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  1. Already in 2003 they had one of my all time favorite records at the top ... last week they returned to another one, Marvin Gaye's "What's Going on". Here's the link to the new 500 Greatest Albums I found the mix refreshing I need to admit, however the mix and presence of diversity gave me the impression of being kind of crowd pleasing (hey, consider our stakeholders ...) and I am aware that Beyonce and Kayne have much bigger significance in the Now and Here than Coltrane or Miles, however, as much as I like Public Enemy for their message, I never found their albums musica
  2. Imho, make sure you have a note with the serial number of the delivered unit, just in case ... +1 for (fast) expedited replacement
  3. Best sounding metal album last year - to my ears ....
  4. It looks like the team of the High End Munich found some confidence to announce their plans for the 2021 exhibition. Notable changes are 2 trade visitor days and a supplier trade show called IPD - International Parts & Supply in a different area of the MOC exibition center. Please find the press release attached to that note. Thumbs up & pressed for making that happen in May 2021 Press_release_No1_HIGH_END_2021.pdf
  5. To change the subject in a less sparkling direction ... Here's something German, however it features some lines about one of my fav white wines ... If you love walking wineyards the Montrachet area between Puligny et Chassagne is a must ...
  6. From todays Guardian website: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/22/the-old-telly-that-brought-down-a-welsh-villages-broadband The old telly that brought down a Welsh village's broadband For months the broadband in the whole village failed due to ‘electrical noise’ from one resident’s television Steven Morris @stevenmorris20 Tue 22 Sep 2020 17.55 BST Last modified on Tue 22 Sep 2020 19.59 BST The resident asked not to be identified. Photograph: Sorapong Chaipanya/Getty Images/Eye
  7. @christopher3393 you should admit it, my friend. There had been a spare second when you thought about opening a true & authentic Dom Perignon thread when you catched that information, but then you were rembering this sleeping beauty about booze music and revived it with a kiss and some bottles of DP ... ;-) However, where are the songs about Moet, Krug et Roederer ???? And it looks like they didn't count French Hip Hop ... Mille Merci ...
  8. afaik, they are alrady available in different configurations (single power, dual mono, mono blocks, buffers/OP amps) with Nord, Apollon and Audiophonics in Europe as example. I've read VTV in the US do have the most price sensitive offer for stereo, while the Nord mono blocks are quite interesting given the low £ - Sterling exchange rate at the moment. For the GaN, Orchard offers a competitive priced product which had quite a good review from Audio Xpress lately (compared it to PuRiFi). Cheers, Tom
  9. Chris, if I am not mistaken, the Mytek amp uses Danish Pascal Class D amplification. Which is by the way used as well by Avantgarde Acoustic for the active elements of their speaker. Looks like it sounds good enough for you and your family 😉 This way breakfast can quickly develop into brunch ... Cheers, Tom
  10. just my 2 cents: I did that last year, but quickly decided that I rather have an old RPi2b running as PicorePlayerLMS server 24/7 as the frontend to the internet for metadata etc., which allowed the NAS to be idle for the times streaming from Qobuz etc.. As of today my NAS goes online only once in a while to check for software updates and stays completely off the grid when outside temperatures rise above 30°C degrees. YMMV. Enjoy your learning curve with LMS and PCP. Cheers. Tom
  11. As far as I could see it isn't a recent review but re-used content from a 2019 print article. Trust your ears and trust your source ... Cheers, Tom
  12. I noticed that the first picture could not be enhanced ...
  13. Thanks Mike, glad you asked ! As I indicated in the article slider's photos both channels were separately measured and the stereo performance was captured as well. For another visualization here is the third measurement series I did at the 4th of June in two opposing smoothings. I need to admit, that every time I look at the LOG graph, I tend to prefer the other one due to a less aggressive visualization. Looks like a bug in the LOG'ed layout, much less without. Some core information: - As noted in the review, the units had a b-stock badge an the pack
  14. @plissken You are probalbly right with A:, but I would rather agree with @firedog about B: that there is little you can do in his position rather than forward the issue internally. A: This is unfortunately a standard procedure in modern customer service companies. In opposite to Amazon, where you can get from an agent even 23 month after you bought your item a 100% refund, most customer service agents nowadays have a very tiny credit note limit, if at all. My active customer service experience includes one case where the demanded credit note expenditure exceeded the CS VP's (my then
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