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  1. fabulous podcast Chris and Daryl... I don't know of any one loudspeaker manufacturer that can so precisely articulate their North Star. While undoubtedly others have a North Star, none present it so succinctly in everything they do. That's why Wilson Audio is the benchmark. Terrific, always enjoy listening to Daryl and history he can bring to light.
  2. GREAT point... I knew there had to be at least a handful... it's an art from long lost....... There is also Pearl Acoustics out of the UK.
  3. That's some cool stuff right there........ plus you become part of the greater OMA family! Bonus. 🤣
  4. Great write-up! Curious, I had this DAC a couple years ago for sampling... did they ever fix the Denafrips lettering on the front panel? Someone was dyslexic on the first run... LOL My only concern with these ladder DACs are the countless resistors that will need to be replaced and kept to tight electrical tolerances over the life cycle... not sure how thermal performance etc. will affect any of this nor if - don't take it the wrong way - Denafrips will be around in 10 years time... otherwise, a fine DAC, though they need to work with Roon to get it certified as a Roon endpoint.
  5. Great stuff Chris! Love that everyone has their own style on how to review products... 💯💥
  6. Awwwww... thank you, I appreciate your kind words! I agree 💯it's pure insanity...... once you listen to music at this level, it takes on an entirely new meaning, physically, emotionally and mentally. Come on by whenever you are in town for a visit! 😀' PS: yes on the Ferrari in the living room!!! Whenever I see someone with that, I'm like, WOW, art collection on a whole new level!!!
  7. Come to think of it, I think you nailed it Chris - without a doubt, Wilson is a company that stands behind their product 100%, no questions asked. While I personally have never had any issues, I know of issues that happened with others that were all beyond the control of Wilson and in each instance, they stood behind their product 100%. So the "endless" heap of praise I give Wilson is deservedly - and objectively - earned in my opinion. I am not publishing peer reviewed studies in the field of virology (to use a current example), I am publishing an experience driven product review.
  8. I am reviewing an experience and since the loudspeakers are inextricably tied to their namesake company and it’s CEO, the superlatives described are within my domain. Your mileage may vary, and therefore your corresponding accolades and admiration. I have been around this industry for 20+ years and have seen companies come and go; Wilson has remained an industry reference you simply can’t deny, no matter your personal subjective experience. That’s all. 😉
  9. Funny: I just got the acclaimed Solti 6th on Decca for $10. The big benefit of classical LPs is that most got cheap unfortunately as today’s society simply has zero value for foundational classical music, instead choosing to listen to fabricated, soulless dreck that’s purely made to make money for labels. Just look at the top 20 shit list on Apple Music and Spotify and see what I mean.
  10. Indeed... tons of music recommendations coming in the next part...... cheers!
  11. #truestory haha! Agreed... reminds me of adjustable VTA towers........... LOL As Chris mentioned, once setup by the great wizard of setups, Bill Peugh, (more on that in another article in this series...) I have not futzed with the micrometers or any other adjustments, save for the resistor banks. Stay tuned! 😀
  12. Hi Richard, thank you! Re: your suggestion of room treatment... yes, I have. Ultimately, I decided to only use absorbers on my rear wall; despite not having much if anything in the way of room treatment, I have exceptional sound. The room and the speaker setup as it is work in a befuddling at times harmony that is quite remarkable. Without giving it away, this topic will be part of an upcoming article in this series, so stay tuned! 🤩
  13. You are very welcome and there will be a ton of music recommendations coming! Cheers! 🥂
  14. LOL! Hahaha that was the intent....... keep you glued and on edge. 😆 thanks for your kind words!
  15. Thanks Chris!!! I too can't wait for normal to return....... can't wait to have you over, should be a blast! Look forward to unfold so much more of the XVX story line! Cheers! 🙂
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