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  1. Salut Arcman, When I looked at the device last year I had noted that there is no UPnP / DNLA connectivity announced for the streamer in the manual. For myself, I would not buy a streamer that doesn't support these. Airplay and Roon ready alone aren't sufficient. Did this change in between ? Best, Tom
  2. I do hope you can relish my tomfoolery as much I appreciate your humor ;-)
  3. My thorough excuses for tagging "the" source to you personally in my comment, my friend !!! By the way, does your wife know that you follow Becky Scarrott on instagram ??? ;-)
  4. If I am not mistaken, your source is just guilty of unfiltered copy-paste of source material: MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is supported through the USB and S/PDIF inputs, with full decoding of MQA files up to 384kHz thanks to the processing power of the new 16-core XMOS chip. Check out how to set-up your MQA decoder via Tidal, Roon and Audirvana here. This means that the full ‘three unfold’ decoding process is performed internally, as opposed to only the final unfold in the manner of an MQA ‘renderer’. Globally, MQA has become an important consideratio
  5. Hi Leo, afaik kind of a pre-production issue, and if it occurs to your device Allo will for sure handle it. Cheers, Tom
  6. Better known as Sylvain Sylvain, who joined his former bandmates Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan, Arthur Kane and Billy Murcia, with whom he played together with David Johannsen (left alive) in the New York Dolls. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/jan/15/sylvain-sylvain-the-new-york-dolls?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  7. If the design is ok and you do not look for contrast but for white with white, the A100 would help, however they are significantly bigger than the A80. If you're after Studio monitor qualities, the A300 pro (big, bulky and Black/Red-brownish) are sq wise in a different galaxy ... Although from the aesthetics I might prefer the KEF LSX or LS50 meta for company with your new screen.
  8. Lars Risbo Phil Jones Andrew Jones Brian Lucey Ron Carter Danny Carey Tom Morello Henry Rollins Special guest: Peter Veth :-)
  9. I would guess settings would be specific (contrary to generic) for the DAC in use ??
  10. Update: This morning I had a peek in the parent directory and found the Thysecon update utility from Cem Solutions which in turn finds my device, at I would assume that's the tool for future upgrades on the thysecon firmware.
  11. Bona sera Leo, in short: You may have no need to change in Linux or IOS, because both FW offer the same level of happiness (features). FW Upgrade from XMOS to Thesycon is possible with WIN10, LINUX86 or RPI. I have noticed that you can use 2 different firmwares for the Revolution - one works driverless with XMOS and is limited to DSD256 with Win10 and MacOS, with LINUX its up to DSD512 - the other one works with Thesycon drivers you need to install on Win10 (Cem Solution) and does ASIO and DSD512, for OSX its is USB 2.0 compliant Depending on which firmware you have on the Revo
  12. From my view as a contributor the playlist idea does work only with limitations: - some tracks are not available for the streaming services - some tracks are not available in the correct version / mastering - some tracks are not available in the readers region - some tracks are not available in the format used for the review - over time rights are changing, I e. tracks are disappearing from the playlist - if tracks change their streaming ID they may disappear from the playlist - Tidal i.E. changed former lossless versions into lossy masters with different IDs
  13. Why? Imo a NAS is a file sanctuary with intelligent software to meet your demands in security, file mangement and distribution/access. over LAN, streaming or local? I feel with you.. . . Just for testing: if you let Roon do it's standard OS to DSD512 (no HQP), does it work without dropouts using NAS? Bloody questionnaire is about locating the bottleneck... In my book connecting the NAS, the UltraRendu and your PC with a 2nd ethConnection (first to the SG350) to the 2960 (with the 2960 connected to the SG350) may provide the best network perfo
  14. Could you connect your NAS simultaneously to your new 2960 switch and the SG350, using one Ethernet port of the 415+ per switch? With a 2nd ethPort on your computer you could as well go directly to the 2960 to avoid crossing the managed switches, however internet streamed music would still cross all switches before getting upsampled ... Did you find out which upsampling rate is possible with your actual configuration?
  15. Looking at your map I would assume that your wireless control points are part of the business flavored network? Did you test if DSD playback runs smoothly when using local files instead of streaming / NAS?
  16. I understand that your computer serves both, your company and your music interest? If you would use a dedicated musicserver/audio PC and a local switch as @AudioDoctor has suggested and use your pc only for control function, you may solve your problems. The minimal version could be using a 2nd dedicated LAN card on your PC for the 2nd (old) network with your old switch (if still available), I would assume.
  17. Looks like the app installer verifies your (browser's) windows10 environment, beautiful picture by the way ... why don't you try it on a (virtual) windows 10 machine first ?
  18. "This is a Universal Windows Platform application, rendering to a Skia backend, within a GTK host, running in Ubuntu, running under Windows" Whoa - is that what you're up to ? - and did browsing in Ubuntu failed loading the Audirvana Windows App ?
  19. Did you switch from Windows to Linux during this week ? 😉
  20. you should ask @damien78 how to succeed ?? Happy new year, Damien !!!
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