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  1. Chance granted, Chris 😉 OT: After about 3 month trouble with my provider since having renewed the contract in February we have decided to terminate the contract in order to get ftth from the French incumbent, that'll start next year. - I guess everyone interested can connect the listed titles above correctly to the available videos him/herself. STC was ok with the raw material on the we collect page. - The privacy per dm/pm was just chosen for possible copyright issues (non public). - There is an upload on the way with the 5 more vids w/size below 100mb into the threat, the first 4 are attached here. Ah, and I can see a typo in "Chrord" - AAARGR !!! Gives me even more grey hairs ... Thanx in advance, Tom Chrord - Kate Bush.mp4 LYNGDORF.mp4 Audiophysics Lyngdorf - HEY NOW lLyngdorf room.mp4 Piega - After Midnight.mp4
  2. Guys, I am very sorry to report that the state of the upload is about 3 % after 8 hours, I'll guess that'll need some more time. Access is only available on some of the videos, untitled, on a working board. If you want anything quick, pm for that link. ... a bit devastated about the poor performance of his Internet connection ... Tom
  3. Guys, Finally I have uploaded the videos with description to We collect. The quality is not as exceptional as the videos made with Chris' equipment, but all of them were made with love for the community ;-) Links to the 3 boards will be available only by PM (I am not sure about the artist rights bcs so much music is played) The upload to "we collect" contains three different boards 1) Videos made with Honor 8x: Audiophysics Lyngdorf - HEY NOW lLyngdorf room.mp4 Chord - Kate Bush.mp4 Kiii - Yello - Electrified .mp4 Lindemann Manger p2 - Wolfgang Hafner Piano Man.mp4 LYNGDORF.mp4 Mola Mola Vivid Hotel California Live.mp4 Piega - After Midnight.mp4 T+A Hey now London Grammar.mp4 Western Electrif Rodrigo y gabriela.mp4 Wilson Spectral Drum Solo.mp4 Wilson Spectral Fanfare for the common man.mp4 2) Videos made with Iphone 6s: Audionec - Lampizator - Nodal - Leonard Cohen - You want it darker .MOV Avantgarde Acoustic - Pink Floyd - The Wall.MOV Blumenhofer Acoustics - Aqua Acoustics - KR Audio.MOV Gryphon - Amandine Beyer - Bach.MOV Lindemann Musicbook Source 500 - Manger P2.MOV Moon by Simaudio - Dynaudio - Heart-Shaped Box.MOV Naim MuSo 2 - The Eagles - Live - Hotel California.MOV Raidho Acoustics - Dire Straits - Water of Love.MOV Stein Music - Dominique Fils-Aimé - Birds .MOV The Gryphon - Electronica.MOV The Gryphon - Voodoo .MOV Vandersteen - Brinkmann - HRS .MOV Voxativ - Ampeggio - Anna von Hausswolff - Red Sun.MOV Voxativ - Come Together (Beatles-Cover) - - with Rajiv on the left.MOV 3) last board contains videos from the HifiDeLuxe 2019 in Munich (Iphone 6s) Hifi Deluxe - Acapella Germany - Seguridad Social - Wish you were here.MOV Hifi Deluxe - ASKJA AUDIO TOTALDAC- Eric Clapton unplugged - Layla.MOV Hifi Deluxe - Audio note UK .MOV Hifi Deluxe - Audio Note UK.MOV Hifi Deluxe - JMF Audio France.MOV Hifi Deluxe - Kroma Bricasti Room - Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold.MOV Hifi Deluxe - lumiks - Dire Straits - You and your friend.MOV Hifi Deluxe - TotalDac - Magico LLC M6 .MOV My favourites: Stein, Acapella, Avantgarde, Vandersteen and Voxativ Good night, Tom (PM response not before tomorrow morning, its 4.55 ...)
