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  1. Lovely interview Chris, Chad is a treasure trove of stories and more stories... followed by even more stories. We - the community at large - really owe Chad a tremendous sense of gratitude for what he and his team do for us... they are the unsung heroes of this music business... everyone loves to complain about a record being late a day or three, when in reality we should be grateful that Chad is producing these amazing reissues for us to listen to ... Awesome stuff! PS: the KOB UHQR has just been released this morning............ w00t.
  2. Pretty sure it’s the best brush I’ve used. How much better is it compared to a $20 Audioquest labeled brush? No clue. The contact patch is a lot wider, the carbon fibers and goat hair is no doubt of far superior quality, so from the get go the materials used are at an advantage. It works supremely well and each time I hear that magnetic clack, I feel like the brush did it’s job. ✌
  3. Chris... you need one just to look at the craftsmanship and that ever so satisfying "clack" when the magnets lock in place... it's hilarious how that little bit of detail highlights the experience and use for me... like hearing a vintage 80s Mercedes door snap in place. They don't build them like they used to...
  4. A record brush? Yes, a record brush. Mind you, not just any sort of record brush. Put differently, my Kuzma XL DC is not just another turntable, much less a Crosby $99 Amazon special. See what I mean? Frankly, record brushes are a must have accessory for your LP playback process. Generally speaking, they have been around for just about as long as records have been around, gaining ever greater popularity in the 60s and 70s as vinyl playback was defacto mainstream, save for the FM or AM radio station you’d be listening to. Wise men long ago knew what they were doing. Simply put, a record brush i
  5. the reference guide for today's digital libraries!!! wow!
  6. another brilliant podcast, love these stories!!! It's a shame that many of the performers we enjoy leave this world far too soon.
  7. Another week, another great podcast! Love listening to these... 🤩
  8. 2 things on my wishlist following the 1.8 update: 1. add mouse pointer / trackpad support to iPad version 2. add auto OS level dark/light theme support in addition to manually selecting which you prefer Update looks great on macOS and iPad, not much change on iPhone or Android due to size of screen. New font is superior to previous - love the new design theme!
  9. Part 2 is coming soon!!! stay tuned and thanks for reading!!! 😀
  10. Fabulous. I remember listening to Stax in the early 00s; you can't help feel that this is an iconic brand within the hifi - high-end audio community...
  11. fabulous podcast Chris and Daryl... I don't know of any one loudspeaker manufacturer that can so precisely articulate their North Star. While undoubtedly others have a North Star, none present it so succinctly in everything they do. That's why Wilson Audio is the benchmark. Terrific, always enjoy listening to Daryl and history he can bring to light.
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