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  1. Right, MC60... nice! I just got a pair of MC75s fully restored not that long ago... Then I ended up with a matching C20 pre. Lovely combo!
  2. Indeed... here is a very long and perhaps the most detailed review of D6 by longtime Zu advocate and customer... I've known Phil for almost as long as Sean. Solid info and deets - review was posted just a week or so ago: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/zu-druid-6
  3. reasonable analogy, though not quite: Zu doesn't mass manufacture $99 DACs ... Everything they make is top quality all made in Ogden. As to why they aren't more visible, I hinted at in my brief memo: short story is that like any small company, they cater to a very specific crowd; unlike Schiit which sells $99 DACs to john-dough-music-dude, even Omen Dirty weekends at $999 are massive dollar spend for that same $99 DAC customer. The air gets thinner the higher up you go - Druid V at $5k is a major investment for anyone outside of audio, heck, even inside of audio.
  4. Thank you! Sean is legit and honest! Looking forward to Axpona and more video content. 😊
  5. Funny: having recommended a pair of Druid 6 for a total HiFi newbie-friend a few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit Sean Casey and team just as my friend’s new kicks were being built. A surprise photo shoot turned into a full blown factory visit and bonus new series, coffee talk with Sean. Spontaneous, honest and truthful, Sean lays it bare. As part of Audiophile Style’s 5 minute videos, I simply fleshed it out DK style and added even more authenticity. Look for these coffee talks to be added to more videos coming up in due time. I like it and I hope you will too. Far from marketing speak, double talk and firlefanz, coffee talk with Sean is a legit look at who Sean – and by extension, Zu Audio – really, nay, honestly, is. Refreshing I’d say! No stranger to Zu, I have known Sean for close to twenty years. In fact, I met Sean at one of Zu’s early roadshows, where Sean and Adam (his then business partner) would travel from big city to big city in an effort to bring the magic of Zu to the masses. A direct sales model since the beginning, Zu relied heavily on these roadshows and house parties to get the word out. It worked. Within a few short years, Zu was on the literal “in” of inside. Having owned several of their models beginning with the first Definition sometime in 2005 or 2006, I always enjoyed the Zu sound. It’s direct. It’s soulful and it speaks musical truth. Fundamental to their sound has always been the whizzer cone’d 10.5 inch full range custom built driver which in its latest iteration – contained within Druid 6 – proves to be the real deal. Hence my support for all things Zu. You either get it, or you don’t. There’s little room for persuasion, no matter the kind. That said, Zu has been on a roll. Especially these last few years, Zu has finally grown up and the HiFi press has taken note – resistance was in fact futile. How could you resist anyway? The coolest show room with coolest music? Zu. Hippest dudes in the biz? Zu. Honest feedback on all things HiFi? Zu. Did I mention they play killer – read non-audiophile – music wherever possible? Check. If there’s one thing you can count on is that Zu will always be Zu. That said, my quick visit to their factory in Ogden, Utah, turned out to become the video you see here. With a pair of Druid 6 coming my way early summer, look for a review right here at Audiophile Style in due time. If you happen to be in the area, house party details will be posted at zu.com – check in and say hi! Meanwhile, enjoy this video and stay tuned for more. Here’s to the rebels at Zu. Cheers! Subscribe to our YouTube channel, if you're so inclined, here.
  6. WOW! good to know... I guess Hoffmann and Guthrie know what they are doing.............. 😉😎
  7. Fascinating! Love your depth and observations... amazing! PS: I'd be curious to compare the Audiofidelity remasters that Hoffman did some years ago with the new Guthrie 2018 versions...
  8. I, for one, look forward to the day when I can have an all SSD NAS for the same price as spinning ol' discs.......... 🙃
  9. McIntosh is on a role. As an aside, the MC611s that have taken up residence at chez K are rather fantastic and I look forward to writing a review soon... 😎
  10. Agreed: rambling nonsense videos that go on for 20+ minutes are utterly useless within the context of HiFi, especially when the host(s) really have no idea what they are talking about in first place.
  11. fascinating insights as always... only thing I'd add is that including analog / record versions of these trials would possibly tilt outcomes somehow... for example, I have the original ABC Aja, the MoFi (which was highly regarded), the Robert Pincus consulted and mastered (ex-Cisco, pre-IMPEX) reissue from mid 2000s. Of these, the Pincus mastered is the best followed by the MoFi, which sometimes splits the original pressing. The issue with Steely Dan titles is that the original tapes are mostly missing and there have been many errors made decoding the existing tapes with the proper Dolby decoders, some of which have been mislabeled, lost, etc.
  12. love the fact that this is all shot on iPhone... way to go!!!
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