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  1. ECB -imho- sounds like the perfect antagonism to Nina Simone. Nevertheless, she is a fine example of a self-empowered, white, female musician & singer, who controls every aspect in her line of business. Her "Live in Tokyo" recording has a pristine sq in my opinion, however I have for long asked myself why I couldn't connect to anything else than the Nancy Sinatra cover .. and why the "are you ready boots" line always feels like she is asking for their spotlesness ... Here is an interesting piece on her https://artsfile.ca/the-business-of-being-emilie-claire-barlow/
  2. @nikolaos1969 Ha !!! at April 22 I asked you in your first thread: Question, can you connect an USB storage to your Router (the one that provides Wifi and Ethernet)? and I am very happy that it is now working for you. Guyz, you are the best !!! Enjoy your adventure, Nikolaos!!! Tom
  3. That sound quite advanced for 2002. But a sad story ! When did you retire it ? As FLAC were still in the starting blocks then, I suppose it played in MP3, WMA and WAV format ? Here's a pic for the members who haven't heard about that device. In 2006 I got myself a Hermstedt Hifidelio, which were basically build on the same priciples (OLIVE in the US), however it ripped CDs, played FLAC and had internal storage.
  4. Thank you for your reply, that was long before the millenium, right ?
  5. Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 , with the grille on they even suit the style of peachtree audio.
  6. Saw ELAC compacts discussed here as great quality/value for money.
  7. It was the first time I noticed that unit when I used g search today! Perhaps it didn't have an impressive footprint in Europe?
  8. You are absolutely correct, it should be about dematerialized file formats & computer based audio files. I wasn't too precise about that. We did use digital file formats (DAT) already in '93 for live recordings of our radio project. However, when there was any transfer, we used wav or wmf for compatibility, afair.
  9. I've got that as a gift in my company, ca. 2k but never used it. Started in 2005 with an iPod mini 2nd gen in blue WinAmp and MediaMonkey as player software
  10. Tony Wilson created the MP3 sales platform Music33 three years before Steve Jobs ... 'You've been smoking too much!': the chaos of Tony Wilson's digital music revolution The Factory impresario’s company Music33 sold individual songs as MP3s three years before Apple. But with a baffling interface and dial-up connections he was doomed https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/aug/10/youve-been-smoking-too-much-the-chaos-of-tony-wilsons-digital-music-revolution Ah, that was 2000 when people in the UK still thought they were miles ahead ... As much as I love the creation founder for what he had achieved with his label and his sometimes rebellious mind and that e might have been pre-apple -hich is ok but usually not too difficult - however at that time online marketing & distribution had already started its first trials. If I remember correctly, i.e. KORN or the associated online marketing department were uploading their own mp3 files from their "Follow the Leader" album to your computer in 1998, it happened to me when I visited their room in THE DUNGEON. What had been your first adventures with a digital file format in the 90ties ? Best, Tom
  11. How did your cat(s) react when you exchanged the scratching post with the Boenicke B5 ??
  12. @Racerxnet Wasn't it you who brought down the @sphinxsix thread idea about a musical reaction from Covidean times? Pls correct me if I remember wrongly. If I am correct, please behave better in this thread which has already 30 pages ... Tom
  13. Salut, This question looks just perfect for @allo.com and @antonellocaroli
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