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  1. Frisby, the DuckToller says: Hi, ducklings !
  2. Hi @drbarnum I am looking at your problem from a different angle ... You can tackle the problem with more space, i.e 10 TB HDDs or bigger, which means you are going to get the NAS with 40 Tbyte and eventually another 20 Tbyte for backup. 20TB means you can listen to each file on your disk 1 single time in the next 10-15 years, if you do nothing else (i.e. eating yes, sleeping NO, working ... eventually) and even longer so if more than 50 % of the music is in MP3 format Pareto told me, that in the best case you only listen to 20 % of your music, which imho makes thinking about selecting these 4Tbyte (or even 6 TB to up the ante) a valuable decision, as it would allow you to customize the size of the NAS and the need for backup. As a plus, you may spend the saved money into ROON lifetime as the software is capable toi manage collectioins of that size. However, this is a time consuming effort. You can limit your used space as well by cleaning up your disks systematically, using a duplicate finder and checking out which music you have in multiple formats (i.e. MP3/16-bit flac, Hi-res, DSD ) in order to free up space. Thus, if you feel that would be to much efforts in "music collection hygiene", then spending money on disk space may suit you better as the other most affordable way to go. Nothing wrong with that. Having an optimized music library on the a dedicated NAS solution may allow you to tackle the signal chain hardware optimization in a better way, because you you will know what is left for your HW budget. All the best wiith your project, Tom
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2020/05/31/us/politics/ap-us-america-protests-behind-the-protests.html as explanation for the last 2 posts
  4. Here the soundtrack for the other rioters https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0nySk7UBiT9JCBcf2L5b4i and one for the 3%ers
  5. There is a lot of music left (especialy "left" music), however... it is like recalls from the past (Jackson, L.A., Ferguson, Wall Street, Kairo, Kiew, Istanbul, Belfast, Durham, Berlin, Barcelona, Genoa, Bejing, Caracas, La Paz, Beirut, Tunis and on and on and on ...) and repeating of the same themes of empowerment, protest, resistance, oppression,injustice, police brutality, disorder and on and on and on ..., I'd love to choose more songs about freedom, solidarity, unity, peace and perspectives, just that does not suit the situation and the feelings of most people involved, imho. I'll hope that this will change ... Sick and tired of being sick and tired ... (pls ask for deleting if it's too much words ...)
  6. I x-checked with @semente's "Protest song" thread, and decided that BIKO should be here, because its one of the most exemplary songs about that subject. You'll find many suiting clips and lyrics in his thread as well.
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