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  1. It's easter time agin, the moment to view once and again The Life of Brian, the Guardian was having some interesting coverage of that today https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/apr/16/how-we-made-monty-python-life-of-brian-michael-palin-terry-gilliam and by the way: even I feel that I honor the cultural tradition in this country where I live (others may feel different), I find it extremely difficult to fight humor with civility, respect and belief. Doing that only shows the many possible misconceptions of humor and the dismissal of the fact, that our modern civilian society has already evolved from the chains of clerical dogmatism and its follower. In short: I am as sad for Notre Dame as I would be for the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the Taj Mahal, or Belz Great Synagogue in Jerusalam, as it is important cultural heritage. No reason to lose your sense of humor on that. Tom, France
  2. 1959 - it is obvious, that year was not only special because of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 🍷😍
  3. Franz , thank you for your anser. Please let me rephrase your information, The sound is clear, detailed and airy, with an unbelievable sense of rhythm, when I usually connect my Headphones HiFiMan 400i directly to the RCA output. I'd think this is possible due to the low impedance of just 35 Ohms for the Hifiman 400i. That may suit well an USB powered DAC board. I had asked about the HP amp, because my HD650s were never near as "detailed and airy" as with my iFi iDSD micro BL's HP amp, neither with the output of my PI's/Hifiberry Dac nor with the Dragonfly Red. I have subsequently noticed the post from Sonore about their Tone, where they just disclose the RCA to minijack cable for connecting headphones. without further elaboration about the usage or output specs. Did you perhaps try the Tone board with HP's that have a higher impedance, comparable to the HD650s, which have 300 Ohms?? Did it sound clear, detailed and airy as well? Thanks in advance, Tom
  4. @franz159 Thank you very much for that recommendation. There might be a new little project on the horizon ... Do you connect the Tone Board directly to your headphones or is there a HP amp in between ? Best regards, Tom
  5. From my experience having a mothertongue other than English: just verify your own English phrasing with DEEPL (reversly), that keeps you advancing in the use of English-American expressions. Deeps is more like lossless traduction. Google translate has no musicality or warmth and sounds like a 128k MP3 .. just give you an image of difference Tom
  6. @RJRSanFrancisco For having some more specific information on your problem: Which connection do you use between the Hiby & the iFi ? USB - C or Coacial ? - iFi claims for the Coaxial only PCM up to 192kHz is possible "(3 Way combo SPDIF port (Coaxial In/Out; Optical In); Up to 192kHz PCM)" - imho, for USB C you may need the correct adapter to "USB 2.0 type A “OTG” Socket." Dunno, if that would feed DSD or DOP to the iFi, but depends then on the Hiby only, as you have no limitations from the iFi side. Pls feed my curiosity, is the iFi DAC section so much better than the included DAC of the Hiby R6? Best, Tom
  7. Maybe @AMR/iFi audio have some advise? I had once talked with Hiby via FB, they were as well quite responsive ... best of lucks to you RJR Tom
  8. Chris, Are you looking for an adapter only ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Subaru-Impreza-harness-adapter-converter/dp/B00JEWUEXS it is less than ten bucks ... on Am....n.de there is another brand avialable https://www.amazon.de/SUBARU-RADIOADAPTER-Radio-Adapter-Kabelbaum/dp/B0029XXZ26 if that doesn't help ... something for the interim ... 😉 Good luck with the new car Cheers Tom
  9. Luckily, the site is not PC, so we can have some fun on ourselves without have other people being truly offended. 😋 Being German by nature, I still love citing that cliché´... because it has so much validation in real life ...
  10. Shadders, shame on you, you have embezzled white tennis socks and sandals, this is archetypally for Germans, you may sound like someone, who has never visited a Germans invaded beachside in Mallorca ? 😂 Cheers, Tom
  11. @Musicophile, I see there is a lot of very good music, but most of it lacks the attribute "contemporary". Contemporary music is very divided in different genres. It would defintely help if could define som sub-genre of Music you may be interested in, so we would not tap into the dark with our music but closer to your taste. I'd like to recommend: - Arcade Fire, they have been great 5 years ago ... and lots of melodies - PJ Harvey ... Polly is just marvelous, since more than 20 years - If you like the dinosours of Led Zeppelin, maybe in world/ethic/jazz interpretation of Vincent Peirani & Living Being, you may as well listen to their very recent North American incarnation Greta Van Fleet (average age: 23 years)? - The Dream Syndicate, a band from the Paisly Underground in LA , has recently reformed, they've made a very good record in 2017 and their new record willl be out next month. The bassist of Led Zep, John Paul Jones, loves to jam with them. - Steve Wilson is one of the most underrated (in terms of top 100 Charts) musicians of our time. - and for "rebellious energy" check out Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance. It lacks a bit the melody aspect, but that is modern rock music. Cheers, Tom
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/feb/18/chasing-rainbows-radiohead-emi-guy-hands-terra-firma Interesting read about the power game that lead to the "revolutionary" way of self-distribution for "In Rainbows" Cheers, Tom
  13. small liner note: The book is from 2009, but still a very good read ! Cheers, Tom
  14. Thank you all for your contribution! 👂👂👂 Finally, I somehow guess my mind might playing tricks on me. I heard the song while being served by my coiffeur, he always listens to JazzRadio.fr and talks about football. I'd think, it could have been a version of The Hot Sardines, may be recorded live in Paris, once they were playing there, as the versions available on video don't show the same enthusiasm of the brass section I am remembering. Maybe this part is imagination or an snippet of information heard another time wrongly twisted with that memory ... Not so sure anymore about that ... Looking at their homepage I found this interpretation:
  15. Number three is the fantastic Mister Zappa ... such a great guitar work ...
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