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  1. Concertt review Dominique Fils Aime @ Centre Culturel Canadien , Paris Last Friday I went on the French highways to make some 400 miles for Dominque Fils-Aimé , heading to vibrant Paris from my sleepy suburb close to a sleepy university town in the sleepy Val de la Lore. Yawn. I spent about 7 hours on the road and about 90 minutes in the train to arrive perfectly timed for my first ever rendezvous with some smoked ale by Raftman as appetizer for the long anticipated concert in the Centre Cultural Canadian in the heart of Paris. The concert, organized in the frame of the Festival Aurores Montreal, was for free and were announced via social media and the media partners of the CCC (look @ their twitter 4 quality videos of the event: https://twitter.com/cc_canadien). It happened inside the centre at an venue for about 400 people which to my surprise was not fully packed. Dominique played with her "small" band, without Didgeridoo, Piano and horns. The setup comprised on her right side the rhythm section with Danny Trudeau on bass / Salin Cheewapansri on drums, while at the left guitarist v Etienne Miousse and keyboarder Jean-Michel Frédéric enjoyed the audience. Dominique did not play any manual instrument live, she is the vocalists and her voice could count as one, usually dominating the scene and the songs. I have posted the playlist in the other thread, which indicated that the entry had been a couple of songs from the Nameless album, while the core of the set had been taken from the red "Stay Tuned" record, from which I bought the vinyl version before leaving for the outskirt train. I enjoyed the "blue" songs a lot, but it proved difficult to create the acoustic atmosphere of the album that evening. Listening to her songs from the red album live finally convinced me of their qualities, which hadn't be the case when listening to them via Qobuz. During the last days I have heard "Stay Tuned!"on a daily basis and I need to admit the songs are really growing with me. I feel that in my system the High-Res version at 24/96 has sonic advantages compared to vinyl. Especially in the clear presentation of the low ends, i.e. Gun Burial. The performance of Dominique was very intense & beautiful, thus I feel the band would merit a real jazz club atmosphere. The artist is just at the beginning of her career with 35 years of age, and her voice is sometimes close to the classic female jazz artists and at others just brings Sade and Marvin Gaye to mind. Her music from 2019 is particularly more related to soul and less of our beloved acoustic arrangements. Though she is not only vocalist but as well the songwriter/composer, which might explain why in my first impressions the songs gave me the idea of being much less in balance as the music from her first record and showing at times a light unfinished character. This might sound a bit unfair, because the 2nd coming is always the hardest. Especially if the first oeuvre had already been stellar. On stage, supported by her personal aura the new compositions worked a lot better (for me). Like a charm, actually ;-) The concert were running a bit longer than an hour, though it was fully packed of soulful tunes, emotional driven moments , excellent musicians and a typical cold Paris audience.Enthusiasm is not theirs, sadly. I like to risk a bigmouth shout out: We have seen a rising star!!! This hours was worth to invest half a day of travelling, and I would even have considered to pay the 27 Euros admission to tomorrow's venue in Fontainebleau, but there is a general strike in Paris starting this evening. I fully agree the way FIP has put it: " Dominique Fils-Aimé alterne douceur et fureur sur les 15 titres de Stay Tuned! où s'entremêlent avec subtilité les langages blues, gospel, folk, soul, jazz et parfois trip hop" "Dominique Fils-Aimé alternates sweetness and fury on the 15 tracks of Stay Tuned! where blues, gospel, folk, soul, jazz and sometimes trip hop languages are subtly intertwined" Don't miss her next time !!! Cheers, Tom
  2. pls see and yes, some story will come tomorrow. just happy that my provider installed fiber this evening and the upload went like a breeze. I have put it on the gdrive for easy access due to the video upload limits of this website. Actually I know now more than before what I want for xmas - a camera lens that covers what I can see!!! It's a shame which quality my Honor 8x did deliver and the Iphone 7 of my friend wasn't much better. I hope the sound does more justice to her excellent performance. Best, Tom
  3. For a limited time some coverage iand soundclips are available on the my gdrive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GXmqJu7xlNszacinPzfSDF_FBL5v26aU
  4. Interesting topic!!! Imho, the standard - outside the audiophile spectre of pitched enthusiasts - will be divided between two poles Active Speaker + Streaming DAC/PreAmp + unnecessary gear like Vinyl, CD, SACD Passive Speakes + AIO - All In One Amplifiers, eventually with exchangable modules for DAC and Streaming + unnecessary gear like Vinyl, CD, SACD Both solution served by a NAS or an Innuos server or equivalent and the streaming services via Inet. If having a DAC included with the Actives, it will also be modular in the future All of this naturally has its price, you won't get modular solutions for free, more reasonable priced gear will have some tec gadgets like the streaming unit or DACs as integrated parts responsible for early retirement 😉 by advancing technology If you buy gear with a ten year guarantee or lifetime chances are good it will be modular .,.. my 2cents, Tom
