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  1. Jörg, thanks for the picture. Tthe b&w ensemble looks simply splendid! ;-) In Ferrari red it might have been tempting for a moment, although too much on the long run, imho. The GAUDER may have a tid bit more WAF ... Best, Tom
  2. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EUq4wyaUwAIQVWd?format=jpg&name=small This was last April ...
  3. Bob, most reviewers have customers that pay them directly or indirectly ... here @ Audiophilestyle we got lucky that we have products & manufactures we like, which are worth a review and - perhaps - our support. You may re-read Chris' Elac Alchemy DDP-2 DAC Review, where you have both, the design idea and the DNLA desaster ( Chris wrote as a comment: "DLNA support is pretty much crippled until ELAC updates the firmware"), the HW and the SW worlds collide ...
  4. Bob, a year ago I had a long conference call with Elac's Andrew Jones about the DS-A101-G Amplifier and Music Server under review where he explained his responsibility for the design process of the unit. Afterwards I decided with Chris to skip the review because it wouldn't have shed any good light on ELAC engineering, especially for the abysmal software design and Roon implementation. Cheers, Tom
  5. There is hope ... And Steven Wilson does support it Nile Rodgers' guitar and a £10,000 prog rock box set: auctions fight for UK music https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/nov/27/nile-rodgers-guitar-and-a-10000-prog-rock-box-set-auctions-fight-for-uk-music
  6. Airpulse has started its festive promotion in Europe & UK, up to 30% rebate on the older models ... https://eu.airpulsepro.com and https://gb.airpulsepro.com If I 'll get hands on US/CAN promotion (usually by edifier.com) it will occur here as well .. Best, Tom
  7. Thank you @andrewinukm For this lovely detailed & informative description. Excellent executed job for the interested AS members, I'd say ☺
  8. October / November 2020 haven't been easy for most of us. However, the industry is still on the run to deliver exciting new (or upgraded) products to us customers. One of them, iFi Audio from Britain's West coast (they are close to Liverpool afaik) just brought us two iDSD products, an upgraded version of the beloved iDSD micro (BL) portable DAC/Headphone amplifier and the NEO iDSD, a new design, suited sufficiently below the iDSD pro and quite a step above the iFi Zen Blue and the iFi XDSD with which the NEO obviously shares some DNA. Both devices, Signature & NEO, a
  9. It is not directly obvious, but most important advantages of the beautiful Buchard A500 are in connection with the Buchard Audio Hub, which includes a 24/96 DAC and digital Room correction. Your RME would be happily enjoy holidays ...
  10. The white ones have been reviewed here: The blue ones just arrived and will get a review during the next weeks. First impression - sublime - not so differnent even they have a smaller cabinet, but bias rulez .. and that color helps her a lot ;-). The inside tech differs in the BT chip only. It is now BT 5.0, Plus the 4.5 woofer is reported to be overhang design vs the A100-300 pro are using underhang designs. Personally I did not evaluate that information for the moment. The horn loaded ribbon tweeter measures identical in size. cheers, Tom
  11. There had been members suggesting more reviews on active bookshelf speakers after the Airpulse vs Kanto reviews and when Airpulse asked me about reviewing the new A80s I felt it would make sense to report about them here in the forums. Last week I have received the fancy blue coated A80 active desktop speakers from Airpulse, they are the smaller sibling of the already reviewed A100 and sell for 699 USD. These two may have some smaller technical differences only, while using the same technical platform and design idea of the Airpulse series, however their smalle
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