  4. Let's agree do disagree. I value much your, imho essentially elitist and well educated, expertise/opinion/knowledge when it comes to music and technology. Less so, when the topic is related to economy and philosophy (ethics included). That's fine with me. 😉 Tom
  5. A well meant explanation. Please reflect, that there is no equal distribution of your 3 examples in any modern society. Giving their "assumed" opinion about the value of 1500 $ headphones approximately the same importance, even when audiophilism is a hobby with an instrinsic need to spend money, is obviously not that school of statistics I have visited once in higher education. Imho, the lion's share of audiophile hobbyists have serious concerns when it comes to spend a grand or more, and that is the basis for Crenca's reflection of value in this hobby. Best, Tom
  6. Meeting the Purifi'sts: A quick report from DuckToller During final preparations for the Munich High End the audiophile universe has born a new star, Purifi ApS and audiophilestyle.com received an invitation to preview its pre-production units in a private setting close to the official expositions. What is Purifi? This new star, Purifi ApS in Roskilde, Denmark, which in reality was founded as early as 2014 by Peter Lyngdorf, Lars Risbo and Bruno Putzeys, is a patent holding audio company that brought together some of the brightest minds (and patent holders) in the European audio industry with high hopes: "With a focus on developing and verifying accurate mathematical models to solve problems in analogue and digital sound reproduction, PURIFI aims to remove all technical limitations in the enjoyment of reproduced music." (1) The company is led by Co-owner Claus Neesgaard as CEO, and a team of highly talented, qualified and experienced professionals in CLASS D & transducer development. More about Purifi What Was Up? Purifi invited us to an apartment 10 uber-minutes away from the High End exposition for a private preview of its forthcoming products, the class D amplifier board 1ET400A, called "Eigentakt" and the newly developed transducer PTT6-5W04-01A. The specific name "Eigentakt" is the type of German language that can't be found in the standard dictionaries. It translates in self-oscillating, which in turn exactly describes the characteristics of that very Class D amplifier. Or what DJ's are doing, especially the ones that use this name for their Techno releases .(2) Who Did We Meet? While Chris' agenda in Munich could not match the available time slot, I made my way to the premises alone and met with Claus, Lars and Bruno in particular, while all Purifi'sts were present in full manpower towards the end of that rendezvous. I felt somehow like that guy, who once had an assist for a first-half buzzer-beater, now meeting with The Claw and his NBA All Stars. Main Talking Points: Technical specifications , An extreme pool of exciting figures on key specs, like: THD+N <0.00017% (-116dB) @ 100W, 4Ω, 20-20kHz Dynamic Range ~ 131dB(A) Efficiency > 94% for more specs please see here (PDF) About the correct use (mathematically and practically) of "feedback" in Class D In essence, Bruno P. explained, people have done experiments where they thought they increased feedback and then correctly found that the sound got worse. Reviewing those experiments reveals that in fact they did not increase feedback. So, distortion got worse and so indeed did sound. They heard right, but drew the wrong conclusion from the experiment. Why isn't it necessary to use an expensive Linear Power unit with this amplifier module? In short: The amplifier module is very insensitive to power supply noise. The effect of an LPS is negligible. How did the developer of the TACT module (Lars) and the designer of the nCore module (Bruno) got together in this partnership: Nothing short of a bromance, based on math and the love of music. Just ask Lars' wife. Who are the customers Purifi aims for: Audio companies searching licensing deals and the DIY audio segment. Purifi does not aim (at the moment) to compete with any of the companies that the various partners are involved in besides Purifi (my short list: Lyngdorf, Mola Mola, Grimm, Kii) The Setup: Mola Mola Tambaqui (networked DAC, approx. 