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  1. Your video on the DDC was very informative. You are also guilty of making the Pi2AES out of stock! haha. Can you tell me if I use Spdif output from my streamer Primare NP5 (it has no usb) the SQ should be the same of a USB based streamer? OR rather do USB based streamers have an advantage over devices which do not have USB?
  2. iOS got an updated yesterday and I am disappointed to report that the Chromecast issues have not been addressed. The dropouts are still happening. So no idea when the Chromecast receiver update is going to come!
  3. Yes which is what you do with R2R. 10 days of leaving it on is all even the manufacturer recommends at least for Denafrips which is what I use. However for capacitors to break in you need to play music is what im told. Anyways, different views on this topic. I just let music play. If I dont like the way something sounds after 200 hours, good chance, I will not like it.
  4. I am a believer in break in but I couldn't help chuckle when I read some gents talking about 1000 hour break in. For people listening to two hours of music a day, that is 15 months of break in. Lol.
  5. There is only one method which is native. That is using Qobuz’s app itself. Anything else including Roon, Mconnect, BlueOS, etc doesn’t fall under the native category. Spotify Connect and Tidal connect are the only native method for the respective services. Everything else is 3rd party and 3rd party no matter how good they are they just can’t be good enough compared to native.
  6. i am using the native Qobuz app to stream to NP5 using the cast. This method supports 24/192. I do not want to use 3rd party apps because the experience is not as good as using the native app. Qobuz claims they are going to update the cast receiver and the dropouts should stop but only time will tell.
  7. Unfortunately none of them cut it for me. I currently use Google Cast to beam Qobuz to my Primare NP5 streamer. It’s buggy to say the least. I will be moving to Spotify HD if Qobuz don’t have a connect version of their own.
  8. sadly it says my IP address is banned. Not sure if it’s been discussed but will rpi/pi2aes be as good as a transport as say a Ultrarendu?
  9. Hello Chief. I am a rpi noob. If my understanding is correct, an RPI 4 with a Pi2AES hat will be a great transport for the May? Which connection is best to connect the Pi2AES to the May? Thanks a Ton!
  10. Tidal Connect now is available on Volumio. This is going to put Tidal on the hands of so many people with a cheap RPI. This is a game changer and I wonder when Qobuz will come with their own Connect protocol. If they want to expand their user base then they really need to come with their own version of Spotify/Tidal Connect. People are not willing to pay $ for Roon to get Qobuz if they are only streaming.
  11. @David Craff Qobuz via Chromecast has just become unviable. The connection keeps dropping. When can we get the new Chromecast receiver for the IOS and MaC app? Please assist as a lot of us are dependent on streaming Qobuz via Chromecast.
  12. Can you please explain how this can be done? You mean like Use Mconnect to access Qobuz?
  13. Doesn’t seem to work on the Mac Qobuz app. I am waiting for the new Chromecast receiver update to see if it address the drop out issues.
  14. I agree. Give us an app that can work directly with our streamer. Like Chromecast or develop your own connect like How Spotify or Tidal have. That way you are focussing all your energy on YOUR own tech. Rather than trying to integrate with Roon and million other 3rd party software. That way if someone is using a 3rd party app to access Qobuz it doesn’t become your responsibility. It’s good to have support for other platforms but I hope you can first focus on which you can control and have lesser dependancies. We are cheering for Qobuz to win.
  15. Chromecast Puck, Primare NP5 and Arcam SA30. The problem is only with Qobuz. After 3 songs, the connection drops out. Music plays on the speakers and also on the remote in my case an iPhone. I have no issues with volume. I in fact prefer that volume control is done via the device rather than the app. And in IOS app, volume doesn't change even if you want to. My friend who uses android app on the arcam is able to change the volume but there is a BIG bug. The moment he changes the volume on the app, the Arcam plays it at 100% volume. A few more times and I am sure the speaker will blow. I
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