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  1. DuckToller

    VinylStream Anyone?

    Sounds like recommending a serious quality proposal 😉
  2. DuckToller

    Audiophile VS Musiphile - Your Thoughts?

    This is genuinely well crafted British sarcasm. Or more like a sinister revenge if you happen to know the song. Just: WHY?
  3. DuckToller

    Audiophile VS Musiphile - Your Thoughts?

    Big THANK YOU @Ralf11 for this beautifully crafted article about our somehow peculiar hobby. Cheers, Tom
  4. Salut, you may take into account the requirement for the hard disks, when active ... https://us.hardware.info/reviews/7265/13/nas-hdd-review-18-models-compared-power-consumption cheers, DT
  5. DuckToller

    VinylStream Anyone?

    Looks like at least one of the co-owner is having some pro-experience in internet services over the last 20 years. Just the absence of technical details on the ripping process and about artist's copyrights make me wonder, how they got ripped 20 k Albums flawless: in my naive calculation they may have spent each some cosy 8 years of netto life time with 100% success rate on ripping the vinyl (4 hours a day netto ripping time/5 days a week/Album average 50 min) to archive their selection. Does anyone know a site where one could buy legally Vinyl-Rips for more than "personal use" ? The owners also offer another interesting service: https://www.taborandmentone.com/about-tabor-mentone.php There are many ways to make some money from your hobby 😉
  6. DuckToller

    OT - The Atlantic Photos of the Week

    Love that hero puppy 😉 Somehow biased ... Thanks, Tom
  7. DuckToller

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    John, I feel with you, having had similar experience after I changed into CD's (around the millenium), even I am not into Abba and Howard Jones. Thank you for the detailed information on the subject! Is it, in your opinion, safe to assume, that music from digital downloads, if processed correctly and with care from the best available master, may sound better than most of the versions available on CD? And more generally, that we won't get any additional comfort from the majority of digitized music, apart of not moving the CD tray anymore (formerly: the stylus drop down ;-))? As the major music industry may not intend to to review their production process of their back catalogs (apart from the infamous MQA machinery ...), only some audiophile Labels like Analogue Productions/Acoustic Sound will remain as the Gallic villages (Asterix)! I just looked for some records of my favourite artists issued in the period 2016-2018 with DR >12, and found that most of them are just slightly better than Metallica (DR3) , having more than halved the DR of their output since the 90ties. OTOH, just having an excellent DR does not make good and interesting music/recordings, as well as an impressive live performances ... Cheers, Tom
  8. DuckToller

    Suggestions for a low-cost DAC?

    Hi Shangri-La, just saw your question, and thought I may be able to share some personal experience. I own the V-90, Gieseler Klein, Dragonfly Red, Hifiberry+ Dac pro (to be used with RPi3b) , iFi iDSD BL and since December a Topping NX-4 DSD Dac & headphone amp From my subjective sound experience, they rank like that: 1. iFi iDSD BL (2016) - 500-600 USD - up to DSD 512, IME best to use with Regen, ISO Regen or any iFi device which enhances the USB connection. Found his place aside the Klein in the main system 2. Gieseler Klein DAC (2015) - 500 USD - up to 24/192 . 4 years ago a real value for money device with the AKM4490EQ Chip and a proper output stage. 3. Dragonfly Red (2016) - 200 USD - up to 24/96, easy to use, but imho a bit coloured, but very nice sounded device. Device broke after 2 years of heavy usage. 4. Topping NX-4 (2018 version) - 125 USD - up to DSD 512, nearly en par with DF Red, but very neutral, and much more functions, now part of the Desktop system. Used with Senn HD650. 5. Hifiberry Dac (2017) + pro 45 USD, good bass and separation, ok, but far away from the top 4. 6. V-90 (2014) - 300 USD, by far the DAC which has the least sq, even compared with the 45 Euro Hifiberry+ . I despised the listening fatigue it produces. Stays in the closet for wcs. I bought everything in Euro, but converted 1:1 to USD. IMHO, stay away from the V-90, rather save money with Dragonfly/Topping or go iFi/Chord. Being happy with the iFi, for 300 I'd look to the iDAC2 or the iONE Nano. Cheers, Tom
  9. DuckToller

    11 questions to my first audiophile setup

    @audionerd the last time I set up my CAPS Zuma with an I7 4790, I have decided for a triple windows setup, own partitions for Win10, WS2012R2 and WS2016. Even I got an official WS2012 license and operate it usually with AO in core mode, I am now using WS2016 with AO because even sans core mode it sounds fantastic. Player: JRMC24, it is convinient. Edited: I overlooked that sentence: "he did not compare the Roon-Rock to a double PC Linux Audio + AO solution.". I think there is no AO for Audio Linux, as it is software for the Windows systems, but that might be only some mistyping from your side ... Cheers Tom
  10. DuckToller

    11 questions to my first audiophile setup

    Hi Audionerd, welcome to the Audiophile Style - Forums ! As mentioned before by jventer, there are a lot of ways to do thing in the best way, IMHO it finally depends on personal preference ... As a rule of thumb, personal comfort like having an device with ease to use, no tinkering, and working flawless, usually adds to the overall price for a certain sound quality. Rarely (again IMHO) you may find upstream devices (i.e. NAS, Network design and Streaming) that can't be beaten in price vs. performance by DIYed solutions, where your level of personal engagement & expertise does not add to the price point. You also may not reach the top sound quality unless you invest hugely, especially in your room and your speaker. Even if you've done that already, you may always have that (unsettling) feeling, that not having chosen the other path on the upstream devices (tuning your system piece by piece manually) may have left you with an inferior performance of your system, because you have decided for greater personal comfort. I guess, that is why many of us are open to start DIY before settling to a more comfortable solution after all. If you have settled your mind with the (maybe only presumed) shortcomings of of-the-shelf-solutions, you may enjoy the music without inquietude. OTOH, if you are ready to invest time and skills for the adventure of incremental improvements, you will find a plethora of ways to do so here in the forum. As for most of us, it needs a lot of time to read into the subjects of interest, and make up your mind which is the best way to go for you, personally. As an example, question 4 is thoroughly answered on the AS-frontpage with Bluesman's article from the first of January 2019. Try to ask specific questions in the specific threads. That gives you a far better chance to get a helpful response. Cheers, Tom
  11. DuckToller

    Hey, Hey, My, My

    A thoughtful tribute to Swell Maps's Nikki Sudden (R.I.P.) by the C86 cult heroes Close Lobsters, European Eclectic Taste 😉 Close Lobsters - Hey Hey, My My
  12. DuckToller


    Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année et joyeux noël !!! Tom
  13. DuckToller

    Measurements & Sound Quality

    Frank, which are the measurements you find necessary and sufficient for good sound??? Tom
  14. DuckToller

    King Crimson available for DL?

    JC, just by chance I was doing research on that subject and found the Epitaph Recordings reissues in 2018 https://www.discogs.com/King-Crimson-Epitaph-Volumes-One-Two/release/12616250 Dunno if you were aware of these? Cheers, Tom
  15. Hi JC, hope, all will work out well with you family. I just need to note that I love absolutely "Prove it all night" from Bruce , live in the Agora 1978. Everytime when I listen to it, sitting in the dark, I just get sucked into my system ... I will now check, if my new DAC/HA from Topping will make me feel the same ? I wish you courage for your exercises! Cheers, Tom