7k Euro), the Red Box, sporting the new amplifier modules (price schedule tbd, said to be “competitive in serious quantities”) and a 2 way speaker system with a passive crossover (around 200 Euro in parts), containing the PTT6-5W04-01A long stroke driver (still to be determined, but expected to be “very competitive with other high end units”) and Mundorf AMT ribbon tweeters (appr. 500 Euro/pair). The Room: A non-treated apartment room, sofa in the sweet spot, fully balanced. Lars on the right, Bruno on the left wearing the colorful shirt. Real Life Conditions: Construction noise from the next building, covered by a big blanket in front of the window. What's inside the Red Box? According to the information I have received from Mr. Putzeys: I/O board (visible in the photo above in Bruno's hand, with one amp unit attached. He confirmed, "The I/O board is a very simple board we designed and built to make it easy to connect two 1ET400 amplifier boards to a stereo source and speakers. It is much simpler than the input buffer of the Kaluga. We supply the I/O board to clients who want to quickly test and audition the amplifiers. The same I/O board will also be supplied to hobbyists." 1ET400 boards and 1 SMPS (from another source, the Purifi SMPS is still in development) + cabling Specs and Details: We have the most recent technical spec sheets from Purifi for the 1ET400 here & for the PTT6-5W04-01A here. How much will it cost? Both products are between technology readiness level 6 and 8, therefore pricing was not discussed during the meeting. Purifi verified to me its plans to make an announcement on the 1ET400A amplifier in Q3 this year. We know from the announcement from NAD that it will soon use these new amplifier modules, presumably for its Master series that has used the NC400 from Hypex. The M22 Stereo amplifier sells close to 3k USD and we have a fascinating quote from Bruno Putzeys, stating: “Customers will find out that ultra high end amplifier performance doesn’t need to cost an "effing" 40 grand. That sort of number is completely unjustifiable for even the best imaginable amplifier, it’s got at least one digit too many.” Until then, under reference to Bruno's quote and the 2019 pricing of the NAD m22 stereo amplifier using licensed nCore NC400 technology, the trickle down case is up to the interested reader. How does it sound? We listened to some of Bruno Putzeys' personal favorites: on the video snippet you will hear " Kokob / Mètché Dershé” (DR11) from the French ethio-jazz group Akalé Wubè, ethio stands for Ethiopian, not to be confused as one of my usual spelling faults! The second track was "Seeya" from Canadian DJ Deadmau5 (DR8), a funky track, that allowed everyone in the room to show visible traces of PRAT to underline the quality of the reproduction. Played on augmented output levels due to the construction work noise from the next building, I felt the sound was extremely clear, crisp and neutral, and especially the excellent French Dub track was convincingly reproduced with this physical presence of vibes and notes, that usually divides good from mediocre systems. I made a specific request to listen to the system on low volumes, that's my way to determine quality reproduction. Unfortunately, that attempt was precisely torpedoed by the drill hammer next door with no chance to reproduce, as we were already a quarter overdue. From what I heard, I can report it was nothing short of ok'ish under that circumstances. Without having a critical listening, I feel that there will be a great opportunity for manufacturers and DIY'ers to create excellent sounding amplifiers or active speakers. Oh, that was so easy to predict ... What comes next? We have arranged with Purifi that Audiophile Style will conduct a community-generated interview with Lars Risbo and Bruno Putzeys, about their products and the underlying technologies. This move allows them to precisely answer according to the interest of our users. Chris will announce this opportunity in the different threads, which have already started to discuss the newest developments in Class D. Edit: Please see this topic to post your questions for Bruno and Lars of Purifi! (-CC) (1) https://www.purifi-audio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/2019-05-06_NAD-PURIFI_Cooperation_Agreement_PR.pdf (2) https://www.facebook.com/pg/eigentaktofficial/about/?ref=page_internal
  7. Chris, I just love the quality of your Iphone XR (?) videos. The 6s I used was really at it's limit with its luminous sensivity for most of the rooms. ;-( Cheers, Tom
  8. Welcome, BussellRobby! Is that the type of humor you like, like Tuck Frump? Cheers, Tom 🤔😏