  5. It's just live, tell you later, got some coverage... Best , Tom
  6. The set list for tonight 😎😍😉
  7. Hello again. I read in a review about the Altair: "(the) External D/A converters also receive native DSD streams in this way (USB out), while Auralic deactivates the internal DAC and the analog output stage". IMHO, that is the standard procedure for pre-amps in the audio world. I hope I won't disappoint you that suggesting the use of the Auralic witha any DAC you want plus a Pre of your choice would solve your problem. you would have analogue out from your DAC and the Altair DAC to the Pre, which controls the volume.Classic approach, I'd say. Otherwise you may want to have a AIO solution, like that of MOON (or any other streaming pre), which plays DSD256 and may be controlled with their Mind software via your IPAD. I think it exists even in a better specc'ed version (and a highe price). For playing with DACs and different chips, the ALTAIR looks perfect, as long as you accept that you connect the DAC output to your Preamp (which for example could be XXX or the Moon or any preamp without DAC or streaming function), but you could exchange it as well with a less espensive Microrendu, that streams your stuff as well. Best, Tom
  8. Hi again, I understand you have a denafrip ares II, with which you already practised your "loop back model" but not to your satisfaction, is that correct ? + Auralic ? Streamer (As streamer and pre ) The core problems are: - DSD bitstream, that usually can't be changed in the digital domain and runs at 100% volume bc it can only be altered in the analogue domain. - the software volume control of the Auralic streamer degrades the sq You may want to enlighten us a bit more detailed about the signal path from the net or HD to your speakers ? Let's assume, you may have the following stream (standard model): (digital in) streamer (digital out) -> (digital in) DAC (analogue out) -> (analogue in) Pre or Integrated with volume control in the analogue domain, then you may understand how DSD can be set up to work properly and where the signal degradation might come from in your "loop back model"? OTOH, you will anyway find out sooner or later, that only a friction of the music you like may be available in native DSD, often it is upsampled PCM, and that upsampling your favourite music to extreme DSD levels at home will request a lot of computer power (often = invest). It is a choice to be made and depends on your mileage. Regarding Roon, the signal from your DAC, fed by Roon, usually is analogue out to your pre, integrated or power amp, and when playing DSD (at 100% volume) it might be better to have a pre-stage with potentiometer in between , i.e. the SCHIIT Sys - passive pre-amp @ 75 USD; when you drive your power amp directly. You could use the JDS LAB ATOM HP amp with Pre stage as well, for 99 USD. Best, Tom
  9. Hi @cordobaman I'd like to agree with Tom's view on the subject. Two points regarding your concept: 1) Given your emphasis about an external DAC of your choice you may want to have as well the choice of the streaming platform, as these are major components in your digital streaming chain, and their quality prone to change with the arrival of better technology. That would simplify your search a lot. 2.) In case 1.) is not that important to you, you may look at the Moon 390 streaming pre with DAC that offers I2S out, and you may convert that signal into the DAC of your choice, though I am not aware if that is the definite use case it is implemented for. Or you test the DAC that is included. The Mind2 streaming module is replaceable, in case there will be better solutions in the future. Product guarantee of the product is 10 years. Price 5300 USD. Cheers, Tom
  10. @ALLOsupport Looks like one of your customer has a specific problem, you may guide him where to look for with his Sparky/Hydraz combo problem ? Cheers, Tom
  11. @ALLOsupport looks like one of your customer has a specific problem, you may guide him where to look for with his Sparky/Hydraz combo problem ? Cheers, Tom
  12. @AudioDoctor OH SNAP!! Ligaments?? Get well soon!!!
  13. Agreed!!! If I am not mistaken, she has just recently added a 2nd base in L. A. To her Insta profile. Though, she is usually only touring in Canada, odds are good that she will do it in the US soon. That's what artists are doing for a living. Plus, you can ask her to play near your city using the bandsintown app/website https://www.bandsintown.com/a/14620793?affil_code=js_domiofficial.com&app_id=js_domiofficial.com&came_from=242&trigger=play_my_city&utm_campaign=play_my_city&utm_medium=web&utm_source=widget The concert will be her first venue in France and I will be on the road for 8 h by car and train to see her 90 minutes. Actually my wife thinks that I exaggerate a little bit. 😎
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