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  1. I do not how know it works at 1.536. I am of the understanding that if you were to feed your Qobuz/Tidal which say is 16/44 to 24/192 into any denafrips dac and the mode selected is NOS, then the DAC applies DSP and upsamples it to 768k by default. Where as a NOS dac in NOS mode should allow 16/44 to be processed as 16/44. Maybe @GoldenOne you can explain in lay man's terms why denafrips dacs are not really NOS in their NOS mode compared to other NOS dacs. Thanks
  2. My mac mini m1 is unable to do DSD 256, ASD7EC.
  3. https://www.soundstagenetwork.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2612:denafrips-terminator-plus-digital-to-analog-converter-measurements&catid=434&Itemid=577 You can see in the above measurements that NOS is not really NOS. This was also called out by GoldenSound in his review.
  4. I have a may KTE. After playing with the filters, I settled for Sinc MX at 1.5M pcm LNS15. I use Qobuz.
  5. Roon => HQP => HQP NAA running on a intel pc stick => Holo May has been the easiest way for me to enjoy 1.5M PCM on my may. Roon core and HQP run can run on the same windows or mac. Without Roon, I dont think I would have ventured into the world of HQP.
  6. I have the problem in all filter settings. 1.5m wont work. I use an intel celeron mele pc stick as an NAA. It runs linux and has ur NAA image that runs on the mele pc itself. No usb stick or anything. What do u mean by UP gateway? Is that a setting on the Mac? Also when you say network is fine, I am on a 1gbps line. The macbook pro is on wifi but I sit right next to the router. NAA is conneted via ethernet cable. Can you please advise. Thanks
  7. @Miskais there any setting that I need to change on my mac? Everyone I ask is saying that a 2018 intel i7 should have no trouble with 1.5m pcm. So it looks a Mac OS problem. Can you suggest any changes that I need to do on my mac’s settings?
  8. Thanks. This helps. Yes it is grayed. I also grayed the Cuda. Just to clarify I am not using the Mac Mini M1. I am trying it on my mac 2018 macbook pro core i7.
  9. @Miskai have a bigger problem. HQP won’t open. It just freezes with the Colorfull ball rotating on the Mac. I’ve tried restarting the computer. The dac and the NAA device. But still no luck. Also tried a reinstall of HQP but still the same.
  10. I tried Sinc MX at 1.5M using my 2018 Macbook Pro. 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7. I tried all buffer settings (10 to 250 ms) but still the music was stuttering. It would play for 10 seconds and then pause for a second and then continue. Like it was buffering. I had the same problem even at 786 but slightly better. The NAA is a mini pc running HQP on Linux. Using Roon as the front end. Any settings to be changed on Roon? Can someone confirm if my macbook pro is just under powered for this filter? Or is there some other problem. Using a May Dac 's USB connection.
  11. We did a Doge 8 vs Terminator Plus w/ DDC vs Holo May KTE shoot out and the audience voted for the Holo May as the overall winner in this setup. YMMV. Also as per @GoldenOne's findings, the terminator upsamples content to 768k even in NOS mode. So for those of you who want to compare the Terminator with other dacs, you might want to use HQP to upsample the other dacs as well.
  12. Oh what I meant was that USB locks instantly and it is the best input on the May for high sample rates. Basically don’t have to worry about the quality of the transport feeding the May. The PLL is applied on all digital inputs is what I’m told. I loved the Sync MX filter. To me that’s the reason why I want 1.5m pcm over anything else!
  13. I went the opposite route. I went with @GoldenOne advice that PCM 1.5M via HQP fed into NOS mode of May is the best sounding. This is also what other May users in the May group advised me. I’m not familiar with DSD so do share your listening impressions. So for me HQP will output to Roon. NAA will run HQP OS. Streaming from Qobuz. Will use May USB with PLL on. Cheers
  14. If you go through Goldensound's measurements, the jitter is really low on the Zen Stream compared to the Pi2AES which by itself is a very capable device. If only Zen could support HQP 1.5M PCM on my MAY, it would have been a no brainer choice. If at some point they do support it,I will buy it blindly. For now, I have to rely on my Mele Mini PC for HQP 1.5 PCM.
  15. According to IFI, Zen stream can only handle PCM 384 / DSD 264 on Lan or wifi.
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