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  1. Thanks Chris. It is good to know that we are able to give feedback to Qobuz. I just wish they have their own gapless connect option (like Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect) sooner than later!
  2. Yes. They did have something in the works but that’s no longer in play. They told me they will be removing it from their website. Quite a bummer. I hope Qobuz brings their own connect technology like Tidal and Spotify.
  3. Qobuz told me that they do not have anything called Qobuz Connect. The only way to use the native Qobuz app to stream is via Chromecast. Are you able to stream to Node2i via Qobuz app?? Please advise. That is the solution I am looking for and I can only do that now with a Primare NP5.
  4. Did you manage to find out which other devices support Chromecast Built in? I can’t seem to find any transport other than the Primare NP5. Naim , NAD and Cambridge streamers have it as well but they also come with their built in DAC.
  5. Chris - Just to clarify, only streaming via Chromecast is not gapless. If you used Roon or the Prisma app to stream Roon or Tidal, then you get gapless. And you are right, I’ve never listened to dark side of the moon on digital. If I were to listen to an entire album, then I usually have it on Vinyl. Streaming helps me discover new music and play playlists. Cheers.
  6. This is the problem with HiFI software today. Expensive hardware comes with sub par software. Roon is decent but will probably fail a quality test done by an established software company. We have to hope that that HiFi software continues to evolve and we don’t need a page long article on how to backup. Aurender need to create Software that should be able to backup in a single click like how we do for iCloud. Thanks Chris for the rest of Aurender users for whom this article will be useful.
  7. @Rexp: Thanks. Yes I am aware it doesn’t do gapless and I’ve never understood the fuss about gapless playback so thankfully not a deal breaker for me. Cheers.
  8. @Cable Monkey: Thanks. Which output on the NP5 do you find better? The Optical or Coax? Also have you tried the chromecast function on the NP5? I am curious to know If chromecast can do 24/192. Primare Tech claim it can do and its a better way to use Qobuz streaming.
  9. @Cable Monkey Which R2R dac do you have? Btw The NP5 is now Roon Ready. @OldBigEars: How has your experience been so far? I have short listed the NP5 as it is capable of streaming Qobuz via Chromecast at 24/192. This is very attractive to me as I can then get rid of Roon as I only stream from Qobuz and have no local files.
  10. Will Elac Discovery running Roon Essentials get some love as well?
  11. Hello Guys - My first post at CA. I moved to Qobuz from Tidal recently and I want to move out of Roon as well eventually. Roon has served me very well but I have now decided to only use Qobuz as far as my streaming solution. I do not have any local files that I have to stream. So the solution that I was looking something like Spotify Connect. Qobuz seemed to have a Qobuz Connect plans in the past but they told me that they no longer have any plans. I then chanced up Primare NP5 ( on this website) and it seemed like a very neat device. I was in touch with their team and they told m
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