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  1. I'd advise against the Neo iDSD, the single GTO filter is killing MQAlike the sound of music. And the headphone amp is far away from the qualities you find with the iDSD micro series.
  2. Found this in my mailbox today: Security update
  3. As you may have already found out, elaborating your phrase into: Machine offers music you may like by predefined algorithms dependent in your personal taste presented to it, and you have the choice to listen to it or skip it ..makes it more valuable. My decision, but usually it is better than radio. And believe me, I still rave about the times when I got personal recommendations from friends when we talked in person about music. Where I live I haven't met anyone in 15 years who could recommend me anything valuable about music.
  4. For human brain and consciousness absolute knowledge and information seems to be not possible, for a machine less so. Even the machine doesn't anticipate my emotional relation to particular music, it may look for objectively comparable data and offer me music I did not know or did not take into account. That is why I like Roon Radio a lot, depending in my playlists before.
  5. Hallo Dennis, No specialist on that topic but havin' some thoughts on your question: if you want to stream to your AppleTV you must ensure that the the videostream includes the convoluted audio stream, which means your pre-processing befor streaming need to take place with JRiver on your server side to ensure syncronisity of the audio stream. I did not find anything exhausting about plex server plus convolution, thus JRIVER may be the best sw to use, and you are already familiar with it. In my limited experience with JRIVER for video streaming (Prefer to use UPNP/DLNA with/or VLC,
  6. https://rebellion.earth/2019/12/04/breaking-cop25-extinction-rebellion-occupies-zara-on-madrids-gran-via-greenwashing-is-a-cop-out-green-words-toxic-truths/
  7. well, that's a case for XR's future activity, compromising the green mind with money from the Richemont owners ... Isn't that called green-washing ?
  8. Anita Lane, former member of The Birthday Party and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, while in a often collaborative relationship with Nick Cave, is dead. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/apr/28/anita-lane-singer-songwriter-who-collaborated-with-nick-cave-dies Farewell Anita ...
  9. There may be a dispute between mathematics and medicine (and opiniated politicians), and I am not the one to have the final answer about that. You - otoh - seem to be several steps closer to that point . Feel free to elaborate ....
  10. Here's a note from Bruno Putzeys personal blog about R - I found it quite interesting ... Covid Policy in 500 Words The R number says how many new people get infected, on average, by one infected person. An R of 2 means the first case infects two people, those two go on to infect four and so on. The R number is made up of two components. One is how easily the virus is transmitted. The other is how many people we meet, and how careful we are to avoid transmission. The first component is only determined by the nature of the virus. The new variants are more easily t
  11. Perhaps Extinction Rebellion would be interested if they would knew that the shareholders of MQA own as well large investments in fossil fuel companies? Just a thought ... Afterthought: that type of irresponsible investors just don't care about anything else than profits, not about Human Rights, not about Climate Crisis, not about Sound Quality ... What a shame!
  12. I was wondering a bit after our last exchange @KeenObserver Are the owner of MQA this type of Koch or Mercer billionaires , just coming form South Africa and investing in Europe (Swiss, Luxembourg and the UK), actually into everything that generates money? The brilliant 2005 comedy "Thank you for smoking" with Aaron Eckhart came to mind. To rephrase my bizzare thoughts: If that film would have made 500 millions worldwide we would have had a chance that people might have been interested in the scrupelous ownership of MQA ...
  13. As much as I appreciate the information you're connecting in your post, I have serious doubt that MQA can ever be important for the people affected from the situations/protest you describe. In the audio world the discussion about/against MQA has merits and value, in the political discussion about BLM and against Arpartheid ... less so.
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