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  1. A friend once gave me a tape with Henry Rollins, the old DeadHead, performing an incredible version of "Franklin's Tower" live. That had been in 1988 or before , definitely 2 years before he recorded it with Wartime for "Fast food for thought". Anyone has an idea about that ? @Blake do you ?
  2. Oh, you should give yourself then a try with Otto Waalkes, from East-Frisia, quasiment boderline to the Dutch Friesland.. Not completely spanish, although especially his earlier works were quite funny (imho), while his later work was/is only professional funnyism. Somehow between Herman Van Veen (young) and Rudy Carrel (late), who are the gold standard of Dutch humor for Germans ... I've preferred Van Veen anytime, the motorcycle 😉
  3. saw that song by Johhny Cash, here's the original
  4. just noticed the Guardian has read the post as well ;-) https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2020/apr/06/10-best-virtual-tours-of-worlds-natural-wonders-everest-patagonia-grand-canyon-yosemite
  5. Yeah, correct, was somehow overrun by the train of noise . .. 🙄
  6. IMHO you should count in The Clash and Social Distortion for the genre.
  7. I was contemplating yesterday evening about R. Biggs, though I thought that may be not the intended type of music,. Thank you for sharing 😉, anyway !!
  8. No streaming here, but virtual visuals of the world when shut-in: https://www.airpano.com/ They do 360° photos and drone videos of places. Most of them a worth a visit. I am visiting the side since several years.
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