bonanza you have had last year? Did you buy at bandcamp or other artist's direct pages? I might imagine that - in general - artist's pay out comes contractually from the numbers of prints minus the returns (minus everthing else contratcually accepted). Sadly, I fear, that the payout for most CD's you've bought, had been already happened. En plus: There are 4 buckets in the music industry when it comes to copyright/publishing: Bucket 1: Writer/Composer/Lyricist Bucket 2: Publisher Bucket 3: Artist Bucket 4: Master Owner/Record Company here
  10. Love it! What did they prefer? Bill Evans or Chicken Shack ? Great article, Chris!
  11. +1 for that recommendation! Dan Clarke Aeon 2 Noire have raving reviews lately ... I'd like to put in the iFi iDSD signature or Micro BL, which are able to drive most headphones. I like their BurrBrown-DAC chips very much, they do it up to DSD512 and 24/768, depending on the firmware in use. An advantage is the transportability of both, the main usp are: you can drive the Signature with a power bank, while the BL has a pre-amp function as differentiator. I own the BL for 4 years and have tested the Signature thoroughly, I'd opt with the latter, if pre-amp function doesn't matter.
  12. Folks, i may interpret the discussion wrongly from my Safe European Home, but I do sniff a cultural difference between American culture and the European one (includes UK this time, sorry) about how to interpret a) CA b) the origins of RnR I came to understand that the deep divide by skin color over centuries has a bigger & different cultural impact in North America as it had for example in Northern Europe, like i.e. Norway. Given I don't err here, the pros/cons in that discussion may come from different playing fields, which inhibits decades of approximation towards a consensus what is appropriate and what is appropriation. A discussion that - in my view - seems to have just slowly started in Europe outside of academic circles somewhen after the millenium. Living in a country that meanwhile show tendencies to roll back positive efforts of integration, which I personally find quite ridiculous, I must wonder if Irving's position (a quite liberal, white & British one) may lack some understanding for the sensitiveness for the North American soul ? I may fall into that trap, too, regularly ? Personally I do still wonder how I have to deal with my "white privilege" as I did not chose my heritage. However, I can see that the term is poignant in cultural discussion nowadays, sometimes for a good reasons and sometimes not. I am somehow happy, that I ain't need to discuss that with fellow students at the university campus nowadays for an orientation into that subject, which in my view is strongly connected to CA, because this feels like a can of snakes ...
  13. Them, I saw live in Berlin, 1984, best school trip ever...
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