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  1. If you need 1.5M on PCM, you need intel based NAA. MeLE Fanless Mini PC on amazon should do the job for you. There are many fanless mini pc on amazon.
  2. What does he mean by new line of usb inputs? The May has diff versions of USB inputs?
  3. Thank you. Looking forward to this because this device has got great software. What is concerning is that it says it only supports PCM 384 so which means as an HQP NAA, it is not likely to support the PCM.1.5 filters. If it did, this would have take out the hassle of building a mini pc!
  4. how much does these mods cost if one has to do it themselves? And what amount of skills do you need? Is it just an easy solder job? Would be great if you could show us pics of your mods.
  5. Ah yes. Both are mini pcs which I know work. I have an Ultra Rendu with me now and I wanted to know it can do the same thing what the mini pc that miska recommended can do. Because as of now I do not have HQP installed so I am not able to test. Cheers Doc!
  6. Thanks. I think what I wanted to know was what NAA can do 1.536mhz Sinc-Mx for PCM. I asked around and I was told RPI cannot support this neither can a M1 mac hence the question around Intel based NAA
  7. Thanks. That was my understanding too but I believe some NAA can only handle certain data stream. Maybe @miska can confirm. Thanks
  8. Because I was told that only intel based NAA can do the 1.5M filters.
  9. Thanks. Does the Ultra Rendu support the Sinc MX filter? Which is 1.5m.
  10. Hello Bob - Can the M1 run 1.536mhz Sinc-Mx?
  11. Hello Did you manage to get 1.536 using HQP on Mac Mini and NAA? Which filters work? Will the Sync MX filter work?
  12. They did mention that they are working on it. No idea when it would come. It’s a shame because I will be moving to Spotify HiFi only because of their amazing Spotify connect tech. If Qobuz can come with their own connect it would surely win more customers. Relying on Roon and other crappy 3rd party apps is a no go for me.
  13. Check out the Ifi Zen stream that has just been launched.
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