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  1. another brilliant podcast, love these stories!!! It's a shame that many of the performers we enjoy leave this world far too soon.
  2. Another week, another great podcast! Love listening to these... 🤩
  3. 2 things on my wishlist following the 1.8 update: 1. add mouse pointer / trackpad support to iPad version 2. add auto OS level dark/light theme support in addition to manually selecting which you prefer Update looks great on macOS and iPad, not much change on iPhone or Android due to size of screen. New font is superior to previous - love the new design theme!
  4. Part 2 is coming soon!!! stay tuned and thanks for reading!!! 😀
  5. Fabulous. I remember listening to Stax in the early 00s; you can't help feel that this is an iconic brand within the hifi - high-end audio community...
  6. fabulous podcast Chris and Daryl... I don't know of any one loudspeaker manufacturer that can so precisely articulate their North Star. While undoubtedly others have a North Star, none present it so succinctly in everything they do. That's why Wilson Audio is the benchmark. Terrific, always enjoy listening to Daryl and history he can bring to light.
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