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  1. This is a known bug and Ive been chasing them for a few months now. We will need to wait till the new chromecast receiver is updated and according to @David Craff, it is going to be this summer. Well its June already. So i guess another 2 months ?
  2. @David CraffCan you please advice when the Google cast receiver upgrade will come to the iOS app?
  3. I don’t have any DSD content. How does one then break in the DSD ladder? And if I am only going to use the PCM, do I still need to care about the DSD ladder?
  4. 500 hours of being turned on or music played through?
  5. Yes, this is a fair ask. I am sure @Roasty can try to compare it this way.
  6. In all fairness, one can only compare two boxes. Here the comparison is with a Rockna and a May. Not many are going to get into the details on how one’s tech is to the other. Asking one to bring an over sampling Software into the mix is not feasible for many. So if Rockna sounds better on a particular mode compared to the May then it still does mean that the Rockna sounds better than the May according to @Roasty
  7. With the arrival of Spotify HiFi, @Miska is there any way for us to get HQplayer to upsample Spotify HiFi via Spotify Connect on a Mac Mini M1? Here is what I want to build a solution. Mac Mini M1 Running HQ Player Upsamples Spotify HiFi and then Dirac applies Room correction and then Feeds it to my Dac. I should be able to control songs using my phone's spotify connect? Sorry if this has been asked before but cant seem to find it. Can the above solution be done in one box? Any has done it before?
  8. This is one of the best reviews I have seen! So much of detail yet so simple. You are doing a great job @GoldenOne
  9. Will a standard I2S cable work between the May and Pi2AES? Also you mentioned about locking. If PLL is turned on, does it have to keep locking each time the song’s bit rate changes? Is there any scenario when turning off the PLL will be advantageous to SQ? Does PI2AES benefit from PLL being on? Thanks much.
  10. The galvanic isolation is only for the USB or all digital inputs like Coax? Thanks much.
  11. @GoldenOne Can you confirm if the May uses the same voltage for both Balanced and RCA? Many thank
  12. Would you be able to list a few that you are aware of that use this approach?
  13. For example on my Pontus, the XLR is louder than the SE. This was confirmed with Denafrips.
  14. I've not found them to make a shred of difference on the may. I currently have the curious usb, AQ carbon and a couple others. Much better places to spend the money That’s very sensible coming from you considering you have all the gear to test these variables objectively. How does May do with noise? Like will an LPS for a transport be less important? Because MAY seems to be this great equaliser. Anything in the chain before the May doesn’t seem to impact the MAY per your findings. Transport and Cables before the may don’t make any difference. How about Output? Between RCA vs X
  15. That’s great to know. Thanks for this. We are looking forward to your review. Very keen to know which is the best input for the may. Especially with the Pi2AES since it has both AES and I2S
  16. Thanks. Yes, I’m aware that KTE is Kitsune’s mod. I checked with Jo and he mentioned that Wildism only have level 3 which possibly is the equivalent to KTE.
  17. Are KTE and Wildism Level 3 the same mods?
  18. According to Apple, AppleTV and the HomePods will get lossless support with a future software update. Since the HomePod doesn’t have Ethernet, my guess would be Airplay 3 is on its way.
  19. This is good news. Based on Spotify announcement, we can continue to use Spotify connect to stream hires to devices like lumin which support Spotify connect. Is that right?
  20. @wklie what is Lumin's view on Apple music? Is it something you see your products working with?
  21. @GoldenOne During your time with the May and Pi2AES, which input on the may did you prefer? The AES or the i2S? Thanks a lot.
  22. Well I would like to ensure that I am able to get the highest resolution possible with the least boxes but that doesn’t mean we are any less of any audiophile. In fact Roon and HQP don’t matter to me at all. There is a a big demand for something like Spotify connect that can do the highest res possible and I fall into that category. The app developed by an apple or a Spotify Will any day be more robust than what a 3rd party like Roon can make so we prefer. I guess that’s why we have many services for each of us.
  23. This is great news! And it must sending some shivers to the competition. What I an eager is to know how do we stream in high res to our dac? Airplay 2 is not the answer since it not lossless and it goes through the device hence draining battery. So is Airplat 3 in the works? Are we getting an Apple Connect?
  24. What about the tonality? Which version would be the warmer or livelier one?
  25. Interesting you managed to compare the L2 and KTE. How would you describe the difference? What areas does the KTE improve on?
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