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  1. Awesome seeing such enthusiasm for HiFi all over the globe!!!
  2. Hot diggety. now that's what I call a review... What's especially amazing is that these headphones are built in Serbia, my family's country of origin. Allow me to provide some perspective for clarity: keep in mind that up until the late 80s, Serbia was a communist dictatorship since 1945 und little Mussolini, Tito's ruthless rule. The 90s saw Yugoslavia torn apart by wars on 3 fronts; the economy turned quasi market based, yet very much rooted in hardcore socialist policies. Corruption is very high; the average wage for a typical white collar job is around 250 Euro a month; for a blue collar job its about half; ingenuity, innovation, the spirit of creating wealth and such have been killed off by 80+ years of war, communism and socialism. When you take all that into account, the fact that Aleksander and his team have been able to create world leading technology ought to be considered nothing short of a miracle and a study in perseverance. Trust me, this is a monumental achievement... Glad to see them having so much success and being able to drive and deliver such an amazing product. Go, go go!
  3. Hi there, thanks for the comments! Perspective is the mother of all clarity. My personality is closely tied to what you see in the video, so when you see, nay, hear me in the video, it's who I am. I am not publishing peer reviewed science articles, I write and vlog about stuff that I'm interested in, that I find exciting and like the world to know more about. So much more of interest could have been discussed. Take a listen to the Audio Stream interviews. They might be a good guide for improving the next interview?! Sure. Until you actually host an interview yourself under less than ideal showroom conditions. Daryl was under time pressure and the interview already ran way longer than intended. Not making excuses, just telling you how it is in the real world. Finally, I have no doubt that Wilson speakers are some of the best out there in AudiophiliaLand, but personally, it was hard to stomach Mr Wison's constant reference to their "Art." I'm sure he thinks his speakers are aesthetic wonders, but I find their robotic designs to be a classic case of form and function NOT working together. I think that you misunderstood what Daryl meant with his reference of art vis-a-vis Wilson Audio. Wilson Audio is extremely passionate about music and sound, more so than perhaps any other company in high-end audio that I know of. Dave Wilson slid into manufacturing loudspeakers through the art of recording and capturing live music: fan-boy alert: these are some of the best sounding recordings I own and have just recently (last couple of years) been made available again via LP or hi-res downloads. I know of no other manufacturer who ties the art of music to their products - watch some of the Wilson produced videos on YouTube and see for yourself. Now you may disagree with the choices they take in designing their loudspeakers - which is perfectly fine of course - but you can't deny the inspirational source for their designs from the smallest speaker, TuneTot, to the largest speaker, WAMM. Lastly, I find your comment about form and function not working together very odd and contrary to reality: if anything Wilson's designs are virtually all shaped by function and form working together in unity to create the design that you see. Thanks for watching!
  4. True story. That said, one could argue that 1-bit delta sigma has been around since the mid 60s when Denon first started futzing with it... I have yet to hear - conclusively - that DSD or PCM or MQA or any of these formats sound "superior" to each other, nor that it matters even if they did because hardly any mainstream recording takes advantage of even 16 bit resolution, dynamics and innate transparency. So this to me is the equivalent of pixel peeping: it's completely irrelevant in the real world.
  5. GREAT write-up Chris. I love how they are sticking to their guns, despite no doubt losing sales to those who need/want the latest and greatest three letter acronym flavor of the month. Not an easy thing to do - similar perhaps to Einstein's insistence that running more than 4 transistors per channel mucks up the sound and thus lowers the resolution and transparency to the source. I'm sure there's many other similar companies that chose to stay on their straight and narrow path. Good for them!
  6. Hi Marco, sorry, I didn't see this reply until just now... Sorry to hear you are having issues with your 52... I can verify that I had no issues whatsoever with the 53 and Roon, it works without any issues!
  7. Very cool. Stax is classic HiFi. You can't go wrong with any of their stuff!!!
  8. Very kind of you - thanks much! There will be more... so glad you got something out of these! cheers ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. Always fun to mix things up and Darylโ€™s style makes it easy to interview! good stuff... more to come!
  10. Our own Danny Kaey sat down with Daryl Wilson, President and CEO of Wilson Audio Specialties, for a 45 minute chat about a wide range of topics including the new Chronosonic XVX, craftsmanship, capacitors, Daryl's vinyl collection and his latest Pink Floyd 45 RPM single of Have A cigar / Welcome To The Machine. - CC
  11. Update... I now had a chance to sample a few of these and have to say I am dumbfounded how great they are. Musically impeccable, the best of Japanese Jazz there is really. Sonically, there isn't one single dud here, they are all A+++++ titles with resolution and dynamic range that you won't believe comes from CD. My next mission is to source all of these on vinyl, a few of which I already have... #stunning Thanks for posting about these Chris!!! ๐Ÿคฉ
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