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  1. Great podcast - thank you :-) Sadly i couldn't understand what album Chris recommend. What is the name of the album?
  2. Correct - i have one TeraDak DC 30 with 5V for the Pi and one TeraDak DC30 7V for the USB Reclocker. I can only compare it to my X86 Desktop-Setup with Audirvana and my "old" Allo USBridge. And the Pi combo definately sounds better than both of them.
  3. Overall the NOEL piCorePlayer Version in combination with the Squeezelite version by soundcheck sounds absolutely amazing. I've overclocked the CPU to 2.2 GHz as well with no serious problems as long as you got a good case for the pi. I a passive case from Miuzei: This setup can easily compared to a lot more expensive streaming solutions. I also made some good experience with USB reclockers like the Oehlbach XXL MasterClock or the UpTone USB Regen. I personally use the Oehlbach MasterClock: And very important is a good power solutio
  4. I've installed the Squeezelite by soundcheck and it runs flawless... i will post some impressions later 😀
  5. Thank you so much! This is truly amazing and sounds so good. What specific settings did you use on the Squeezelite page of piCorePlayer? I use a DAC/Amp on the USB output of my Pi4 (8GB) and i am not sure what settings are the best in terms of ALSA buffer and so on. I would really appreciate your help :-)
  6. Hello Allo Team, i've got a USBridge with DietPi Allo Gui and use it with my iDSD micro. I sold the iDSD today and ordered a Mytek192 DSD. Did the USBridge support the relatively old Mytek192 DSD with the installed DietPi Allo Gui? Thanks and many greetings Dominik
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