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  1. Uups, I forgot an information: They will issue a new case design for the new board as well.
  2. @jaaptina Hi, I talked with Khadas last week, and they informed me, that they will issue an upgraded version of the KTB end of Juli 2019. It should fix an issue with the ESS dac chip, which came to light in April, afaik. You'll find more information about the issue on their web forum. https://forum.khadas.com/c/khadas-toneboard I have nonetheless bought an old board for an upcoming review with an JDS Atom HP amp, using a RPIi 3b as music/network server. At the moment it's running night and day for a decent break in. But first impression are good! 😉 Best , Tom
  3. @Matias The article is rfp, but the busy editor has to get through his backlog from his well-deserved holidays last week ... so I'd say a safe bet would be this week 😉 I really do love the way Bruno and Lars have partcipated in that Q&A, hope you will enjoy that as well ... Best, Tom
  4. Thank you, @semento, for elaborating. There might be a point, why on Audio Show premises Horns may perform better than other transducer technolgies ... Best Tom
  5. @TubeLover Thank you JC for your contribution. I feel with you ! I hope that you physical condition will allow you to visit you friend's home soon, because your argument is not only valid for buying this speakers. Cheers, Tom
  6. Thank you @semente , for your response! Would you file "Narrow dispersion" under advantages as it seems ? I have read there are at least two camps in that non-conclusive debate about which kind of dispersion is preferable with valid arguments on each side. Cheers, Tom
  7. Bonjour, 5 years ago I had a private conversation with one member of our forum from Aruba, who told me had "built a set of Kirishima horns", which I filed then under interesting but esoteric DIY pleasure, because I had no valid idea about music reproduction from horns whatsoever (my ignorance, I need to admit). Fast forward to Munich High End 2019, where I visited by chance 3 manufacturer exhibiting different types of horns speaker systems: Stein Audio, Acapella Audio Arts (@Hifi Deluxe) and Avantgarde Acoustic, which were best of show for Chris at AXPONA 2019. The first sensation I recall for all of them was their vibrating and involving sound, profiting not only from powerful active bass support, but from their extraordinary efficient use of the drivers velocity, and hence their unparalleled dynamic pressure. It left me very involved with the musical performances I've heard, Dominique Fils-Aime's "Birds", one "Wish you were here"- cover version from a Spanish ska-combo plus "Another brick in the wall Pt 1", actually I am still left stunned every time I look & listen to the video sequences I made. This experience made me quite curious to hear something from the experts in this forum about their horn adventures! What are your experiences with Horn speaker systems? What are the everyday use advantages? Did you personally analyze/notice/feel any shortcomings using horn speaker (systems) in your setup? What are your suggestions for amplification? What could possibly be better? Thank you in advance for your interesting contributions. Cheers, Tom
  8. All questions until May 27th were sent, plus recently as addendum the late Shadders entries. Their responses are more related to specific topics rather than single questions. Although there are a couple of direct answers. HTH, Tom
  9. Guys, please don't get nervous. Answers are coming.😌 Lars and Bruno have sent back more than 15 pages of response to the most important questions, and the article is in the making.😋 Stay tuned, it's something quite special ! 😍 Best, Tom
  10. Thank you Chris, for this excellent story and great visuals to underline your special experience. I found that a lot of people in Bavaria/Munich have a more special touch with people, aesthetics and comportment compared to other big cities in Germany. I hadn't noticed that in the 40 years in lived in Germany. Cheers, Tom
  11. Thank you guys & @Shadders l'll send the addendum with the late entries on Monday. Pls feel free to continue. Enjoy your weekend, best, Tom
  12. Matias, thank you again for your participation. I totally agree with @barrows opinion about that question. As I have forwarded all your (the forists) questions of this thread yesterday morning, I'd prefer not to forward your (Matias) question in the form it is. You may want to rephrase your issue without relating it to the competition? Thank you for your understanding! Best regards, Tom
  13. +1 for this ranking, I need to admit, the most played record from Peter Gabriel in my house has always been "Plays Live", by a long distance to So and Up. Best, Tom
  14. Congratulations, Josh!!! Another Meisterstück made available to the readers of Audiophile Style. I still remember our stress standing in the traffic jam 50 km before Stuttgart at the 16th of June 1987 ... en route to see Peter Gabriel live on his first European tour after realeasing "SO"... how my friend, who was driving the 150 miles to the venue nearly got mad about being late .... and how we finally arrived out of breath just the moment the lights went out ... and we enjoyed such a magnificent event ... !!! Great album, indeed !! Thank you very much for reviving my memories! Amicalement, Tom
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