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  1. @MWB1957 I have noticed @davide256 has already mentioned the wonderful KEF LS50, which are a top choice especially if you look for SQ with WAF integrated, that's why they are also above 2k. ;-) There are several options for Actives and you may want to define what are the most important factors for you, - i.e. Q- Acoustics have voice control integrated, - the Audio Energy AE1 from Phil Jones have analog input only but have CLASS AB amplification - the A300 pro by Airpulse Pro/Phil Jones are Class D & aren't high in WAF plus they are not really competitive in the digital domain,
  2. Yep, obviously the sting of this article touched him quite deeply in such a way that he felt the pain to revisit the discussion regularly. Nothing else of interest for him here in the last three years. Already last time I felt like, oh it's Lee again, still working on unfinished business ...
  3. It was quite fun listening to you - even it was not too much audio, your voice had some sonore vibes and you gave a pretty good impression of being a cool & decent soul! ;-) Thank you for inviting us into your memories ... the ones you've told and the ones you've pictured !
  4. JeanLuc, I think the price new is around 1900€/2293$. Just saying bc correction time is limited Bonne chance, Tom
  5. Here we go with the subject of "songwriting" @firedog it is a undervalued artistic business...
  6. Any of them with original Barry Diament mastering ...??? duck & cover ....
  7. Maybe a misunderstanding? They write: The DAC Packed into the compact half 19” format factor, this little gem is filled with the finest high-end electronics, offering a reference class conversion from SPDIF coaxial, SPDIF optical (ADAT compatible) and USB to RCA, XLR, TRS and mini-TRS.
  8. Latest contribution about the Pontus II in the forums
  9. Hi Nick, If you'll find it used, I'd prefer the Holo Audio Spring I design of the ARMATURE Asterion. Thus, only at half the price of the orihginal offer (est. 750-800 Euros). However they aren't available at the usual sources for used gear, and upon reflection I need to admit that mentioning that brand wasn't one of my most brilliant ideas. For availability, as well in the used markets, you better look on Denafrips Ares II or the Pontus (reviewed here), as Denefrips has started the pre-order of the Pontus II (2) already. In case you like the review linked above, there is a sales of the Po
  10. In my view, MQA may only be regarded as success if it substitutes existing formats, any decade-long coexistance with non-discriminating alternative & bitperfect formats (for all releases) would damage MQA.
  11. I do agree with your analysis! Given, that there is some sinister scheme in progress, one of my ideas would be to ask members with a legal background if they see potential for class action law suits in Europe, Canada and the US ? I have no idea if this would hold water in front of any Surpreme court, but if a company implements technolgy that carries DRM with the aim to substitute other formats that don't, and attempt to oblige the consumers to pay on several levels (Service & Technology) for it in a situation which could be described as monopolistic (access to masters), I - not a lega
  12. AES/EBU vs. USB - depends on your ears - Okto - long delivery time & no used market. Available without Pi for less. ARES II/Denafrips - search Forums here, good choice but maybe overspecced for your system RME - you can't go wrong ... Armature - Holo or Denafrips design? Think, beside format specs, at that price point features like Display, Remote, Connectivity, Headphone out, analog stage & volume control, power supply and aesthetical preferences are important, too.
  13. In my opinion, you may prefer the option using the AES/EBU port of the Lumin to an AES/EBU input at the DAC of your choice for DoP or PCM up to 24/192 and USB only for (upsampled) formats of higher bandwith than that. However, you ears need to confirm ...! And you need to find a DAC with AES/EBU below 1k. For the missing information you ask best where you find a lot of owners of the CX 81, Cambridge forums or owner groups at Facebook for example.
  14. Ah Limetree, sorry the network has a DAC integrated and puts out RCA, different than the Musicbook DSD
  15. When I was at Lindemanns in May 2019 after I visited them at the MHE, I was informed that the app is only a revetment of the ROON functionality, i.e. a handcrafted surface without any specific functionality. Could you confirm that @mevdinc in real life??? @nikolaos1969 the musicbook features a DAC and delivers an analog signal via XLR balanced to your amplifier XLR in (analog) using the preamp line stage. That is the standard way any DAC would use for forwarding the signal to your amp.
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