  9. Maître Yoda, it is quite hard for the average enthusiast to get close to that kind of overpriced equipment apart from these shows. Most of us have grown up with some media guidance that manifested the opinion that in audio you'll get what you pay for, which concludes into the effect of more expensive should be better. I do not support this opinion, but getting a baseline what such overpriced equipment is capable of, may as well give you some peace of mind with your own "average" 2-10 k system. And most of the systems sound different, as external factors as environment, set up of room & electronics plus choice of music are kicking in. OTOH, the manufacturer focusing of sub 2 k equipment seldom have some nice spaces at fairs as their products seldomly leave them the necessary cash flow to create interesting rooms at such events. After getting the full Monty this year, I doubt that in 2020 I would do such an circuit again. Funny thing I noticed are the important information provided by sellers of +120k transducers, that the can easily adjusted to "small" rooms due to adjustable gain or dsp, but seem to forget that a height of 1.8 m or more may have some unsuitable impact as well. Best, Tom
  10. Speakers under 10k, Elipson prototype, pair expected to be around 7,5 k Euros, I have made a 4 minute video, hope to cut it to the correct upload size tommorrow
  11. And ... Exposure, the Western Electric room, Lampizator, Cayin, Vitus/Zellaton
  12. Final day (4 me) impressions: Thrax, T&A, Harbeth & Cabasse ...
  13. Short snippets with not much sound ... just for the impression of it 97724147-6F9A-4A48-818E-7775FA3CA72F.MOV E26E0E25-7E43-471F-B05B-8B19A2D52F1E.MOV
  14. Gryphon was absolute fantastic, you may have the whole presentation in HD on Hanns B. Video channel as he sat in the first row and steered this charismatic guy from Gryphon into the correct position. Gryphon presented the Ethos CD Transport which mechanical usage should emphasis on the turntable experience. I hope the video does not run into the upload limits again.
  15. @russellbobby Yes, the source in pics and video, xcuse the quality... Lindemann chain with Manger speakers ... Actually the better video upload failed 2x.... So I took a smaller snippet.... CD Transport is outsourced, they were using an Apple drive. VID_20190511_102027.mp4
  16. Yesterday afternoon I had a break from the overly crowded Munich High End and decided to sneak into the world of hifideluxe @ Marriott Hotel Munich. On my way to the fair I found also people like me who have left the MOC due to the masses there but also because their budget allows them not only to dream about this type of equipment Inside the Marriott I was surprised that the Hifideluxe were set up over 8 floors including the foyer. I saw great spacious presentation in the conference rooms and tiny, overheated smelly rooms at the upper levels. That seems to be a standard problem of Hotel room presentation. I may attach some videos to the threats over the next two days. Impression are to be found in the next post.
  17. There‘s more to come, I‘ll try to get the Video snippets uploaded at the Airport tomorrow. MBL was awesome !!! Stein and Vandersteen are other favourites, today T&A and Gryphon! Tom
  18. Good Morning from Munich, show starts in 15 minutes. here is a quick & dirty pic selection. Best, Tom.
  19. Miska, thank your for the response. How is your disponibility? Apparently, we are the only ones with that interest, so group booking ain't an issue ... Best, Tom
  20. DuckToller


    I have seen Java has eGan-Fet in their JAVA integrated amplifier (from US$7995) http://www.javahifi.com Best, Tom
  21. Mwessier et Mesdames, the weather forecast for Munich shows a Minnesotian springtime for next week, lots of rain and down to 12 °c. Rather Bierkeller than Biergarten for most of us, I assume. That would, as Miska has pointed out, probably need a reservation. Please let me know until Monday evening (CT) - here or PM -, who would join a booked Bierkeller event on Thursday or Friday evening. The Happy hour event at the MOC premises may be organized differently, especially to meet up with Rajiv, as he seems otherwise fully booked. Thanx & Best, Tom
  22. Just saw in the Kolleg section: 14:00pm - A simple two step approach on loudspeaker placement Speaker: Hans Beekhuyzen, The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel Language: English Anyone particuarly interested?😇
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